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Boss of Bitcoin what’s up everybody today is September 8th 2018 we will be giving away some free Bitcoin so make sure you subscribe like the video once we hit 50 lights I’m gonna giving away some free Bitcoin my on the air so if you want to land hit that thumbs up button and come right back 20 minutes from now and we will be doing our video going through the bitcoin technical analysis looking at BTC 2 USD on the 343 daily compliments of trading view and yours truly became the pulse of Bitcoin check out the resources we have Facebook group Twitter account link and website also pick on calm and we will be back in 20 minutes to review the charts of BTC stay tuned and I will see you guys alright alright not sure what happened on the 40 seconds but don’t worry about it I think it’s over now what we’ll do as I will bring our other screen up and we will go ahead and get started here let’s do it live from the USA hope and you get paid every day this is the osa Bitcoin the Kree stock of crypto is your boy BK and if you don’t like me you must not like money shout out everybody that’s been wrecking up live on the air with me Josh Turner Silver Surfer miss Ronda Hall Cory Madden the usual suspects good to see it everybody else you’ve got a chance to rock out with the boss make sure you subscribe join the money team about 30,000 crypto traders and growing this is one of the most influental and fastest growing crypto communities in the world you are officially a part of history and if it’s your first time tuning in congratulations baby you are now rocking with the best my name is became known as the crypto trader and I’m both for these charts as you will soon find out every day I breast is microphone my voice is another thing you get to profit as a result and today is no exception so with that being said we will get into today’s video what we’re looking at right here is a bitcoins chart I went back in time I think one of the best indicators on the present and the future is often to look at any type of correlation or causation from past and previous events understand that currency is energy and energy repeats indefinitely this is called fractals you can just type it in Google what is a fractal understand that it’s the smallest incremental piece of a building block that is used to replicate natural cycles and growth in our material world so yeah no well that’s that long way of saying that we can often look at the past to understand the present and then infer the future and that’s what we’ll be doing on bitcoins chart today also we will I just wanted to give you guys a little heads up that I did do this chart yesterday let’s go ahead and maximize this great that way we can see the whole thing I did this chart yesterday and it’s a ripples chart so if you’re interested in Ripple just click on yesterday’s video and you’ll be able to see the inferences and conclusions that we came up to there right so next we have my trading you guy needs beauty Kelly 1203 that’s what I’m going to be drawing the chart on today so make sure you follow me on there if you’re new to the community click on the link in the description as his trading you click that link type in BB Kelly 12:03 and you will be able to see this chart I will be posting it live on the air as soon as we finish this video right so let’s just go ahead and get on to it one of the things I’m gonna do for this chart in particular I don’t normally do this but I will be turning Bitcoin on a daily and the reason for that is to take a step back and look at the macro cycles that we have going into the moment I think all too often it’s easy to get lost in the tumbleweeds of today but when we take a step back and look at the macro a lot of times it’s much easier it makes it much clearer to see what’s actually happened slightly below the surface and so far as the momentum in trend and trajectory is concerned for the future right and so here we go what we’re looking at this is BTC on a daily right now bring the candles up so we can see those as well right if you pour it up for a longer charts I try to use neither BitFenix or one of the older exchanges just so we get the data going back right this goes all the way back the data here goes all the way back look at that the 2014 that’s crazy 2013 right that bubble right there look at that oh my god sixteen hundred percent how many y’all was in the market back then you know and then it crashed down two hundred percent you know and that’s basically what we have with Bitcoin a series of ups and downs ups and downs more ups than downs and it definitely beats the dollar nine times out of ten so there we go what I’m gonna be doing is I’m gonna be going back to this little peak right here because essentially when we go on our little curve let’s make it a three-day that way it’s a little bit yeah we’ll keep it out of Daly we’ll see what happens yeah that’s cool all right so biggest thing you want to know is that when the intersections happen that’s when the major shifts in the market happen and it will holds even on a daily right so that was our major breakdown moment you can see after that intersection our 77 went negative and then went underwater on the 231 and that’s why you know bitcoin is basically sitting sideways down here it’s more or less in quicksand it needs to clear by the 231 in order to do with the good news is that over this last little bit right here 77 I started to flatten out the 231 is starting to flatten out as well and that’s a lot of downward pressure and that’s why we had that breakdown right there because the 77 the truth everyone was actually selling into a 77 see once that 231 to gold- right there BAM we hit that right but then we bounce back up right and we still have kind of like this soft floor in here around 5850 200 somewhere right there right but what I wanted to do is look at the 12-month correlation between all of this data this is the daily on bitstamp um in order to do that we see that today’s date move back about a year September first all right September last year gave us this little run right there right after September we went down all right just copy and paste that move forward 12 months right there September first couple days took about four days went down right and the date is different on other charts for example the last chart I was using I don’t remember what source it was but it actually lined up on the day I think my straight coinbase just to see with that chart oh my goodness coin base did they have that data September 1 see coinbase has September 1 17100 Wow look at that September 1 of 2017 2016 we started to go up we’re gonna use this data just to see the variation September 1 2017 started to go down number one on the 18 started to go down right and put that what that shows you right there is that there is a correlation between September and the future growth of the market right this September actually started a big big big bull run on this thing between this September in this FM BER you know that’s huge six hundred percent right but we seen it on last year’s run we actually lost 35 percent in two weeks before we turned around settle though and gained four hundred percent and three months and so that’s why I wanted to make this video just to let make sure everybody is cognizant of the fact that set timber is a time to remember in the markets it’s a swinging time why because money is spent during the holidays and this is just good old Kaka Stockard capitalism at its finest spending money you don’t have to impress people you don’t like that is how it’s done every single Christmas but nonetheless I think there is a strong correlation we can make here when we do a Fibonacci extension let’s go back to the last intersection um I think it’s gonna be the one right there boom boom look at that right so what we have now and we could even bring it up there if we want it yep well we have now as strong strong strong support right there that 3/8 to write that 3/8 to is roughly a priced point oh six grand on the seven day moving average right keep in mind this is a daily wear on coinbase to the daily so that white line is a week’s worth of money right so we can actually turn that off and say as long as bitcoins weekly price is above 6,000 this pattern still holds this energy still holds right in addition to that if I was going to do an extension I don’t want to go watch this if I want to take this point right here this is as far as the data goes back right to this run right there and we want to run it peak to trough to the max out right there cuz that’s basically all the positive energy that came from that cycle so you know we went at the intersection all that energy right there boom boom that first roller coaster this goes all the way back to 2015 all of that energy right there look at this almost to the day in September we’re coming into this final section and that final section is indeed the end of this cycle between the four two and the four six is the end that’s it Point Blank period so what’s gonna happen after that this is gonna slowly inch down that 77 is gonna slowly entire that seven is gonna lock them between nose slowly and slowly and slowly and when you have all three of them together that’s when lightning strikes and that’s when Bitcoin enters a whole new cycle this goes back to 2015 and you cannot stop it so yes while bitcoin is indeed on a 12-month cycle in the sense that during September it’s a very very volatile time right a lot of money changes hands for q4 right well yeah September is very volatile but it’s actually putting energy even beyond that right it’s going all the way back to 2015 the early early early early days of crypto right and when you do that you mess it up at the bottom from one trend to another you can kind of see like that’s the floor that is the guarentee floor of Bitcoin right so a lot of people say that you know it’s gonna go down four thousand I don’t see that it doesn’t make any sense given this trajectory that were on right now we’re still in the money zone right and this is again the biggest growth cycle we had going back to July of last year bamm-bamm all that energy right there we’re still in that zone this is where the long money is buying it not the dumb money and you know it’s walking on the street you know trying to hold on today 401ks decide if they want to cash out for a Bitcoin ETF not the dumb money that’s where you buy it on a long term bail this is the daily right I say when you can get it in between those two bands you make money four out of five times on the next run right if it was going to break down to this 4,500 people are saying right there that’s it that’s basically the 786 if it was gonna break down there I think we’ve already would’ve did it it would have happened somewhere back here right or back here we would have been a Bam Bam Bam Bam that’s what that pattern would have looked like this pattern is a much stronger consolidation pattern to where by the end of 2019 we will be in a whole new cycle and that goes back again to 2015 cycle peak to trough right there see that and that starts our new cycle and so I’ve been doing different videos to kind of show that by October by September we’ll have different micro energies happening but this is the macro this is this is the Magna Carta you can’t beat this chart right it’s not going the 4000 because it has not gone to 4,000 yet hmm if you appreciate this kind of insight this kind of intellect this kind of self-taught expertise do me a favor hit that thumbs up button you know we just gained about a hundred subscribers yesterday I’m coming on seven days a week for the next three months to get this channel back booming like it was this time last summer and so I need your help hit that thumbs up button subscribe join the money pain check out the different resources we have and if you ain’t know now you know that is how you chart like Oh boasts Oh and so again everybody we have the resources available for you boss of Bitcoin comm if you want to see some of the free Bitcoin trading tools we have click that button right there BAM we got four different communities on and poppin trading view Facebook LinkedIn Twitter number one Bitcoin group and where you can check out a little lifestyle blog called BK and Cole mmm is pretty young thing on the left hand side chart like a boss the number one playlist in the world for getting set up to trade cryptocurrency I got about 50,000 views on this thing by itself if you haven’t watched it yet just click that video right there and that will change your life that number one video how to trade cryptocurrency bam bam watch that and then when you’re ready to put down two and pick up six jump on the profit package that’s actually put now one pick up about three and a half per month talk some coins every day it’s seven days imma change this to seven s7 a hundred dollars a month you know and then we got the boss alert messages I just did a video for these guys earlier this morning they give first exclusive alerts priority updates direct contact me compliments of our private messaging at 250 a month for that one you know and we also have one-on-one lessons available so you click that button you know and like I said this is a work in progress this is a community I have you know very influential business owners making six figures plus using my method you know I’m saying this is not no squawk on the street fingertip charts you know became with the time the 401 K no I traded money in a long time ago and bought Bitcoin with it run tell that you know man so I traded my 401 K a my cubicle for microphone and a conscience and now I help people make money seven days a week but ever you know I’m saying that’s why I do all these videos that’s why reposting about the different platforms black chain off black chain on chain off tape to get this word out because I’m sick and tired of my people being sick and tired and it’s so of you the same way understand that these cycles are sick no no no no tweet can stop that no no Bloomberg article can stop that no whale pump-and-dump can stop that this energy is already done and it was written back in 2015 you know I’m saying all I do is out looking to the cycles I understand okay well where is it filling that BAM 2019 boom now we need to be buy-in it 6400 yes it could drop guess what guess guess how low it could drop how low can a drop okay how low can it go it could go as low as older it could go too slow guys it could go as low good know as long 45 did I know dr. Daniel stated oh it ain’t going hello that’s not in the cards this time around so we don’t tighten this thing down on that one boom boom we will do an extension that’s how long cuz I look it could go down to 55 because it go right there but what’s the upside what’s the upside look like so yes yes you could still lose if you bought today you could still lose 13% in the next three months that is a possibility but you know what the reality will be on that 13% much much much more so here we go right this is how it works people you know even if I did a cycle from the 1.0 to the 1.6 you know we got macro energy coming back where is it coming back right here that’s the cycle you see that that’s the cycle when this line goes down and our chart breaks it boom that’s breakout time when this cup line goes down and our chart breaks it boom that’s breakout time that’s the cycle it’s just that easy if you want to check right now do me a favor shout your country out my man Dom said we only got 20 likes you all must not like month no I’m saying I’m trying to give away money I’m trying to give away crypto that’s more valuable than these fake slave labor debt paper fee I’ve noticed you got in your pocket right now I’m trying to give you a piece of your own liberation that you can lock down and hold forever be yo own bait BYOB you know so we didn’t get our 50 likes I’ll keep my Bitcoin in my wallet for now we’ll try it again tomorrow but if you in touch and I want to show y’all some love y’all been wrecking out with me for almost an hour right now shout your country out you know and then we can jump over to the number one Bitcoin group in the world this is I believe one of the best crypto trade and resources in the world that’s the name number one Bitcoin group in the world twenty thousand my best friends come together seven days a week to keep each other empowered and in profit in the marketplace you don’t need no big Nick referral code this ain’t no pumpin up telegram group this is of the people forty other people people helping people seven days a week 24 hours a day all over the world and it is 100% completely free come on in the doors are always open you know gbt looking pretty good your boy BK was one of the first ones to bring the GPT on 101 with one of their team members about a year ago you know so all these cycles come into fruition everything that has a beginning as an ending and guess what the ending is the beginning of a new beginning you know so there you go what we got rocking out with us we got Canada young sand and London Young’s and living by coast over here Orlando North Africa in the building right I saw it at 74 old neck is why if you wanted SUV just bought back in that’s cool oh that’s cool you know he’s yeah yeah the money a money and money money is nothing you know if you can’t if he can’t use it for your own personal enjoyment you might as well not have it right money does not exist value does so you know if you could trade a little bit of value for some value for wifing and by all means do that and do it abundantly right oh here we go Pittsburgh PA Upper Peninsula you know I appreciate your time as well and shout out to the people holding down a New Mexico that being said everybody as you can see we have a global community I can’t stress this to you enough we have a global community we have first two world resources to get you set up on the blockchain right I’ll put a put a lot of time and to this content you know every day before I come on come on the air and spend an hour two hours just going through this term making sure you know three or four different ways that the information I’m giving you is correct and that’s why not another ten times they usually eat right and so yes that a STONER man go back hit that rewind button man we got that DVR capability I’m saying you can still read while I’m live streaming right now that being said everybody else you know I’m saying hit that thumbs up or play a one-time copy and paste this URL Texas somebody you you care about all my people on Twitter I’m calling you out right now Twitter calm at BK Creek okay your company and paste this URL and Pat me and I will retweet it get your followers up I got about 10k on the side myself I’m saying so if you want to get to our game up just tweet this video to me right now when I will retweet you that being said everybody else it’s that time of day signing out this is the DOS boy BK no matter where you stay Brazil and bate California all the way back out through jerk money good night good morning anger they thank you for joining me thank you for your time each one reach one reach one teach one copy and paste this URL tweet it hashtag it steam it whatever you need to do to get this word out to good people you don’t and to empower to sell to change their lives financially do that for me if you appreciated my till we meet again stay cryptic y’all please

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  3. You can use the google chrome extension (Multiple Chart Tracking) to track multiple charts at once.

    You should compare the candle between the week and candle day to get accurate assessment of the trend

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