1. 273 DAY CYCLE FOR XRP TO MOON, Next cycle starts around 03June 2019. Cycle has been consistent, XRP MOOOOON withing 10 days if NEW 273 CYCLE. XRPBTC Daily chart on POLONIEX.

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  3. I really like what you have to say but I don't have time to watch your videos. You do them so long it is impossible. If you did them of around 10-30 min maximum you will get a lot more fans and likes. Cheers

  4. Did the European elections "help" the Bitcoin rise?? Did people fear the territory of nationalist parties ??

  5. You speak above an American level of understanding, but, you explain all these very big words. We thank you

  6. I am SO HAPPY You Went live with Us Tonight! You Bring This Space To Life! You Make a Bull Market Even More Exciting than it already Is! There Is NOTHING Like Watching BTC Soar while watching SUPPO LIVE! I can Honestly say YOU ARE THE HEART OF THIS SPACE! ..and You ARE THEE #1 NO DOUBT! ??❤️???

  7. Amazing Live video Suppo! You really are the Cryptocurrency Superhero and the best there is! Like Bitcoin you’ve survived the bear market, and you’re still the No1! ?

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