what is going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today we’re gonna be talking about Bitcoin is
Bitcoin going a 50 thousand a hundred thousand dollars or as Bitcoin going to
zero we’re gonna cover that in this video I’m gonna give you guys my
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that also another thing I want to give you guys before we start I want to tell
you guys my method currently for a hash flare because this plays into the
Bitcoin price obviously Bitcoin mining is a big part of Bitcoin and of the
network itself but I want to tell you guys my sort of plan right now so thing
is Bitcoin prices right now are pretty low so you know 0.25 Bitcoin it’s gonna
get you 10 tear hash and that’s two thousand US dollars so what I would do
in this situation if I had not if I don’t have a contract yet I would go
ahead and I would purchase one a contract with credit card so that’s the
first thing I would turn fiat into mining power that way I don’t lose any
value I can just pay the two thousand dollars and that’s that so that’s the
first thing I would do now second I would look at buying some Bitcoin low
and when the price goes back up then this will be worth significantly more so
think about it this way if it’s worth point to Bitcoin to get ten Terra hash
right let’s say it’s worth point to Bitcoin because big point to Bitcoin is
worth two thousand two hundred dollars right now let’s say the value of Bitcoin
Inc so now point to bitcoins worth $4,000 so
over here you’re gonna be able to get 18 to air hash for the point to Bitcoin
because this price is going to be lower because the value of Bitcoin went up so
keep that in mind now without further ado let’s jump right into the market
let’s take a look at how everything’s doing a lot of ran a lot of rent no
surprise we’re getting close to that four hundred billion dollar market cap
now what we want to see at all we’re trying to see upward trends however a
lot of things read this does put a good opportunity though guys again to buy
some crypto currencies when they’re on sale you guys can see first off we went
all the way down and we’ve started to see this a little bit of a correction
hopefully this lasts this little you know swing I’m hoping means we’re going
to start sticking upward trends starting tomorrow that is what I’m hoping for but
right now if Theory I’m down 15% under $900 definitely a great pickup in my
opinion stellar as well 38 cents it’s been a while since we’ve seen it this
low I would definitely definitely I’m going to be picking up some more stellar
at the end of this video don’t forget guys before we continue none of this
financial advice is just my biased opinion I’m telling you guys what I’m
doing well I think of the situation keep that in mind this is not financial
advice also if you guys are new to the channel and you have not subscribed yet
make sure to smash the subscribe button let’s continue with this so some of the
coins that I really really like right now are you know I love Bitcoin I saw a
lot of my portfolios in bitcoins especially at this current price I want
to see an increase and I think it definitely definitely will atheria it’s
another one I’m holding a decent amount in my wallet just because at this price
I had to get some more look at that what a beauty of a price card dunno picked
some up I picked some of this up stellar I’m going to be picking up but yeah
those are the ones I’m kook even less calm Lisp you guys know I picked up some
already and it did have that big run up and how it’s down again opportunity for
those of you guys who didn’t jump in go ahead to finance if you’re interested in
getting all coins I have a link down below finance
go get your all coins that’s where I get 99% of my crypto car
see just not the ones that aren’t on there but everything here all the big
ones are on there so let’s take a look at Bitcoin specifically the one 146
billion dollar market cap you know is down a long I have to say that everyone
knows Bitcoin almost hit twenty thousand now we’re all the way back down here and
like I said we went down under eight thousand I was asleep
true story I posted this in the Facebook group I was asleep I was supposed to be
awake for class completely slept through my alarm had I woken up I would have
been able to pick up some Bitcoin at the 7500 market I think it was close to on
coinbase completely missed it back up over a thousand dollars increase that
could have made some crazy profits just by behind like you know five Bitcoin
could easily made like five to ten thousand dollars while in class so
definitely miss that opportunity very upset with that but guys eight thousand
seven hundred we’re to look at the more interactive chart at the end but I’m
gonna talk to you guys about why I genuinely think bitcoins price right now
is so outrageously undervalued and why I don’t think we’re gonna ever see a price
like this ever ever ever again so let’s jump right there so coin based like I
said coinbase we went down to 7,000 and something if I go to the one day right
here the value of Bitcoin 7,500 I thought by looking at charts I knew
7,500 was the support line I was looking for not only was I looking at charts I
was listening to podcast and a lot of crypto experts were saying 7,500 is
roughly the point that we’re looking for support if it goes below there we’re
gonna be in a you know it’s gonna we’re in trouble is gonna go down a little
more not in trouble as it’s going away but you know in trouble we don’t want to
see it go to much lower and it managed to recover so now we you know sitting at
eight thousand six hundred eight thousand seven hundred depending on the
exchange you’re looking at still outrageously undervalued in my opinion
now I want to tell you guys oh that’s not the article I want to show you guys
so Charlie Lee a few articles I’m gonna show you guys he’s bullish on bitcoin
and litecoin in the long term short term impossible to predict now this
of this article is important and I wanted to show this to you guys because
a lot of people are not understanding you know how investments work a lot of
us were spoiled when Bitcoin you know went through the roof in December and it
hit 20,000 almost hit 20,000 dollars in like December 17th a lot of us are swept
we saw Bitcoin multiply you know go up hundreds of percents a week that’s not
investing investing is a long long term game if you invested anything in the
stock market you don’t invest for a few weeks you know you’re trying to get in
and you’re trying to hold on to your assets and watch them grow because you
truly believe in the you know in what you’re investing in and that’s another
thing I see a lot of people don’t understand what bitcoin is or what
blockchain is or what a certain cryptocurrency is they don’t understand
what the project is about what the coin is trying to do and therefore if you
invest in it and you don’t know what’s going on you’re not going to feel
confident in your investment so that’s the first thing is make sure to do your
research and understand this is a long-term game crypto currencies aren’t
going to be adopted overnight there’s going to be roadblocks there’s going to
be Corrections we just have to remember why we’re here what we you know are
striving to achieve we don’t like centralized systems we don’t like banks
and that is why we are investing in cryptocurrency and in some of our
favorite coins so keep that in mind this is a long-term game no one ever invested
in real estate for a two week game right and then wolf of Wall Street says
Bitcoin can hit 50 thousand dollars before crashing now again I think
there’s definitely going to be more crashes in the cryptocurrency market
it’s still so new do I think it can hit fifty thousand dollars though yes do I
think it’s then going to correct probably at some point after fifty
thousand definitely it’s going to have a correction I don’t know to how far I
don’t know when it could be at fifty sixty seventy eight thousand one hundred
thousand I don’t know definitely be a correction but I don’t
think I don’t agree with him when he says that it’s a bubble it’s going to
crash for certain so you know I don’t I don’t believe in that now this is
another article it’s pretty cool so Forbes released why Bitcoin could reach
$100,000 and this is an article that I agree with a lot of these points are
points I’ve already made in previous videos I just wanted to have them open
to make sure I don’t forget any of them and so we kind of can go through
together and figure out why I think bitcoins gonna go definitely over
$50,000 I think we’re gonna see $40,000 2018 that’s what I’m hoping for $40,000
2018 so you know I said $8,000 that is sick and it’s very very cheap compared
to the return that you could possibly have so the factors are it’s limited to
24 to 21 million bitcoins we know that right
we know that it’s limited 21 million we cannot create more that right there is
the more people come in then the more price is going to increase another big
thing about this is that that there it is I was going to say it lost keys 20 um
so an economist estimates that 23 percent of cryptocurrency keys have been
lost which lowers the supply so that’s true not only are we not at the 21
billion Bitcoin mark yet there’s not that many in circulation but there’s
going to be lost keys and you know even if it’s a small amount or people just
buy and forget about X they bought fractions like tiny fractions they just
forgot about it people mind back then you know back the few years ago and they
didn’t think it was anything and then they sold their computer and it’s on the
computer no one knows how to get it though that decreases the supply that
there is so again that lowers the supply and the more people come in that means
you know the supply is going to be less than 21 million bitcoins at the time of
January 3rd no on ok so their toy 16.8 million in circulation roughly at the
time this article was written which i think is like a week ago maybe a little
less maybe a few days but definitely not you know it’s not going to be 21 million
in circulation so it’s lower than that because of the lost keys and everything
another reason why bitcoin is going to be the leader is it was the first one so
for now bitcoin was well nothing it’s always going to be the first
cryptocurrency but for now it is leading the pack by a lot and I don’t see that
changing any time soon if it does it’ll be for only a tiny
amount some people are predicting etherium to catch up to Bitcoin I don’t
think it’s gonna happen and if it does it’s not going to last very long bitcoin
is the first one it’s the one that gets all the media attention and that’s huge
you know that’s the name everyone knows people don’t most people don’t know
crypto currencies most people know Bitcoin right you ask anyone in your
streets if they know stellar chances are most people don’t if you ask them about
trum they’re gonna tell you they love the movie or they hated the movie they
don’t know what Tron is if the fourteenth biggest market cap on coin
market on market cap so that’s another thing to keep up the the media attention
is huge the fact that a lot of people know it is huge now another thing we’re
gonna see is hoarding a lot of people you know buy and hold which again
decreases the supply and circulation not everyone’s trading it constantly a lot
of people including myself have bought some put it on an external wallet and
that is where I’m keeping it I’m not touching that amount that Bitcoin is
there I bought it when it was a few thousand dollars so even at eight
thousand I have you know 4 X 5 X to my investment I still think is going up a
lot so those bitcoins are out of circulation out of circulation no one
can touch them they are mine another big thing is yes there is
illegal activity that goes on with Bitcoin because you can remain anonymous
while transacting it well you know carry out transactions that is a good thing
that is also a bad thing bad obviously illegal activities aren’t great then but
they happen the good side of it is there’s a market for it so people are
going to be buying Bitcoin as an investor that’s a good thing even if
people are using it for illegal activities that is a good thing and
don’t sit here and pretend like the US dollar isn’t used you know for illegal
activities – one of the richest men in the world are the some of the richest
man in the world are the Colombian drug lords who deal with cocaine and they
have stacks and stacks of US dollars at their house so don’t pretend like
bitcoin is the only thing that’s you know causing the illegal market to do
anything it’s just that’s just not true it’s just a new way for them to transact
just like it’s a new way for us to transact as humans to transact
and send money to one another that’s honestly my prediction on it I don’t
want to go into too much detail I do want to look at the interactive chart
though I see what says technical analysis summary is saying to sell I
don’t agree with that buddy I don’t agree we should not be selling
Bitcoin right now at this price you’re making a big mistake I think if you’re
selling at this price anyways let’s look where we are right here so this is the
coin base you Bitcoin to US dollar on No why is it on BitFenix I wanted to be on
coinbase huh BTC USD Bitcoin use dollar coins see
this works okay me maybe I was on the right one I was just seeing things so
let’s go through everything once again this is the support line a lot of people
are looking at is the 7500 to $8,000 mark a lot of experts were talking about
this I was telling I was watching a podcast with ty Lopez he had a ton of
experts on there and they were discussing 7500 being the point they’re
looking for a bounce and they’re looking for support and oddly enough it was
pretty much exactly at that point coinbase went to 7540 I believe and it
bounced off from that so that’s one of the big things they were very right on
that I was expecting support at the 8,000 mark they said 7,500 as they are
more expert than I am I trusted their analysis as well obviously I did my own
but I also trusted their analysis now you guys can see we are holding a
support still at the 8,000 mark dipped it was only for like a half hour an hour
then it dipped below 8,000 it wasn’t for long at all if you were lucky enough to
get some Bitcoin then congratulations on your profit but you guys can see we’re
holding the support line I am hoping to start seeing an upward trend you guys
know I’m saying by the end of February start of March we’re gonna start seeing
the markets recover and hopefully start seeing you know coins start moving
upwards and start seeing green days on coin market cap that’s what I’m looking
for I don’t think we’re gonna be testing all time highs exactly then
I do think that might take a little bit longer in the year but definitely it is
definitely coming soon now guys hopefully you Joe enjoyed this video we
just went over a bit in news and why I think Bitcoin is going to reach the 50
thousand dollar mark I’m predicting thirty five to forty thousand dollars by
the end of 2018 let me know your predictions down below don’t forget
Bitcoin and giveaway so make sure you comment and join the Facebook group to
be entered to have a chance to win some Bitcoin if you guys are already in the
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I already remember you guys I will you know check and you guys are still in the
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I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video


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