Bitcoin BULLISH AGAIN?! – LIVE Crypto Market Trading Analysis & BTC Cryptocurrency Price News 2019

here it is ladies and gentlemen bitcoins on a run flush braking to the upside out of the ascending triangle pattern let's get this crypto ooh what is going on ladies and gentlemen crypto Kirby here your cryptocurrency expert back with another edition of the daily livestream what is going on my friends today I'd like to discuss Bitcoin and the flush R it to the upside we are seeing right now you guys already know if you are subscribed here yesterday we were covering this potentially bullish ascending triangle pattern formation pending that we did see the confirmations come in and old ladies and gentlemen did they come in ever so nicely and as a full-time trader I'd like to discuss with you my strategy my game plan and how I'm preparing to continuously crush this market in the immediate term right now so without any further ado you guys already know the deal if you like these daily crypto videos and nightly live streams smack that thumbs up button click the subscribe tick the little bell and let's get this crypto moon the likes ladies and gentlemen moon them up alright so we'll begin with our Bitcoin technical analysis and of course guys before we begin this is not investment advice this is not trading advice these are only my own opinions ideas and observations on the market always do your own research and your own due diligence before investing or trading as this market is extremely high-risk and I am NOT your financial adviser being said here we are ladies and gentlemen ding ding ding chicken wings for dinner tofu if you're vegan tell your wife tell your cousin grandma's got the cookies in the oven what we see here right now was a flush break of the upper resistance line that was formed here on the Bitcoin 4-hour chart what we discussed here yesterday was that we were looking for 3 confirmations the three amigos ladies and gentlemen number one a flush break of this upper resistance line to a flush break of this Wiccan achi Don Dada right here and number 3 ladies and gentlemen ding-ding-ding a flush break of the third and final wick to the upside my VIPs know I've kept them updated with my trades in real time ladies and gentlemen upon these three confirmations I am now in a long trade shout-out to my VIPs you guys know yesterday act I believe I covered it on the stream as well I got out of my short positions as I believe now that we had traveled around in this pennant for enough time that I was no longer I did not want to be in a position in here right I had open shorts in here and I was not too happy with the action here so what I did was I exited and I was going to await for one of the two confirmations to come in we were either going to break the three amigos to the upside and I was going to go long or we were going to break this pennant to the downside fall underneath the upward sloping support and multiple touchpoints here and I was going to then open a short with a long long price range potentially to the downside from there right well the the bullish side of those two scenarios did in fact play out and I am in a long right now I have a tight stop loss and I am looking to lock in profits as this is moving along quite quickly here and now let's discuss what I see happening in the chart right now we must pay attention here to the prior higher excuse me the last high they swing high right which was this high right here we are flirting with it right now as you can see depending upon which exchanges you are charting on here on bitstamp we did actually wick over it we have pulled back here and we are now trading just underneath that resistance line in order for Bitcoin to remain bullish here and look for a push to 4200 a push to 4,300 and potentially even up to 4,400 what we need to see right now is Bitcoin flush through this prior high trendline and consolidate above it old resistance must become new support ladies and gentlemen if you can hear from the sound of my voice right now I am excited I'm not getting emotional but right now Dondon carbon Akio is in fact Dancing with the moon boys tonight Dondon carbon Akio is square dancing with poo coin Patrick and moon boy Montgomery because right now I see that we have enough confirmations here for a potentially bigger push to the upside pending more confirmations come in so let's recap here quickly I got the confirmations on the three amigos right there that was enough for me to enter my long here now what I need to see is confirmations that this trend line on the old swing high resistance is going to be broken and consolidated upon that would be another bullish confirmation in my opinion as then it would lean towards old resistance becoming new support which then in my opinion as well could lead us to test that next trend line of the of the previous swing high there which is right at about 40 to 35 if this is broken ladies and gentlemen sheesh what are we looking at here about 4400 for that next trendline and ultimately ladies and gentlemen beyond that we are looking to test back up into this channel here don't get me wrong there is a lot of resistance here this is not like Oh Kirby so you're saying we're going to the moon we're going to the moon I'm not saying that just yet ladies and gentlemen what I do as a full-time trader is await confirmations to take those high-reward low-risk trade setups you know it's it's so funny to me ladies and gentlemen because so many angry moon boys have been upset with trading this market with a bearish bias for 14 months but all we've done generally is is go down on a macro level right now for the first time in quite some time we are potentially looking to create a high or high your ears did not deceive you ladies and gentlemen carbon Akio said it for the first time in quite some time bitcoin is looking to make a macro high or high this does not mean that it must be incredibly bullish we could definitely see a fake-out here as this is the lowest high of the entire macro trend right so we still could get rejected at any of these in here so this is not like the the holy grail of oh we broke it and we're going to the moon it's nothing like that ladies and gentlemen although I'm sure many a moon boy across social media will be tootin their horn playing that crypto trombone that they love to play ladies and gentlemen and really I think it could get dangerous but how you how you mitigate your risk here in my opinion a game ladies and gentlemen this is not investment advice this is not trading advice always do your own research and your own due diligence before investing or trading as this market is extremely high risk for me when when I'm looking at these confirmations to come in and I plan right I understand what confirmations I'm looking for I understand where my targets are what are my goals with this position where are my stop-loss is going to be placed where am I take profits going to be placed etc etc you don't get caught up in here getting caught like a deer in the headlights when things go wrong right so right I mean along right now I've already mitigated my risk with where I'm seeing my reward right these are the types of things I keep my VIPs updated with in absolute real-time ladies and gentlemen there is no reason to be getting rekt there is no reason to see opportunity like this and get caught like a deer in the headlights it's time to crush this market it's time to get this crypto it's time to transform yourself from rich Joe into savage Joe let's get this crypto I will see you in VIP right now and I will keep you updated with my exclusive VIP trade alerts in real time to the second as I make my trades create my plans strategies etc etc shout out to my VIPs I'll keep you updated now now that we've covered these lines here guys right all these these highs and their trend lines respectively that we're going to need to take out something of concern for me here guys I want to look at the entire crypto market cap as a whole right now I've discussed this previously on the streams if you are subscribed to you what's kind of interesting ladies and gentlemen is that I believe this is still just recycled capital entering the market I that's even I I said that incorrectly recycled capital just trading within the market I don't believe there's an influx of new capital on mass scale entering the market yet and to me this is the evidence here is in the volume so if you look to the right of the chart on the right sidebar you could see on the second window down it says volume and you can see there that this month two months ago was 483 billion one month ago 493 billion and right now we only have about a week left in this month and we are on the trajectory to finish up at about the exact same volume as the prior two months and also if we look at the trading range that we're in right now we'll just draw a trend line at the top and bottom of these candles I mean ladies and gentlemen do you see what I'm talking about it's just the same exact action up and down it appears the same amount of capital is just floating around in here back and forth and the price action actually is just the same right we're seeing it went down to the same spot and went back up in a u-shape right you guys see that so we're talking in my opinion here this is just the same same capital floating around which in the grand scheme of things to me does not exemplify the characteristics of what I'd truly be looking for in a real bull run I do believe that this could still have massive potential to be a fake-out really even not too much of a fake-out just that we get we kind of top out around here so I am going to be playing this extremely aggressively updating my positions keeping my VIPs up to date with my trades in absolute real-time many are going to get caught like a deer in the headlights here ladies and gentlemen I do not plan to be one of them I'm planning to take complete advantage of this life-changing trading opportunity that I see in this market and I will keep you updated in VIP right now with all of my trades in absolute real-time I'd also like to move over to aetherium here ladies and gentlemen as what I'm seeing here actually let's go to a cleaned chart I don't want much here let's go to the coin base all right what I'm seeing here ladies gentlemen on etherium is a little bit concerning as we've seen Bitcoin now has flirted with taking out that prior high and consolidating upon it we have not got that confirmation yet but we did get a little Wiccan achi at least above that high and it is looking to test it as the day goes along on the contrary here aetherium has not yet broken or even tested its prior swing high right and that's what we see right here that is the trend line now for me ladies and gentlemen this definitely has a lot of Merit to be a double top reversal especially let's see where are our RSI is at that's exactly what I was expecting to see ladies and gentlemen already in overbought RSI conditions at 75 70 is overbought so if aetherium does go up to test that ultimate double top right around 160 the RSI on the daily timeframe will be overbought as all overbought can be the four hour time frame also extreme overbought uh with the our only saving grace here is the weekly timeframe but as we look ladies and gentlemen let's go back over now I'll look at this other chart that I have the weekly mapped out on here let's clean this up just a bit so we can see this a little bit better and here we are ladies and gentlemen on the weekly time frame we can clearly see that this entire range in here is just a massive massive area of no historic logarithmic support now as you guys know shout out to my VIPs and shout out to you guys that are subscribed here you would know I was taking some infamous shorts up here at two hundred and twenty dollars two hundred dollars one hundred and sixty-three etc etc I shorted this all the way down and closed my aetherium short at $85 absolutely heinous profits ladies and gentlemen the prophets were heinous in here it was literally I mean I nearly bottomed ticked it I believe the bottom was eighty two dollars I closed at 85 and the reasoning for this was because of there being no historic logarithmic support on the weekly timeframe all throughout this range and I closed when a tentative bounce off of that support cluster and we did get it and that's what's caused our movement up right now I see potential now for a a double top reversal on aetherium it's lagging behind Bitcoin in terms of reaching that critical critical resistance level and it could be a telltale sign for the space as a whole right now but there is also some bullishness to this because as we can see here right now remember the pattern that bitcoin was in today let's go back just to get it fresh on our on our eyes here bitcoin was in an ascending triangle pattern formation which is generally a bullish continuation pattern once you get your confirmations right so now if we go back over to aetherium here although we are looking at what could potentially be a double top rejection and i do have to say in my opinion I do see a lot of merit for a double top rejection here the bullishness that's coming out of this is that on the weekly timeframe we are in fact inside what appears to be a macro ascending triangle right let's actually make this will make this pink so we can see it nice and what we're seeing here ladies and gentlemen is a potential longer-term pattern playing out here these take a long time to play out right guys this is this whole creation of of candles here has been over two months now so even if we do double top right swing low swing high we double top in this area it's completely possible that we go down respect this upward sloping support line on the weekly time frame continue to create some highs here higher lows and then look to breakout to the upside from there if the market as a whole does in fact stay bullish I will be keeping my VIPs updated with my plays on aetherium as well ladies and gentlemen I hope you see right now this is not a time to be laksa days ago sitting there with your feet kicked up sipping on a cold one right now is a time to be laser-focused it's time to put the battle helmet on the trench coat and the mud boots because it's time to get this crypto and you best believe dong dong urban heo is not playing this market lackadaisical dong dong carbon heo is looking to crush this market once again he's looking to crush this market once again and if I have to run with the moon boys ladies and gentlemen you know I will be running with the moon boys because I stay emotionally detached from this market short and long do not matter to me of course I love Bitcoin I love crypto but you cannot let your passion for the space cloud your vision when trading they are two completely separate things your passion for decentralized commerce etc is all separate from trading if you blend the two together you are likely going to take a trip to wreck city and my VIPs know I play this market unemotionally I take high-reward low-risk trade setups I look for the most favorable trade setups that I can I take them and long term I have been crushing this market like an absolute savage ladies and gentlemen just just playing it like a fiddle and right now I see that the trend is so ready for massive volatility we are braking flushed to the upside then we are running into what appears to be critical levels of resistance here as we have not been able to really create a higher high in 14 months and actually let's look at the BLX ladies and gentlemen this is an index right that combines a lot of exchange data together and I just want to look at what this high is on this right here because this in my opinion is what the algo bots the algorithms that are programmed to trade automatically etc they're going to be probably looking at this in my opinion and this high right here is 41:27 so although depending upon which exchange you're charting on it may differ what that actual high is but I'm seeing right now that the averaged high is 127 so I'm going to be keeping an eye on breaking 127 and consolidating above there and then we're looking for a potential break of this high here and this high here if we're not getting those ladies and gentlemen you best believe the Bears may in fact take control of this market once again and Dondon car Bonacci o is going to flip the switch as need be I'm going to continue playing this market absolutely aggressively if it switches to a bearish bias I'm going to be short if the bias is bullish I'm going to be long I do not pick a side ladies and gentlemen I remain unemotional wherever the profit is to be made that's the trade I'm taking and I will continue to keep my VIPs updated with my trades in absolute real-time as I make them exclusive alerts for you in VIP right now I will see you in there right now ladies and gentlemen if you could one last time moon up the likes moon them up smash those thumbs click the subscribe button take the little bell let's get this crypto Satoshi needs a new pair of shoes I'm fired up today this is going to be a big day a big weekend and a big week ahead do not be getting caught like a deer in the headlights do not be taking that trip to rat city with average Joe and James at the water cooler it's time to crush this market it's time to transform yourself from average Joe into savage Joe let's get this crypto it's time to crush this market ladies and gentlemen it's time to crush it I will see you in VIP right now I will keep you updated with my trades in VIP right now I'm ready to get this crypto so guys you could one last time moon up the likes moon them up smash those thumbs click the subscribe button tick the little bell let's get this crypto I'll see you in VIP right now shout out to my VIPs and until next time be safe be happy be healthy it's your boy Krypto Kerby peace and love my friends kerbs

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