Bitcoin Bullish Again?! $10k Next? Facebook Cryptocurrency! AT&T Adoption! (BTC News + Trading)

what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today we’ve got another killer video if you
guys full of information today are we talking about is Bitcoin turning bullish
again Roz we talked about Facebook coin as well as tons of other news that went
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hopefully next video hopefully by Monday I’m moving on to some technical analysis
because I got a lot of cool information for you guys first off we did come down
and touch this first region that I share with you guys on the downside so that
was pretty cool to see we did have that break underneath this the break and
Confirmation underneath the seven thousand seven hundred ninety dollar of
support that we had on the way down obviously we had several weeks that did
not break in then this one finally on the daily candle
broke right through it again came down into that region we waited obviously to
see what’s gonna happen from there if there was a confirmed break below this
then we could have gone lower wasn’t the case so we just had a touch into this
area the bulrush strong enough to bring us back up and now we are trading above
the support of seven thousand seven hundred ninety again and looking like
we’re moving on upwards so if you do look at
stochastic and we had another touch of our trend line and on the RSI we got
even closer so when we’re saying this was close
Oh BIC we decided that it was going to pull us in a little bit closer and that
tied in perfectly with that pullback allowing the indicators to cool off a
little bit before it did continue its move so pretty cool to see again our
trend lines acting as very very strong support and a good indicator even if you
were to just followed the trend line a good indicator of when you could get in
and when you could get out of your positions now on to the upside I think
roughly again the magnet zone that we’re at right now roughly 8358 on the
downside on the upside 8500 ish this is a zone that’s pulling Bitcoin back in
again we are already seeing the long wicks on the upside so it will be cool
to see if we can break above this this time continue our move on upwards I do
think I do expect to see big point at this time touch this first green
rectangle with the numbers that I just laid out for you guys roughly around
8350 for the downside or 8380 for the downside from the upside 8500 so that is
a range I’m looking at the reason why I’ve started highlighting ranges for you
guys and not just supports and resistance trend lines all the time or
like the horizontal lines all the time is because Bitcoin obviously likes to
spike in very different ways big point especially now we’re seeing a lot of
weeks all the time we’re seeing some very large wicks so I do like to
highlight a range for you guys so we can look at both the top and the bottom of
that range now a confirm break above this range then we’re looking at the
highs of potentially 9800 $20 and pretty much $10,000 on the upside so 9800 to
$10,000 a lot upside that would be a really cool thing to see Bitcoin back at
five figures $10,000 it’s probably going to be one of these strongest resistances
we’ve seen we’ve seen other psychological resistances like 8k 8.5 K
but $10,000 the five figures is going to be one I believe is going to be a lot
harder to break we’re gonna cross that bridge when we do get to it to me right
now it is looking like the bulls are trying to claim back their positions the
Magnezone we talked over here bringing Bitcoin in continues to bloom
team to bring Bitcoin in with not just weeks we also saw some bodies on the
upside here as well now it’s doing it again we’re seeing more wigs gonna keep
an eye out on how this candle closes how the next few candles move and overall
like I said I do think things are turning a little more bullish it wasn’t
cool it was a good sign to see that the Bulls had enough strength to just touch
or the Bears touch this and then the Bulls had enough strength to pull it
right back up that is overall a good scientists continue of making higher
lows every single time so to me right now that is looking very very good now
moving on Bitcoin price expected to skyrocket now the reason I like these
articles because they don’t only talk about the bullish side of things but
like I do with the technical analysis they try to talk about both sides so not
so fast Bitcoin bulls at this point the well PCC is well-positioned to breach
the 8,500 dog mark that we were talking about before reaching its highest price
since June 2018 almost a year they’d be absolutely insane the crypto King failed
to break above this major resistance level on multiple occasions in recent
weeks so on the table and on the flip side the declining trading volume could
play into the Bears the hand of the bear so something to look out for on both
sides that’s why I don’t like to make such huge predictions all time why price
predictions are something that I’m not too big a fan of I know they’re very
hyped a lot of people really enjoy hearing some big numbers and you know
just for fun for the long term I’m all for you know playing around and having
some fun with price predictions but in terms of these shorter timeframe and
trying to be more accurate I do like to give levels on our ways on where to look
for a break and then if we do break then we could be looking at this and on to
the downside if we don’t break you know if we do fail to break that then we
could be looking at the other side so that’s kind of how I like to play things
especially since I make videos so often for you guys it’s easier for me to keep
track of it that way now obviously we have the Bitcoin having coming up and
roughly around this time why we’re seeing such bullish momentum with the
exception of last year usually around consensus Bitcoin performed pretty well
again dragged most of the all coins up with it so Bitcoin and Bitcoin and all
coins especially to USD pairings in their USD pairings usually do pretty
well when consensus comes around now most people that are new to the space
don’t know this because last year this did not happen
but if you take last year as the exception all the years before that is
well and this year it’s proving to be the same prices react well around this
time so not only are we getting close to the having which obviously wasn’t
happening last year we are now significantly closer than we were last
year and the year before to the having which again people are getting very very
excited about and do expect to have a very positive effect on the price
consensus is something else I don’t know how many of you guys attended or how
many of you guys were you know kept up with what went on so let me know the
comments if you guys date attend consensus it’d be really cool to see how
many of you guys were actually there are know a lot of you a lot of youtubers
were a lot of content creators were I don’t know how many of you guys are were
there as well so let me know that in the comments down below
but overall overall no real shock if you look at past history as to why we are
having such a nice boost the last you know month and one to two maybe even
three months if you’re looking at all coins then since the beginning of the
year but for big point you know the recent weeks why it’s been performing so
well now we’re at 243 point six billion dollars in market cap on open market cap
on coin market cap 250 billion dollars with a 56.9% Bitcoin diamond so we moved
up the Bitcoin diamonds I believe last time made a video it was at fifty six
point six ounce at fifty six point nine so nothing crazy no you know crazy gains
but again 0.3% big point dominance increasing again as we do see a small
gain in the last 24 hours obviously if you look at it before if you look you
know to incent 24 hours 48 hours you see a larger gains we did have that dip and
now it pulled back up it did it is now at the importance though we’re talking
about before it’s starting to trade a little bit sideways with some pretty big
wicks to the upside now the biggest Gator of the day the gold bits coin gold
bits coins I’m a hundred seventy four percent up hopefully all of you guys
were able to buy into it gold bits coin because naturally it is the next Bitcoin
just kidding don’t buy gold it’s coin I’m not a financial adviser not
financial advice that’s bad that was a bad joke this is I don’t know what this
is it sucks probably theta fuel is also up 70% I
believe it was listed on Finance Mixon Stratus
by an escort several crypto currencies in the green looking like there might be
a little more red degree in the market today but overall it looks like a pretty
even split chain link obviously having the huge run it’s been having it is down
13.2% having a little bit of a correction again from the fantastic run
that it’s been on for the last the last few days Bitcoin sv is down always
always something that a lot of people enjoy seeing loop ring elf waves overall
like I said looks like a little more than 50% of the all coins are in the red
but it does look like a sideway days is day especially with big point moving
0.44% a lot of other all coins seeing some very very small movements even if
they’re red the red zero point no not not tether I see the red 0.15% for iOS
so it’s not really that big of moves now Bitcoin a trading volume hits all-time
highs in three countries on popular crypto trading platforms so that’s
pretty cool to see again I’m starting to notice more more people talking about
this I mentioned it before I’m getting more and more questions from friends and
family about this which usually means that they’re starting to hear about it
more on you know mainstream conversation on news outlets or started if you’re a
little bit more about it so since they know I am involved in the space they
come to me and ask me what do you think I should be buying is now the time to
buy should this been going I’m not I told them the same thing I tell you guys
then I’m not a financial adviser and I give them the short-term breakdown I
give them my favorite all coins everything that most of you guys already
knows I don’t tell them anything special don’t worry there’s no insider
information going on more cool news finance is going to launch margin
trading it is confirmed that they are going to be launching a now what’s
unclear is the leverage levels of one of the biggest crypto exchange what they’re
going to provide for the traders as well as it is unclear which coins and tokens
will be available for margin trading so that is something again that there’s not
too much information there testing it out with a few people but we are do
still we are still waiting for a lot more information but it is confirmed so
I do think a lot of people are really going to enjoy that now but do are
people in certain countries gonna be able to use it I do expect them to not
allow us us accounts to margin trade so keep an alpha obviously there are ways
around is similar to how people use bit mechs
even if they are in the u.s. they’re always around
want to touch about and touch too much about what how what those methods are
just because I don’t know if I’m allowed to but if you google it
they’re there there’s a lot of people with a lot of information telling you
guys how you can get around that 4-bit mechs right now
now Facebook to roll out global coin so it’s not gonna be called Facebook coin
apparently it’s going to be called global coin this is going to be the
Facebook cryptocurrency it’s coming in 2020 this is obviously a report not a
hundred percent verified but a lot of people have mixed feelings about that
especially with Facebook in the news recently I believe just the last just by
the time I woke up if you check Twitter I think delete Facebook or hashtag
delete Facebook it’s trending hashtag delete Instagram is trending never leave
hashtag delete Twitter strange so people want to get rid of social media right
now apparently that’s what people feel like in this morning but overall
Facebook is you know there are a lot of mixed feelings even in the crypto space
between Facebook launching its own cryptocurrency so I do want to take this
opportunity to ask you guys again what do you think of this situation let me
know in the comments down below if you like global coin if you do not like
global coin do you like the idea of Facebook coming out with his own
cryptocurrency or do you not like the idea of Facebook coming out with its own
cryptocurrency they they are planning on launching the planet to launch the
crypto based payment system in a dozen countries by the first quarter of 2020
and it’s looking to start trials by the end of this year so it’s all gonna be
happening pretty fast definitely a lot of information that I will try and keep
you guys updated on but I do want to know your thoughts on the Facebook
situation and lastly AT&T now accept Bitcoin as payment for its 150 plus
million subscribers and I do want to come in and say a lot of the times we
see big companies now accepting crypto payments I do want to preface all of
that news by saying that very few of them actually accept Bitcoin what a lot
of them do is allow a third party to accept Bitcoin for them and that third
party gives them us dogs so the company is not actually touching crypto they’re
not actually doing anything with crypto so what they’re doing is accepting US
dollars and allowing a third party to take the Bitcoin from someone this is
99.99% of the big the big news that come out of
giant companies accepting Bitcoin a majority the time it is through a third
party in that company never actually sees the crypto so the adoption is
getting there it’s not quite to the full extent of the company actually holding
Bitcoin but the adoption is coming in where at least they’re allowing people
to pay for that if for the services with Bitcoin that is a first step we always
have to start with the first step and build from there so overall pretty cool
news I don’t think anybody’s gonna be paying their phone bills with AT&T using
Bitcoin unless unless you sold your house and everything you own just to buy
a Bitcoin that case this would be good because you can now pay your that you
can now pay your phone bill with Bitcoin but for all Sweeper for most people who
just own some Bitcoin and also own US dollars I don’t think most people are
going to be using this but I could be wrong so let me know your guys thoughts
again in the comments down below if you would ever use your Bitcoin to pay your
AT&T bill but guys that’s gonna be up this video hopefully you guys did enjoy
if you did don’t forget to leave a thumbs up you leave a comment down below
and order to enter a chance to win the big point giveaway it’s gonna be
happening on next video so make sure you guys do tune into next
video to see if you did win but guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see
you guys tomorrow for another video

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