what is going on guys Patrick here
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full of information we’re gonna be talking about Bitcoin cash we’re gonna
be talking about Babb and we’re gonna be talking about Icahn three coins we don’t
really talk about much on this channel but we are going to cover them today as
well some good and some bad news indeed cryptocurrency market space so before we
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jump right into some news articles though guys first things first market
strategist sees Bitcoin soon hitting between eleven thousand five hundred and
eleven thousand eight hundred out this isn’t much of a surprise for you we’ve
been following the channel for some time I’ve been talking about the technical
technical analysis and where it looks like Bitcoin might be heading and this
is roughly around the range between the eleven thousand five hundred and twelve
twelve thousand dollar range but I did want to show you guys that we are not
the only channel saying this right now there are other people out there who
agree with the prediction and are seeing yeah and think that bitcoins gonna soon
go up to those numbers before it falls back down now the little piece of bad
news but I wanted to warn you guys to make sure you guys are secure is from my
ether-wall so you guys know especially for icos
a lot of you guys probably use my ether wallet because it holds ERC 20 tokens
now a couple of DNS servers were hijacked to resolve my ether-wall comm
users to be redirected to a phishing site basically some of the servers if
you try to access it it would bring you to a phishing site now this is not on my
ether wat side but they are in the process of verifying which servers to
get it resolved ASAP now phishing site those of you who don’t know is a site
that looks exactly like my ether wallet and when you sign up you will think you
signed up with my ether wallet except they will have access to your you know
your private key your username your password and all that stuff which means
a lot of people can can lose their funds and it’s as similar to what happened
with the whole finance hack it wasn’t that finance was hacked is that people
access bindings through a phishing and that’s why the people had their
information then they could go into their finance account with driver things
said to an exchange and cash out so something to watch out for I would stay
away from trying to enter my ether wallet right now I’m gonna keep you guys
updated on I’m gonna keep you guys updated on the situation in the Facebook
group so make sure a link down below in the comments and in the description to
join the free Facebook group and I will keep you guys updated on this situation
on when more news comes out and all that because this is pretty big and yeah like
I said I recommend not trying to access my ether wallet right now now let’s move
on a little bit to the market because this is the exciting part if you guys
take a look four hundred and twenty four billion dollar market cap with Bitcoin
dominance at thirty seven point three now you guys know Bitcoin dominance
falling at this point is good because bitcoin is still going up however all
coins are the ones that are making the biggest moves until the all coins are
outperforming Bitcoin and that is good and a good indication of a bull run from
previous things we’ve seen like last year now some of the coins and that are
up a ton of today are iOS which we’ve talked about in the channel Tron which
we actually talked about yesterday has been having a huge run today at twenty
percent so for those who picked up Tron congratulations
Icahn is up eleven point seven percent and that we are gonna talk about today
so let’s jump right into some of the reasons Bitcoin cash is up so much all
right guys have been asking me this and for those of you who don’t know Bitcoin
cash went for more being worth six hundred and fifty three dollars to now
being a thousand four hundred and sixty dollar so like a two and a half X in the
span of roughly one week yeah one week sitting at a twenty-four twenty-five
billion dollar market cap ranked number fourth in a cryptocurrency market cap
this is huge and now some of the reasons for this is one due to the fork of on
May 15th is gonna be a Bitcoin cash fork so you guys can go ahead and read up on
this it’s not exactly the same as a traditional hard fork but yeah basically
there’s going to be a fork of a fork of Bitcoin you heard that right but um yeah
so that’s something I would recommend reading up on if you guys are interested
in and the other reason why I see Bitcoin cash going
up is because more and more people are getting bullish in the cryptocurrency
market right now a lot of people are saying like in this current moment
there’s like it looks like the market it could be headed into a bull run and what
that’s gonna mean is Bitcoin transaction fees might start getting a little higher
so for businesses Bitcoin cash would be an easier solution as they do fix some
of the issues that Bitcoin has right now now five to ten years down the road I
don’t believe Bitcoin is gonna have the same issues but that could be a story
for another video but down the line I think Bitcoin will resolve those issues
and then the use of Bitcoin cash isn’t necessarily gonna you know we’re not
gonna need it but that again we don’t know what’s gonna happen only time will
tell but that is why Bitcoin cash is up so much and I got a lot of questions for
you guys asking why is it up so much that is basically the reason why it is
up and it could be a smart investment for the short term but like I said five
to ten years I personally am not bullish in Bitcoin cash whatsoever
next a coin you guys wanted me to talk about is AB AB so BA X that was actually
IC o—- not too long ago guys can see they only got a market cap on corn
market cap on the 22nd of March so that’s like a month ago and it didn’t
perform very well at first people were asking why guys the reason it didn’t
perform well is because the market was not ready to perform well and I cos you
you can tell I seals that were launched during the whole market correction or
the market dip market crash whatever you want to call it and those those I SEOs
did not perform well and of course backs Bab was no different now we are seeing
some nice price action though and a lot of people are very very bullish on this
in the long run it’s only a thirty-eight million dollar market cap right now so
guys if you are interested in this and you think as potential to do very very
well yes it is up a lot right now but thirty eight million dollar market cap
is relatively small compared to some of the big players so for those of you who
don’t know I’m going to go into it really quick and show that Babb is the
World Bank for micro economy a decentralized banking platform that
leverages blockchain and biometrics to offer anyone in the world access to a UK
bank account for peer-to-peer financial services now the idea is really cool and
I’m definitely interested I’m going to check out more about
that you can get it on bank or idec’s ether Delta and D Dex
I would recommend probably going with either Bank or ID X as they do have most
of the volume but it is trading and a 2.9 million volume million dollar volume
in the last 24 hours and overall from my bit of research it
does look really quite a lot of you guys are very bullish on it and I wanted to
cover that at 38 million dollars a lot of you were asking if it’s too late to
get in at 38 million dollars if you genuinely believe that the markets going
to continue to do well and that this is a project that could be you know in the
top 50 then yes now would be a that would be a great time to get in because
if the market continues to explode this is not going to have a correction it
will also continue to explode and at 38 million if you guys believe it could be
worth half a billion or even 1 billion that’s like as I will attend to 30x on
your investment right now so that could be playing off absolutely huge
now the last point I want to talk about is icon because icon is one that I am
actually bullish on although I don’t own too much and I would love to own some
more similar into a position I have in stellar I would like to have more
because I don’t like small positions but I do think icon is going to do very well
now feels of you who don’t know icons trying to hyper connect the world so the
icon project is building one of the largest decentralized networks in the
world and it’s trying to connect crypto to the real world and it’s even it’s
seen an 11.6 percent gain today and even in the last week or two weeks it’s gone
from being worth $1 basically one dollar ninety six to two dollars ish all the
way up to four dollars so it is a 2x right now from roughly one and a half
weeks ago which is phenomenal we’ve seen this from a lot of coins though we’ve
seen some great last two weeks from a lot of different crypto currencies but
sitting at 1.6 billion rank number 21 now this is an
interesting part because I do like crypto currencies in this situation
where they are worth enough to where I think it’s a safer investment it’s not
like it’s worth you know 2 million dollars because that is a lot riskier it
is worth 1.6 billion it is ranked number 21st so I don’t
think it’s going to simply disappear and I think long-term icon does have its
place in the cryptocurrency market so definitely something to keep an eye out
on I am bullish on icon or not as foolish as I am on like neo and Cardno
because I do love those but I do think icon is a very cool project and
definitely worth taking a look at and all three of those I think will do well
in all three of the cryptocurrency as I mentioned I think will do well in the
coming months again now Bitcoin cash I’m not bullish in five to ten year I’m
not bullish in the long run for Bitcoin cash but I am bullish the long run for
icon and Babb I would need to do a little more research on it but from what
I have read and from talking to other people about it Babb does look like a
very interesting project that could do very very well and it actually solves a
real-world issue and it has real-world use which is big now moving on to
technical analysis because this is what you guys have been waiting for from
yesterday’s video yes we do have what appears to be a potential break out
candle now it’s still early it’s only 11 a.m. Eastern time right now there is
still a lot that can happen in the cryptocurrency market we felt for all I
know we can go all the way back down to here which would be a bearish signal and
look look like we might be either trading back at the 8000 in between the
eight thousand eight hundred nine thousand dollar range or even drop back
to the eight thousand dollar range but from the looks of it right now there is
it is looking more likely that tomorrow we see another breakout candle and that
would be symbolizing a run in my opinion a run to the eleven thousand eight
hundred to twelve thousand dollar mark similar to like the article was saying
it does look like it holds that type of potential the only thing I’m keeping an
eye out on right now is the RSI which is already pretty high looking like it’s
getting close to the 70 range but we’re gonna keep you alpha I’m gonna keep you
guys updated on that situation as we go for now just looking at the candlesticks
wise it does look pretty bullish and guys it’s not gonna happen in one day
obviously looking back here it took a few days for us to go and test this line
but I think if we see what we are seeing again tomorrow another candle like this
symbolizing the breakout then yeah it could definitely be possible that within
the week we see Bitcoin back at $12,000 but guys
don’t forget I am NOT a financial adviser and this is not financial advice
this is just my opinion on where I think the cryptocurrency market is headed and
where I think Bitcoin is headed overall but make sure to do your own research
before you invest your money in absolutely anything but guys if you did
enjoy the video don’t forget to enter a chance to win some free Bitcoin make
sure you are subscribed and have your notifications turn on make sure you give
this video a thumbs up and lastly make sure you leave a comment down below
saying something related to the video guys thank you so much for watching
I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video


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    **DISCLAIMER**: I am not a financial advisor nor am I giving financial advice. I am sharing my biased opinion based off speculation. You should not take my opinion as financial advice. You should always do your research before making any investment. You should also understand the risks of investing. This is all speculative based investing.

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