24 thoughts on “BITCOIN BREAKS 2000!! ? Bitcoin Price 1950 USD Crypto Currency Chart Analysis BTC Ethereum ETH”

  1. i opened an account with coinmama as per your suggestion. i need to get a wallet. would you please suggest one. thanks for your help and all of the info i have gained since finding your channel.

  2. If Google, Facebook and Amazon were to create their own blockchain and coins, What 's your opinion on how that will effect Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency?

  3. You are a chart master.

    What about the attack of the Nerds- a discussion that scares away new money? Been here a few years, tech scare++ Sewwit par du.

  4. Hi, I'm new to cryptor from Japan, and I'm so much helped all of your video since I started first trade.
    and may I ask, how to write the yellow line???
    Looking forward your video thank youヾ(^O^)ノ

  5. this downtrend will continue till august 10. everyone want. to keep value in USD . if you invested when btc was below $1500 i would recommend cash it and if above $2000 then dont..

  6. What's you thoughts on youtuber Mard De Mesel saying he thinks the market cap will drop to about 30-40 billion? 60-80% drop similar to previous BTC crashes? Currently its 65 billion which is about 50 billion less from the top already.

  7. Been watching you for a few videos and I like you work.

    That being said, please do not put ETH and ETHEREUM in the title if there is no eth analysis in the video.
    Thats like whoring.
    And it seems that you have more to offer than a simple clickbait.

  8. I´m just like this …… if you said ripple is going to explode Is because ripple will explode. I´m buying ripple now that is cheap.

  9. When pondering the reality of Illinois' pending bankruptcy and the subsequent effect that will have on confidence in USD one might postulate a flood of crypto adoption as markets lose faith in our dead presidents thus precipitating a rebound that would lie outside the charts (which are brilliant btw, thank you BK!).

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