47 thoughts on “Bitcoin Cash Satoshi Vision Price Scam – Were You Affected?”

  1. well BCHABC is a fork yet it is listed on all major exchanges and Gold Bullion sites…..please advise…..

  2. Big blocks==only data centers/multi-millionaires can afford the bandwidth to validate transactions and secure the chain.

  3. The bit connect 2.0 scammer was unveiled by the martiniGuy, we have his full name, picture and everything.

  4. You should rename this video: retard moves in the crypto space. Who buys SV? Who expects 50 BTC by giving someone 1 BTC? Just retards

  5. BSV is darwinism in digital form. If you haven't realized the rhe dumpster fire stupidity and corruption surrounding this crypto and have invested and still haven't divested then you get what you deserve.

  6. Lol. People that think the would get 10 x just like that with a scam…. they deserve to lose their money?????

  7. You have no idea ladies and gentlemen. I am going to tell you right now that what ever you perceive to be the state of the art blockchain technology, any blockchain technology, in secret ladies and gentlemen Craig Wright is at least a very bare minimum fifty to a hundred years ahead beyond what you can even imagine.

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