Bitcoin Breakout Coming! 500% Profit Bitmex Trading! Ripple XRP News! (Cryptocurrency/BTC Analysis)

what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today we got another killer video if you guys
full of information today we’re gonna be talking about bitcoins breakout is it
gonna be to the upside or the downside we’re also gonna be talking about a five
hundred percent profit trade XRP as well as tons of other news that went on in
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let’s jump into some technical analysis alright guys welcome back as you can
tell I’m back in New York so videos and uploads should be a lot more regular
right now than they were before where we’re currently sitting at in terms of
Bitcoin have the X BT USD chart because this is the bit mix chart that came out
since the last time we talked well what I mentioned the last video pretty much
happened to perfection we had that bounce up to touch our resistance over
here and from there we started having this downward move so if you were able
to catch then you were able to enter short at this range then congratulations
and speaking of shorts that’s what I wanted to share with you guys have been
working on strategies for the trade alert group where we use higher
leverages for some shorter term trades for some scalps and one of the test ones
that I had was actually pretty much this whole candlestick down I used cross
leveraged was pretty much a hundred X leverage and I made over five hundred
percent profit holding that trade over night so that was pretty insane I’m
gonna throw up some screenshots that you guys can see one of them’s 120% I forgot
to take a screenshot of the five hundred percent one because it was overnight and
I was excited when I woke up but here’s a one hundred percent probably one for
you guys to take a look at that happen on some other trades
now why we’ve been shorting why I’ve been shorting during this time this is
important we’ve noticed a trend has actually chained we’ve had a change in
the trend happening ever since this huge candle came in so before this we were
making higher highs we were having those bounces we’re making higher highs we
bounced off of our support down here moved on up to the resistance and from
there we could see this whole thing was a very bullish short-term mover on the
hourly chart this was from the 28th of August 29th of August all the way to the
6th of September so it is a shorter term timeframe we are looking at and from
here we’re making higher highs like I said we’re making higher lows and that
was overall a bullish trend now what happened from there as we had the bounce
off the resistance this huge sell-off red candle came in and from there we’ve
been making lower highs as we go and we’ve been making lower lows as well as
you guys can tell we’ve been making lower lows as well and that is a bearish
sign that is bearish momentum so in the short term here and of course we’re
talking about the short term first before we zoom out into the long button
to the bigger picture right the longer term in the short term this is easier to
catch shorts because we are in a short term bearish trend so every time we have
a bounce up off of a support right Bitcoin loves to do it we bounce a
little bit we go up you can enter a short here and make some significant
profits on the way down same thing can be said again it bounced back up and
right back down you’ll actually be able to tell this line perfectly drawn well
something I signaled as an entry for a long so what happened we bounced off of
the support and we went straight back up if you calculate that over here it was
roughly 2.8 percent so again to use cross leverage you could have made over
200% on that trade it is high high risk but of course if you know what you’re
doing if you apply risk management it can be very very rewarding so that’s
pretty much what we’ve been doing in the last week it’s been a lot of fun weekend
we’ve had the bearish momentum I believe the bearish momentum is going
to continue at least until the lower target would be
hit the 9350 range to 9400 somewhere in this area where we would bounce off of
that support do we need to see that happen
no first things first obviously we caught the first target which was the
9800 range to 9850 you guys will see why it’s drawn over here you’ll see the
bounce off of here and from now we wait to catch another entry if it is all the
way up at ten thousand three hundred to ten thousand three hundred and fifty for
a short that might be something really interesting as well but for now it’s
important for us to play these short-term bearish trend which is where
we’re at right now and make sure we keep that in mind now if we zoom out and we
go to the daily this is important of course because we want to make sure we
know the long at the big picture thing as well so we had bullish momentum all
the way up over here what happened was we entered this
triangle which is a bearish pattern and usually breaks to the downside of course
it can happen both ways but as of right now again very similar what we’ve seen
we’ve just been bouncing from the tops to the bottoms we’ve seen these bounces
that’s what bitcoins been doing so we can safely assume again that when we
bounced off here we were going to be going back down it was nothing crazy
that took very little skill and insight to know that that was going to happen
but now we await more of a breakup so that’s what the long term is looking at
right now we are waiting for more of a breakout if we do break to the upside
then we could definitely be aiming that $14,000 price target which i think would
make a lot of people very happy if they are holding Bitcoin however if this
trend does get closer and this is we’re talking early October to early November
so it’s a very very short-term thing and something that’s going to be happening
you know we’re looking at the long term something’s going to be happening
relatively soon in the next few weeks slash maybe one to two months is when we
should be seeing this breakout happen and if it breaks to the downside first
things first I’m looking at obviously you guys saw the first highlight it’s
almost nine thousand eight hundred dollar range next would be the nine
thousand three hundred to nine thousand four hundred and a break below that
could bring us down to the high eight thousands with the lowest I see Bitcoin
going roughly around eight thousand maybe a high seven thousands would be a
view worst-case scenario in my opinion for the Bitcoin price movement so it’s
important I’m going to keep you guys updated with everything that’s going on
to impor first to say updated with everything
that’s going on there’s a lot of movement right now there’s a lot of
opportunity although a lot of people are looking this looking at this as sideways
movement there is still a lot of opportunity if you know what you’re
doing if you get in at the right times and the most important thing when it
comes to getting in at the right times is you know more important than you take
profits anything is your stop losses and your entries right I said I try to set
entries early I have an entry set for example at ten thousand three hundred to
ten thousand three hundred fifty dollars for a short in case we do end up going
there that way the entry gets filled in that to me is a comfortable spot where
I’m comfortable making an entry but enough about that moving on talking
about all coins cuz I know a lot of you guys I get a lot of questions all the
time asking about how all coins are doing when we can expect an all coin
season well things are looking a little bit better than they were before not
great but they’re looking a little bit better if you look at the last week all
coins have actually performed very well we’ve had some significant pumps and
some all coins some of them come from pump and dump reasons but some of them
are also seeing some strong fundamentals commit and we’re starting to see price
move up now we have strong resistance as I have highlighted for the Bitcoin
dominance at 72 to 73 percent that’s what you guys are seeing right here and
the first time we touched that was back here we had a wick that came in touch
rejected got back down to roughly the high 70% and we went again and tried to
break out again this is on the weekly chart and we were not able to do so
again another long week no clothes above this area and now we open the new weekly
candle not too long ago and it looks like an indecision candle right now very
small body small wicks as well but a very small body
it hasn’t been able to break that 72 percent mark the 72 to 73 percent mark
if it does break obviously that’s going to be bad for all coins all coins are
going to suffer more do I think all coins are dead by no means so I think
all coins are dead both with leverage and without leverage you can still make
a lot of money if you know what you’re doing and if you are patient but this
resistance has been going on all the way since back here
since you know mid 2017 so it does make sense this is is um that this is a
stronger resistance that we’re facing right now again it doesn’t mean we can’t
break above it if we do have a confirmed break above it it’s going to be bad for
all coins we can see big diamonds get up seventy-five percent some people are
even targeting eighty percent by all means we know how cryptocurrency is it’s
wild it does what it wants so it’s possible but I would like to see from
here at least a little bit of consolidation for bitcoins elements so
all coins can start to pick up and start to move more than what we’re seeing them
move already this last week was great but I think a lot of us especially you
know a lot of guys watch this probably are holding all coins and you guys want
to see all coins start to move now if you look at coin market gap Bitcoin is
down 2.1 9% to 2.2 percent in the last 24 hours again a bearish overall trend
you’ll see the last week what happened that huge jump up to touch that
resistance and from there it’s just been on a downward slope again it didn’t take
a lot to realize that’s what’s going to happen we have a two hundred and fifty
seven billion dollar mark koep and the biggest Gator of the day Metaverse ETP
bite coin next so read if you actually look at one called a BBC I believe in
the last 24 hours is going to be down somewhere here but it had a huge
explosion to upside that a lot of us were able to catch but yeah definitely a
more read day than Green Day in the market we can already assume that
happens only a handful of crypto currencies in the Green like I said
maneuvers ETP of the most and GX chain is down at over 18% loss a BBC over 12
percent loss energy over 11 percent loss and so on you guys get the idea but it’s
not all bad because we’ve actually had a record high of accounts with over 10
Bitcoin what does that mean it means that the people with a lot of money the
people with you know more money I’d say 10 Bitcoin is a pretty good amount of
Bitcoin if you look at the amount of people to actually hold that it’s a very
very small amount six hundred and nineteen thousand people have an account
between one to ten Bitcoin obviously there’s a few with more but overall this
is not a big number when you compare it to everything else and how much you know
how many people there are in the world it’s a very very small number but the
people in the range of 10 Bitcoin plus we’ve actually had a record high so what
does that mean it means people with a lot of money people with over ten
Bitcoin are using this time to accumulate more bitcoins either that or
they’re taking accounts to have a thousand and splitting them up into
several wallets of ten that’s possible as well but more likely I think a lot of
people are starting to a well a Bitcoin and get to over ten
Bitcoin which I think if you factor in how many Bitcoin there are and if you
think it’s going to continue to grow and continue to get more and more adoption
ten Bitcoin could be worth a lot more in the future especially if we see people’s
price prediction come true of a hundred thousand dollars
1 million dollars even ten Bitcoin will be tell me in 10 million dollars that’s
absolutely not bad but the key takeaway from this was that smart money people
with a lot of money I’d say not necessarily smart but people with a lot
of money that usually got a lot of money for a reason they’re using this time to
accumulate more and more Bitcoin but I think that is bullish even if we break
to the downside we see Bitcoin price job I think those people are going to
continue to accumulate more and more and therefore if everything plays out the
way I assume you and I want to which is prices go up they will be making a lot
of money now brave browser actually top japanese browser market and became the
most downloaded browser on the japanese google store so that’s very good news
again for basic attention to looking for the brave browser getting more and more
adoption a good altcoin basic attention soak in my opinion i hold it I’ve been
holding it for awhile I think it’s very very good and moving on XRP is well XRP
holders kid now or an interest for holding XRP tokens on the Biman’s
lending platform some good news if X RP is moving relatively soul to last I
think it’s going to have a big end of 2018 to start a 2020 I think there’s
still a lot of movement to come for x RP even while it’s been in this
accumulation stage after all this I do still think we have a lot of room to go
up but if you want to earn some interest for holding it you can do so Honda
finance lending a platform just a little bit of update for you guys the most
important part of this video was that one we’re getting regular we’re getting
regular uploads back into technical analysis wise things are looking very
very interesting and Bitcoin still has a lot of opportunity in the next few weeks
now we’re going to jump into the giveaway it’s Wednesday so we’re doing a
free one on one call with me and make sure you guys tune in on Friday because
I guarantee you I’m going to be uploading not guarantee you we’re going
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thumbs up so you can enter a chance to win well let’s see who wins the free
one-on-one coil of talking to a bunch of guys on these calls they can’t wait to
do another one all right so we had to go through a spam bot that did come in as
the winner so we had to pick again the winner John Arno I see oh hype no
aetherium price rise and the death cross isn’t looking that well long term he’s
bullish on a theory and short term not this came after I asked what everyone’s
thought on aetherium was and thank you John for your response
honestly I agree I think the I think the ico hype inflated the price of a theorem
it’s going to take a lot for it to get back up there long term obviously we can
be more bullish short term it’s important to play the price range it did
go very low so right now it’s stabilizing a little bit but yeah
getting back to the all-time highs it’s going to take a lot if we don’t have
another ICO hype round which I think we’re probably not going to because a
lot of people I’m think aren’t fans of ICL’s in this space anymore but guys
thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys on Friday for another video

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