Bitcoin (BTC) Morning Update: Join us at Bitcoin Live!!

good morning good evening good afternoon depending on where you are in this world this has had uni with a morning update for a Bitcoin the primary count is progressing I think I don't think the sequence down towards we've won the white one is complete yet although there has been a bit of a small up and if you look at it from a zoomed in view okay I think wave 1 red 1 2 3 and this is red for curly in progress nothing is finished that means likely most of today will be spent on putting in wave 5 that'll probably goes somewhere between that say 67-63 2 6664 this is based on the primary count now here's a funny thing and I hear you may have noticed already on this decline of the 5 wave in pasta Cline it is coinciding with the altcoins 5 wave decline ok so these are a bit phasic so to speak they're in phase they're declining he's a bit in phase and when you do your primary on your alternates you might want to get these kind of situations and it's during this situations where you have the phase the phasic sequences that after he completes it'll still look like they're still in phase because after one is done you're gonna get a two bounds and after this wave 4 is complete blue for if complete you're gonna get an impulse sequence going upwards in the alternate ok and this so the decline is in phase and then for a while the rise will be in phase just like here and it probably won't be until at one that wave 2 occurs at 174 7500 or so where do the differentiation will occur where the primary is calling for a decline but these top Walton is calling for higher highs but for now the primary is showing that way for is probably complete and I think we're going to go towards the high six thousand sixty seven hundred to sixty six hundred or so okay now bear in mind that this left shoulder the green head and not the best of white shoulder but not the best in the sense of it's not that symmetrical but if you include this with that looks like a white shoulder if we take the minimum one you take a line from the top of the head to the neck line which connects the shoulders in the head and you put that to the point where the breakout or the breakdown in this case took place and that gives us six thousand fifty three now that's six thousand fifty three does not mean that's to make a beeline towards a no it could still be that one two three downst– well then attain the six thousand and fifty three so this is the primary count the alternate count has a high similarity index for what it is right now at the current region prices already begin to decline you can see that so you have wave one white one two three four and five and again five just like you should go somewhere between sixty seven hundred to sixty six hundred and fifty or so okay in that region now by the time price gets to this region it'll generate most likely a pretty oversold condition by the time the fifth wave is complete it'll generate a pretty oversold condition what does that mean that'll probably mean that there's going to be a sizeable bounce and that'll be a company by a surgeon twice sub daily surgeon volume not daily over daily even if there's a surgery probably won't exceed the trendline just like it did before and I'll get back to that the end of this video and this will be a thing a corrective bounce on the primary point but on the alternate this has to become the start of a very aggressive impulse because if it isn't if this is not five wave impulse and it turns out to be let's say W X Y instead that will give us the early differentiation indication as to whether the alternate will really impulse up to higher highs but if we always see is a three wave ish disc abysus I would ask W X Y could be ABC as well and we see only a three we wish rebound instead of a five wave impulse then well know that if it's only three wavy SH and then the primary will pull it down again to test towards to the 5200 region so these white 5 ways for is down this place for wave 5 and in fact you know as I always said awareness keeps the panic away we are fully aware of this from a primary and alternate perspective so you should not be causing any panic or any significant level of distress I find it's quite interesting to be following prices like this and if we have one two three four and then this 5 decline coming clearly this w X Y or 1 2 3 4 5 3 or 5 which will appear shall see but one of these will give the earliest clue as to which is more likely I think the primary I have stuck with the primary call even doing these Rises ok because I saw it more as a collective and I saw that the big daily wxy correction was just not complete yet this is still the alternate count just giving you a different view on a daily scale this is telling you 1 2 3 4 & 5 ok and the correction is very simple-looking a b c and the 0.618 will be at around a 68 19 it didn't quite get there yet the next one probably will be the 0.786 the 63 64 so that i think he looked come somewhere probably between it'll overshoot maybe come back and that goes to this region of 67 59 to 65 97 if it overshoots it'll be suppose somewhere in this region so let me share with you what kind of compelled me and I made it very clear pretty much during the past videos in there what really compelled me to kind of stick to my gum on my primary count the reason is I didn't see the volume they were several posts where I said where's the volume we got one little niggly speaker spike everything stayed underneath even doing the Y's it was just yeah and came right back down okay I said there might be a little bit of Hope here but let's see how it goes but nope and if my call for the wxy still stands then that is why I said okay the volume II is gonna go to trickle trickle trickle to almost nothing even into this decline the volume will be trickling underneath the trendline of the volume okay so that volume Chun line is very important for any breakouts especially at a daily scale for a significant correction of this type now the primary calls for the volume to continue trickling even I mean underneath and decline with the declining trend line to the 5200 okay and then twice will search and then volume was serviced okay that's the primary now the alternate is saying this is one two three four and five and we're just having the requisite necessary correction from that impulse sequence okay and if that's the case if this is just a correction then twice shirred scream up from there that's why I will say we did you see one two three four five not three waves ABC oops precious cream up from there and if volume also from here starts screaming up if volume starts screaming up consistently decisively above the volume churn line I'd be a bowl I'm always a bowl but I'll be a ball on the top often account but I won't change my primary until that that price of 8600 is passed until in other words we make a higher high here but if we keep seeing let's say on the breakout we see a massive volume like this and then and then it stays above the trend line and let's say the crescendos increases might have a day of a small volume okay but still above the trend line this is what I'm looking for on the volume and so should you and it is potential that's why I have it as a top alternate for this to occur after the ABCs finished yes I will never deny that in fact that is why I have my top alternate then my Y will move to here but until then and so far I haven't seen the volume action until I see that volume action not just the price action too but the volume action my way my primary count still calls for the 5200 to be tested and that'll probably be introduced at September all right I hope this was not confusing it shouldn't be at all I think I have been deadly consistent in my analysis for the primary and the alternate alright have a happy Sunday I will be very busy today with family so I will do my best to put in a few all alerts but also of course respond back to the comments which I look forward to have a great day

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  2. hi hae jin. im trying to participate in your weekend seminar. do i need to register for in order to do so?

  3. Lmao came to see if this retard still thinks he is doing TA lmfao….this market is based of emotions and news you dumb asian retard…get reckt

  4. Tanks Mr Lee. Bitcoin trade is one huge Money Pit. Don`t forget. 🙂 Just sold all for a while and you will make profit.I have try

  5. I'd say he hit this one right on target!!! LMAO! Wow! Just a little early but damn that was like crazy that he put this out two days before the drop!

  6. Lol how can this count ever be correct if you only have 3 waves going down to get an impulse wave 1 down. Doesn't make any sense @2:18

  7. That's better. Some realistic bearish analysis at last. I stopped viewing because the bullish predictions were obviously nonsense. Been watching Tone Vays instead and got used to listening to what I don't want to hear. Credit to Tone, he predicted a drop to $6,500 Bitcoin within 24 hours, 24 hours ago, from $7,000 and he was spot on. We're in this bear run for a while yet.

  8. ha I wonder what you all are thinking now that the market has crash(for now) : ( Thank you Haejin as always. Please dont forget about the community. I love seeing your post. Blessings Brother

  9. These people doing public TA, ussualy have good intentions.
    Any responsable person does his own analysis .
    Dumb people just follow free TA of someone than blaim that guy. And a lot of nonsense observations like the TA-guy is not right … if that Is the case ,stop following him

    In the upside down world we live in ,somehow the insignificat useless people that cannot do anything ,fill the internet criticizing the ones who actually are capable.

    No one is responsable for your decizions but you. End of story

  10. folowers r sheep, dont follow educate yourself,Haejin been doing this for plus 20yrs dont think you can learn from him lol

  11. Tbh Bitcoin is going to be bearish until ETF happens. Hopefully it passes this time. No positive news will sway the altcoins in a bear market. Bitcoin needs a revival first

  12. Do you know about the opening of public ICO Telegram? It will be a great project! I bought 5000 tokens for the long run on

  13. Sorry Haejin. Used to really stick up for you. You taught me quite a bit, but I feel you lost your way this correction.

    This analysis is the safest video possible. 6.7 – 6.8 K bounce to 7.4/5.

    At least it's good you're being more careful with your moon arrows at this time. I think we've seen 20 or so moon arrows this year.

    FYI, people thinking I'm a random troll or something…I actually took a private lesson with Haejin. He's a good guy, but perhaps got caught up in the Steemit troll fights and got a little distracted. I know he gives alternate counts…at least he is now. Earlier, not so much. You shouldn't follow anyone for trades. Learn and become your own trader.

    Thank you Haejin for all your valuable lessons – the good, bad and the ugly. They all count in the end.

    Best wishes

  14. Haejin <3 Miss you on steemit. Pls come back! We need you now more than ever. Loved to watch you analysis and to compare it to my own analysis. Lovely greets from France.

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