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news let’s get through some of the smaller news articles first bit thumb is
going to fully compensate investors after the hack you guys remember we
talked about the thirty million dollar hack now apparently they do have a plan
to compensate people for that so I’m gonna keep you guys updated with the
situation but this is very good to see honestly a big thing happened it was
hacked and we’re actually talked about this at the end of the video so make
sure you guys stay all the way to the end because we actually have another
piece of news that I think goes hand-in-hand with this and is very
important for you guys to hear but when things like a hack happened a lot of
people lose confidence a lot of people you know fall fall victim to the fun and
they sell their crypto currencies and that’s why we usually see the market
fall when there is a hack now fundamentally things don’t really change
so to me this is when things fall because of a hack it is merely an
opportunity to get in like I said we’re talk a little bit about that later in
the video next up piece next piece of news we have is the Nasdaq powered
crypto exchange DX hits 500,000 users ahead of launch that is absolutely huge
they’re going to be launching apparently next month I think it should be coming
out within a month as time hopefully I’m gonna stick you guys up there on this
too I’m excited to mess around with it see what it is like see how it runs see
which credit cards are gonna be on there still not enough information is out
there yet so I gonna have to keep you guys updated on
the situation but news about adoption now this is big
Amsterdam Airport reveals its first cryptocurrency ATM so Schiphol the
airport the O’Leary’s I know I pronounced that guy’s is because I used
to live in Belgium so I used to fly out of this Airport like every single month
whenever I would travel but the airport it announced a cryptocurrency ATM this
was it partnering with I don’t even know pronounces by Ella data by Leia X data
solutions that was gonna be my best my best go of pronouncing that but they’re
excited that Schiphol is willing to join us in exploring ways to introduce
passengers to the new crypto reality this ATM is on a six-month trial to see
how everything works but this is a first step in adoption hopefully if everything
goes well we are going to see more and more cryptocurrency ATMs all around the
world honestly we’ve seen them start this is just the beginning the first one
in a European airport I believe it is so if that doesn’t show you guys that there
is still so much opportunity and so much room to grow then I don’t know what does
that guy’s the first one being installed the first cryptocurrency ATM installed
in a European airport that’s crazy this is just the first one next up a little
bit of technical analysis on Bitcoin because you guys know the market has
been kind of weird lately we’ve had quite a bad last few weeks actually the
last week was really bad the last two weeks less it’s been rough right it’s
been rough since let’s say January things have been going down but if we
take a day by day there is always opportunity to make money it’s looking
like the market might be starting to reverse before we talk about that let’s
take a look at a little bit of technical analysis and what’s holding Bitcoin back
what price points we should be looking at let me know if you guys do want me to
do more of this and I will definitely incorporate it in more videos the
technical analysis side of things I think a lot of people might be
interested in this but if we look at the daily chart again like I was saying
everything has been falling for quite a while now especially since early May
which we can see right here where we thought we were gonna have a little bit
of a run things start to fall after that but we are looking for Bitcoin to hole
above the 6500 $50 mark that would hold bitcoin as bullish still for the time
being so remains bullish as long as bitcoin is a holding above six thousand
five hundred and fifty now this doesn’t mean we’re gonna have a huge bullish
explosion this is more of a short term bullish this is more of a are things
going to recover from the drop we saw in the last two weeks over the last few
days due to the hack is this going to be a correction that we see now it’s
looking like it’s very possible on the higher side stiff resistance is at the
seven thousand dollar mark this is more of a psychological hurdle but also the
six thousand nine hundred and forty three dollars the one-hundred candle ma
on the 4-hour chart so this is another resistance we are holding it hopefully
we’re gonna be able to break this but Bitcoin if you guys haven’t noticed has
actually been having a hard time breaking the seven thousand dollar
resistance however it hasn’t been holding above the six thousand five
hundred and fifty so kind of moving in a way where we’re unsure which direction
is going to be so a downside break for the rising wedge pattern if it breaks
below the six thousand five hundred and fifty dollar mark would open the doors
to a possibly seeing six thousand dollars then if we close a day under six
thousand it could open up the doors for us to see the five thousand dollars this
is another psychological support do I think we’re gonna go down as low as five
thousand dollars I don’t think so I think overall the news we’ve been seeing
is very positive we have been seeing a lot of positive news recently in the
mark action just a lot of signs pointing to adoption and pointing to the market
continuing to grow to these small little movements down because of a hacker
because of but is not anything that I would be too concerned about now the
price recovery in play if it holds major support so like we talked about again if
we are if we the Bear Flag break down and move below six thousand four hundred
eighty would imply resumption of the sell-off and could yield a drop this
five thousand seven hundred and fifty this is impossible but again I don’t
think we’re gonna be seeing these type of levels I think overall the news is
way too positive for us to continue to fall down unless there is another major
thing that happens another hack and other you know another big piece of bud
comes out the bad news comes out I’ll but it’d
have to be pretty major for us to see downwards moving on to the $5,000 mark
I’m not confident that that is going to happen and I would not be putting all of
my money on that but again the higher side we are looking at the $7000 as the
resistance and Bitcoin currently trading at 6744 like I told you guys it is
pretty much in the middle between the support and the resistance hopefully
we’re gonna start moving our way upwards the actual trend for the last seven days
charged you guys see the last few days it does look like it is trying to make a
move upwards hopefully we’re going to test that 7000 support and hopefully
it’s not too big of a barrier but if you guys can tell overall today does look
like a relatively red day we do have some green some big movers actually
going to talk about in just a little bit but 287 billion dollars in market cap
bitcoin dominance at 40.1% now I’ve seen people also mention that bitcoin
dominance at 40% 40% is is a resistance for Bitcoin dominance as well so a lot
of the resistance is resistance and support going on right now a lot of
technical analysis people are looking at a lot of different things but if you
look at the 24 hour change what I tell you guys wasn’t there cryptocurrency
that’s up a ton now I don’t know much about centrality they weren’t in the top
100 before this huge run they round like an 80 and 80 million dollar market cap
and now they’re up to 135 and so the only reason they’re up in the top 100 is
because of this one move which probably is a pump and dump if you look at the
chart that doesn’t look like anything I want to get my hands on but basic
attention token up 9 percent Nano another one I’ve been talking about a
lot recently up 9 percent as well actually I actually recently picked up
even more Nano so I am trying to pick up Nano as we go I picked up another few
thousand dollars just yesterday yesterday after I made the video we see
enigma up now this is because of a partnership I believe they have up 6.6%
COO coin shares up 7.4 3% financed cores of 5% and then we have a lot of the
pretty much sideways movers on the on the negative end though want Shane down
just a little bit hopefully we do see a recover it has been underperforming but
then again I’m gonna give it the benefit of the
doubt that it we have been in a bear market so I can’t expect too much from
these crypto currencies on the other side though two cryptocurrency that
don’t know much about right here having the biggest fall so doesn’t really
concern me too much however we do have some stratum again one that I again has
been underperforming but we are in a bear market so I can’t really blame it
too much we have iOS t down icon which is going to stop being they’re going to
have their maintenance tuned down as well a lot of down but guys if we see we
have some green we have some red this is 100% normal in the market I don’t think
the market has decided which direction it’s going to go next hopefully it will
be green and we do see a lot more a lot more green coming up if you guys want to
see more green now would be that time to smash that thumbs up button to let me
know you guys want to see some more green so go ahead and hit thumbs up
button if you guys do agree with me that we do need to see more green in this
market but first corner I want to talk about is a OS the OS is basically it’s
down 0.5% but if I were to refresh this I bet you this is gonna change oh it’s
down even more now look at that ten point for two dollars at a nine point
three billion dollar mark epi gos has actually been having a lot of fun around
it recently not even fun it has it has had some issues especially with their
main Atlanta hasn’t been going as smooth as I’m sure they would have hoped for it
to go but in some positive news the Chinese government actually rated iOS as
the best blockchain so according to the Chinese government second monthly global
public blockchain assessment index that’s um that’s a mouthful right there
release on June 20th yo s is the best among its rated project so it doesn’t
rate every project but it does have a good amount we see Bitcoin down here
ranked number 17 before we saw aetherium at number two now iOS or we saw a
theorem at number one now it’s down to number two
now EOS is ranked number one neo still killing it number three I do hold a good
amount of aetherium and neo not as much a OS but I made compared to the other
two but still if you guys want to take a look at the list let me know what you
guys think of iOS being number one should eos be number one should theory
number one shouldn’t EOP number one which coin do you guys think should be
number one right now should it be Bitcoin you guys let me know they are
actually ranked according to three factors this is the technical
technological capability the usefulness of the application and the
innovativeness so guys very interesting to CEOs jump all the way to number one
does it deserve it again I’m gonna leave that up to you guys in the comments let
me know what you think next up is card Donna now not too much news for card I
know again underperforming card oh no but we are in a bear market so I can’t
blame it too much 4.1 billion dollar market almost at sixteen cents I think
this price is great for card I know and some good news for it got listed or is
now available for trading on eToro Soetoro currently trades Bitcoin
aetherium Bitcoin cash ripple like coin etherium classic – stellar Neal and EOS
now it is trading card Dom if you guys are interested in why they’re doing
Cardona why another cryptocurrency they actually tweeted an article for you guys
to read but they are adding more and more cryptocurrencies very happy to see
this situation play out and good news for card Donna overall it never hurts to
be available for trading in a different platform now last cryptocurrency I want
to talk about go into a little more information on is like when cuz like
coin a lot of people don’t talk about it because it doesn’t have as much news as
much hype news as a lot of other cryptocurrencies but it is still under
$100 which i think is a steal for like coin given that the last time we saw
this was all the way back in early December 2017 so a good opportunity to
pick some up if you are bullish on a light coin and there are good reasons to
be bullish I’m not going to go into too many of them right now
but one of them is a UK exchange as launching light point futures trading
this is we’re still yet to see the impact this is going to have on like
coin and litecoin price however it is looking relatively positive right now
and I think light coin will or whether this will help like I think this is a
good move for a light coin and also what I want to talk with you guys about
before the reason why I told you guys to stay all the way to the end of the video
when we we’re talking about exchanges being
hacked or certain cryptocurrencies being half now cryptocurrencies versus
exchange being hack are two relatively different things the reason for that is
if a cryptocurrency is hacked or there’s an issue of the cryptocurrency
that is in their actual technology that we found out that there is an issue
there’s a security breach in their technology but if an exchange is hacked
guys if an exchange is hacked that means the exchange has security issues but
that doesn’t mean anything for any particular cryptocurrency and we saw
this with so many crypto currencies in the past an exchange got hacked and nano
got stolen an exchange got hacked and nem got stolen a lot of different times
this has happened and what always happens later is that specific
cryptocurrency obviously crashes a little bit and then it recovers and the
market crashes a little bit and then the market recovers and charlie lee said it
best he says it’s like if a bank gets broken in and gold gets stolen does this
affect the price of gold well it shouldn’t this is the same with Bitcoin
if the exchange doesn’t protect their coin well enough and it gets hacked it
doesn’t really change the fundamentals of the coin that they are protecting so
everything is still the same so it would make sense if we have a dip like we saw
the last few days because of the bit thumb hack then it wouldn’t make sense
for the market to also recover since nothing fundamentally changed that
exchange had an issue they’re going to deal with it they’re going to deal with
security issues now when people lose money don’t get me wrong that sucks that
is terrible and I hope exchanges do work on not making that a regular thing or
trying to get away with the firm can get away from that 100% if they can fully
secure their exchanges that would be awesome if we can have no more hacks
that would be great but fundamentally things are not
changing so every time this happens we have seen the market recover and I know
cryptocurrency is still well it’s still very small compared to the gold markets
been around a lot less there’s still a lot of skepticism there’s still a lot of
fun surrounding cryptocurrency and that’s
why when you know somebody dumps a huge amount we still see the price crash that
makes sense all of that makes sense however fundamentally guys things don’t
change them so if you’re looking to make money with cryptocurrency when the
market is down think about picking up cryptocurrencies
every time there is a negative there are negative news everyone’s selling it so
like Warren Buffett says you you should get greedy when others are fearful and
fearful when others get greedy and we saw that happen at the end of 2017 when
everyone was getting greedy and now a lot of people are getting fearful so
now’s the time for us believers in this to get greedy and pick up a bunch and
watch or watch our money multiply in element in the coming years but guys
that’s gonna be it for this video hopefully you guys did enjoy this if you
did don’t forget hit that thumbs up button and also leave a comment down
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giveaway but guys thank you so much for watching I will see you guys tomorrow
for another video


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