24 thoughts on “Bitcoin BULLISH Explosion! Targets Ahead! May 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis”

  1. Great video Krown!! Love your take on analysis. I always restart the video though because I think I’m watching an old stream or I missed something big when I look at the ticker at the bottom showing one week or older prices.

  2. King crown . Any chance you can post the 3 day jewel close when it closes tonight ? Please please please

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  4. Did you see Carl from the moon's video his long term analsys shows a long term falling wedge with a price target off 11800 dollars. What do you think?

  5. Thank you ! Just watching my Bananas account usd value growing. Don’t want to touch it ?. But one day I’ll sell most of it to usdc. Some projects stopped developing of functioning ( no commits on Github= for sale )

    Could you check Crypto total market cap on D ? Does it gives any different info than BTC chart ?.

  6. Hey mate just getting a bit confused i've changed three exchanges so far! (latency issues) I'm on Deribit now used your link to set a long position do you start as market order then set a market stop order? i had a bad injury broke my neck I've had half of it replaced so with painkillers and headaches my brain just isn't working sad thing is i am loosing my Bitcoin through stupid mistakes and latency issues have killed me over the last three days I'm giving up scalping! lol need to learn how to go long any advice appreciated keep up the great work mate

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