Bitcoin Cash Leads Crypto Rally, First Token on an Exchange, Giveaway Winners Announced and more!

hello everyone it is that time of the week again today is Friday April 5th 2019 I'm Roger veer CEO of Bitcoin comm with my usual co-host Corbin Frasier back in and sometimes special guest our CTO of Bitcoin calm Emily Oldenburg thank you and for all those that are wondering including myself even though I've known you for like four or five years and how is it a mole or Emil mo-mo that's what I always thought but if a French person would say Emil I like don't I hear so many people always calling you Emil but it should be the American Way lots of awesome news this week like really really big news where do we want to start Corbin I guess we should start from the top we got the of course the huge huge Bitcoin cash rally big price over the last few days what was it it was up 60% over like second 24 hours so yeah pretty exciting Dylan a pretty good day off the office was kind of giggle in the yeah their eyes to be leading the rally up leaves the rally down but utility is what drives long-term brides like Bitcoin cash has so much awesome utility it's awesome things being built on top of it so yeah the other thing we've got coming up is the blockchain documentary series which was recently released we've also got a of course this is something we've all been expecting Bitcoin core unconfirmed transactions or as well on the rise I've got honest – yeah – cash is adding content Bay walls and this one's pretty exciting the first SLP token listed it on on an exchange so yeah might as well start from the top here we start with the market rally so Bitcoin cash jumped over 60% April 2nd within 24 hours leading the cryptocurrency rally bch joined the top 5 largest cryptocurrency with an overall market cap of around 5.1 billion on Wednesday I don't know if you guys saw but there was also a little bit of flipping happening between I think they'll be a lot more felicity between yeah BTC in some other coins it feels good to be CH higher than light cool yeah yeah that's uh I mean I still find it really ironic that the Bitcoin maximalists are somehow ok with other they hate all all other coins except for litecoin and yeah they're not very consistent yeah yeah it's really strange the famous at Bitcoin Twitter account tweeted elicited by me or Bitcoin calm the record yeah I have never seen Roger tweeting as at Bitcoin or anyone around here tweeting is that actually I think you know who's behind it but I I've tried bugging you who is but I still don't know the owner or someone that's been involved in Bitcoin since 2009 so long before all these you know people that are hostile to Bitcoin being a peer-to-peer cache system that managed to hijack the project with the BTC ticker so just just like myself I've been around longer than most of those people so is the owner of the app that coined Twitter account yes he he or she tweeted a list highlighting some of the amazing things happening though he's a guy pick one cache block Jade so yeah they highlighted this great list summarizing everything from cache up the sappy tokens cash accounts the upcoming Schnoor signatures being added in on the May hard fork coin text local topic when comm thriving community and active developers and the countless ways to earn bitcoin cash online it's not in our notes but let's talk about that app to earn free Bitcoin cash you were you going back yeah yeah an alien's right one alien what's the name of the app the perfect I was playing around with it it is free Bitcoin cash and it's on the Android app right now and yeah it looks like it's kind of like a little gamified way to you like zap aliens the wind again don't you watch ads or how does it work basically I think there is a little bit of ads involved in and you kind of roll the dice isn't a memory yeah yeah prizes will put a link in the show notes you can download the the free Bitcoin cash app from big when aliens and yeah and get some free Bitcoin cash in addition to our free Bitcoin con where we're giving away free yeah there was another app back in the days where you would they also had to put a concept proof of play where you would get the Bitcoin BTC yeah it was like the sorrow game you throw the monkey I was like wait the fourth wave of support outer tobu or something was the name in Japanese like flying monkey or something yeah I think I'm long time like 20 14 maybe you're some kidding and the more you play the more the more b2c you got just like cash Gamescom the more you play the more you lose also but give and when you could actually can order money with the affiliate system go to cash game set be calm so I think slash affiliates or just click the affiliate link and for every other person used to do that website you can have up to 25% of the house edge of that so we'll plug that while we're at it hmm so next up I know one of your favorite topics to talk about Bitcoin core growing network congestion so Walter so yeah so with the increase in prices and transactions across the crypto space bakhoum core is already showing significant network congestion with a growing number of unconfirmed transactions in the BTC mempool withdrawals and transactions have again become extremely expensive and very difficult to complete coin pot recently released a statement to users cancelling pending BTC transactions and recommending users convert their Bitcoin core to another crypto currency like Bitcoin cash to avoid these issues entirely think more businesses should do that yeah and if you're still building on BTC you are guaranteeing your customers are gonna have a bad user experience the next time the blocks are fall which is right now so if you don't want your customers to have a bad user experience you need to be recommending they do something other than BTC and from our point of view Bitcoin cash is awesome we have bitpay coinbase blocks in an info Bitcoin comm all these merchants all these websites more than a hundred thousand websites except on the United Travel ah yeah desk wood sealer in Destin Destin yeah there's one more travel site the cheap air con of course another early one all sorts of fantastic web sites using bitcoin cash so if you don't want your customers have a bad user experience tell them to switch from BTC to BCH so or any coin that works I think if he's a last I checked they were around what $2 yeah that's pretty like individual user but if you're a business using a multi signature wallet the fees are always more so just earlier this week I think two days ago now i we had to move some BTC that we had mined in the mining pool I paid just under $4 to move that BTC at the end of 2017 I was paying over a thousand dollars in fees a transaction like multi signature wallets with multiple inputs thousand dollar fees were common and you know I was beat you see right to an exchange to sell for Bitcoin cash at the peak we were paying thousands of dollars every month in DC transaction fees yeah I think 100 maybe thousands of dollars I think we were paying over $1,000 a day at certain points for the pie outs with the mining pool at one point no yeah pretty pretty it's only 20 you only have to pay up 20 people at $50 per input so yeah yeah but yeah pop the champagne right and for those that don't know what that reference is the Bitcoin core developers they literally openly say they want the fees to be high and Greg Maxwell the CTO of black bloc extreme block streams openly said I don't know about you guys but I'm popping the champagne to celebrate the high fees he spilled champagne wrong like a city not the dream I think he spelled the word campaign a little too often maybe he sent that word out to his army of trolls so if you're some of the things a cryptocurrency should be like fast cheap to use and reliable BTC is not for you because the core developers behind it openly say they want the fees to be high so if you want the fees to be low switch to Bitcoin cash well I think it's really funny how quick people people forget because I remember when I first got into Bitcoin what excited me most was this idea of these new economies of micro transactions being able to monetize content and bypass you know the kind of status quo of like ads and just pop ups and being able to monetize content and provide content creators with ways to earn income without needing to spam your users with you know just more more ads from Google or Facebook or whoever and they've quickly forgotten that you yeah I mean you just can't do that with BTC I think networking can't do it either so so I mean yeah it's really a shame how quick people can kind of kind of forget that that was I was once upon a time a really interesting idea and the only only place to do that now Bitcoin cash yeah I mean I was talking via direct message with some guy earlier today that like he only got involved in cryptocurrency in 2017 he's like all I ever saw online was negative stuff about Bitcoin cash and so I just assumed it was a scam and something stupid but after looking into it it does have more Bitcoin this about it they're calling that everybody's calling Bitcoin and like I don't think he hates it anymore he kind of realizes oh maybe those people in cash people have a point so and I think he was stunned when he realized after I pointed out to him that's a Bitcoin score developers for BTC version of Bitcoin they want the fees to be high I need to said over and over and over the BTC core developers want the fees to be high and if the fees are low there they're failing from their point of view so they want the fees to be high so if you want your fees to be low switch to something other than BTC I think the recent bull rally and seeing Bitcoin cash lead that that charge it was pretty it was pretty cool but I think it really highlights that in spite of all of the propaganda and all of the hate and all of the lies and deceit that's you know that anybody paying attention when cash is awesome you have cash helpful for privacy we have fast cheap reliable transactions we have an awesome acceptance we have a huge network there bitcoin dot-com behind it all sorts of stuff like cash up was a big deal we talked about last thing but like you have privacy I'm playing cash now Bitcoin cash is a privacy coin at this point like this friggin awesome BTC you it's impossible to do that because the fees are too high and you hear people talk about some wallet on BTC they can shuffle your calls but you're gonna pay like tens of dollars to do that on Bitcoin cash you can do it 4/10 of a cent hello oh and I don't think the men pool would be to see will get any better for it like now like what every bull run has taught us is that every bolt every new bull run is always bigger than the last one and that's good I think that's to come to an end with BTC at some point when people figure out like hey other coins work better yeah because because there's a ceiling and b2c will hit this and hit this it hit the ceiling pursue pumping right up against it firm yeah so it's like cool I have to have weeks and months and maybe like full year of congested mental and b2c competiveness but the remember they want the men pulled before they want the blocks before which cause expensive slow unreliable transactions that's what they want on the DC it's now it not only is it what they have but it's what they want and they want it to be even worse than it is today so if you want something that works for payments you're looking for Bitcoin cash or something other than BTC in on what happens when the happening happens here you know we're gonna see more congestion we're gonna see is it is there he doesn't have the box size so it'll be an interesting kind of planned the last couple of times it popped the price up is what happened so what Bitcoin cash will hit the happening before yeah some days maybe it's kind of what I heard I'd have to check well maybe it maybe Luke jr. wants to like cut the lock slice in half next happening as well yeah I hope they started USF 300 kilobytes campaign go to 300 yes let's see what happens please do it yeah if you'd interesting experiment at least so the next item we've got on our list here blockchain a documentary series released on Amazon Prime so this 6 episode docu-series by it's called Reis risky presents blockchain of focuses on how blockchain technology can change the current Fiat system episodes 1 & 6 will feature highlights of Bitcoin cash as well as an interview from Sean Walsh from hyper block discussing past Bitcoin 40 and someone on Twitch we stream this live at about 5 p.m. every single Friday from Japan Z wet says check out Colin's YouTube tutorials for electron cash and cash shuffles so I've seen some of those tutorials uh we'll put a link to those tutorial videos in the description below as well so like start using cash shuffling the electron cash Wallet for now and we'll have it in the Bitcoin comm main wallet pretty soon here as well like privacy on Bitcoin cash like awesome yeah so go check out this Amazon series and let us know what you guys think the show's part about growing a group of new documentary series that are focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrencies and actually that same fellow : I believe has been in the works on a bit of a documentary so yeah it should be it should be interesting lots of lots of exciting stuff to watch I think in 2019 and 2020 next up we've got crescent cash it's a cash account native wallet it's a new open-source Bitcoin cash wallet called Crescent cash which uses that new cash accounts protocol you guys might have seen kind of kicking around people were kind of waiting in line trying to register register their own their own kind of name space there so Crescent cash is open-source non-custodial and like traditional bch wallets in the application also supports the standard bch address format cache header and the cat crescent cash wallet creates cash accounts username for users after choosing a handle this new developer he's actually a recent convert from the BTC camp by the name of pucks time probably pronouncing that wrong he's been all over Twitter okay hey stic go follow him on twitter he's a really interesting guy I believe he's in a non developer and yeah he recently jumped jumped ships after seeing that lightning was the only thing that BTC Corps maximalists work all kind of saying is the only way to scale and he kind of saw that this is insane and I'm yeah well the Lightning it's the only thing that I left they have going for them the problem is it's not going for them so yeah thank you Chris – and thank you parks for adding the cash accounts which is awesome let's see some SOP tokens in your wallet there next yeah really fun speaking of that actually we should probably interact in there so like the Badger Wallet mobile version is just about ready we'll put as I say this level drug screen right now you can see a demo version right there like the tokens and Bitcoin cash going in and out or working right now that's a pretty big deal yeah so very exciting stuff so we should probably give a little give a little shout out to Gabriel and his team and they worked it out yeah and that's how P team as well yeah yeah James and those guys pretty exciting stuff honest cash for those of you guys who don't know honest not cash just kind of like a way for you to earn Bitcoin cash you can share articles share content think of it kind of like a Bitcoin cash enabled on medium or yeah but basically they've added paywalls so you can now go in and write some content lock up a little bit of the premium content behind a you know a dollar pay well and earn a little bit of extra income while you're providing content and sharing high valuable content to the world CEO Adrian bar wiki recently introduced the upgrade hoping the paywalls will provide users with direct sales from writer to reader enabling content creators to generate additional income potentially leading to a primary source of income for writers which i think is part of what this is all about finding some new clothes on amis so long with addition the addition to paywalls users can also earn bitcoin cash by unlocking content uploading content and uploading popular content early so if you're an early up voter you actually earn some of that content of what which is kind of an interesting a little economics game there so I guess the gloves to kind of tie together so one really good thing that you know I've been a big supporter for a long time and it was the thing that got me interested in Bitcoin for the first time was I heard that people were buying and selling things without permission on the Silk Road with Bitcoin and so I wasn't interested in the things that they were buying and selling but I was interested in what kind of money are they using for this and the guy that set all this up in Brussels bricked he's currently condemned to die in prison he will die in prison unless he gets a pardon from the President of the United States that's the only way for him to avoid dying in prison living in prison until the day he dies he's 35 years old currently so maybe he has another you know 50 years to go and he dies in prison unless he gets a pardon from the United States president so uh thankfully there's over a hundred and fifty thousand people out there they've signed this petition saying hey mr. president let Ross Ulbricht out of out of prison right this guy's a hero he's not a criminal he's already served what six years now or something like that I think let him out this guy's a genius entrepreneur like he's started one of the most successful startups ever and it's not just myself who thinks that like so Tim Draper one of the most successful venture capitalists ever saying the exact same sort of thing so anyhow if you haven't already signed the petition go inside I was one of the first thousand people to sign it I think and I'm so both you guys signed it and go out there sign it and then share the link to the petition without your own social media Facebook so let's get it up over a quarter million all right we got a hundred fifty thousand so far let's get it over a quarter million and then half a million and then before you know it I think there'll be enough pressure where maybe the president will let him out and I don't know how public it is but uh I guess I can let it slip a little bit we're planning a big benefit concert for free Ross happening in LA a little bit later this year I'll figure out exactly with like major major brand name celebrities on board that'll be performing at this concert and I'll figure out maybe next week we can give a lot more of the details for that but like that's happening that's coming together as well so which ties this another fun line of liberty-loving new so uh the very first Bitcoin cash based token has been listed on an exchange now all right so we knew it was gonna happen we knew was gonna happen and like a fantastic part about it is the token is probably one of the most Liberty orbs and tokens around it's the token called a merit token from liberland so you can visit liberal and org for those they don't know liberland is a slice of land between Croatia and Serbia that both countries claim didn't belong to them so another guy named it came along so okay I'll claim that will start the world's first you know libertarian condition there and so Bitcoin calm has been super supportive of them both financially and you know through our actions as well for a couple of years now we bought them a big houseboat and offered stuff and see how their tokens are on Bitcoin cash and you can trade them now at all – how do you say this domain name right I lovely Oh Tilly a LTI LLY calm and the ticker suppose LLM will put links to all that in the show notes there as well but like that's a really big deal and you'll be able to send receive those tokens within the Bitcoin comm wallet here very very soon as well you can do it today with the Batchelor wallet from Bajor Bitcoin comm yeah and if any other exchange wanna list SOP tokens as well you can always reach out to to us they kind of call developer Gabriel's team we're always happy to help we actually been talking to a few exchanges and explaining to them how to make their Bitcoin cash wallet token aware mmm so they can use our API we have a fully documented API so as soon as you receive and return outputs with that is a sop token it's call our API to check if the token is valid and then you can add a token to your exchange that's awesome so yep and we have lots more big tokens and listings that in the works already so but the liberal and token listing caught me by surprise today to be honest so we're almost doing the show but mo you've been learning out on your nerdy CTO stuff what are you the most excited about that's happening in the Bitcoin ecosystem I'm really excited to try out the new Shanor signatures we have we're currently working on and getting a testament blocker spore up or running owner can you explain it like I'm five what is a Shannara signature and why should I care about it our snort signature is a a new way of signing signing and message a cryptographically and the what makes Shanor signatures interesting for the layman is that these signatures are smaller so it will be cheaper to transact later on you can also aggregate signatures so it's a little bit more private right the more private signature features will not be available in May hmm but for now will be at least smaller and also at it will stop malleability so making cash will get a malleability fixed before BTC oh sorry that is not in a not in extension block like BBC had to build an extension block to fix mobility Wow BC it would take the ISA round and do a hard fork instead yeah so I'm actually one user on twitch this is kind of fun I said a judge she's fo says Roger do you have any plans to come to Korea again my wife told me you were at the Apple retail store last year but I was out of out of the store at that time so I know exactly what it's very clear I walked into the Apple store in Korea while ago now wanted to buy something rather and there's the greeter at every Apple store right and as soon as I walk in the store that greeters some Korean girl she looks at me I wasn't wearing it I just went on all of shirt and she looks at me and the first [Laughter] [Laughter] times this year as well and I look forward to meeting you the next time somebody else's win cash shuffle in the Bitcoin comm wallet less than 18 months I guarantee that we're working at it so I guess that brings us to anything else you want to cover or demo that you're extra excited about well a lot of things that we've been working on behind the scenes is well local Obachan well local the beacon are calm and the really cool thing about local a bit gonna calm is that we're using the new opcode the DSP elf code tell you have do on Shane escrows so we're never in control of any funds and everything is on Shane verifiable so we don't hold any fun so and and the cool thing is that anyone can just go on a block explore and verify that the money has been paid into the escrow address and then we're using the new data security file code to to determine who can who can spend the outfit so it's it's pretty awesome laws are you breaking doing this no no none a lot there because with DSV what's cool about it is that the the escrow handler which is us have no knowledge about the transaction at all we we don't we don't need to know anything about who gets the money and how much if you would do it in b2c for example in fact I don't even have the ability to know unless they give us exact leaders themselves so if you would do an escrow in B to C then the escrow we'll see who's who's getting paid and how much so potentially like in B to C you can like legally B to C escrows are in could or facing could face more trouble yeah I think that's why we're seeing little vendor coins do convince B CH yeah because the escrow that has absolutely no knowledge in above the transaction yeah exciting stuff guys yeah we've got looks like Rogers replying to okay actually next up we've got a Japanese keyboard on this thing I'd switch to language we've got some prizes so I think last last video weekly problems free stuff so here we got a whole bunch of free stuff coming out so we've got first prize is going it's a ledger nano plus a Bitcoin calm swag prize our swag box I've got second place as a keep key third place is Bitcoin collector coins in a BCH getting t-shirt and then we've got a fourth to ten place BCH gang t-shirts so I guess we read from ten to one one is amazing tend to walk into 1k so we'll go number 10 there's some random websites like select random comment yeah Tommy ticker calm comment there you go so that way you can kind of be sure that we're not picking our favorite comments so number 10 we've got Robert urban urban yeah this might be my favorite comment bch for the win yeah yeah so you got a PCH gang t-shirt coming your way make sure you email us your contact and details and all your sizes to youtube at bitcoin calm and let us know your t-shirt size and will and of course write your address and well we'll simply shove it all back to you yeah I do want to read this one there animal number nine yeah sure Brett Holt grant me the serenity to put my trust in the block courage to confront the skeptics and wisdom to accelerate Bitcoin accelerate adoption BCH and then a bit kinetise smart Brett he was looking for a little tip there but you know what yeah we're already given you a shirt nice try Brett Charles Cooper says I'm super excited about snore signatures privacy for the win I've said I think it's Charles cooing clear you krieger King get are you gonna Freddie so he's also getting a shirt Charles congratulations you too but Bitcoin calm send us your size and address number seven German German right we've got Randy Moran dica I love you Bitcoin calm thanks your inspiration also another little cash adder in there people are trying to get some tips out of these YouTube comments so Randy you're gonna be getting a BCH gang t-shirt as well congratulations another fitness elite says Russ in six places Craig who claims he has a law degree you and he really hates das weeks he said it's illegal yeah yeah we've got a house to D dais I never win anything and I never expecting this must be and I never expecting this must be mine just enjoy the video oh you want congratulations yeah you're killing it good work what does he win his fifth place oh he's in oh he's okay yeah sure that's something so and you know where are we now a number four yeah so no before deem a bit Dimmie Bitcoin cash peer-to-peer cash for the future keep building them yeah that's great hey that's the last BCH getting t-shirt goes to Timmy's and send us your details you two-bit Bitcoin calm I collect your college ginger yeah so I'll read this all you read it I'll grab the shirt so people can look like this one's uh Ravi can't BCH glory curve around the corner just push further for the betterment golden future of BCH all caps I like this guy's style Ravi guess what you're taking home some collector coins and a BCH gating t-shirt wear it with pride flip those coins have some fun congratulations we're really happy for you man yeah and the next one is Manuel Lee from Francisco fabric chk and he's calming sounds great great yeah you take home a keep key there Manuel de Francisco Fabray that's an awesome name okay Leger nano in Bitcoin calm swag box this one's for the number one prize Roger maybe you should take this I think we probably should have been denounced hit with this so BCH gift cards 10% off would love Bitcoin cash yeah we're about to launch a whole zillion gift cards at 10% off he's doing our promotion for us and he just yeah just one year yeah so I guess we'll talk about it's a mocotó off camera that we talk about a lot off and he's gonna meet Phillip right now we can fill the orders manually we're working on trying to set it up so the orders get filled automatically but gift cards for just about everything 10% off Albertsons Safeway Whole Foods Domino's Pizza stop a John's Pizza California Pizza Kitchen to get your pizza with 10% off using the coin cash Starbucks like just mention Airbnb Airbnb at 10% off yeah like it's like a hundred and eighty different gift cards and all at 10% off using Bitcoin cash only and great comment there I don't know I guess this guy knew that it was coming smart guy yes his name is a business worldwide he business worldwide give us your shipping details and should we give out the URL for the the dev site for that yeah if you feel brave enough for Makoto might be a long weekend you're watching our video you're probably a pretty hardcore supporter so be aware that your order doesn't get filled instantly order be filled in about 24 hours because we don't have it set up to be automatic yet but the dev site for that is a Bitcoin cache – if you want to test it out today and we're working on automating the whole thing and making it work super smoothly but you can give that a try a Bitcoin cash – it looks like you have 10% off like 180 different gift cards for the US so US market currently will see about offering other other places in the future other countries so anyhow great job business worldwide how did he know that we were building that is this is this somebody works here oh you you would you were teasing it out on some of the telegram channels cuz there was a bit of an early beta there okay yeah we snuck it out would it tell some some of her friends yeah those people might have told told their friends yesterday that we've been getting some you know order or two a day from like that our small closed beta test group but any shadows to the twitch twitch yeah great they're asking about BCH 18 machines and Dubai well if we're gonna do it no but we want you to do it so the errata please do it and uh first bump says uh well it was on Bitcoin cashed at org but BCH gets updated every six months so keep watching developers public meeting yeah we should talk about that the public meeting was today yeah it has one this morning I called in we're discussing the restore signatures and actually some some good news that the kanakam we are working with one of the former ABC developers we're working on extending the the 25 transaction limit so currently you can only send 25 transactions in a row that are unconfirmed and a lot of wallets doesn't really explain to the users very well why they're hitting this limit or why it exists and it's it's a yes the big pain for for many users and people on Twitter estimate the Rakuten wallet for those that are aku 10 is one of the biggest e-commerce websites in all Japan and they're coming out with a crypto wallet so I can't say this there are more physical shops accepting Bitcoin cash in Japan today than there are accepting BTC so that should be a pretty good indication right there's two what's happening here in Japan so yeah open up our wallet head over to the shop tab you'll see that our map is growing exponentially mark oh yeah yeah very exciting stuff the other big ones from the the twitch crowd I think I think that's about it for the twitch stuff so but every Friday at about 5 p.m. ish in Japan will try and be on Twitch live as well as YouTube so there we go and I guess that's it for this week we'll see everybody yeah next week yeah yeah subscribe like share with a friend that's how we get the word out and most importantly use Bitcoin cash every chance you have instead of dollars euros or yen so see you all next week yeah thank you

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