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welcome back to crimped our coin news my name is Zack and today we're going to be going over the cryptocurrency market as a whole we're gonna be talking about Bitcoin and when there could be a bottom for this Bitcoin bear market we have been seeing and when we could start to recover and see some growth back in the cryptocurrency space but before we get into this video today guys do not forget it is crypto Christmas here on CCN all you have to do if you want to win $50 worth the etherium you have a chance to do it every single day we stream all you have to do to enter to win $50 with a theorem is like this video like it up right now that's completely easy it's really easy it's free just click the like button then leave a comment down below let us know your thoughts on the Bitcoin bottom where do you see the bottom of Bitcoin being along with your etherium address now that yesterday's winners gonna be announced at the end of this live stream so stay tuned have you entered in last video that we've done and if you want to enter like I said just like leave that comment with your aetherium address and boom it's that simple you could win $50 worth the etherium but now let's kick it out to the provider of this giveaway stay calm big things at stake for providing the money for these giveaways that we're doing all holiday season if you guys want to check them out their link is down below in the description but now let's talk about Bitcoin and the market in general right now we're seeing 123 million dollar market cap that is relatively low we've seen a little bit lower over these last few days over this holiday weekend and we are slowly recovering but we're kind of just teetering on the brink of kind of a small disaster here this is not the bottom for Bitcoin just yet 3700 now 3300 was the expected bottom for quite a while a lot of people were talking 3 300 that's where we're gonna see a reversal but now there's rumors and murmurs in the community that $3,000 is more likely to be a bottom that's an 85 percent retracement from the twenty thousand dollar all-time high that Bitcoin saw but before we go into an article that kind of states this and goes over it I want actually click into Bitcoin to show you guys where we really bottomed down and that was around Thanksgiving or the day after Thanksgiving if you live here in the u.s. let's go to the seven-day chart here we're a little bit above our bottom our bottom was $3,600 I think it was actually in the $3,500 range but right now we're slowly coming back but we're still seeing off and on red days and I expect there to be more red in this market I think the next big bloodbath could be around the Christmas season that's where we saw a little bit of a sell-off last year and then we saw a lot after the new year so I don't think we're out of the woods just yet and I think there's still a couple of months before we start to see any type of reversal I'm probably putting my money somewhere in February that we're gonna start to fully flip around and start to rebuild this market but then to see a full bull run go back into place a lot of people are saying that's gonna be in June or July of 2019 now that's a ways away but honestly if Bitcoin dips closer to $3,000 that's where I'm a buyer in this market at 3,000 $3,300 that's where I'm gonna scoop up a bit of Bitcoin because I feel strongly by next year it's at least gonna be worth seven eight nine thousand dollars and if you bought at three thousand you could be seen two to three times gains even if you have to wait seven or eight months for that I think it's totally gonna be something that happens because if you just look back about a month ago we were at $6,000 plus Bitcoin and I think we're obviously gonna get back there probably before q2 of next year and then back hopefully over 10k that's what most people think by the end of June going into July and if that happens and you bought at three thirty three hundred you can be seen two to three times gains on any investment you made and that's something I'm really really excited about but now let's continue on like as you can see it's been a lot of up and down a lot of small recovery back to the four thousand dollar level and then back down we haven't really fallen below 3500 yet a lot of people are waiting on that and like I said I think that's gonna come later this year as holidays really slow down trading slow down volume and I can expect the Christmas season around the 20th to the probably the 28th is gonna really see a significant drop in volume and we might see some prices falling here in from the crypto space but let's go into this article so this article talks about an 85 percent discount from the all-time high and I mean you can consider it a discount I don't know if we're gonna see the twenty thousand dollar all-time high anytime soon I don't think we're gonna see it in 2019 maybe a twenty twenty type of deal but I think in 2019 it will be the rebuild year so think of 2017 as the over-hyped year and where everyone was just losing their over cryptocurrency and spending all the money they possibly could taking out home mortgages loans anything they could do to get their hands on more crypto that was a frenzy well after the frenzy happened the crypto space was so over bloated that the only place I could really go was down after the frenzy stopped fueling the crypto fire that's what happened and over this year we've seen the bubble pop we've seen it drain we've seen a lot of uneducated investors leave this space and now I think we're at a more realistic value of we're probably Bitcoin in crypto currency should have been last year to end the year and then we could have built this year but since that happened for us this year when we lost everything and now we're kind of at a bottom we can only really go up from here so obviously I do think a hundred billion dollar total market cap is a possibility in this next like four or five months when we do try to bottom out if Nicklin goes to three thousand that's where we're most likely going to be but then it's the flipping is gonna happen we're gonna start to turn around and when that turnaround happens it's going to be slow stable gradual growth and that's what we really need so as regulations come into place future ETFs etc we're going to slowly see the market build build build and create the stepping stones and support because without you know a good foundation the house will fall and now we're finally you know the house was a big mansion it was five stories but there was no foundation no support beams and the whole thing collapsed on itself now we're rebuilding we need to build that trailer first and then we're gonna you know build the one level home and then maybe the two-story family house you know we're slowly going to come back but we have to take time and we need educated investors we need regulation etf's features we need hedge funds trading we just need more smart money in the space and that's what's gonna happen in 2019 2020 then going into 2021 maybe we're gonna see new all-time highs or maybe we would have saw him in 2020 and we're gonna be building up towards that trillion dollar market cap and I really think by 2021 that's a huge possibility but let's go down here so this is what he basically stated so in this article this was Morgan Creek who is a digital assets are in the digital assets division told CNBC's Squawk Box on Monday that basically 85% from the all-time high is about where we'll end up which puts us around 3,000 our Bitcoin okay so when we came really close to that this last weekend okay so that I mean it's possible I definitely believe $3,000 is where we could see so he then went on to state that Bitcoin was overvalued in December 2017 there there's more sellers than buyers this year so the price goes down and that makes sense you know if you bought in 2009 to 2015 or 16 Eve 17 even if you bought in that eight year period you were probably selling at the later part of 2017 and all through 2018 and you were taking profit on your stacks a Bitcoin that you bought early for cheap and now like yeah there was more sellers than buyers so but there's three things you got to remember the first is this is a transaction settlement layer it's the most secure in the world it's got to be worth something it can't be worth zero so he's stating that bitcoin is not going to zero a cryptocurrency is not going to zero it still has a value and if you or have been in the industry or been in this space for any amount of time you know there's so many people involved in the space it's literally not going to disappear overnight it's going to be around for the long haul but it's going it might be around in a different capacity a year from now like I said some of the top crypto currencies might not even be in the top 300 in the next two or three years you know coins that are in the top ten now might not even be around or relevant anymore in 2021 so we are going to see a massive restructure and I did see some articles this weekend that talked about Bitcoin and that it's not going to be around anymore like that a different cryptocurrency is going to take its spot and that Bitcoin will no longer really be a big player in the cryptocurrency space and I could see that happening but I don't see it happening before the next bull run I see the next bull run Bitcoin being a big driving force of that Bitcoin is the face of cryptocurrency and I see that driving force helping Bitcoin propel the new values helping crypto propel the new values and then people analyze the cryptos and maybe Bitcoin will fall off I could see that happening but not anytime soon and fighting back a sneeze here oh okay now I do want to go over a Twitter I was asking you guys last week like how low do you think the market will go a lot of you guys had 50 billion that actually won the poll 100 billion was in second place only 3% behind and I really do agree with your sentiment in the market a hundred billion is what I agree with the 50 that's that's quite a ways off because right now bitcoins worth more than that bitcoins were 65 billion 50 billion that's just so that's that's a bit far-fetched 100 I could see happening but it's still going to be it would be a struggle to see a hundred billion happen we've gotten close I want to say the market cap lets go in the last 7 days sorry um ok so we've been as low as yeah like 115 and I mean if we get to 3000 our Bitcoin we will be right at that hundred maybe just below it but 50 I mean that would put probably Bitcoin like a Bitcoin has 50% of the market share at 25 billion dollars that means Bitcoin would be worth probably a thousand a thousand and change and I just don't see it dropping that low I don't see the market dropping that far but right now like I said to summarize a stream title this is all about where bitcoins gonna bottom and right now it's looking anywhere between 3 and 3300 from all the experts we follow and that are in the news announcing CCN or CNN or on NBC these are what these experts think 3000 to 3300 and I tend to agree with them I don't see us going much lower than 3000 as I put us at probably a 95 billion our total market caps relatively low I don't see Bitcoin going to $1000 and destroying the market and brain 50 billion dollars right now the markets relatively I think strong at this point down at this 100 120 billion dollar range I think we're gonna fluctuate a lot in between then in the next couple of months but like I said 3,000 $3,300 Bitcoin that seems to be a bottom but guys we're gonna pick the winner to the giveaway but after this announcement from a crypto spotlight that my fiance did Zack today we're talking about slink a coin real estate finance revolution swing K is a unique real estate investment opportunity that claims to offer high returns with no minimums so incas goal is to let anyone anywhere access any real estate investment opportunities worldwide this means that people can transparently choose what percentages of a flat a house an office or even land that they want to invest in this way people can benefit from a personalized real estate portfolio that is flexible to manage speaking of which Swink a– offers its own platform where you can manage and personalize your own portfolio this allows you to invest in properties that you're interested in with however much you're interested in investing which means no minimums Swink a– tokenize a–'s real-world assets on the blockchain and is able to provide a unique service that brings liquidity to the market so we can aim to disrupt the crypto real-estate industry by lowering the barrier to become a multi property owner of worldwide high yielding properties within minutes users receive their monthly income rent and capital gain instantly by allocating investments in their properties they prefer properties are tokenized on the blockchain so incas platform is easy to use instant and requires no minimum of investment to automatically receive their respective income rent and capital gain they also have this video on their website that you guys can check out if you are interested in learning more about what Swink a– offers real estate investment is considered as attractive safe and generating important returns however it's still complicated and has limitations and entry barriers thus owning properties is not accessible as it should be remaining slow and inefficient the problems are is that there is no liquidity in real estate asset markets transactions still take time and can be costly offering limited to specific countries and categories processes of ownership and counterproductive can take months and more the solution is to tokenize real old assets on the blockchain by giving the possibility to large and small investors to participate in great investments they can transact between each other effortlessly and instantly by doing so we are bringing liquidity to the market making transactions of assets instant cost-effective and much easier we can quickly take a look at their roadmap here we have a few bullet points listed coming in to next year as we can see we are in ICO February 1st to March 31st Swink ax real estate is planned to launch April 2019 as well as the swink of Bank in May 2019 as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android in June 2019 the list goes on all the way to AI integration of February 20 20 X twe could take a look at their coin sale distribution the swing could ICO takes place before the project is completed this helps fund expenses undertaking by the founding team until launch so the total supply is 400 million the total presale ICO is 20 million the total ICO is a hundred twenty million the initial price is one swing qey equals ten cents USD pre-sale starts November 26 2008 een and the public sale starts January 2nd 2019 lastly I wanted to show you guys the coin sale distribution we have 35% of presale and ICO 5% to employees and advisors 5% of founders 3% to marketing and bounty 2% to private sale and 50% to pools and masternodes and the hard cap is 75 million so that is the briefest possible overview I could give you guys on swing cut if you guys are interested in learning more there is a link in the description as always thanks Zack thank you so much Megan for that review guys if you want to check out that project the link is down below in the description box but now let's do a crypto Christmas giveaway but before we get into it don't forget if you want to win $50 worth the etherium in tomorrow's live stream I only have to do is like this video smash up the Lex it's really easy it's free just scroll down and click that leg button then leave a comment down below and let us know where you think the Bitcoin bottom is along with your aetherium address and boom you're entered for a chance to win $50 in tomorrow's live stream but now let's announce the winner from the last live stream we did 544 of you entered let's start the random generator don't forget to smash that like fun in it looks like the winner is Adam Philbin okay Adam Philbin said this market is brutal right now trying to stay positive thanks for all the videos and info well Adam you're welcome thank you so much for watching the videos and Entering let me pull up our little etherium wallet here and then we'll be giving away $50 worth the etherium live because we like to do it live so you guys know we're actually doing it okay so fifty US dollars which i think yeah it's pretty much half of an ethereal point four six six let's send this it was 0.26 when we started this only like a two weeks ago that's that's crazy okay so it's 750 dollars worth the etherium over to Adam thank you guys so much for entering like I said if you want to enter just like this video leave that comment down below subscribe to those notifications down and until next time happy trading and goodbye I saluted

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