Bitcoin Capitulation – Is the BOTTOM Near? [Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News]

yesterday CNBC analyst Brian Kelly just revealed his hedge fund is shorting Bitcoin and many are outraged it appears that Brian Kelly who has been the biggest bit coin and crypto bull on TV has capitulated and what does this mean why does everyone keep talking about capitulation and why is it important before we get started make sure you hit the like button and subscribe to channel so you don't miss out on any future videos capitulation is a stage Wall Street refers to during a market cycle and it comes near the bottom of a bare or declining market as Bitcoin nears 3,000 it appears more and more holders or capitulating and it isn't just the holders either it's too crypto projects themselves so stratum x' founder justin tab recently revealed that he is trading the eighth treasury substratum has for survival for example he is very proud of selling thousand at two hundred and he has stated he will continue to make intelligent trades in the future so is there some magical rule that capitulation must set in before recovery and how are we to know if we are in a capitulation stage well according to the street calm capitulation is kind of panic selling that builds momentum causing a dramatic decline in stock prices and dropping them to a bottom this floor is often near or below previous support levels a bottom is a mythical place where almost everything looks cheap enough to buy the bottom by definition marks a turn in the market and is followed by a broad sustained rally that definition sounds exactly like where we are now we are near a previous support level 85% from top and we are at a place where almost everything looks cheap to buy besides that we know we have a lot to look forward to in 2019 such as Beck's Bitcoin future we also have NASA X Bitcoin future that's coming in q1 and 2019 and let's not forget about the Bitcoin ETF decision that is coming in February the last two days have certainly been good for Bitcoin and arrested crypto market so circling back to Brian Kelly maybe his capitulation is what we've been waiting for maybe the market have violent capitulated and we are now ready for that long sustained growth let me end with the quote from the great Warren Buffett every decade or so dark clouds will fill the economic skies and they will briefly rain gold when downpours of that sort occur it's imperative that we rush outdoors caring of washed tubs not teaspoons thanks for checking out this video again make sure you hit the like subscribe to the channel and thanks for watching take care bye bye

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  2. Dude, you can take the most bearish story in the universe and turn it super bullish…I love it so much! When I get depressed, I come to your channel to cheer up. Thanks for the awesome videos!

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  4. Sounds to me like we may have already capitulated. In any case I'll just continue my usual routine of buying some bitcoin every payday.

  5. Look at what futures have done to gold and silver before you go saying they will drive price up, pure delusion…

  6. we haven't hit capitulation yet. go back and look at past btc yearly charts and cycles.. there you'll see actual examples of capitulation.

  7. That is just complete non sense, bitcoin cannot be worth more than Amazon, apple, Google. The price will continue to drop to the hundreds adjusting itself to the real value.

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