hi guys is cryptococcal here with a quick two-minute Bitcoin technical analysis so guys Bitcoin had that massive breakout guys $1000 candle people were going crazy about it I was saying on my youtube videos and on my Facebook group that you shouldn't be going into long swing trades in that when when if something goes up so high the RSI was really hard that daily hours I was was over 80 you shouldn't be looking to buy it then I did take a small scalp trade for a couple of percents you can go check that out in my facebook group guys if you haven't joined this free and it's the link is below but once is fake breakout guys it broke down and fake breakouts are quite bearish guys once this fake breakup happened it moved down guys and you can see exactly where it found support this red zone you could go watch my previous videos and my facebook group charts this was the zone that I had drawn and I'm travelling today hence a two-minute video so I couldn't take this trade but if I wasn't traveling I would have taken a quick scalp there the next zone I'm looking for a Bitcoin is again it could just do this and go higher but I would be interested in buying Bitcoin around the fall you know 46 that I am for six thousand four four thousand six hundred to four thousand four hundred level those are the levels that I'm looking to buy four to six hundred to forty four hundred again guys things trying to really quicken crypto so I don't like to give levels but currently guys this is what I am seeing and one thing I think is that we will definitely have another leg up again it's not a definite guys I think my bias is we should have another leg up but that's just my bias if it you know breaks below the 50 percent of this candle and it keeps to kneeling down then obviously I'll change my bias but I do you think we have another leg up maybe to run the 6000 level but I'm gonna wait to see how the price action plays one thing to remember is guys it's the first time since the massive bull run that we've we've crossed 50 this the highest RSI level which is something to keep in note of the daily guys we'll have to see how this plays out at the moment this level is holding but it could break down one thing I talk about is the the reversal happen almost at a 6 1 8 level so you know we could drop down to this zone also guys keep in mind of the 200-day Lee moving average so just a quick update guys the zones that I'm looking out for it's around the 4600 4400 level and if it breaks out guys we'll have to play that but again if it breaks out I'll expect to buy a pullback that is what I'm looking out for Bitcoin just a quick update guys I'm traveling today so not a huge not a huge detour video and again if you enjoy this sort of technical analysis guys subscribe to my channel turn on the notification button and also guys join my facebook group for more live updates so thank you very much smash that like button subscribe to my channel and I'll see you guys soon with another great video thank you very much


  1. Just a quick bitcoin update. Watch the video for my thoughts on bitcoin price prediction and technical analysis. Comment Below… I've just started a closed facebook group so we can have better discussion. Make sure you join the group to grow and learn together to smash the crypto markets!)

  2. Well and I bought some GRAM tokens on too Well, we'll see what will come of this, I hope for 300% of profit NO LESS THAN!

  3. good bitcoin technical analysis lol. quick 2 mins MMWBnupWpLd4xkhBGHAYYeeaVQpyNNmuLiK Thanks good style of video. more of this Rocko

  4. Well…. another sell off, I wish to see XRP and BTC going bullish before summer. Thanks for the video!
    LTC LWLtyvGYBW1JqZrEJxPjaw5wMnmeYkNj2T

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