Bitcoin BTC Ethereum ETH & Ripple XRP Price Predictions & Technical Analysis Today!

Well, the dollar we’re gonna be taking a look at technical analysis and price predictions for Bitcoin etherium and ripple will look at Satoshi pennies And compare them to USD pairings as well. We’re seeing some really interesting stuff a total market capitalization breakthroughs on the volume chart We’re gonna talk a little bit about why that might be a huge indicator of a ball market coming very soon if you guys are Not a part of our premium signals discord group. We’ve had a ton of amazing testimonials I’ll put some up on the screen right now Some of our members making 20 percent in 24 hours on some of our trade signals for crypto currencies and Forex The link is in the description below if you guys are not a part of that we’re gonna be taking a look at bitcoins technical analysis here as you can see we’re Hitting this minor resistance level, but I don’t necessarily see this as a resistance for too long I see this first target Coming really soon here right around that 40 to 50 mark And if you guys are a part of our discord you saw Brian Walker one of our other analysts also Predict this to be the next target so if you guys are looking to get those Long’s and what’s interesting for you to pull up this four-hour chart you can see we’re Trending up right now. We’ve got this beautiful triangle forming here We’ve got this ascending support level and we’re going to right back towards that resistance level of a lot more speed a lot more momentum and more and more buyers coming in here with a Strong amount of by volume very very very good here for Bitcoin in the near-term future That second target is gonna be right around that 4,500 mark and that’s probably gonna be within the next week or two so you can see here with the MACD as well We’ve got some strong buyer pressure. We’ve got this ascending resistance here as well That’s very positive here for Bitcoin Now if we look at this RSI, what’s interesting here is we’re not overbought yet on the USD pairing And so this in my opinion is very very positive in regards to seeing these two targets being achieved sometime in the near future being the fact that Now we’re just starting to enter over that 70 mark and we’re getting into this overbought territory However, Bitcoin can very well probably stay up here kind of like aetherium We’ll talk about that in just a sec before seeing any further Downside if we look at the theory among the dollar you can actually probably see Something very similar here So you can see we already went into that overbought level But now we’re starting to bounce and that’s exactly what we predicted If you guys been keeping up with our videos, by the way We like this video if you guys haven’t already it really helps our Channel and subscribe to the YouTube channel if you have not And that’s definitely gonna be helping out. We were super excited to announce a lot of new things as well for our premium group So for those of you in our preemie group, the link is in the description Once again, we’ve had some amazing results with our altcoin signals. I’m telling you the season is coming back I want to actually talk about the total market capitalization chart before we get into this technical analysis Just so you guys have an idea of what’s happened here So you can see what total market capitalization Why I’m excited about the altcoin season coming soon in my opinion to the fact that we’ve broke this major Resistance level here as well with this total market capitalization of crypto currencies And so if you look at this RSI here, we are starting to get into that overbought range But just as we discussed with Bitcoin I wouldn’t be surprised for us to stay here for quite a while being the fact that we’ve just got so much volume Coming in and this right here is really the breakthrough that I’m talking about and what I mentioned earlier It’s the amount of volume that we’re starting to see this is significant amounts of buyer volume And we’re starting to see transactions per day with Bitcoin at all-time highs If you guys have been keeping that track of that I can’t pull it up on this chart But I looked at the transactions per day and we’re still above that 300,000 transactions per day level Which is exactly where we were at when Bitcoin saw that $20,000 level so to move on into that aetherium us chart This is actually really interesting chart as well because we’re seeing some really good movement here with aetherium this was actually one of our 20% calls that one of our members took advantage of Actually many of our members have most of them. Just don’t talk They just take advantage of it, but I get a ton of private messages as well A lot of members making a ton of profits with our signals here. You can see in my opinion We’re still gonna see some further upside over the next few days possibly hit towards that $165 level I actually adjusted this target from our last video I had it a little bit higher on that 180 by am gonna be dropping that down here to around 165 Before I expect any sort of a pullback. The reason I say that as you can see what that’s RSI as we talked about before We’ve been above that overbought level for a little bit longer than we have with some of these other crypto currencies And so, you know, we’ve seen a good amount of buyer pressure here We’re reaching these peak levels here in regards to the histogram on the MACD And in my opinion, you know, we’ve got this long standing support Level that was forming here with the MACD and I wouldn’t be surprised for us to start pulling back sometime soon and so in my opinion We’ll hit that target and then proceed maybe a little bit of resistance Center some consolidation The ideal thing to see is for us to find some support like right around here And for us to channel in to this little area So that we can build a little bit more momentum get some more volume to them break through Here into this next zone which would be exciting because now we’re gonna get back towards that $200 mark and if a thing we can get back to those $200 levels that’s gonna be a very positive thing for this market So looking at XRP on the dollar, we’re not necessarily seeing too much action and it’s interesting because we’ve talked about this in our live streams over the last few days in our videos we’ve talked about Ripple not really being a coin that is you know now I’m an expecting much action We’ve got strong resistance here with the 50-day moving average of 100 a moving average. You can see here as well We’re approaching a resistance with this RSI. We’ve been watching the 60 level. We haven’t yet broken past that Yes, we have a little bit of buyer pressure here but not enough in my opinion to drive this price action forward and so We’re really in a weird point here. If you look at XRP against BTC as well due to the lack of USB action We’re also seeing a satoshi value starting to drop and so that’s something that I talked to you guys about in several livestreams ago I said, you know there was a huge bearish divergence here The RSI was completely bearish under 40 And so in my opinion I saw a ripple heading towards this major supportive around seven thousand three hundred and fifty-four Satoshi’s and so that’s still what I’m expecting here for Ripple Not much has changed here and to move on here into the etherium to Bitcoin and it’s a touchy chart here This is a very very interesting chart here So this is where I see more opportunity in regards to aetherium to the US dollar with a bit corny the US dollar pair I see the best opportunity here and the etherion a Bitcoin pairing and what why I say that is not only did we have that Golden Cross, but we’ve broke this major resistance So now we’re starting to head up towards the second target here 4.1 million Satoshi’s where we’re currently at right around that 3.7 million Satoshi mark and so looking at this our sighs Well, you can see we’ve tended to stay at these higher levels once they were reached and you can see here as always stayed up here for quite a while and so we’ve just Started this level and so I want to be surprised for us to stay up here for a little bit and See some really good price action to this upside. And so once we start to trend up like that that’s gonna be a huge huge Feat for this aetherium to Bitcoin chart because now a thing’s gonna start to get back to these higher Satoshi levels so we can eventually see being and head back towards that That was 10 million. Satoshi markets would be a huge huge huge feat for aetherium and so I’m looking at some some really interesting things here over the next couple of weeks and I’m expecting for some good things to Happen here on the etherium to Bitcoin chart now can move into Bitcoin second Colossus I’m gonna talk a little bit about this because Some of you guys have talked about these alt coins and we’re starting to see bitcoins dominance drop a little bit and what’s interesting about that is we’re also starting to see some alt coins gained some momentum and so we’ve seen Some amazing games with some alt coins over the recent days if we pull up this chart here with 0 acts Against this this Bitcoin chart. I want you guys to pay attention to these patterns and so this is a chart that I was looking at and this doesn’t have a pattern that I like to see with all the Coins before getting into them and sending out signals because sometimes you see these huge huge gains You can see here. We had this huge this is a 300% total gain here in satoshi value. And so what what is interesting is you’ll see these all coins form these descending triangles or these pennants Depending on how you look at them and if you draw that out You can see how these form and what’s interesting about The formation of these is there’s always typically a breakout to the upside Especially right now in this season where we’re starting to see all of these previous support levels Met once again and so you can see here. We’re heading towards that support level And so, you know, I saw this recent article saying it’s altcoin season coming back summer is back for crypto currencies And I think that’s interesting cuz we aren’t an interesting time now where we’re seeing these all coins reach the end of these pennants Into these apex zones and just start to break out with 20-30 percent gains Right, and so it’s gonna be really interesting to watch some of these coins as time progresses Being the fact that a lot of these dope coins are coming back to fruition And so that’s pretty much all we have for today one other coin here that actually Recently did something similar you can see we formed that pennant formation broke out to the upside is the b-and-b coin This is something I’m gonna be watching as well over the next few videos. So stay tuned You know We’re seeing these new highs These are new all-time highs and so there could be some huge potential for this coin over The near future and so it’s gonna be interesting to watch the by Nantz coin And other than that, I’d love to hear you guys opinion on the most anticipated Altcoin coming into this new summer season And do you guys believe that we’re heading into this new cryptocurrency? Summer where we’re gonna start to see these alt coins break out to the upside and so thank you guys so much for watching make sure to LIKE the video and subscribe if you have it already and With that being said I am out. Thank you all for watching. Take care and have a

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    In this video, we also take a look at the total market capitalization chart and why we see breakthroughs with volume levels.


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