21 thoughts on “Bitcoin Cash, NEO, and IOTA Making Moves! Crypto Technical Analysis”

  1. Mitch I quit watching you when Bama beat the Dawgs…. again…. haha just kidding man..but seriously we are beating yall… wait for it………..THIS YEAR… i watch you on the 55 in. most of the time now…. glad you have your own thing going… been a good year… thanks for all you do! when you move to ATL and not Austin lets get a beer

  2. Excellent review as always Mitch ! Would love to see a static analysis on ONT/BTC too…will hit you up tonight for sure! TY

  3. Sometimes, when I'm home alone, I like to hide under the bed and pretend I am a carrot. Mhmm. XRP to $1,200 by the end of May… Kappa

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