Bitcoin Bounces Back!!! NEO: Ethereum WILL Overtake Bitcoin?!? TRON Responds to Accusations

Richard one potential issue is the transaction speed right once we get enough users my algorithm will wait what users no no hold on wait what's let me call you back dude no see what the thing is why would you want actual users because to make the coin useful no no no if you have users people start asking how many and it'll never be enough first you have to compete with stripe then PayPal then visa but if you have no practical use cases you can say you have potential use cases a sleeping giant great team promising future ones using Bitcoin and yet it's top one top no one forget the adoption gutter is so I yeah I just thought the idea was to make an actual currency no I don't want to buy some stuff with your money later I want to buy a shitload of stuff with real money now hold on a lambo room room to the moon didi you know what that is due diligence no centralized dogs that's the future I've been doing this for three weeks so yeah I'm sort of an expert what's going on guys it's k-dub here with another episode of crypto zombies so today is Monday back on the grind I hope you're having a great day so far shout out to everyone that's been liking subscribing commenting and also shout out to stay calm for helping to support the channel I really appreciate it now diving into these markets you've got to be having a good Monday today guys I mean look at this green across the board massive pump I kid you not as usual I went to go upload the video check the freaking charts and boom it exploded so obviously I want to stay up to date let you guys know what's happening so we do have some massive gainers today guys we have revena up 24% chain link 14 almost 15 tron up 13% waves which we were just talking about last night in the crypto zombies telegram you know that's up 10% holo up almost 10% obviously going back looking at it we had a five billion dollar surge in a matter of minutes into the market Bitcoin is up 3700 well that's what it is I'm sorry bitcoin is 3,700 XRP 33 cents and aetherium 128 dollars now having a look at the chart right here we found that we were slowly accumulating right here and we had the volume building up which was something that I was really excited about so just to show you guys that I was looking at this beforehand I'm just gonna jump to the other chart from the other thing also I know this video is a little bit long guys but I want to let you know I have tons of news today talking about kryptos talking about what is going on with Tron and all these insane accusations also talking about some good news from XRP as well we also have high performance blockchain and neo coming out of the Woodworks man everyone's getting excited about neo again in fact Eric Jean came out and said that he thinks that aetherium could potentially become the number one cryptocurrency so definitely stick around for that but check this out just for fun check this out this morning how we were looking at the charts right here you'll see I actually added the volume I didn't have it in before but I wanted to show you guys that we did have this massive drop here and this massive drop here now if you look at both times we fell just before it here's the massive plummet and just before it now look how low that volume is in comparison to all of this same thing happened here volume was falling down and we took a massive plummet now the thing that I do like about the chart currently is that not only are we going up but volume has increased so nothing too technical today we're not really gonna go crazy on the charts but we are going up and volume has increased so those are positive in my book but we're not saying we're out of the water yet now I do want to talk about this guy though Renato Scheer Akashi now he actually is going against the grain of what most people are saying right now he does say he has much respect for guys like you know Murad Mahmoud AAB David well Willy wool tone vase but he says he has to disagree and he doesn't think we're gonna go lower he thinks that the Bitcoin bottom is in he says it's not just his feelings it's actually numbers as well now he talks about this thing called the realized value if we look at this chart right here basically the blue line is you know what's actually happening in crypto and the red line is the realized value of crypto so let's see what he says about this so he says basically it's the approximation of the average price of Bitcoin when it was last moved or bought it's calculated going through the blockchain state mapping all the you TXO in a given day and multiplying their value by the price of Bitcoin on the time the block they were created not that you need to know all of this but let's just look into it so when you plot it it looks like this so he says what's so special about this well basically we can approximate that the average price paid by people that have Bitcoin now as of now is well below the realized value so he says if you take a closer look at the graph you notice that the prices really tend to reject being lower than this in price that's because at that price people would have to sell in a loss and people are less likely to eat losses in addition there's a general narrative that the Bitcoin price is going to moon right so less likely even more therefore let there's less supply available prices are pushed up so if you just want to look at this number now we can all pull indicators you know out of thin air if we want right but if you do notice let's just give the guy a second to talk if you notice since 2013 it's actually maintained above the red line and whereas it dipped down here in the bear market between 2015 and 2016 you do see that it only stayed there for a relatively short period of time now short period of time could actually be six months eight months okay I know most people want this to just change overnight probably not gonna happen considering that we've only just recently dipped below this we could have a longer sideways movement as well which is exactly why I was looking at May 1 you're leaving leading up to the happening and then also we have q1 q2 we have all this different financial if the government ever reopens in the US we might actually have backed right so there's a lot of external forces this time that maybe didn't exist in the previous ones so that's why I say you should probably take this with a grain of salt but I did want to bring this to you guys as well now he goes in to talk about a lot of technicals I'm not gonna go into this because it'll take a lot of time on the show so I'll drop this link below you can have a look at it yourself but he does say that many people argue that the capitulation is really when we feel that there's too much pain he says I tend to agree with the phrase but sorry it's too subjective how do we measure it you know what are the makers statistical analysis to these perceptions how do you know when we've actually felt enough pain how do you measure people's capitulation people's denial how do you know alright it's all sentiment based I mean you can go off of you know reading news articles oh they seem real bearish this week right but other than that you can't really measure it so he says I can't rely on this and even if there's not a lot of pain but people that would sell simply don't have the coins to sell there's no way for the market to go down and I insist to say that when you realize prices above the current price is way harder for people to sell no one wants to eat a loss there are plenty of other indicators actually we brought this one up right here this is the logarithmic regression deviation as if I know what that means but it is a chart that a lot of people refer to and you can see right here that bitcoin tends to stay within this ribbon okay and whereas it peaked out here you know way way back okay it pulled down and it very rarely falls below and as you can see right here we're very very close to the bottom of the ribbon but you know you can use that indicator as well you can also look at other things like the 200 you know moving average they have that you know he says he doesn't like to consider those alone so getting to the of this right now basically in summary the fact that he's arguing that Bitcoin has reached its bottom doesn't mean that it's gonna go straight up in fact he says he thinks that we're gonna stay in this 3k to 5k region for a relatively long time as demand starts to build up again or some big events happen meanwhile there will be a series of little tests that the market will make to confirm that it's a safe place to be so the other thing interestingly he says a major consequence of this being the bottom is that it contradicts the vision that cycles are getting longer and longer that would be the end of the one-year cycle exactly as the one-year cycle in 2014 this leads to an indication that we could see a new all-time high in three years from now so guys are you willing to stick it out potentially for three years until we reach the 20k Bitcoin it's pretty long time guys let me know what you let me know what you think about that now moving on I wanted to just talk about what some people are saying so they were talking about these you know price cycles that repeat themselves over and over and over again right so you have crypto markets and developments you have 2013 frenzy and over-promised 2014 crash and under-deliver 2015 consolidate and ship 2016 lifts and refine adoption 2017 frenzy and over-promised 2018 crash and under delivery are you guys seeing a pattern here so they're saying that we currently found ourselves 2017 frenzy 2018 crash so they think that just based on what we've been doing in the past 2019 is that consolidation which we're clearly trying to do right now so 2020 could be the lift and refine and 2021 could potentially be the blast-off day now I did want to talk about what Lily Wu was saying in reference to this he does say that in order for the bottom to be in the volume of coins changing hands become steady currently it's very erratic synonymous with middle of the bear detox so he says is the beginning in absolutely not you know he focused on on chained volume volatility to suggest that Bitcoin still has lower to go and you can have a look at this chart right here now I wanted to talk about the idea of past performance not indicating future performance I know that I didn't say that correctly right so there was a response to you know this speculation that were just in cycles on Reddit and I do tend to read reddit comments and a lot of them tend to just be you know shilling coins or this or that but sometimes you come across a comment that makes a lot of sense and this one to me made a lot of sense this is from John troupe he says the speculative mania in 2017 was built upon the tokenization of decentralized platforms but the token homage didn't work because the platform's were not yet ready and still largely are not developed right also between the IRS declaring token on token transfers as taxable events the sec thinking that everything on the planet was a security the token AMA Creve Ellucian was effectively squashed however there is a bipartisan bill floating around Congress right now that could fix those problems however but if a lot of these platforms begin to deliver we could actually see this come to fruition key word being mites okay never take anything 100% that you read on the Internet it is my guess that there will be another wave of light that is fueled by the next generation of DAPs d finance is super interesting with gaps like maker Dow and their stabl coin dye compound finance and the dharma protocol just to name a few on top of that tokenized real estate is already happening with the one project in Manhattan already happening right now for example imagine being able to own tokenized portions of an apartment right and then depending on the success of the apartment you would be paid right it's like having instead of one landlord you'd have like a collective equal group of landlords that all own specific portions you know you know pieces of real estate or buildings this is already happening right key thing for the next cycle is timing scaling issues prevented further growth and made people question the feasibility of dabs guys we had crypto kitties clogging aetherium come on seriously anyway if Bitcoin can make lightning user-friendly serenity works well and all the other interesting stuff does get built on then chances are that we might see some more major adoption and hopefully a less painful bus cycle when the next Bitcoin inevitably pops now getting back to this guy because I just want to show you really quick now when he said that the bottom is in I want you to take everything with a grain of salt and the reason that I say this is because if you look at this this article came out on January 9th so granted the numbers add up yeah everything's great far as the math let me show you what actually happened so if we have a look this is January 9th okay and this is when this guy said the bottom was in does it look like the bottoms in guys does that look like the bottom was in so I just want you guys to just be very critical when it and when analyzing anything that you hear even on my channel you know we all have access to the same news we all have access to the same ability to do research but I just want to point that out guys always do your own research okay and never trust anything that you hear on the Internet now moving on really quick I wanted to segue into some some other topics but I want to talk about a favor and Phil's a luxury Swiss watchmaker that traces its family history back three centuries is developing a handcrafted mechanical timepiece with a built-in crypto wallet the company announced last week that the watch will have a crypto cold wallet and a state-of-the-art proprietary security solution based on blockchain technology so this is what they said in the statement they say we've developed the first time piece with the idea of offering something useful for the crypto community not simply something to just spend your money on so the watch is gonna cost somewhere between one hundred and two thousand and one hundred and fifty three thousand you know peanuts it's not that much depending on the model and its features and materials the watch will guarantee ultimate in data security and privacy protection the company said adding that the first prototype is going to be released during the second quarter of 2019 so not too long we should be seeing that rollout sometime soon now I wanted to get into some koi news today I got some crazy stuff to talk about don't go anywhere guys trust me it's not a boring day today when it comes to what is happening so the first thing that happened was you had gate dot i/o said that they had $100,000 worth of aetherium classic returned to them after the recent hack so the exchange further said that it has tried to contact is 51% attacker but haven't had any luck so far they say we still don't know the reason for this if the attacker didn't do it for profit he might be one of those that they refer to as white hackers who wanted to just remind people of the risks of blockchain consensus and hashing power security we've seen this before we've seen friendly hackers right well they'll hack something and then they won't take the money they'll just be like hey just kind of want to let you know you have a vulnerability there right the exchange warmed at the hashing power however of aetherium classics network is still not strong enough and that another 51% attack is in fact possible so just be aware of that if you're a theorem classic holder now let's talk about more Tron controversy man Tron between having one of the greatest runs out of all the Kryptos last week literally it was the top crypto in the top coins to instantly being just criticized is just amazing how much it's been in the news but let's talk about it so the main question here now is was Tron's $1,000,000 blockchain gap development competition a contract the question is currently doing rounds on social media these days so there was a redditor named G Hill who collected pieces of evidence that show that Tron was misleading participants the independent investigator says that Tron firstly delayed its winner announcement and then charged other than changed the prize payouts for instance the lowest winning of 5,000 was at the last moment slashed to 10,000 and at the same time the total number of winners was increased from 56% to more than a hundred percent so they had an email that went out and they said due to the unexpectedly high volume of competitive projects we have made some adjustments to the prize structure one of them is to award over 100 projects instead of 56 projects more details to be announced soon please stay tuned okay so that's the first thing the second thing is a 200k winner who doesn't exist so an apparent absence of big winners has also raised concerns among the participants chi hill found that the DAP developers who won $1,000 prize money are not coming out in the open while an entity who announced that it turned 200,000 via Instagram channel was unfindable on the rest of the internet also copy-and-paste projects won so aetherium developers ported their taps on the Tron main net to participate in the competition one developer decided to port his shrimp farm project from aetherium to Tron as an experiment a participant allegedly cloned the said project and submitted it as his own to the Tron competition with both the projects in the contest Tron reportedly did the clone as the winner so G Hill wrote surprisingly although Tron Shemp had the Tron shrimp had the most volume users and transactions it did not win a prize but one of the clones did the anthills developer diego posted to his community that he had become a winner one of the judges Vincent from the dap review admitted that while there was a screening around for the dabs he didn't get a chance to review all clarifying that he had been contacted to study some 40 daps which he assumed was for the big prize so Tron did come out with an official statement on their reddit okay they did address this which is good at least they're addressing the community right they're not leaving them in the dark here and the thing is is I always like to be objective about everything whether or not you know Tron is just an etherium ripoff plagiarized copy or whatever you think it's always good to still look at both sides of the story hear it out and then make a decision right so this is what they had to say now I'm not gonna read all of this is very very long I will drop it below but they say question number one they changed the prizes after the contest ended so they basically say summarizing that the reason that they did this is because they noticed that there were some developers that were just getting used to Tron and they thought that a lot of the projects had potential so instead of giving it to 56 projects they decided to up it to 108 so in other words they wanted to be able to allow more people to win however changing the rules halfway through pissed a lot of people off and also those who did receive top prizes didn't receive as big of prizes because now it was split among more people so I could see why people got frustrated over that alright number two they allow clones to win but not the original clone onto TRX well they said we've taken the community's feedback and after internal discussion we came to an agreement that Tron anthills project should in fact be cancelled with the $1,000 prize so people were complaining about that and they literally listened and cancelled so that's two for two right there number three they allowed contestants to win who didn't meet the criteria being on the main that they allowed projects that are an open source to win the grand winner is a mysterious project with barely any info available well they said that regarding the guy that won on Instagram he didn't actually win 200k he wrote he won 20 instead and they also went on to say that they don't actually require participating projects to be open sourced stokin team shared their github Ling and they did technical DD on the codes some projects shared with us their private repo even some projects did not share their codes but since they had really polished front-end you know such as games they said they didn't make any piece of project you know per the website since some of the developers were concerned about code privacy's which is understandable I mean granted yes something like a theory of now that it's out there and it's running sure open-source but you know there is that competition when you're developing in the background right so I kind of could see their point on that one okay so then they say projects has to be running on the main net before submission now that was a big question that people were saying right they said although it was shown on the website however after projects had been submitted we came to realize that it was okay for some projects after KY sees especially for tools and second layer solutions so okay that's their answer for that then they said they haven't posted a public list of winners to which they just said that they're working on doing it the first stage they were basically they did a round of filtering by judges okay and then after that they will they had like a point system that was to be determined five four three two one one being amazing five being basically nothing to do with Tron at all the second stage they did a review on the projects and then they said that they've announced the winners from lower to higher prices as of right now we have a preliminary list however we are still working on the background checks of a couple projects a final list of winners will be announced by the end of it says Monday which is today so by today if they don't have it out by today then you can continue to be concerned about this there was a screening before the DAP that was done some people were complaining about that as well based on what they said bottom line is hundreds of projects were just too much for the judges thus we did some pre filtering the project presented to judges were a diverse mix of different categories now I can actually say even on things like you guys ever watch like shark tank or Dragons Den or stuff like that on TV I know for a fact that those projects they get um they get filtered before they go on you know a project has to get looked at and and seen you know if it's suitable for the TV show right well in this case they thought that some projects just weren't they just weren't up to par or it was just too much so that's what they have to say and then they say some blatant ponzi games have won prizes to which they respond we do not discriminate the category of DAP games only focus on judging criteria so guys that's a completely objective overview I'm not saying Tron's a scam I'm not saying Tron is the best thing since sliced bread I'm just giving you the two different sides of the arguments right now I'd love to hear your opinion on it what do you guys think about Tron yeah let me know in the description below but that's basically what's going on so I just want to bring out both sides of the story to you guys moving on let's talk about ripples so you have them saying that banks and financial institutions are poised to flip the switch and integrate the digital asset XRP now in an interview with brad Garlin house the CEO he told fortune that he believes many of the 200 banks and institutions that they are currently working with will eventually turn to utilize ex rapid which is the actual token they're gonna use XRP whereas ex current doesn't use it right and that was a lot of the big criticism that was really around XRP last year they say this is the year that the wheat will be separated from the chaff not many months ago the media was saying no one will use XRP which made for good skeptical headlines today you can't say that as people are starting to use ex rapid because it's faster better and cheaper right this is what people are saying about Tron right now they're saying it's garbage you know a lot of people have their same concerns about card on Oh a lot of people said card on oh is you know vaporware and now everyone's all about card on oh so you know how the market goes guys so he also talks about your um Exim Bank just announced it'll be the first bank to commercially implement ex rapid to power payments for its customers and I think that is what we've all been waiting for with branches in London and st. Lucia Exim says it will begin using X rapid in the first quarter of this year so basically any day now right so also to mention euro Exim is one of the five new companies that ripple says will use X RP to power payments on behalf of their customers they also have J and FX send friend transp a go and financial transaction control systems so there you go now not to be confused guys with XRP classic I kid you not this is a coin guys I just someone told me about this today and I'm telling you about this because I'm pretty convinced this is 100% scam XRP classic where industrial solution your future is our X classic auto trading systems streaming ecosystem decentralized we've made a lot yeah so I don't know what this is guys but this thing is trading on market ox hit BTC la token and yeah I don't know so there yeah there you go XRP classic guys you can't make this stuff up anyway moving on let's talk about eternity whoo I don't usually bring them up a lot on this channel but recently a lot of people have been getting really excited and it looks like they've said that they're quite happy that they've invested in Wade X with the aim to facilitate the development of the first decentralized exchange to operate on the Eternity blockchain the collaboration aims at allowing users to carry out cross chain trust free atomic swaps between AE tokens and a variety of other crypto currencies so congratulations you know we do know that Dex's have an issue with a lot of liquidity a lot of people are still anticipating that Dex's will do well but with the sec recently slamming down on Dex's with ether delta getting fined and everything else well could be a bumpy road ahead but that being said congratulations to you guys moving forward also a lot of people ask me about high performance blockchain I actually did an interview with Danny from HP be a little bit ago if you guys want to check that out but he's recently done and asking me anything as well he answers a whole bunch of questions regarding high performance blockchain in the future so if you guys are interested definitely check that out that's good reading now I want to talk about neo guys we haven't talked about neo hardcore on this channel for quite some time but I want to talk about what's been going on so we have Eric Jean okay we all know he's the co-founder of neo but he's kind of in the background you know we always think of de Hong Fei he's sort of like the face of neo right so he isn't just the co-founder he's also the core developer and he's completely disinterested in the neo price and the crypto market fluctuations in general in fact if you ask him what the price of neo is at any given day chances are he'll say he has no idea okay what's the difference he says you know between the top 10 and number 18 referring to where neo is although as of this morning Neil was number 17 doesn't really matter he says we are developing a blockchain project instead of playing a capital game I just want to make this project even better so then they asked is it accurate that neo is often called the Chinese theorem do you mind that association or is this something that annoys you and the team he says the labeling is all hype we never introduced neo in that way and I'm personally against the labeling he goes on to explain that he has nothing against aetherium however he calls it a great project but he reaffirms that they're very different blockchains he says it's easy to call WeChat the Chinese what's that or Baidu the chinese google right but that's probably where the similarities end and it's pretty much the same way for them they say you're just watering it down marketing it this way for dummies in the east ok you callin me a dummy Eric anyway neo may have been conceived in China but he says that it's a global project so although it was created by two Chinese people he says I believe that the founders nationality is not the nationality of the project which does stand very true when you think about it right Satoshi Nakamoto there's a reason why he remained anonymous right because having that connection to a person or a face or an entity takes away the beauty of the pure decentralization other right although we know neo has been scrutinized for being overly centralized they've come out time and time again they're working on it they've made steps forward I think that's a pretty outdated argument at this point anyway he also goes on to say they asked him what are the key differences between neo and aetherium at the technological level well oh before we go on to that though he does say lastly I have to say that um one that can defeat the etherium can never be another aetherium so this kind of goes on with the thing that Richard Hart was saying about how you can't be just as good you have to be better okay that's just something to know now he talks about the differences he says the interface is provided by a theorem for smart contracts are relatively simple and they are usually provided using the EVM instruction shet set neo provides a large number of powerful api's for smart contracts and they are provided in a way similar to virtual devices now there are some similarities I'm not gonna lie obviously you know they do have Turing complete smart contracts but the the main difference for me that I noticed in the beginning was also the fact that a theory amuses solidity neo you can use a whole bunch of different coding languages and on top of that you have proof of work currently although they're trying to move to proof of stake for aetherium where neo uses D BFT algorithm okay so those are some of the differences right off top of the gate so he also says aetherium wants to be a world computer that cannot be stopped while neo wants to serve the smart economy they also go on to talk about identity that's a big thing for them as well and then he says are you a believer in regulation despite the fact that I SEOs and cryptocurrency exchanges are banned in China he goes on to say although I SEOs and exchanges are banned in China the government still encourages the development of blockchain the situation is a little murky however in China upon first glance on the other hand the government seems to be entirely hostile to crypto it's not an i co incubator hub like for example Switzerland or Malta right however it's not falling behind in the race of blocked blockchain because it did been you know icos and crypto but they are very Pro blockchain also he mentions that trading is not illegal exchanges are illegal he says this isn't gonna hurt neo at all or damaged neo in any way you know or any of the projects you can't trade neo or any tokens on Chinese exchanges but you can legally trade neo in other countries so he says traders always think of a way I don't really care about this because I'm not a traitor he also says that the price of neo is about as interesting to him as the latest tweet from a Kardashian what so also they talk about Neo Def Con which I'm I'm like 95% sure I'm gonna be attending guys I'm just I didn't I actually haven't bought my special my tickets yet but yeah so hopefully I'll be there and if I do all that you guys know and I'll see you there now did you anticipate the Bitcoin cash hard fork having such an effect on the industry he says personally I didn't pay much attention to the market fluctuation nor did I notice the Bitcoin cash hardfloor so it's difficult for me to answer the question however he added from what I've observed an industry has to weed out underperforming projects to achieve growth he then goes on to drop an unexpected prediction he says in my opinion aetherium will sooner or later exceed Bitcoin and get the first position but aetherium will also face very fierce competition from other projects obviously neo you know he according to him so he thinks that not only is the theory I'm gonna overtake XRP but it has the potential to overtake Bitcoin thoughts on this guy's will a theory I'm over take Bitcoin what do you think he says as far as I know that now this is a question relating to where do you see the future of cryptocurrency and our traditional financial institutions right to fear it he says as far as I know my financial financial institutions are exploring the application of blockchain technology in financial scenarios however I don't think traditional finance institutions can make any real achievements in the blockchain field because in my opinion the nature of the blockchain is to reduce the cost of trust transfer through decentralization and the nature of traditional financial institutions is to create trust through a decentralized Authority these two ideas are contrary to each other and difficult to unify so that is the end of this very very very long article guys I normally would never focus this long but you really don't get to hear from a guy like Eric from neo he usually stays behind the scenes I definitely value what this guy does you know he does a lot of auditing for smart contracts read for sec he's they caught me literally they call the guy he's like the crypto Jedi like we'll get him up there with the lightsaber so just wanted to bring that up that's it that's it I just wanted to talk about it I thought it was like he made a lot of good points and I just want to bring it up now moving on let's talk about what's going on in crypto cuz my goodness look at the time this videos so long can't believe you guys stuck it out this long but I promise you tomorrow's video will not be this long I every promise guys so Malaysia cryptocurrency regulations come into effect on Tuesday the Malaysian finance minister Lim I don't have to say it reportedly said today that the capital markets and services order 2019 would become effective on January 15th which is tomorrow so starting tomorrow any persons operating unauthorised icos or digital assets in Malaysia will face up to ten years in jail and a ten well it's only 2.5 million dollar fine holy crap ten years in jail and a 2.5 million dollar fine these guys ain't playing according to Malaysia news outlet the star and noted that the positive outlook of the Ministry of Finance on cryptocurrency inche positive outlook stating the Ministry of Finance views digital assets as well as its underlying blockchain technologies as having the potential to bring about innovation in both old and new industries oh so this is cool so they're like kind of being like yeah we support but you need to do it by our book so take it with a grain of salt guys a wins a win right we also have the these guys over here so you have Grant County Public Utility District in Washington state has revealed that nine cryptocurrency firms have filed a lawsuit against it and its commissioners relating to the increased electricity cost imposed on them for mining crypto currencies so it alleges that they acted inappropriately in creating approving a new rate that raises electricity cost for cryptocurrency miners now it is pretty incredible how much they're raising this I will say that so starting April first crypto miners are gonna have to pay the first of a three year graduated increase to a new above cost electric rate now they went on to say that the new rate seventeen for evolving industries is basically going to have customers that are either miners of cryptocurrency and this could include Bitcoin it says that they will receive a 15% increase next year a 35% increase in 2020 and a 50% increase in 2021 when the new rate will be in effect so grant PUD revealed that when it approved the rate hike that had received new service enquiries for more than 2,000 megawatts of power since summer 2017 this accounted for more than three times the electric needed to power all Grant County homes farms businesses and industries and approximately 75% of those requested we're from cryptocurrency miners so you can kind of see their point here when they're saying that this you know these miners are using more than three times the electricity needed to mine you know the entire county so that's just something to keep in mind moving forward guys and before we get on out of here I just wanted to talk about fake news right we always hear about fake news well somebody actually took the time to compile all this stuff about Russia and Bitcoin and they're saying that Russia adopting Bitcoin is fake news now while I do give this person credit for putting all of this together in fact they were kind enough to include my video in there which I really appreciate that thank you so much but I just want to point out something I don't know exactly what everyone else is talking about but no one was saying that Russia is going to buy it was made very clear that it was speculation okay it was one man and in fact they go on to say that a lot of people were talking about the daily huddle article that was printed which is weird because my youtube is in here so this would say that you know as reported by the daily huddle at the time that they had plans to do this and they were saying you know their sources as reported by the daily huddle well that wasn't my source I just want to say that guys so my source was actually Mickey and I just want to read a few points real quick we never said this was a definite little I want to just read a couple paragraphs once again so Vladimir ginko a lecturer at Moscow's Russia presidential academy of national economy and public administrator anticipates that new US sanctions will force the Kremlin into diversifying its cash reserve in a Bitcoin this is one man now it says in his opinion in his opinion okay the first wave of significant Russia government investment into Bitcoin could begin within weeks and would be worth billions of dollars he says I believe the Russian government will start diversifying its reserves with Bitcoin into February this year when US Congress will introduce a new sanction against Russia he says I as an expert economist at Russia presidential academy of national economic and public administration put my public media figures weight behind the work to persuade various stakeholders of Russia Society in the need for investing central bank's reserves into Bitcoin so at no point in this article does it actually say Russia's investing okay just pointing it out now let's talk about what Putin had to say well at the Russian calling Investment Forum in Moscow he made it clear that he's seeking alternative reserve currencies he says we have no goal of moving away from the dollar it's the dollar that's been moving away from us those making such decisions are not shooting themselves in the foot but somewhere more delicate further up the body because there's instability when it comes to doing business with the dollar gives rise to a desire and it's happening all around to find alternative reserve currencies and create a financial system independent from the dollar that was the that was the key takeaways of the article guys so as much as I do appreciate the community you know trying to say it's fake news it's fake news saying that Russia is absolutely 100% definitely going to be buying up but saying you know could Russia potentially start the next bull run based on one opinion well that's technically not a lie that's what happened so once again guys I think the theme of today is take everything you hear with a grain of salt anything you hear from me anything you hear from anyone else take it with a frickin grain of salt guys we also have Switzerland's major private investment bank I cannot believe I have more news I almost feel like this is too long of a video I should have made it a two-parter I will not do this tomorrow you guys I promise but this is important news Switzerland's major private investment bank von Tobel has launched a crypto custody solution targeting banks and asset managers guys I feel like this videos been going on for quite some time I'm just gonna leave it here you guys can have a look at this this is really really really good news moving forward also I wanted to let you guys know there's a list of crypto currency law firms if you're interested in looking at that as well and before we go I wanted to remind you in 1998 Yahoo refuses to buy Google for a million dollars in 2002 Yahoo realizes its mistake and tries to buy Google for three billion Google says give us five billion Yahoo says no in 2008 Yahoo refuses to be sold to Microsoft for 40 billion dollars in 2016 Yahoo sold to Verizon for 4.6 billion dollars don't be like Yahoo what was the purpose of that no freaking idea guys I just thought it was cool that being said I did not forget we still have to do a t-shirt giveaway at the end of this super long video so let's go to yesterday's video should we pause this right here we will take this we will go over here we will enter this and we will see who won let's see how many duplicate comments do we have it's gonna one two oh only 217 unique comments okay not too bad today guys I think it's because small t-shirts are not most people tend to buy like large like you know larges an extra larges so one Bitcoin will always be worth one Bitcoin forget the Fiat price hell yeah Doctor Who we got to pick another winner though I agree one Bitcoin will always be one Bitcoin which is why I hate when my Bitcoin value goes down in my portfolio uh let's see here my school why well he does want the t-shirt he says asic mining is also superseded technology the FPGA hardware running on bit streams are slowly becoming available commercially they are pricey but they outperform ASIC mining by order of magnitude FPGA hardware is non application-specific and our repurposing unlike ASIC mining machines awesome all right well you would so definitely hit me up in the about Me section and you will get the t-shirt so that is awesome this freakin video has gone on forever guys that's it also friendly reminder before we go guys we do have ledger nano X's available Genesis block edition if you'd like to help they do support the channel you have to use my link below and that's about all I got for you guys today so thank you so much my sincerest apologies for the long video I knew it was gonna be long but not this long that being said I promise you tomorrow's video will be shorter but I hope you got some kind of value out of it I mean I personally thought that the whole neo segment with Eric Jong I really thought that was cool you don't really hear from the guy a lot it was really cool perspective so that being said I hope you guys are having a great freaking start to your week hope Monday is treating you well and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow that being said until next time my name is Kay dub this is crypto zombie state crypto and peace out

42 thoughts on “Bitcoin Bounces Back!!! NEO: Ethereum WILL Overtake Bitcoin?!? TRON Responds to Accusations”

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  2. Tron is the Donald Trump of Crypto!!! It could replace all fiat and people would complain about the useless paper money that`s littering the world! The haters see no accomplishments!!

  3. I’ll bet $10,000 Apple has hot and maybe even cold-storage crypto wallets on the iWatch in 5 yrs. Anyone taking this bet?

  4. Were going back to $3200. If we fall below $3100, we’re going down to $1400. BTC may be a hyper wave.

    I’m sticking it out for 40 years. 3 years? What are you TALKING ABOUT!?!?!?

    Don’t forget the kid who kicked himself in a tweet crying about selling BYC at $14. BTC was at like $20 at the time of his tweet.

    Don’t be an idiot. Even if you sell the next $55k top, we’ll probably never see another $3k BTC. The next bottom will likely be $6-11k.

    Don’t ever sell all your coins. Sell half. Keep the other half. Best profits may be realized here.

    Toodles ??

  5. Genius intro, K-Dub! 😀 Without any TA involved, Jan 26 – Feb. 2 looks like an interesting date range. No prediction. Just interesting that that time frame will basically match the ATH of Nov-Dec 2013, and the next Lows of mid-Jan. 2015. And by then we'll also know whether or not Bitcoin ends Down for Six Months Straight for the first time. Will history rhyme exactly, closely, a little or not at all? Time will tell. Enjoy the ride!

  6. Massive pump? Really? What are you talking about? These are normal market moves. Unless you are margin trading 3 – 10% moves are jack.

  7. sry i dont use twitter ,… Cryptopia been hacked,…..question , ( yellow laught) ,…are you still in after a hack ? …..) ( we dont know how much 'they' lost but they say its significant,….) ,…i think more Ledger will be sold

  8. I have such a hard time understanding this guys English. Maybe because of his way of blending sarcasm in his dialogue. Also he says "no yea & yea no" then he talks so fast. Does any other non English speaking people have a hard time understanding him? It's definitely a strange dialect.

  9. Ripple Cash Classic Gold Private Diamond Dark SV (Shit Version) is being released soon and is going to DA MOON!!!

  10. 2013, 14, 14, 16 had tiny main stream exposure compared to 2017, 18. I believe the time frames will be at least halved due to the massive growth and exposure in the space.

  11. is anoyone talkin' about the fact the dudes who own the NYSE ave applied to tha SEC to run a Crypto exchange.. Will they ever re-open eh.. lol Am a sixe XL bro 🙂 keep up the great work! Blessed love from Eire

  12. QQ is a copy of ICQ … Baidu is a copy of Google … WeChat is a copy of Whatsapp …
    There is no question about that.

  13. Ok, so you want to measure pain? A good place to start might be that poll taken and the percentage in the 75% lost category. Cheers

  14. Even though you said you weren’t saying either way, you came across as defending Tron to me. Do you own any Tron? ?

  15. The best investment I ever did in my life was with CROPYMINE on Instagram, I bought my dream car, so happy

  16. Excellent video K-Dub as always. I don't care if the videos long 3 hours .. you do it in a great way. For sure the best channel on youtube to be informed about crypto news! Keep up the great job man! "That's been said" give me my shirt !!!! xD

  17. @ cryptozombie – the Russians Man opinion is a fake verified twitter account. He is no expert or anything else.

    He retweeted crypto giveaways as can be seen on the scam infographic in your video. That were the problem was in even talking about this. (i could make a fake verified trump twitter account right now and claim im going to buy 100 billion in bitcoin) – would you report it if Micky wrote about it again ?

    There is no opinion from no expert that Russia may be going to buy bitcoin.

    Is it still possible that they will buy some ? Sure, why not

  18. NEO has been buzzing lately. Haven't heard Da Hongfei mentioned yet or for a while. Miss my ant shares beginnings. Thankfull thats over with. new in crypto suked!!

  19. As a Malaysian, it's pretty good news that they're considering regulating it instead of banning it outright. But of course this MAY BE due to them wanting to market their own political coin, Harapan Coin, which was launched prior to the General Elections in early 2018, but ultimately failed to raise the funds – website also looks shoddy af.

    But a small win is better than any defeat.

  20. I don't believe the bottom is in. Brotha you gotta remember Bitmain is still dumping and the ETF's final denial is next month. In March we can determine if a bottom is in but not yet. In all fairness to that guy you posted Jan 9th could have been lost bottom since we've gone lower than this current point already. We almost dipped below 3k last month.

  21. As if Russia would buy into Bitcoin with China controlling 51% hash power. That would be a matter of national security. The genius who started the rumor did so deliberately. The question is why?

  22. Getting off topic – I think it would be awesome if someone (hint hint) made an hour long documentary of mid 2017 to mid 2018 [with a 4 part series added because you wouldnt be able to fit it into an hour] nah but really – you can grab YT clips, documents, photos on twitter and medium/reddit etc
    just a thought 😛

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