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some good news about cryptocurrency yes the market has not reflected this
recently however there is other reasons for that we’ve talked about price
manipulation and stuff again still opportunity to make money in there and
that’s why I started the cryptocurrency trade alerts group but if you take a
wait until if you stop looking at the price little bit the actual adoption
factor is there it’s growing on ton if we are getting more and more adoption as
we go and the price is going to reflect that moving forward so crypto owners in
Chile can now pay in 5000 local stores so two
Chilean platforms have joined forces to increase cryptocurrency adoption and
approximately five thousand stores can now accept that can now accept crypto
payments instantly converted to the local fiat currency though so the store
obviously is going to accept it and cryptocurrency convert it to Fiat
because that’s what they need to actually be able to run their business
but still it’s allowing it’s allowing people in Chile to take their
cryptocurrency go to the stores and be able to purchase things and that is what
we are all waiting for I think especially by me in the u.s. personally
I would love to be able to spend it now obviously I’m not going to spend all of
it especially in the situation the markets out right
I want to see it I want to see my money grow first before I even consider
spending it or cashing out but I’d like to have the option to and I think that’s
that form of adoption is something that’s going to be coming we’ve seen it
happen more with real estate luxury cars have very expensive things but being
able to use it in the day-to-day is something that I think is coming soon a
lot of people are working hard at it and it’s going to be a good step overall now
some more adoption news well dishnow accepts Bitcoin cash payments from
customers so after pushing through support for Bitcoin payments to its
subscription model ditch one of the most popular television providers in the
United States for in the US I’m sure you guys have seen TV commercials for it I’m
sure you guys know what dish is it adds Bitcoin cash to the mix so we’ve added
Bitcoin cast as what they announce we’ve added Bitcoin cast just as we chose to
accept Bitcoin to serve customers who have adopted a new way of doing business
we have a steady volume of customers paying with cryptocurrency each month
and bit paint will allow us to continue offering more choice and convenience to
our customers now they realize there’s people with cryptocurrency out there
they realize there’s people who want to use cryptocurrency out there so they
made it possible to accept it so they managed to do this through a partnership
with Bill with with bitpay a streamlined payment provider for both Bitcoin and
Bitcoin cash so if you’re in the US and you’re interested in using your
cryptocurrency for your dish dish to pay for your dish a subscription make sure
you guys do check that out again more positive news I love hearing about
cryptocurrency being accepted in different place now again obviously they
do cash it out for you at the end because that’s what they need to
actually run their business but still being able to accept it that’s a great
first step now this pool is very interesting I wanted to get your guy’s
opinion on this so cryptocurrency will make up 5% of us investing in 2019 so
cryptic Rizzo a new survey pretty much conducted by the Harris Poll has found
that cryptocurrency represents a decent portion of the extent of the expected
investment by Americans for 2019 and this actually made me have a question
for you guys how much of your total investments would you want to have
encrypt currency how much do you have right now
if you don’t mind sharing that or how much what do you want to have in the
future leave that in the comments down below
personally I think maybe you know first since I’m younger maybe 25 to 50% is
good with me uh other than that I would love to have it in you know stocks and
stuff like that is where I was where I do have the rest of my investments I
don’t have everything in cryptocurrency but I know some people do have
everything in cryptocurrency and I want to know what percentage you guys would
would consider having or how much percent well what percent you guys would
want to have in the future how much of your investments would you
want cryptocurrency to be but if cryptocurrencies gonna make up a make up
5% of us investing in 2019 guys trust me when I say that’s a lot of money coming
into the market and we’ve seen we have so much news showing us why we expect a
lot of big money to come in so these prices right now if you’re thinking
about selling at these price if you’re think about selling with Bitcoin at six
thousand six thousand five hundred dollars you are getting robbed by
whoever’s by that cryptocurrency from you literally they’re getting it for a
steal when it goes back up I think personally what cryptocurrency goes back
we see the bull run again once the Bears are oh what the bear runs over we start
seeing the bull run again I think a lot of people are going to be very upset
with their decision I hear all the time about people selling people selling and
now single cryptocurrency is over I get that in the comments section of my
videos all the time as well honestly I don’t respond to it because I kind of
laugh at it when I read it when people say oh this is cryptocurrency is dead
like you sold yeah you probably bought high and sold low and you are going to
regret it when the bull market comes it’s crazy but it’s going to happen now
buying it actually unveils the demo of their new decentralized cryptocurrency
exchange they did a now they did show a sneak peak of this if you guys are
interested in checking out the video I definitely recommend going ahead and
doing that I think it’s a good move from Finance having their decentralized
exchange coming we know I personally mentioned this several times even a long
time ago in videos I think decentralized exchange are going
to become more and more popular as we keep moving forward currently by Nets
obviously as essential as exchange all the big exchanges are centralized but I
think we’re gonna start shifting towards these centralized exchanges because
obviously being decentralized is what most of us want is what
you know we’re looking for when we came into the blockchain and cryptocurrency
so it would only make sense if finance being a front-runner being in my
favorite exchange they’re they’re making moves constantly trying to improve and
stay ahead of the game and I think this is a very good move so if you guys are
interested in checking that out make sure you guys do go watch the video and
see how it’s running now I also want to share this with you guys more of a
personal thing I’m actually starting my own cryptocurrency news websites crypto
info daily comm so I would love to hear what you guys have to think you guys can
go on google right now check it out it’s not 100% completed keep that in mind but
I would love to hear your suggestions about it in the comments down below as
well if you get a chance to look at it let me know what you think is good let
me know what you think is bad hopefully and we can start migrating everyone to
here this is going to be where I post all of the news where I’m going to have
every piece of important news for cryptocurrency is going to be launched
on here as well so if you don’t get a chance to watch the videos or if there’s
just too much that can’t fit in a video keep an eye out on here now before we go
into the cryptocurrency market I mentioned yesterday that I wanted to
talk about something else and that is the fact that buying cryptocurrencies at
the all-time high was not the worst thing you could have done now I know a
lot of people bought cryptocurrencies near the all-time higher at the all-time
high and almost $20,000 you bought Bitcoin and now obviously the fact
that’s pulled back so much and they fill in the last few months a lot of people
are scared a lot of people you know regret buying up that high but keep one
thing in mind and this is sort of like a positive outlook at it as I like looking
at the positive side of things I believe buying Bitcoin at $20,000 and then
seeing it pull back to $6,000 that gives us a price target that gives us the
all-time high as a price target to go rather than above that it’s sort of
uncertain where the markets going ahead obviously we hope it continues to go up
but just kind of trying to share if you do get the opportunity to dollar cost
average right now I think the prices are insane $6,400 I’m gonna be updating the
cryptocurrency trade alerts group as well with my prediction on the direction
of the market so if you’re interested in making money trading and growing your
your Bitcoin growing your holdings make sure again check out the first link in
the comments and the description but given the fact that we’re at 6400 right
now buying in now gives us that 20 thousand dollar as a target just to
reach the all-time line that’s a huge game just back to the all-time high and
then after that well everything is a bonus so keep that in mind dollar cost
averaging I know a lot of people in the comments and just in my messages have
thanked me for showing or telling them about dollar cost averaging guys it’s
not something I made up it’s a very well-known thing a lot of cryptocurrency
youtubers and preach the same thing best way to keep your investments safe
continuously grow your holdings and when we have a bear market like we have right
now start bringing your value the average value of your investment down so
when we go back up the all-time high you’re not breaking even your average is
now here and you’ve made profits so make sure you keep that in mind now talking
about ripple and litecoin adoption guys some good news here I know we have a lot
of ripple fans first off the markets at 226 billion dollars so it continues to
fall Bitcoin dominance at 49.2% Bitcoin
dominance continue to go up getting close to that 50% level well XRP
is at thirty three point seven cents and there is some good adoption news so it
launches on popular crypto plate a payment platform with five million users
so according to filipino media sites and bit peanuts XRP is being integrated into
cryptocurrency claimant payment platform coins dot ph allowing the platform’s
five million users to pay their bills using XRP now this is in the philippines
only but again one step forward toward being able to use cryptocurrency to pay
your things we’ve seen you know till we talks about Chile already talked about
dish accepting Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin they’ve accepted Bitcoin before and now
we’re seeing five million users in the Philippines are now able to pay their
bills using XRP so I love seeing this again not anything that will
specifically alter the price right now but it is a step in the right direction
my opinion looking at the long term vision I think it’s definitely a step in
the right direction and litecoin as well has some news so at $63 litecoin and so
many other all coins are a complete steal right now if you guys haven’t seen
Neal for example one of my favorite all coins Neal right here where is it ranked
number 15th guys it’s worth 21 there’s $21 that’s insane
the the profit that I think neo is going to be able to bring people absolutely in
sane but speaking of litecoin we’re gonna be able to send litecoin via text
message soon and this came from a tweet from Charlie Lee that I personally a
hundred percent agree with so a bear market is the best time for people to
work on adoption people aren’t as concerned about pumping their coin or
coming out trying to generate hype as we’ve seen a lot of all coins do the
this is the time where everyone’s in the bear market so the only thing they can
focus on the best thing they can focus on is growing the adoption for their
cryptocurrency apparently that’s what like Qin is doing so light dot I am send
and receive LTC on telegram that’s where it’s at right now and eventually it will
support SMS also can you imagine being able to send light coin through text I
feel it’s gonna be a very cool feature to have but guys that’s gonna be it for
this video hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did don’t forget to leave a
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another video


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  2. to all haters, Cry me a river! 😁the market will rebound back to its all time high, so be patient and HODL for the meantime

  3. Mass adoption is the key to moon!! I am looking to get 15%-20% of my investments into crypto

  4. Great video as always Patrick! I currently have crypto at 1% of my investments, 25% real estate, 25% precious metals and coinage, 40% antiquities, and about 9% other… my goal is to get crypto hodlings up to 10-20%, that is unless we 🌒!!! Hodl hodl hodl

  5. 600$ gone in 20 minutes , where is it going , PATRICK if you trading against bitcoin , why say you are enthusiast , only care about money so much for 90gs in ltc , now that its at yearly lows , I bought , and now crushed , thank god im not in too heavy,

  6. Cant wait till full blown adoption happens. Imagine getting a choice at a job to be paid in crypto instead of fiat.

  7. By the time you watch this market tanked 10 billion, this ETF put back till 30th Sept, there are more ETF'S submitted, don't be surprised if the SEC announce on the 16th of Aug, could be a reason why the market is being tanked all the time, just a thought.

  8. So many bargains of the top coins, now is the time to buy (NOT SELL) because you will never get prices like this ever again once the big money comes in. Great buys are: Wanchain, Ontology, Stellar, OMG, Cardano, OX, Walton, Pivix, BAT, Zilliqa, Chain Link, Ethos, Data & Theta, Nebulas, ICON, but there are many more.

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    Dave Bautista.

  10. I have about %7 of my portfolio in crypto. I think 7% is well worth the risk. If I lost it all, it would suck, but wouldn't really change my future outlook. But if it takes off, it could change my life.

  11. It will interesting to see if 'Hoffman Line' $100 billion market cap SEC requirement holds – approximates to $6000 (after analyst Andy Hoffman) I'm not selling whatever! See quote below from Ssm59 comment section on Adam Meister show
    ssm59A bit more generational knowledge coming at you. I have more than a decade on Andy he is dead straight about the hundred billion dollar market cap. While his insight In the crypto space is remarkable, the idea actually goes back to Peter Lynch in his 1989 book “One up on Wall Street”. In the book Lynch explains that amateur investors have a distinct advantage over institutional firms due to the fiduciary limits imposed by the SEC. Most companies that achieve Fortune 500 status are only available for the large investment houses in the final phases of their initial growth curve. The individual investor has the chance get in and ride the curve from below micro-cap all the way up making far better returns than the professional traders. BTC is the first financial instrument that anyone, be it a kid with lemonade stand money, a college student with some part time income, or a retiree with some left over from their social security, can invest at the ground floor. This must have goaded the big boys to no end. For the first time in history, they were closed out while John Q. Public could get in at the ground floor that used to be reserved for VC’s. Now that BTC is finally available to them there is no way they will let it slip below the floor. Since they were cut out of the rise to $100B, they will use their financial power to pump and dump in a effort to shake out the weak hands gathering as much as they can at minimum prices while jumping in to keep the market cap stable. Regardless of when you got in, this ride is just starting. Hang on and ride the curve baby

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