Bitcoin CAUTION VOLATILITY AHEAD – January 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

welcome back to crowns crypto cave just another day of wearing the same shirt and another bad hair day for me but you know what wish you a happy Thursday holy fucking Moy this week has been flying by as always wish you the best the best the happiest the happiest just wishing you well over here from a very cold a very negative whatever it is today he'll think you feelin this this whole town is just covered in snow it's getting a lot of steam right over here as Bitcoin has out a little bit of a sell-off to start to begin the day to begin the morning at least from myself over here in the European timezone but you know more importantly we did have that nice little run up yesterday and in a begin to begin this daily dildo as well basically testing that you know I consider this a test of the Red Tent symbol moon average right over here but again this is the beauty of these moving averages I want to be seen what their slope is in relation to price action and to me these are just test just that and in so far we have found resistance right around that range that we spoke on yesterday if I do want to go over here to my bit Mexican chart we can actually see exactly where we had a min we had this guy right over here at around 30 478 and then basically you know should have had one right over here as well but you know still still kind of holding through and going back to our higher time frames right over here so I just wanted to show that really really quickly I also should show my positions I always want to be open and honest about this I am I am short from I know 34 24 still still short from 30 6292 and I have some options positions as well that I'm just kind of playing around with a little bit of a gamble right there but it you know just in case this thing actually does have the have the quick flush scenario which I would like to protect myself against going against spot though that's just really for a scalp but the options are beautiful with you know to kind of play that because the risk is is highly limited and and while I'm not necessarily fully I'm certainly not um I'm not looking for the full flush to happen but I will present a case today that you know it is certainly a possibility right now so overall Bitcoin just basically doing more the same as far as I see it just kind of walking itself down this overall curved over pattern and didn't demonstrative by the volume signature right over here that very orderly draw buff and boy I always speak about and the corrective structure in nature this is likely to be a bearish Lee resolve pattern is what that essentially says pair that up with your Exponential's and simples you know they are still sorry we should actually zoom right into it they are still gaining Devin so we from each other they are essentially suggesting that the trend is strengthening to the downside essentially now this is still just that just consolidation so we haven't seen a major break just yet we haven't seen anything of confirmation in the ways of confirmation just yet but it I do believe that today we're actually likely to see some fireworks either which way so I want to present both cases but first things first let's actually look at the higher time frame also because we still got our daily Stokes cross downwards again not even able to get out of the bearish control zone that to me is telling us that well pressure is down yesterday we spoke about this on livestream that yesterday was kind of just you know a comeback and tested this exponential moving average right over here on the on the RSI it's found resistance again once you know once again this whole area just consulted between the bearish control zone in the neutral zone and find a lot of comfort or comfort in that bearish control zone Adi DMX you know completely the ADX is actually still gaining strength if funnily enough but we're seeing the DMI – get faded although that you know technically that would be a short signal I don't really consider it one eye you know yes I am overall bearish believing that bitcoins extremely likely to hit lower lows but you know you got to call a spade a spade I don't really consider that a full-on signal same thing with the jewel right over here whoops let me just get that off yeah same thing with the jewel actually we are I mean yesterday ended up I ended up actually firing a sell signal right out you know right right at the top of that rally do I consider that a sell signal though I you know looking at this right over here I never take signals in this area this is this is it just doesn't stay down in this area for too long and there's not all that much meat on the bones left so that would be suggesting that yes if Bitcoin does turn down here I you know do I think that it actually flushes all the way down to new lows I would say that this would suggest otherwise and hey who do we got in here whoops let me just get that off and get this on over here what's up welcome Becca Becca be good to meet you good to meet you – good to have you in here pleasure as always and um you know just going off the daily yeah every everything just looking like it wants to have a little bit more continuation what about the two day right over here we did just set in a new two day and a three days so we actually do have some new things to be looking at and same thing on the two day you know the the two days Stokes are actually are actually certainly again very very tired I mean hinting out across upwards now of course this is a fresh one we don't get another two day Dillo Stoke you know tick until February 2nd which is gonna be really important for the four-day as well but overall you know that actually would be suggestive that we are you know again probably not gonna flush straight to new lows from this area whether it puts in a nice prolonged rally up until you know up until above 3500 or not that's a real question of me Adi DMX is giving you a fresh short signal as well the ADX is getting stronger with the last tick and same thing with the RSI right over here but the RSI is telling me a lot more on the two day and again I do actually put a lot more weight on the two day than the daily especially in a 24/7 market it gets rid of a lot of the the bullshit noise but between this point in this point right over here hidden bearish divergence on the RSI lower housing price action higher housing y'all sorta in the overall context for downtrend probably didn't pop back down here and again it you know has plenty of room to go alright sorry I mean I mean does it have plenty of room to go well this is a two day total time frame so it's you know it takes its time we've been we've been talking about this for over here I mean like a month you know quite literally a month so you can see that you know it does it does hold true but it takes its time especially with these higher time frames but again just you know you can make trading a lot easier on yourself you just watch time frames be honest I think most people would probably be better if they just only looked at it daily or above myself included it just makes a lot a lot easier but you know what got to be the autistic motherfucker that I am and look at all of the the lower timeframes anyways three days soaks right over here again rejecting them more sorry rejecting getting out of the neutral zone right over here and still headed down still gaining momentum to the downside and yes the you know three days better than Tuesday three three is better than one and same thing on your RS I'd just you know losing that exponential both training below a DI DMX signaling you know again we got a new chick on this guy as well and the trend is strengthening to the downside DMI – certainly dominant right over there and you know just looking at this price action we have a three day death cross what over here just and everything's you know shuffled down below all major movement averages as a 10 simple just kind of gives a loss because it kiss a death right over here and we Suisse we start to move a little bit lower now here again with the Stokes there is something very important about the three days Stokes over here in that you know whenever we get across town it actually does match up with some pretty hefty price action this was a Break of 6,000 right over here these were dumps within the consolidation not huge dumps but it was consolidation this guy right over here was what was a dump from 8,000 don't mm right over here this guy was a dump of 10,000 down to what was it like 7,000 or 6,000 down around here so historically speaking this has significant implications with price action that would be on the other side saying hey bitcoin is likely to flush on on to new lows from here which again I will actually flesh out this idea a little bit more but I do want to get through these timeframes first and foremost now let's let's go over the four-day I know I know I just keep on going on but the reason why the four-day is important because we're about to get a death cross from this guy and just kind of show you you know what happens when you get a death cross and this is not a picture-perfect one but traditionally speaking you know when you get a death cross right over here on the daily well nice big massive move down right over here it gets blow all major movement averages and then spread them out what about the two day well we have the two day death dildo death cross happening right over here it gets below all major moving averages right over here and then you know boom down 51% drop a little bit stronger than that last one then we had the three day one which which you actually didn't have too much of a too much too much implications right over here and sending this one down to to the prior Louis actually about 25% drop that's certainly not low and with the four day essentially coming up in the next sorry on February second it will be confirmed barring any sort of major run back up into like 5,000 you know low 5,000 so you will get that death cross to be a little bit more to be a little bit more intense with my speech you know I don't want to sugarcoat it could that be the impetus for this actually giving out yeah and and dropping on to new lows well again you know relying in that in that case and there are actually you know we're gonna go over a little bit more in that realm but yes this will be confirmed pretty damn soon again blow all major moving averages you also do have for our Stokes about – you know confirm a fresh cross down as well and look at this you do have a beautiful you do you you you basically have a nice resistance level right here getting trying to get out of the bearish control zone ever since you know essentially we've been consolidating and in broke 6,000 right over here so this you know likely does have implications with price action just another thing on a hard time frame suggesting that also DMI ATX again giving you a short signal although this I don't really consider that a super strong short signal and the RSI is yeah below the exponential right over here and we did print some really significant hidden bearish divergence you know in comparison to the two days so that that still has some room to play out anyways uh it is the last day of the month so hey happy happy end of January but let's look at the monthly I'm really quick while we're over here and whoops get off of that and again so now I'm gonna start to flesh out the scenario essentially on the side of this thing is likely headed down now okay so actually first before we go through this let's actually go back to the lower timeframes because it's it's more important to discuss this first all right um okay so when we spoke last yesterday and the day before basically this was the area to watch from II 3480 as long as bitcoins below that area I am more immediately bearish meaning I am looking for shorts doesn't mean that it's always gonna play out and B to the short side but as long as you're below that area it's pretty fuckin you know it's it's it's hard it's hard to make a more immediate bullish case looking at all the higher time frames now if Bitcoin could get back above 35 30 area right over here this is gonna look a lot more like a bull trap and it's gonna look a lot something a lot like this in which way and essentially what we saw over a bounce off the 200 simple right over here which I never like to be short coming into which you can definitely say that we have already tested it on this weekly dildo over here now I think a lot of people are looking at this area right over here in similarity to this area right over here which I do agree with there are a lot of similarities between it the the the biggest thing that people are kind of getting on is that bitcoins gonna pump back up you know to like 43 4400 some like that and put in a slightly higher on a weekly dildo right over here which is that possible it certainly is but my big area for for essentially essentially being motive of that is going back into the four hour and going back to our G dash right over here is that thirty five thirty area right over here as long as bitcoins below there I think that we've already actually played that out if anyone gets back above thirty five thirty then yes then I do start that then I do get on board with that idea thinking that Bitcoin very likely has a quick move to you know thirty you know thirty eight hundred basically just kind of meeting this downtrend at the very least right over here and then probably even above you know we even above so it'd be great to wash out all of the over-aggressive Shorter's but as you can see over here on data mesh we actually have significantly more Long's in shorts over 31,000 long versus 27 and a half thousand open shorts with three and a half thousand of those heads so it's really 24,000 open shorts was 24,000 open shorts I should say versus 31 over 31,000 open Long's which is you know significant so my point is is that as long as bitcoin is below 35 30 I'm not on the side of that actually happening and looking at the higher time frames here you know it would be the right thing to do or the right thing in my opinion would be to be looking for the short as long as we were definitely respecting this area right over here but as soon as we get Bitcoin gets above 35 through over here this would be a bear trap and yes then I do think that we go we have a quick move up to here and then probably even beyond so again are there a lot of similarities between that area and the area that we're currently looking at absolutely absolutely between this area right over here in this area right over here extremely similar just going back into 2014 over here you know we had basically a descending triangle right over here coming off of a parabolic top and we break that down putting in a massive massive red dildo party all the way down to 52 and a half percent down and then what happens after that you know it pumps back up about you know 26 25 percent something like that coming over here to 2018 you know we have about the same thing with a descending triangle breaking down into what is that a 51% breakdown you know versus a 52 and a half percent breakdown doesn't need to be the exact same and then after that it pumps back up what you know about about 20 you know 25 percent we could just kind of average that out over the course of well this is about two and a half months right over here price action and this is also about two and a half months of price action right over here not only that but if we do if we do actually bring out the good old MPT signal which I do you put a lot of weight on because it is divorced from price action and in time in the way that we look at the other indicators it is it is essentially the network value divided by the daily transaction value and then interpolator use a forward back moving average 1918 average actually so that's why the weekly does not fucking work on this one if I get a billion messages a day about this crown have you looked at the weekly on the MU T signal it's like should I buy it's like yeah that's because it's not supposed to be on a weekly but anyways this thing if you're not it calls tops and bottoms like it's goddamn job doesn't mean that at all doesn't mean that it's gonna be the top or the bottom but it's definitely a market pivot point as you had right over here on 20,000 than 6,000 over here then I would argue that you even had another bubble right over here and then it starts flashing red once again once these these bolt this bold trap over here was put in going back on on over to 2014 let's just see what the MBT was reading around that area again same sort of thing you have your you have your parabolic blow off top right over here flashing red and then what happens over here you have your bolt wrap in this area and then it breaks down just in that area that we just looked at right over here so let's bring out the NBT signal again we're gonna be looking at exactly we're gonna we're gonna be looking at this area right over here and it's straddling the 90 areas so again nowhere near the ultimate low let's just mark this off around 90 again and and scroll over into 2019 now the you know our current timing and look at that it's really convoluted right now I do pause about that but basically we are we are literally on the same reading of this so again looking at this it is very interesting mean that it completely you know a completely just external factor is also agreeing with this so that would be suggesting that this has already actually played out and in fact I'm gonna put it on for one more second I do have a few more things to say about it before I before I move on but on the MBT Sun alright let's go back we gotta go back to 2014 and now I'm gonna start building out the case for this having the more immediate flush out basically going back to 2014 over here you do see you do see as we saw on the weekly a higher high being put in right over here after this consolidation now if we go into the MBT so no you do see you know you see the same thing on the amputees on the right up here you make a higher high right over here and then it breaks down again over the course of about six weeks well if we go back into 2019 have we done the same thing on the MBT actually we have we made a higher high right over here on the MBT it's not as pronounced as 2014 but that also could be a testament to just the fact that you know there's it's it's less flighty now there while the quiddity is certainly not like top notch in this market it is certainly better than 2014 2015 so you don't get those those super super pronounced moves that you go out back then although the moves are quite literally extremely pronounced already oh it's just a relative thing right but according to MIT yeah we did actually kind of play that out already and I would put more weight on this to be honest with you so again looking at these sorts of external things really does help pull it in and and kind of maintain that overall neutral and an biases factor when looking at this and so I'm gonna actually build this up a little bit more not only do we have the MBT a green that well quick flush further down to new lows is is certainly in the cards but if we bring up the if we bring up something that I love to use it's the Bitcoin historical volatility rank which let me just actually bring it up first historical there we go I want my man boy pours over here there we go awesome and and again if you're not familiar with with what volatility is it's basically just I don't want to go through the full definition of it cuz it doesn't make too much sense anyways but basically volatility indicators also between zero and one a high and extremely high volatility indicates that the market is at an inflection point and an extremely low volatility signals that were about to break out like significantly so you'll notice that you know whenever gets super high right over here that's you know your high of twenty thousand when I get super high right over here again that's your low of six thousand you know in each every time it actually flashes one of those higher levels you know demonstrative by this by the coloring in the background you do have major inflection points on the market again it doesn't mean that it's the ultimate or it's the ultimate top or bottom but it does tell you when when to pay attention you can see that we never even got up into the once over here on this last drop again I don't want to build out the case why this is not too low right now it's just if you want if you want the fall and expiration of that go to the playlist titled long term analysis it'll go into much more detail and I I want to make this video a little bit shorter but but my point is is that let's actually go to a lower timeframe as you can see perhaps on a four hour yeah on a four hour we did we did flash some pretty hefty right over here but you can see that it is slowly you know slowly but surely crawling to a to a crawl essentially if I can be a little even more fuckin we've done it but my point is is that this is telling us that we're consulting obviously but once it's gets to you know basically where it is right now a zero Reed or anywhere below naught point one big move in coming big move in coming I mean every time that you flash this over here this is a zero zero zero you know moves moves are right around the corner so if we are gonna have a big move from here just suggests that it's gonna be up or down not on it doesn't sit us anything else on its own per per se oh my god I can't believe I just use that just discussing ground I even refer to myself in the third person even more stupid my god well my point is is that hey big move isn't coming putting the pieces together do we have a case for this breaking to new lows yes we do we certainly do actually because if we go over here to the monthly now just bring it at full circle because I started off here and then completely went the other way sorry very very very very very distracted today but right over here green fifty-five exponential is in grave danger oh I just got filled on what what I just get filled on oh I just got filled on puts nice okay cool like what the fuck yeah sometimes just don't just creep up on you anyways you know you see you see this green 55 exponential moving average right over here now bitcoin has never broken it and it's you know and it's almost ten year history or over ten year history or whatever it is going to all the way back on over here we can actually do it right now yeah July 10th so it hasn't quite been ten years just yet but here's the thing here's the thing does it I mean is it a big deal that it's gonna break it for the first time in history it's I mean that's more of a testament to the fact that Bitcoin just hasn't been around all that long comparatively speaking to something in traditional Marx which is been around for you know twenty thirty forty years in a lot of cases and even more in some cases but traditionally speaking when you do break the 25 the fifty-five what's the next card target likely to be I mean right around here likely around around 2,400 a share yeah with literally less than a day to go as this is the last day of January Bitcoin has a lot of work to do to get back above that green 55 exponential now in no way shape I mean unless a Bitcoin quite literally takes up the high of the prior dildo like this then I would be considering perhaps we have a reversal but for now even if they can were to get back above the green 55 exponential to me that's just more consolidation it means nothing nothing really positive in the overall grand scheme of things but but but but they corneas want to work to do because that green to d5 exponential is all the way at thirty six seventy four twenty four and a quarter on on the BLX index and a little bit lower a little bit higher actually on on bitstamp so that's why I wanted to show those lower timeframes first if Bitcoin does get above 35 50 35 three today I believe it was then then this is gonna look like a bull trap or silent bear trap and we're probably you know gonna move higher up until this up into the screen 55 exponential movement average which again putting into confluence with what we just looked at on the volatility ranked historical volatility rank that's suggesting a big move isn't coming so would it have the juice to do that perhaps or or we just completely push off the green fifty-five exponential moving average right over here and up a nice quick flush I mean I shouldn't say quick flush down but likely a quick quick flush down down to like you know mid 2000s what else suggests that well you go on over here to the bitstamp chart we can see very very easily that if we do put on the volume profile in this area as soon as we lose this current area there is no business being done all the way down to you know basically mid 2000 right over here it's very similar to what we had at the 6,000 level right over here where once you lost 6,000 there ain't nothing doing all the way until this area right over here and remember how fast that went it's like a knife through fucking hot butter right and overall you have to be you know cognizant of what this implies I mean if you if you run through it on the way up you're gonna like the fall through it on the way down the same the saying goes though saying that my Montoro is you say the way you go up is the way you come down and bitcoin absolutely just shot through this area on the way up so if it does break this area this this this 30 to 50 ish area down around here it's likely to have a quick shot on the way down so again you know these things you know I'm trying to you know I'm trying to put these all together I don't want I'd want to be coming from this unbiased obviously my opinions are gonna be to the downside in an overall bear market that's been in a you know in a downtrend for the last over a year I'm always gonna default to the downside but this is for you to decide for yourself I can just present the facts and that's what technical analysis is about and then tell you when my opinions coming up but I don't trade my opinion I don't care about my opinion my opinion is fucking worthless my opinion is worthless technical analysis though however that's something that you can actually trade off that's something that you can actually you know make money off of a living off of and that's essentially what I do but over here you know you do see that that red 200 simple moon average on the weekly that is currently coming in around you know 3300 ish area so whichever one happens first the downside is what I'd be going with in the in the to the two cases the two scenarios are either one a weekly double closing below that reg one simple moon average which will have to wait until at least you know Sunday at 7 p.m. Eastern Time or if a daily closes below are 30 to 50 ish support down around here then yes I would be looking for that quick flush and then we can talk about where it's likely to go to but right around here let's actually just flush out the lower timeframes a little bit more we can actually do this on a 4-hour it's gonna make a little bit more sense let's actually just draw this out I haven't made any one of my charges yet but basically we have this guy down around here that's here 30 to 50 of scheria then we got I guess I didn't make a few lines so so so that's a big support to hold as long as bitcoins holding this area right over here I don't want to be front from a price action perspective which I put the most weight on I don't want to be thinking oh shit we're about to have a massive flush down once again and as you can see bitcoin has some nice buffer zone before that area but again as long as bitcoins below this 35 30 sherry right over here I am leaning towards that happening to be very clear so again trading is all about risk reward and physical setups and this is the physical setup that I love I did take a trade on my main account I got a much better position on this last pump right over here my streamer account as you can see did not get nearly as good of a position but I'm happy to have that as well as short 61 bitcoins it looks like with probably bigger positional deltas as well so I have some because I own some of those puts so yeah you know looking at this area and looking at the four hour I don't like the way that this is situated the fact that BIC one just popped back up here and was rejected pre-dam heftily off the 34 70ish 34 6 years 9s resistance that we were following last night to me that was a pretty you know normal natural thing to pop back over there remember putting on this area right over here let's put on a fib let's put on a fib which again I don't you know III like using fibs to understand what the Boston Algar doing and there's something very apparent to be aware of over here now you'll notice that Bitcoin essentially was consulting around the 6:28 for you know the past prior month and a half two months or whatever it was over here basically the six you know you had this run off to Lowe's pop back down to the 6 1 8 ball it's a now goes by and what's their targeting to be right around here around the two three six pops back down to the 6.8 it gets gets picked up once again what's our target gonna be 3i 2 right over here pops back down in 6 1 8 what cert are gonna be the 0.5 so this was very very and what the balls and girls were doing they were walking it down they were walking it down with sell programs now once we break the six one eight and we pop back down to the seven eight six right over here which is gonna be the next target if Bitcoin gets back above the six one eight then then yes I am thinking bear trap but as long as we are nowhere near the six one eight over here and using this guy as resistance to me this the the selling is about to intensify most likely its its it's most likely about to intensify now we do have a very obvious horizontal right over here right around thirty 360 area so of course I want to get too damn bearish till this area actually breaks but remember this has not gone away this symmetrical triangle right over here this guy right over here is still very much in play and he does have a much move all the way down around here which oh look at that pointing all the way down here to the 30 to 50 oh sherry the AIDA at 61 launched retracement as well by the way if this area does hold what's a targeted beam probably around here and this symmetrical triangle is still very much in play as long as we are below the breakdown point and that's all the way at 32 sorry thirty eight thirty is year so it's bitcoins got a lot of work to do again does that mean that Bitcoin can traverse here and take out this level doesn't mean that at all but it when I'm building up the cases I am you know and I'm looking for trades I'm gonna come with that assumption if Bitcoin does though again I will always want to repeat this where where I know that I'm wrong if Bitcoin gets above here warning sign it Bitcoin gets above here don't want to be short don't want to be short at all but again until that happens I mean all essentially all we're doing it's just you know creating more lower highs within the overall spectrum of this and yeah you know this is technically a descending triangle as it stands not the most beautiful one of all time but it does have a much move on it so now we can actually talk about a target if this if this area does break 30 to 50 on a daily is what I'm looking for and let's scroll back on outwards and where does this target actually end up around oh my god 23:50 remember where that remember where the monthly eighty-nine exponential was you know the the cyan one right over here let's just go back to it really really quickly uh-oh that's right around 20 350 2,400 as well but wait there's more let's go to the weekly weekly three seven seven exponential which is just a extremely important one from traditional markets coming in around 30 sorry 2600 ish area and if we go back to the bitstamp chart right over here remember the volume profile suggesting the quick flush was down into the mid to thousands well that also is you know encompassed by this blue box territory which also is the 8086 bunch of tradesmen which is where Bitcoin actually did bottomed out in 2014 doesn't mean that is guaranteed to bottom out there this time around but it is just it is interesting to look at and also we do have some nice historical horizontal trend lines coming around that area as well so a lot of things you know marking around that area and that is where I look to if Bitcoin does and if she hit the flush so to speak but again a long day ahead a lot can happen in the span of what is it like 15 or 16 hours now in Bitcoin land we seem to coin do much crazier things just in the span of one minute you know on Phenix maintenance fun times so again looking at this looking at this that's that's essentially how I'm gonna be trading this and how I am positioning myself and going back to the lower timeframe throughout over here I mean this to me just looks like I mean just looks like it just looks like another rejection really I mean let's go to the nine hour nine hours major week off that 21x bench moving habit right over there as long as you're respecting that guide I don't really have any reason to be bullish from a lower timeframe perspective ten simple creating ly price action but after a rejection like that mm-hmm I don't know man let's let's go check out our for our also ders I'm curious what they're saying we haven't really looked at them just yet let me just get rid of this you know let's let's actually get rid of this too and let's go over here for our Stokes are getting a little bit tired not cross down at all yet what about the three hours have they crossed down yes they have what about the two hours have they crossed down yes they have what about the hourly they have they've been down for a while so yeah everything up to a three hour is crossed down and and wanting to go more down it in my opinion I will probably add a little bit somewhere right around here just to just put on a trade and again be managing somewhere right around here 3450 of Sharia you know right in this pocket right around thirty four sixty two thirty four seventy five is Sharia as long as we're below there I do want to have that position on as as this is you know it's quite a quite interesting move um you could even put in a rising channel right over here is it a bear flag is it not I mean we III want to remain more agnostic than anything when talking about price action here but could we could we do that yeah we could could this be a bear flag yeah it certainly can you know let's actually just do it out and I don't even have a ton super ripe but let's let's see where that lines up what does it doesn't line up with anything else that we've been looking at perhaps oh my god it's out a measure moved down at 30 to 50 which is also the measure move of this symmetrical triangle right over here which is also the 806 through not retracement on our fibs over here uh-oh but again remember Bitcoin has to close it daily below that area for me to get super super bearish looking for the new lows until that happens we can still do similar to what to what happened in 20 what was it 2014 2015 where it got picked up off the lows once again and then actually ran up to a new higher high but remember going off the NBT so no you're not the other indicators I think it's i think that that's unlikely if I'm giving my opinion I believe that that's unlikely but hey it's in the card so how to protect against that again I keep on repeating this but it's very important 35 35 30 you get that you got above there don't want to be short if that happens really don't want to be short let's go check out CME's see me is the easier truck to read in my opinion and same sort of a thing over here in fact you got the same sort of symmetrical triangle and then it actually morphed into it is stunning talking about over here which we did not see on we did not see on spot exchanges actually so this is only on CMI's and then that measure move was hit all the way down here to the 786 which is where we are on current markets and and getting rejected right over here before turning down once again do we have anything to be aware of on our all sweaters over here are we getting any sort of different read no we're not on the for hours what about 3 hours 3 hours crosstown as well yeah so whoops let's get that off and butt and get that back on over there so you're not really telling us too much unique things about price action we have to go to mr. butor all for the rubber maker and see what he's saying mr. butyl essentially saying let's get this guy off again you know as yes I mean as long as you're below this one 140 Nash area on Finex I would be bearish off this beautiful wife distibution top getting marks down redistribute in this descending triangle right over here measure move off that descending triangle met right over here actually front ran a little bit off to 786 oh that sounds familiar and getting rejected right over here not able to get back above the critical six one eight I would be bearish off that that is inside and what the Boston alders are likely doing the volume Kerris of this still very corrective in nature and I've not really gone the full go-ahead on an actual big move to be played out funnily enough so this could the this today is gonna be a fun day but whichever way that it does go whether it takes out the six one eight or it takes out the seven eight six first whichever one happens first essentially it should be a very fun day again you know looking at the volatility rank looking out all these things we have a lot to be aware of gbd see over here GBD sees same sort of a thing broke the bear flag to the downside to be on the weak comebacks up to try to retest it reject reject and yeah as long as we're living below four dollars and 13 cents you know that is a breakdown to me although again could this could this be a bear trap over here I mean it's very low volume on this pump back up but you know I'll go with price action until told otherwise okay let's go on to true traditional markets now spies over here spies pumping up pretty damn heftily to end the day I think this is best viewed on it daily but basically we spoke about the D what's it called ascending triangle or bullpen it right over here and that did take off daily did take a stab at the two hundred exponential right over here you know this kind of coming off of you know fed interest rates all that kind of talk but this was you know more or less expected so a lot of times he's actually these moves actually do get faded to be honest with you but you know after coming off of it like this I would be careful I'd be really fucking careful man if you know I'd be using still 269 so if I were trading this you know if I were trading this I actually would have taken a short right over here and I would have been taken out I would have taken a loss on this but again you know that's that's trading it's nice nothing is guaranteed but I actually would take another position right here at about two sixty nine and and try a trade there with with with the rich management right above why do I like these trades because you don't have to you not to risk too much to find out if you're gonna be right or wrong now now if if spies do close the daily above 269 then I think I'd no longer think it's bear market time in fact you know the the biggest news for me on spies is where does this monthly close to be close above below the twenty one exponential which is all the way at 262 I mean it's significantly higher than that right now it's all the way at 267 and a half so I I you know this this is why really you know if you know when I speak about spies yes we can look at the lower timeframes but the higher time frame is matter most and you know if I really want to put on a real trade like a real positional directional trade you have to wait for the monthly to actually set itself and you know did have a lot of work around around this area right now it is you know it's likely to close above I would say and I would not want to be short if this goes above at all at all so again you know it's one of those things where people get over aggressive in this area and all you had to do was just watch the monthly that's all you had to do don't don't try to be the hero shorting every little you know every little balance up I mean the weekly has continuation as well I mean weekly and monthly want to I mean you know I would make me if I look at this and I would say that daily trade I was just I was just thinking about fuck no fuck no but uh but hey you know it's it's similar to Bitcoin well it's actually not somewhat a Bitcoin this one's actually like had a significant rally off the lows Bitcoin did not comparatively speaking so again just one of those things where put this in perspective you know all you had to do is just watch the higher time frames and this is the era to watch yet I mean really no trade should have been made until waiting for the monthly and the monthly is likely to close above now so really there's I mean the only I'd be looking eyes maybe I mean maybe even longer but again I I you know you still have to wait for that as well I I wouldn't even want to trade this for the next week or sorry for the next month I really want to just watch and see cuz this is gonna be today's gonna be so fucking important man for not just Bitcoin but also spies do we close above or below this area right over here that's that's a big question if we close below then yeah fuck yeah I put a short on but for now no thank you no thank you I'll just wait and watch okay cool so we talked about that we talked about that mr. ripple is having a phenomenal run yesterday but again you know that this is this is what technical analysis for did we take out any of the major levels on on yesterday's run no everyone getting extremely excited about a run because well everyone gets excited when and when anything happens Ben cryptic Rinzler as you should you know you this this area is volatile and it's fun and I would never short ripple I have a strong like religious belief to never short ripple because you never know when garlic house is gonna flip that goddamn switch and this thing goes to the fucking moon but but you know in a more serious tone no I do not short ripple because it is it is news and event driven and I don't like playing that you just never know you you never fuck I've saw I saw so many people go broke trying to short this go on the way up like sigh I literally saw significant like like a lot of people literally lose their accounts trying to short this on the way I don't I don't short ripples but if you know as far as charts go this is not good right over here again read as long as you're below thirty four and a half cent there's nothing different happening so understand I mean even even as long as you're below the ten symbol right over here it's still quite weak so as always our you know our people just fighting getting excited over this I would say no not quite yet not quite yet to me this looks like a light looks like another likely rejection actually so again I also don't I would never trade ripple it's just it's not like you don't want to trade ripple you want to trade something that you want to trade something that like it's normal maybe investment ripple I don't know again I shouldn't even say that man the the the gangs will come after me I don't really have any strong opinion on ripple either way one way or the other I don't know anything about fundamental zone or anything about fucking garlic house or anything like that I do you know that we have a measure move going down at negative two dollars so perhaps you might be owing some money if you do if you if you own these bitches but I get a more serious tone as long as you're below thirty four and a half cent nothing nothing to really see here you can break above thirty four and a half cent then yeah we do we likely have forty cent region in play as far as TA goes but again I don't really like that one because it doesn't really doesn't really respect technical analysis all that much stellar over here still over here looking extremely weak coming all the way down to this to this eight sent support again three-day low death cross right over here this looks eerily similar to Bitcoin and then gets shoved off the cliff below all major moving averages getting stonewalled right over here not even catching wind of mister ripples uh rally again I divergence between these two as this one moves lower and ripples moves a little bit try it tries to put in a rally but again you know trying to defend this last one in support right over here is again a very lackluster response honestly yesterday even with the help of mister ripples the volume on this guy nowhere near the dumping volume beforehand this is an extremely ugly chart again even with this being extremely I'll be charred at least it does not pumped all the way up and then dumped all the way back down and lower I mean that's that's that's a positive sign but this thing is likely to go lower is my point I would not be surprised to find this thing at you know six cent region maybe even or sent region things get really bad then you know two and a half cent region this this is not fucking good it's like really really not good do we have anything to look at on the off site it's not really I mean they're just they're the same this shit is bearish this shit be bearish that's even if that's even the same but yeah overall man III look at this chart as like a major old essentially and it's you know a lot of the times you'll see moves in the soldiers before they happen in the in the generals and I consider like Bitcoin and then the top-three market caps like maybe it's like Bitcoin aetherium and like coin or I guess ripple is in there but ripples like kind of its own ripples not even ripples kind of its own thing in my opinion although it does follow Bitcoin but majority but but those are like the generals right and the generals need the soldiers to follow them otherwise the market is weak and you see weakness in the soldiers first so when the soldiers start stop following the generals typically market doesn't look too good so a lot of times you'll see these alts just start to roll over and then and then Bitcoin beuter all and misses like coins start to start to play rollover as well not always but just something you know this this is more like knowledge from the front from traditional markets but does you know has held true at least in my experience in in Bitcoin lands so have we spoken enough now we spoke how long is this video been going I don't even know even though this one feels like a shorter one so I'm gonna be surprised if I if I close this one it's like an hour long again which is what happened yesterday so I do – probably about that but again I make these videos for the people who really want to go like super deep into this because I'm basically autistic when it comes to charts and and you know if you enjoyed that as well then we're gonna probably get along and and this is you know this is for those types of people because I do get a lot of complaints that like these videos are getting too long well I mean again I don't die I'm not like a professional youtuber I'm a professional trader man I make my money from trading so so so I'm just kind of doing this cuz I because I enjoy doing it and just met so many fucking cool people man don't like literally so many cool people you'd be surprised at the like you'd be surprised at some of the names that are in this community right now it's it's really shocking they I don't believe that they want me to reveal their names but you're in good company if you're in here and that's super cool man and it's just you know just so many so many good stories also just so many fucking good stories anyways okay Jesus Christ man getting way off track let's go down to the very low timeframes we got the 30 minute right over here still struggling you know if you are looking at this as a rising channel it has confirmed a break it looks like we did try to kind of retest it right over here I was trying I was trying to actually add to my position somewhere right around 35 bucks 34 bucks or something like that it looks like that's probably not gonna happen I should just delete that position if it does get back around here I don't think that I want it but yeah to wrap this bitch up let's let's wrap it up in a few different sentences okay as long as Bitcoin is below this 34 75 ish range right over here I am I am opinion bearish and I'm position bearish I'm happy to be so if Bitcoin gets above this area it's not necessarily over for the Bears in the more immediate case but I would I would de-risk and I would I would certainly do you risk above 35 30 all all risk off I don't want to I don't want to have any shorts open maybe even maybe even consider a little bit of a long because I do believe that you'd likely get a run up into the high 3000's and low for thousands after that as per what we looked at in 2014 with the MU T signal and also the monthly but you know keep in mind the monthly close tonight so that's gonna be the most important thing do we close above or below that green 55 exponential all the way at 36 70ish area that's gonna be the next big thing to be aware of now to the downside it's a little bit more tricky you know you do have the support right over here at 33 60 is sherry that's correct that's a current low if that area breaks and yes I do look towards 30 to 50 right over here you know if I fill the measure move off this guy over here which you know still very much in play as long as we're just making these lower highs these series of lower highs has Buber core way downwards and then if this 30 to 50 area breaks on a daily I would be looking for that flush down tree those new levels so again when it comes down to it you know I I do believe that a big move is likely coming today you know looking at the monthly looking at the vault the historical volatility rank looking at you know even the MU T Sigma and all these other and all of other indicators are training indicators and our consolidation area indicators they are suggesting you know watch out watch fuckin out again even just in the most basic of basic ways looking at this volume signature right over here you see it gets slowly but surely down to that pitter-patter which is typically where big moves do happen it's telling you that the consolidation is ready he is he's been baking at 3 at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and he is ready to explode so again opinion bearish right now position bearish as long as we're below here just for just to wrap this up one more time I am short from 34 23 I will do risk on this account again my streamer account just doesn't get as good at positions as my main account is because well that's you know it's it takes my mana kind of take president I do want someone that puts over here just because they're super cheap and you know it's like if I do want to play that move below 30 to 50 if it happens then I would rather do it with boots rather than rather than shorting right now just because you know if a move to the upside does happen it's gonna it's gonna happen relatively quickly so I want to be more safe than sorry right now and an overall you know pretty pretty hot but with where the account is so yeah that's gonna do it for today I'll be back on with a live stream a little bit later at the usual time 10:30 a.m. est I look forward to see you there it's been a pleasure speaking with you as always I wish you well I wish you a very happy Thursday oh my god this this this year is already flying by its January it's literally the end of January so hope that you're doing well and I'll be back on later so look forward to seeing you there if not again hope you have a great day and take care and see you soon

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