Bitcoin BTC Pump! Cryptocurrency Wallets Hackable?! CME Futures! Ripple XRP Price + News 2018

what’s going on guys Patrick here
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today we’re also be looking at hacked wallets as well as tons of other news
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yesterday’s video first of all thank you guys so much for the support I have been
talking to da Vinci on telegram now and hopefully we’ll be able to get him on
the channel for an interview very very soon once that happens I’ll ask you guys
to post questions so that I can ask those questions to him and get his
thoughts and gets a get his answers to all the questions you guys have also to
clear up what he said when he said that he believed all coins and bottoms I saw
some comments saying while some all coins are going to zero most all codes
are going to zero yes I 100% agree there are several all coins
out there that absolutely suck and do not deserve to be in the crypto currency
on coin mark a person just don’t even deserve to exist so a lot of them are
going to go to zero specifically what we were talking about
were good all coins good all coins he is P believes too if from their BTC pairing
they have officially bought them so just one thing to keep in my
yes there’s several all coins out there that will go to zero because they are
pumping dumps or they are just absolute garbage now let’s take a look at the
graph though guys because like you guys look like you guys see by the title we
had a crazy pump in the last few hours if we draw this here you’ll see that in
the last few hours alone we have gone up almost 10% in merely a few hours that’s
absolutely insane it was just a few hours see a crazy spike reason for this
well there are several reasons out there one being that we touch a very very
strong support so the support at the around 500 305 3500 to 3600 level what’s
a very strong support something I mentioned a lot of people mentioned out
there breaking below this would have caused us to see a drop down to 3400 and
after that could have taken us to lower low so that’s one thing to keep in mind
everyone was very anxious to see what was gonna happen especially the traders
and people who know technical analysis we’re at very anxious to see what was
gonna happen at this range however being as the RSI was very oversold we had this
happen and not to mention one thing that a lot of people are overlooking which is
the CME Bitcoin futures contract expiration I’ve seen so many people say
that that doesn’t do anything to the market in that that doesn’t have any
correlation with the market price going up or down well that’s not exactly the
case at least in my in my opinion that’s not the case at all because the last one
that happened was on December 19th and I mentioned it I believe on the 18th or
the 17th I was mentioning it to the group and on videos as well than I
expected a lot of volatility to come with this time period as you guys can
see well here’s the 17th right we saw the initial spike up and then while the
18th round about the area I think I mentioned it in a video look at what
happened after this so there’s just been a ton of volatility
since the expiration and leading up to today’s expiration as well by the time
you guys are watching this it has already expired the contract to CME
futures contract has already expired and a lot of people were expecting
volatility to come with this this again is a very clear indication that that was
the case currently the 200-day moving average the 200ma has been holding as
resistance on the hourly chart for Bitcoin as you guys can see we had
one long wick up all the way to potentially test that 3900 well dropped
back off from there to the 3850 issue agent and then again looking to break
this resistance if we do then I believe $4,100 is definitely in play where is
that all the way up here we could definitely see 4100 in play and maybe
maybe what’s gonna be very difficult big it’s become increasingly difficult
obviously back here would have been the ideal scenario for us to try and make
for us to try and make a new high a higher high to try and indicate
a bullish a little bit more of a bullish momentum was not the case so but we
could be seeing right here it’s also just a lower high from this peak so
there are something to keep in mind a lot of things to look at right now on
the technical analysis we’re gonna have to wait day by day hour by hour looking
at how things play out because I think things could get very very interesting
but we were up almost 10% in just a few hours from the bottom 10% it was roughly
9% in one or two candles alone which is absolutely insane and again a ton of
volatility coming into the market I think a lot of people are gonna be
excited with what it brought it brought us with a green day so not anything
crazy at this moment the last 24 hours obviously since we had these sell-off
the 24 hour change isn’t the 10% that we’ve seen but if we do give you know as
as the day goes on this number is probably going to increase and it’s
gonna start measuring from down here to up here but that’s just technicalities
138 billion dollars in mark cap with the 52.1% bitcoin dominance obviously money
flowing into all coins as we see when there’s usually a Green Day we see
Bitcoin dominance fall down one thing that I thought was really interesting
that I wanted to bring up this on article from an analyst who said that he
expects 2019 Bitcoin to claim two-thirds to three-quarters so you know between 60
to 70 percent of Bitcoin dominance in the crypto market he expects all coins
to suffer a lot and Bitcoin to therefore outperform and claim very big dummies I
want to ask you guys what you think obviously that is contrary to what a lot
of other people are saying but we always it’s always fun to enter
different opinions and share with you guys and see what you guys think so let
me know in the comments down below right now what you guys think of that
possibility of Bitcoin being at 60 to 70% dominance because a lot of all coins
are going to suffer more then again sounds like the opposite of what da
Vinci said yesterday but again everyone makes mistakes people can be wrong and
therefore it’s always fun to entertain different ideas and share with you guys
and see what you guys think some of the biggest movers of the day though decks
is up 50% now I got a lot of questions asking about decks and actually want to
open this to share with you guys cuz decks has been either the biggest gainer
or the biggest loser for some time it’s currently ranked number 61 and the only
thing I want to share with you guys isn’t look at this type of trading
pattern look at the trading part pattern decks has had no I don’t know anything
about the project but to me this looks like a very manipulated project this
looks like a project that’s been trading one on a very easy you know fur traders
very easy pattern may be something that we could look into but it just doesn’t
give me confidence also the markets that is on not a lot coin bit is where a
majority of the volume is handled personally do not do not feel
comfortable investing in this project whatsoever I got a lot of questions
asking about it because it’s moving also eternal token is another one I get asked
about a lot since it has made some pretty big moves recently but that aside
some projects that are more known iota is up Thetas up like coins up zelicah
having a very very good day-to-day Bank cores up Bitcoin cash I don’t know if
we’re gonna consider that a good project but it’s a project Manero biased coin a
lot of kryptos are in the grades guys can sell definitely agreed aim the
market a few in the red maybe like 15 to 20 in the red still 80% Green classifies
us as a green day in the market some notable ones that are down aurora’s down
Odom is down dent Aquinas down mix-ins down plenty X has been suffering with a
little bit of news I’m not gonna touch about it in this video but if you guys
are interested in me talking about that I will make a video on that for you now
the main topic of the video aside from the Bitcoin pump which everyone really
loves sorry about the sirens I’m in New York so sirens happen 24/7
but one of the two main topics that have happened today one of the things that
was brought to my attention is a video on YouTube that shows that hardware
wallets are can be broken into they’re not as safe as people 100% claimed or
people might think now there is a little bit of you know there is a little bit of
something that eased my mind in this and that’s the fact that a majority of the
tactics that these guys show basically on the YouTube video they showed hacking
into using both hardware things and software methods using hardware and
software methods to break into somebody’s or the most popular crypto
wallets out there hardware wallets again most notably the ledger nano s which is
the one that I think most people have at least one of and I will be doing a
giveaway on those soon and still have them have to organize everything so I
can make a giveaway for you guys for those two wallets they’re gonna be fully
closed so they haven’t been tampered without one of the main ways they found
out that people get after they get you know an issue with their Hardware
wallets is from buying through third party so if you buy through Amazon for
example it might say it’s new but when you receive the package it might have
been open already it might have been open it might have been tampered with
before it got to use so the best advice I can give when it comes to buying
something as important as where you’re going to store your money buy it
directly from the website even if Amazon might have a little bit cheaper of a
price somewhere it’s not worth it in the end because there were some crazy
stories shared one being that somebody bought a trace a tracer wallet I believe
it was and the person said don’t worry about it I’ll send it to you and I’m
gonna send it with your private key already written down so you don’t have
to write it like what you’re gonna write like the guy has access to your private
keys he’s gonna eventually maybe that you’re gonna have put you know 20 30 40
50 Bitcoin on that wallet eventually depending on how much you have or how
much you accumulate or how much you trade for and that person’s always gonna
have access your private keys so you never know when all of a sudden one
magical day you wake up and poof your kryptos gone some one thing to keep
in mind one always always this is Justin terms of keeping your crypto safe number
one always always always buy it directly from the website in number two spread it
out over multiple wallets there are Hardware wallets there are software
wallets find the best ones find the ones you like and spread your crypto out so
they’re not always on one wallet the main I open up this wallet of the this
article to share with you guys the most known ones the legend nos obviously
being one of the most popular Hardware wallets I do own one of these and I use
one of these if you guys want to get one there is a link in the description for
it Kiki I also have a Kiki Hardware wallet tracer I do not have one but
again I know it is very very popular coin base has the hot wall it might eat
their wallet has the paper wallet Jax is a software wallet I don’t have too much
news on a lot of these a lot of other ones I don’t use electrum I don’t use
Jax I don’t really use coin bases hot wallet I do use my ether wallet linked
with little width of the ledger nano s and then I also have my keep key
Hardware wall spread your funds out don’t keep it on the way don’t keep it
all in one place it’s crazy to think that you know a lot of people found fell
for this and I’m sure as we move forward people are gonna fall for it less and
less because I’m sure a lot of you guys who have been in the crypto space for
some time you already know that private keys you don’t give away your private
keys to anyone so you guys wouldn’t fall for this type of issue but think about
it when you just got into crypto and as we continue to get more adoption more
and more newcomers come in to crypto we got to make sure they don’t fall for
these type of scans that’s why I want to keep you guys give you guys information
share with you guys my tips for not getting hacked number 1 buying directly
from the supplier buy directly from Leger nano s buy it directly from their
website right keep key same exact thing don’t try and make a don’t try and get a
little bit of a better deal on Amazon because you never know what’s going to
happen from there and number 2 spread your funds out because if for some
reason you do get hacked on one wallet you don’t have all of your money there
obviously it’ll suck to lose X percent of what was on there but you’ll have it
spread out on different hardware wallets as well so that you can obviously be
still have Kryptos that weren’t hacked so just a
little bit of tips moving on some all coin news because there was a lot of
news that happened number one visa bought a ripple partnered FinTech firm
this is earth port and look at earth ports dogs want to give you guys a
little look it was trading at seven dollars and ninety four cents on the
twenty fourth and then bam on the 27th when it opened back up twenty nine
dollars so not bad gains if you were invested in that stock I’m just doing
most of us were not I did not own any of that stock I didn’t even know what this
was to be exact but they have partnered with ripple net they’ve been a client of
ripple net I believe the first two here we go the two companies first teamed up
in the late 2014 and they’ve been praising the use of ripple how much
easier it’s been how much faster it’s been and they’ve been really enjoying it
they were one of the I believe one of the oh geez through the late 2014
that’s a while back that partnership um we know ripples had a lot of
partnerships coming recently in the last one or two years but 2014 is one that’s
been around for some time now directly to XRP price this hasn’t done anything
crazy Nick not anything near compared to what happened to the stock price of
earth part but it is really cool to see that visa now has acquired a company
that is partnered with ripples small piece of news for now but we never know
where that’s gonna take us later also for Vijay and holders because I know
there’s a lot of you guys out there Vijay has a very very strong community
ranked number 25 right now it just passed a huge milestone of 1 million
transactions this was posted on Reddit as well and that’s absolutely insane for
the project so congratulations to V chain and for everyone was holding be
chain I wish you the best of luck being on last crypto one I have not talked
about for a very long time but still a project I think has a lot of potential
and that is nano now Nano comes out with news all the time they have news in
their development updates and everything and I try my best to give you guys the
things I think are important but I’m not gonna do it all the time because
sometimes it’s just not that interesting so Nano has been in the news not too
much there are just under a dollar still like I said one of my favorite projects
it has been compared to the lightning the interesting part was that this was
in an article that said that the Bitcoin lightning Network is not as interesting
as or it might not work as well as people think that it will namely they go
on and name a few things comparing a Bitcoin lightning Network to Nano
another reason I like nano for those of you guys who don’t know if those of you
guys who are new to the channel is because nano to me is exactly what
cryptocurrency or it is exactly what we want out of a cryptocurrency it is free
it is instant and it is meant to be used as a currency it’s meant to be used to
pay for things and it makes an overall it is a cryptocurrency I believe one of
the best crypto currencies out there because it is a currency at that so they
compare the speed both of them would be instant both of them would have won
thousands plus transactions per second now this is where things get different
it’s the fees so nano is free and Bitcoin lightning Network obviously is
not free the ease of use nano can remain offline independently until ready to
sign payment and then comparing it to Bitcoin lightning Network must be online
to receive payments availability the Bitcoin line network obviously is in
testing while while nano is available right now and so on with staking
security and environment over all nano seems to be the better option so
interesting to see right here obviously a lot of people expecting uh inspecting
big things from the Bitcoin Lightning Network I’m excited to see what happens
obviously as you guys can tell it is still in testing with no confirmed
release date as of right now but now is very interesting project and again I’m
surprised more and more people don’t see the potential in it and don’t talk about
it and just aren’t as excited about it as I am that’s gonna be for this video
hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and
leave a comment down below in order to enter a chance to win some free Bitcoin
and of course be subscribed and have your notifications turned on so you can
check back in to see if you did win so you can go ahead and claim it but guys
thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video

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  2. Could this pump be the turn of the tide with the formation of an inverted H&S or is it just another trap? Fingers crossed it keeps building momentum.

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  5. Very interesting about the hardware wallets… I had also read about multiple instances of problems from non-source direct purchases. Do you know of specific reports of manufacturer direct wallets also being hacked (without having access to private keys or the persons qr codes, etc)?

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  7. Bitcoin and all altcoins are a ponzi scheme manipulated by the elite. Although blockchain seems to be a valuable technology, the coins as they exist today are not. Regulations will eventually create a suitable cryptocurrency that is adoptable by everyone. As btc exists today, it is absolutely manipulated by those with massive funds. Think about it; why wouldn’t it be? They could crush you with their wallet and you wouldn’t even see it coming bc you can never know who owns what and how much.

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