BITCOIN CASH $270 Buy/Sell 📈💰 Technical Analysis Crypto Currency News Chart FREE BITCOIN BTC USD

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27 thoughts on “BITCOIN CASH $270 Buy/Sell 📈💰 Technical Analysis Crypto Currency News Chart FREE BITCOIN BTC USD”

  1. What you don't understand about that "STRONG" market is that there was absolutely no liquidity. The dump happened as soon as coins started hitting the exchange, and as more and more coins hit the exchange, more and more sell pressure is being put onto the market. Your really good at drawing lines on the chart, but you clearly don't understand anything about how a market actually functions. It didn't take much coin to push the market up to those highs, it would take a fortune to do it again. It was pure manipulation. I hope you invested a ton in B-Cash cuz your gonna be a bag holder for a LONG time.

  2. Infrastructure for this coin is missing – didn't get much support since much was not available ie stuck in wallets -the Spike was a furnace manipulated by only coins on exchanges – aka pump then dumped – easy money. It will go back up once the coin has volume and support – however unless miners support it it will fade off like another alt coin

  3. Scams don't go from 0 to 1200 in one day? Yeah they do bro, all the time. Almost always, in fact. Look at all coins at launch. Damn near all of the set ATH in the first few days, then taper off for months or years before coming back.

  4. Busted below $200 does that mean we are in a new cycle? Didn't stay long back over $200 now.

    With all the irrational hate and rage against the coin I could see it dropping to $100 which would be a great buy in.

    Three of the people I respect the most in the Cryptoverse have said they believe BCH is for real and could end up the better coin. It's what I've felt too. But I'm a noob at this. But I always find it a huge warning flag when one side goes absolutely bat shit crazy about the other. Usually THAT is the wrong side.

    We will see keeping my order dry looking for the entry point.

    Could BTC become the AOL of the Cryptoverse?

    Let the hate begin. Lol.

  5. But see, my thing is that BCH should probably drop a bit more before a poss. nice spike. If it can drop to less than $150, it'll be FANTASTIC!

  6. Have to disagree with you on BCH BK… I think you're ignoring all the circumstances around BCH and focusing solely on the chart… The chart is not real-world data because exchanges weren't allowing deposits, these were all closed system trades – then the moment deposits became available you saw the price take a nice steady tank and it's not going to be going anywhere but down. Transactions take days on the BCH network, there's no mining support for it because it's as hard as bitcoin to mine but less than 10% of the value — it's not a smart proposition for any miner. Your charts are good, and when all factors are equal then your charts are accurate – but for BCH the charts don't mean shit so all your analysis is meaningless.

  7. @Brandon Kelly CryptoTrader You hust have forgoten that in you chart that 1st part was when was like 2%-3% coins on exchanges. Pumping in such enviorment is EASY 😀 becouse you can only PUMP and no way to dump.
    Please make analize in 3 weeks after Bcash network will start ruinning – today this is not working so TA is broken in fundamentals. I gave bcash like 30-60$ : ) on free market becouse 500m$ – 1000m$ have top coins but mainly UNUSED 😀

  8. [FAITH in BITCOIN] The new people who heard bitcoin was dead, now they thinking to themself:" I thought bitcoin was dead". now most of those people are believers in bitcoin, now they are buying.

  9. BCH isnt going anywhere. HOWEVER, this is EXACTLY the same chart as when EOS came on the market. Dont expect it to grow anytime soon

  10. Sure are a lot of haters showing stupid on this thread… Sigh… I am new but I called it too… but delayed getting in so I missed this BTC and BCC rocket… Now I don't know when to buy BTC. Itching but don't want to take a hit straight off if BTC dips.

  11. I traded my litecoin for BCH and already almost doubled my money… it's holding at a good support level $300 I have a feeling it will start rallying in September

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