Bitcoin Cash Price Crash, Poloniex Insolvency And DAO Regulated By US – 024

hey everybody welcome back for another video hope everybody's doing great hope everybody's having a great day and I assume everyone is jumping for joy because we are very close to August first of course them joking cuz this has been a very stressful situation for everyone especially if you have a large number of Bitcoin in any possible way and I'm sure everyone's just kind of tired of the entire segments thing in the entire I'm I'm tired of talking about it I I kind of want to move on with my life so an anticipation for August first obviously or rather I saw this coming the futures price of Bitcoin cash has fallen by around seventeen percent which I mean we've seen these numbers before with other coins we've also seen other coins go up by 40 percent in a day so these fluctuations don't really mean that much to me but at the exact same time the price of Bitcoin has also it's up around 6 percent right now and it's currently floating right below 2900 a coin which is also to be expected like I said before a couple days ago in the video I said once people realize that they will be getting free Bitcoin cash it's gonna like the markets gonna completely turn and this is exactly what happened cuz the word spread and yeah so if you have not I don't know what time it is where everyone is listening to this but it is very late here and I think the switch is happening on a lot of exchanges like I said before a lot of exchanges will be stopping any type of trading that has to do with Bitcoin for around 24 hours just in case that something is going on but yeah the price of Bitcoin cash is currently at 294 it was I think 500 a couple days ago and then before that there was an when the announcement happened I think the futures price had jumped up to around 900 so it's 1/3 its value of what it was before but it's gonna be insanely interesting to see what happens on August 2nd because a lot of people are now predicting of course like I said before are now predicting the price of Bitcoin like the original one will drop and that the value of Bitcoin cash will not skyrocket but begin to go up because a lot of people are now saying oh this is exactly what happened with the etherium once again what I also said once the etherion blockchain had split any theorem cache was in a thing I remember it's hundred people were selling it they were like oh this isn't the really theorem they sold it off and I think the price was around seventy five cents and then I think a theorem classic I think I bring eventually hit twenty dollars a coin I think it's floating around thirteen right now so is like history's gonna repeat itself and I think as more people get into Bitcoin cash it's going to become more popular they are already saying at the current price of 294 even where it is right now that if or rather when it becomes official on coin market cap or the other places it will actually have the fourth spot amongst all coins which is absolutely crazy because it's going to be brand new and I I got this is just a prediction I hate making predictions but this is what I'm gonna say I think it will eventually hit a thousand don't take my word for that please like I always say please do your own research but I think that a lot of it is people are afraid people don't understand what a hard fork is people don't understand why this hard fork happened I think it's gonna start getting a lot of attention once people realize what it can do and also just realistically guys it's literally the exact same the exact same blockchain from the very beginning and there's I told you people aren't gonna want to miss out on our brand-new Bitcoin that's just not something that's going to happen like it's not it's not any other altcoin it's not some new you know fantabulous to whatever it's literally built from Bitcoin except it has a um as an easier time scaling and stuff like that so we will see where this takes us I know a lot of people are Bitcoin purists and they're not too happy with this but I mean a lot of people weren't happy with ripple or aetherium or litecoin when all these other things came out so we are gonna see a lot of people saying that Bitcoin could go above 3000 and I think at this point is looking lightly likely because the price is slowly jotting itself up but who knows what August first will hold so the online exchange Polonia X I don't use them myself it's pol o nie X I believe that's the way to spell it I don't use them when I was first looking for exchanges it was between them and Kraken and coinbase I chose coinbase because they are regulated and I chose Kraken just because I like what they do how they look like everything on their website looks professional is it's um relatively nice you know there are certain things that are a little bit difficult to you know get into when you first started but I like the website for what it is I never liked Polonia X I did not care for it and other people kept on saying it was the best it was the greatest thing in the entire world and then I started hearing reports from other people exactly what I'm about to say right now there are people who have been reporting that for weeks not days not hours for weeks that there have been no withdrawals and no deposits being credited to their accounts on the website there's a guy he posted online I forgot the website he posted on but he said that he apparently his account was hacked or rather at some point he lost seventy thousand dollars worth of coins he contacted Polonia X and was like hey you know this is a problem what's going on etc etc and it's been over I think twenty eight days or something like that he hasn't heard a word from them which it has to be a horrible feeling and I hope that never happens to anyone I'm not even joking like that is there has to be a horrible feeling but I told people weeks ago as well I was reading this on Steam and other people were talking about it and I said this is the same exact thing that happened with cripsy I remember it's really sad I remember when cripsy was starting to have problems remember I tried the deposit I remember which coin I tried to deposit it on to their website it didn't credit for about two or three days and then when I finally got on to it I think something happened with the price of one of the other coins I was like okay I gotta take this out now so I can have it on to my online wallet so I can do whatever I had to do and I remember for some reason I kept on trying to withdraw and I think two days later when I hadn't gone to my offline wallet I remember I contacted them and I was like hey you know what is going on they they responded within two three hours which was really great and I was like okay cool and they was like oh yeah you know it's a problem on our side we're really sorry we're gonna fix that one second so they cancelled the withdrawal and I said okay just try it again it'll definitely work this time and I think after the fifth time I you know like when you get that feeling when you feel like something just isn't right I got that like really hard and I was like yeah this isn't this isn't something that I want to be a part of anymore and I told some of my other friends I said you should probably leave cripsy right now and they were like no crypts he's really great and I was like guys get your stuff off right now and they had like a little messenger thing on the side or you could talk to other people who were on the platform you know I don't know what the purposeful that was for I never found that like a reason outside of what I'm about to tell you to talk to other people well yeah people were saying that they couldn't take out Bitcoin they couldn't take out this they couldn't take out that so I remember how ever much I had on cripsy i sat there and i was like no you're gonna find a way to do this because your money's not gonna be lost on here and everyone kept on saying the things that they were trying to do and the way that I found out to take out my money is I converted all of it into dogecoin as doggy coins some people calls it some people call it and I literally was able to take out I think like it was like ten thousand i'm dogecoin at a time and it took me about literally eight hours i sat here I'm not even joking I don't know how much I had the pain fees from all the transactions I think I was taking a light coin I did whatever the case might have been I got all my money and I told people in the chat section I was like guys I just did this this was the only way people were saying that they had like 3040 thousand dollars on the website and they had no way to get it off of it and I think five days later that's when cripsy completely crashed and they were like we're bankrupt were hacked whatever they whatever they story that they had to come up with I was very lucky so if you have money on Polonius right now this is I mean try your best to just transfer it into another coin because I know a lot of people are trying to take out Bitcoin at the moment and that I'm apparently um litecoin accounts have been frozen since July 20th which is I mean like I said before in other videos this is a huge red flag any time that they if you contact customer service and these people haven't heard from them in three weeks that is a major red flag so if you don't hear from them I hope you guys don't have your money on there I hope you guys have your on your own computer so it's a bit more secure because it is not good for a lot of people so lastly like I said in other videos as well I I know I say that phrase a lot I'm not a fortune-teller I just say that a lot so the US has decided that the that Dow tokens are now securities and or rather they've actually said that a lot of tokens that have come out are now going to be listed as securities or being sold or taxed as securities and I keep saying that we're moving very close to regulation and I think January of this year was like a huge catalyst once all the corners started like really picking up steam and it started getting into Forbes and all these other really big rich people magazines that is a huge indication that something is coming because there are a lot of billionaires and millionaires who want to get into cryptocurrencies if you guys haven't noticed there are tons of like all these people all these magazines only other stuff especially on news I don't myself personally watch fox news actually don't watch any news at all because I use the Internet so I like pick up stories from here and there but there are a lot of people I there wasn't there was a news thing about people on Fox News talking about how great Bitcoin was and all this other stuff and I'm like yeah something something's definitely coming so there are a lot of larger corporations a lot of companies who definitely who have expressed their interest in holding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as like a hedge against other things and yeah so this is definitely coming these people want this regulated and legalized in some sort of way so that they can also trade and buy and sell these things it has it has its upsides and it has its downsides when money gets pumped into the system obviously the coins go up but the problem is is that if there are only 21 million of one certain type of coin and someone owns about 80 percent of it they can control the price and this is where things kind of get kind of shaky because it's kind of clear at this point that the I mean if you guys are if you guys are into that that the price of gold and silver are heavily manipulated their had like there have been former Bank members who've come forward and said this exact same thing and it's kind of when you look at the price of I got into it not just Segway on they on the topic but I got into a conversation with someone who was talking about that he'd rather invest in gold and silver than he would and cryptocurrencies and I was like well you know the price of gold has kind of slid across 12 since I think like what like 2011 or something like that and all these cryptocurrencies I've seen like major fluctuations but it's also really crazy highs and I think if these things become regulated and these people actually get into this this might be the not the beginning of the end cuz we'll definitely see some prices and like I always say rich people aren't gonna get into anything without being able to make tons of money themselves but it will definitely see like a stabilization in prices and I don't know who will be able to get the same amount of gains that we did before but who knows that these people might have a huge plan to actually make a Bitcoin 55,000 per coin I don't know these people I can't tell you what their future plans are but yeah so this is from the website crypto news net and this is about the the SEC talking about the regulation of coins and I'm having them as securities so and I quote the SEC has concluded that as an unregistered sale of securities the Dow token sale violated federal law however no legal action will be taken rather this ruling is designed to establish guidelines for the future of initial coin offerings SEC chairman J Clayton stressed the importance of protecting consumers stating investors need the essential facts behind any investment opportunity so that they can fully make informed decisions in today's report confirms that sponsors of offerings conduct through use of distributed ledger or blockchain technology must comply with securities laws so it seems at this point the the big guys are coming so I mean like I said before we saw this coming and it's not like a doom and gloom thing like you know this was going to happen you can't make 100 million dollars in a day and not have people kind of scrutinize you they've already stepped forward with icos and stuff like that and this was logically the next step all righty guys it is actually really late here getting first for getting ready for the August first festivities yeah I hope you guys are doing okay hope you guys have moved your money around accordingly if you were trying to get Bitcoin cash for free which I hope many of you are if you have the opportunity to because there's no reason not to get free money it's it's free money like everybody everyone likes free money but yeah I'll try to update you guys on anything that's happening as far as the actual blockchain split if something crashes if anything goes wrong but at this point it's looking like it'll be a standard hard fork and yeah alrighty guys I hope you guys have a great day great evening great afternoon great morning wherever you are listening to this and yeah I hope you guys enjoyed and I will talk to you all soon see you

22 thoughts on “Bitcoin Cash Price Crash, Poloniex Insolvency And DAO Regulated By US – 024”

  1. poloniex suffered a great robbery of the century, withdraw your money before you can not remove it several workers have been dismissed by publishing it in wikileaks in the deep web when it is public cancel all the withdrawals and it will be lost to proportional parts the robbery you will lose until 50%, can not pay at all is the logical thing, they have stolen a lot
    poloniex a sufrido un gran robo del siglo, retirar vuestro dinero antes de que no podais sacarlo varios trabajadores han sido despedidos al publicarlo en wikileaks en la deep web cuando sea publico cancelaran todos los retiros y se perdera a partes proporcionales el robo vais a perder hasta un 50% , no pueden pagar a todos es lo logica, les han robado mucho mucho

  2. trying to withdraw DCR from polo for two days still processing and have many problems before. its ok if until problems didn't start. after that you on your own customer service don't exist

  3. Poloniex gets back to me within a day always, I had a bunch of money stuck on there and scared because i didnt have 2fa on there. after i activated it 0 problems and instant withdrawls and deposits. I just pulled more ltc off lastnight. I also had extreme volume trades as well though which is why i feel like they gave me instant level 2 verification when other people were waiting weeks.


  5. I've had problems with Poloneix. In fact, I've sent coins to Bittrex, which on Polo side is confirmed yet the coins never arrived…I converted my STEEM coins that I bought (for some reason STEEM deposit and WITHDRAWLS were disabled) into USDT…

  6. ive been waiting 1 week for a withdrawal, no response to mail or tickets, Cant help but beleive you people reporting good experiences with Poloniex are paid advertises…. or straight up liars (especially after their release of new terms and conditions) which states that theydont care about you, they dictate ALL arbitration if ANY, and you have no rights legally. Do you really want to trade there? USE your head.

  7. i never had problems with poloniex at all.. and withdrawaled today.. no problem… i dont really udnerstand why u spread panic here… do you have any evidence of what you say against poloniex

  8. Guys… Bitcoin Cash is not free money. If you get $100 worth of bitcoin and let it fork. I bet that the price of Bitcoin will go down to accomodate the Bitcoin Cash. If you add up the price of both the bitcoin cash that you have and the bitcoin what you will be left with is still $100. – Nothing Gained – Nothing Lost.

  9. Dang, I lost 200+ Dash, thousands of Ripple and tons of Zcash on cryptsy..
    I bought them in June 2015 and forgot that until June 2017,. I bought them dirt cheap I thought they were worthless. When I heard the news, it was too late 🙁

  10. It is centralized so – not same, the way Bitcoin exists beyond this kind of weakness is part of the the power and benefit. You failed to point that out so your research isn't about Bitcoin purist or not, it is about ignorance of what makes Bitcoin valuable.

  11. Ever since the Bitcoin Cash hard fork was announced, many people have viewed its token as free money. While it is true these new tokens will be issued to users at no additional cost. As with Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash will take away value from Bitcoin. Bitcoin Cash will be issued at 1:1 rate.

    At this point in time you will notice that the market has taken profits and was looking as a bull trap.

    However, the value of these tokens may be effectively subtracted from the Bitcoin price at that time. The market cap, in this case will be distributed over the two blockchains. The catual values of both currencies will fluctuate heavily over the first few days following August. I wont play around with the Bitcoin story, there are many alts preparing for nice movement.
    I am sure you are correct tho, Bitcoin may get more support. But I am correcting you. You not getting anything for free.

  12. on Bitfenix, there's "Bitcoin Core" and "Bitcoin Unlimited" as well as "Bitcoin" itself…I'm confused..What planet am I on? lol

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