Bitcoin Bottom Central Bank Crypto Coming! Manipulation New STO's better than ALTcoins major gainers

what bundles a food alright guys welcome back to Kryptos and today's video there's a lot of things I'm gonna cover first I will cover the central banks they were talking about crypto currencies and how they might actually adopt them and then I'm gonna talk about stos and I'm gonna release another report for the private members of Wolfpack kryptos and we're gonna talk about the cryptocurrency infrastructure which has been built in the recent year year and a half there's legal there's issuance and trading so this will be the backbone that cryptocurrencies are going to be running on and these are all legitimate meaning they all adhere to regulations and a lot of the new stos and crypto currencies and the existing crypto currencies are going to have to be a part of this ecosystem that they're going to be forced upon upon crypto currencies because that's what's gonna happen I mean regulations they're gonna force crypto currencies to use these companies okay now to think think about it one coinbase first started a few years back in 2015 I believe our 14 it was a six they raised six million dollars well by 2017 it was worth like seven billion now imagine if you were able to invest in that so if you invested maybe just a thousand bucks maybe a few hundred dollars and you're part of the first seed round funding for coinbase when they raise six million dollars but you held a few years until 2017 1819 till now and now it's a six billion dollar valuation company how much do you think your investment is worth now a lot more we're talking thousands of percent gains so I will be covering I will be releasing a second report on companies we can invest in right now and you don't have to be a millionaire you don't have to be an accredited investor there's a there's some out there right now that you can invest in and for one they're legal so they're not they weren't I cos they're not being ran by incompetent people these are legit companies that are running right now with the file revenue reports quarterly reports they have balance sheets these are legitimate companies and these are also companies that will be working with Wall Street and there will also be on ramps for institutional capital and so the risk is much lower but the reward can be huge and I think this will be the future and a lot of the lot of all coins could die off but these won't so the risk involved with buying utility tokens and previous icos night like 90% of them are gonna fail because of you know the management team the competitions high and they might run out of money in this bear market and I will talk about when the bear markets gonna end again but for now these companies are gonna survive I mean some of these might fail as well but the likelihood is is really great for them to not just survive the bear market but they're gonna be used by companies all around the world they're gonna be used by Wall Street by banks and these are what you're gonna want to be in all right so I'm excited about this and I will be releasing the report for private members by the way for the private members we're gonna go on to a new system because it's really time consuming for me to keep track of who's paying me it was or not and a lot of you uh stopped paying me so I'm gonna start booting people before I release this report and I'm gonna just possibly make a patreon because it's easy to keep track of everyone and then everyone has to pay but I'm also gonna drop the price for now I'm gonna drop it to 25 bucks a month but of course you have to buy the research report just to just to be able to jump into the private group and I'm gonna raise the price of the research report because for one I mean we're getting to the bottom of the market we're getting close and here's the Excel spreadsheet that I've done for the research on all of the old coins from large-cap altcoins to micro-cap and then there's the research report paper newsletter it's very long I've all have all of some written research on all the old coins and that comes along with the research report so I go to old fat kryptos that I yo if you're interested listen guys the time to get my research report if you haven't is when the markets tanking and we're getting towards the bottom of the market it's not when the prices have already started going back up because you're gonna miss a lot of the gains on the way back up the first like ten percent from the all-time low back up is when you make the most money because that's when you could accumulate in quantity and unit price that's when you could buy some of these Kryptos for like fractions of a penny or or under a dollar but once it goes back up another but when they shoot back up its gonna shoot back up like 50 percent and 50 percent doesn't sound like a lot but in unit price it does so you could have accumulated fifty percent more and when you take profits like a year or two years later a year and a half later at the whole time high like I did in 2017 I took profits around nineteen thousand well I started accumulating the beginning of 2017 right when the unit price was really low like aetherium was under $20 so you don't want to wait for let's say aetherium let's say right now goes back down to 50 bucks well and then it starts shooting past $100 and then you jump in no you want to jump in when it's 50 dollars because then you you couldn't accumulate double the amount if that makes sense alright anyways it's risky I mean cryptocurrencies are extremely risky did I invest in anything you're not willing to lose but that is how I look at it I have allocated capital I'm willing to lose forever I don't care but you know I'm gonna start dollar-cost averaging in as the prices keep falling here and I'm excited about these stos so I talked about that here's a what it looks what it look like the patreon group for Wolfpack kryptos this is for MMG invest for the private members that's only invite you cannot come in unless you buy the report from ng invest all right so here's a Willie Woo's charts I wanted to talk about this because he makes really good charts and information I mean the fundamental research that he does is it's the best out there and I we did do an interview last year it's in the interview section of my playlist so here's Bitcoin through put this chart tracks the throughput of bitcoins base blockchain transactions in value transmitted on layer 2 such as side chains Lightning Network and lightning Network are not included alright so transactions have been picking up lately now he was talking about that this doesn't make sense because it might be manipulation because the transactions are almost as high as they were at the all-time high around 19,000 Bitcoin so he's saying that there is manipulation behind the scenes meaning if there's more and more transactions of bitcoins especially in large large quantities but the price really isn't going back up in a big way it's not rallying back up to 10,000 or above it means that there is accumulation going on behind the scenes but the prices are reflecting it because they go on the market and they'll dump so you know if you're accumulating like let's say a hundred thousand Bitcoin well you could go on the market during low volume dump a couple thousand worth a big couple thousand bitcoins onto the market and then it'll drop the price let's say five hundred thousand dollars and then as the price falls you slowly with like BOTS or algos start accumulating as people start selling and that's that's just a game you could play alright to accumulate so it doesn't take too much money you could also go on bit mix and leverage it up and then dump the market right and then on the OTC markets accumulate behind the scenes slowly gradually a large quantity of bitcoins and that's what he was talking about on that one video with tone so here's a Bitcoin that Network momentum so this is momentum basically it's uh like the NVT ratio velocity of bitcoins in cash coming into the market so during the bull market you can see here I mean the velocity was it was up here it was around anywhere from two hundred and twelve thousand to around five hundred thousand volume daily right now we are down around a hundred and forty thousand so this data contradicts the last data I just showed you and that's why he thinks there might be some manipulation to the downside of the price of Bitcoin so they could accumulate all right if that makes sense and I will do ta towards the end of this video we'll talk about volume and the price but volume did pick after liquid SOT liquid side chain which is lightning that work and that's good and this will increase with time this was this will also increase prior to the havening and the happening is coming up I'm not exactly sure it's about a year well no to 2020 spring so it's about a year away so you can start saying that some whales are gonna start accumulating at least six months in advance probably a little more so this summer right in my time analysis says June 2019 by then the bottoms in I'm not saying we're going back into a bull market I'm just saying the bottoms in by then alright so momentum still down here and this chart goes all the way back to 2010 so here's the bear market it ended August of 2015 and by then momentum was around 300,000 right now it's still down by a hundred forty thousand so when was the last time I was a hundred forty thousand during the last bear market it was um yeah it was two thousand was August 2014 and then after a hundred forty thousand his momentum started picking up as you can see right here so uh that that goes well with my price analysis and I'll talk about my price analysis before I do I want to talk about this central the central bank's talking about Bitcoin during Basel three and I will link these articles in the newsroom of wolfpack kryptos which is free and the link is below the video in the information section below the video all right so here's a 24 page report this is a the tenth page so it results the survey finds that a wide variety of motivations is driving an increasing number of central banks to conduct to conduct conceptual research on CBD C's which is basically crypto currencies however only a few central banks have firm intentions to issue a CBD C within the next decade alright so if you I will link this in the news room I will cover this briefly basically what they're saying here is they don't want JP Morgan and private private banks a Bank of America and all them in Chase to have their own crypto currencies but they are contemplating and talking about central bank's issuing a crypto currency like the SDR for interbank loans and transfers basically what ripple wants to do but they're not gonna use ripple they're gonna use their own just funny right ironic I mean I saw that coming I don't know why people think they would use Ripple they don't have to that okay guys so why would they I don't want to get into it anyways and the BIS the Bank of International Settlements which is like I don't know how to explain it it's like the head it's the head of all the central banks around the world it like they talk to all the central banks in the sort of creating regulations I guess I'm not exactly sure but it's like the cartel that runs the other cartels it's like the head honcho cartel to run the other central banks around the world internationally and they talk about policymaking and what the central bank should do and what they were talking about is well they can create us they can make a cryptocurrency for central banks to use which would sort of become like the the world reserve currency right now they use dollars to do that they were talking about SD ours which is a basket of fiat currencies but now you know they've been doing studies and they might just create some sort of cryptocurrency instead of a basket of everything although they were also talking about using gold so they could do something like some kind of hybrid of like gold and crypto and some Thea I don't know they're talking all they're talking all over the place honestly but uh this report does talk about that and they're talking about how they might implement this in Sweden because Sweden is already pretty much a cashless society now at the end of the day you they were taught what they were talking about here is they want full control of it they don't like and they don't like anonymity for the retail sector but they like but they want privacy for themselves which is rich it's really rich of course they want privacy's for themselves so people can't see that they print money and then pump up the stock markets in the bank then the bank's shares and whatnot I don't want to get into it but uhm so but they're also talking about how they could do away with private banking and just have like a global central bank is showing everyone's currency seriously this is how these people think these people their sole purpose is to centralize everything meaning like just have like one I don't know like a can't literally it just have one bank the entire world that this is how these people think and this is what they want and of course they want to be in charge of that it's rich it's hilarious because Bitcoin of course they don't mention Bitcoin in here Bitcoin was meant to be a replacement for central banks and a centralized financial structure that could fail there's one point of failure at that point and we and you know they're gonna do it so it it's funny how long but you could tell that they're years behind the curve and honestly they're they're probably not going to do this within the next five years but they're they're talking about getting it done within the next decade so this gives time for the current cryptocurrency market and the private crypto market to to take a foothold and by the time they roll out their structure their control structure cuz that's what it is it might be too late but I don't know I mean I'm not a profit right so I won't post this you guys could read this it's a very interesting to see how these people like think they did a bunch of research on it and they were talking about how in a Sweden the Millennials they don't even use cash listen guys I love cash it's literally right now the most you know it's cash it can't it's not really being tracked and I mean it can be but nobody's tracking what you're buying you know if you give some cash to someone nobody knows nobody knows everything that you're buying with cash you know you get some privacy with that but the problem with the scary part about all this is is they want to track everything so for the retail sector they don't want any anonymity but for themselves they do just like how the Federal Reserve it's not audited nobody knows how much they really have on the balance sheet nobody knows what they're really doing behind the scenes so they want to keep that going right the privacy for themselves yeah here central bank issued so they are thinking about issuing their own cryptocurrencies all right let's get the TA so this is the weekly chart time frame of the entire cryptocurrency market cap like this isn't just a Bitcoin this includes all of the alt coins now every candlesticks a week so this is for your long-term perspective right so this isn't for day trading or even swing trading this is so you could time your accumulation now granted I did buy in at thirty one hundred and thirty two hundred and I went in thirty percent of my total risk capital that I'm willing to risk in crypto currencies so you know if I've allocated ten thousand bucks for crypto currencies that's how much I want to invest total I put three grand in at thirty one thirty two hundred and I'm still holding now if the price drops past thirty one hundred or go sub three thousand I am NOT going to sell I'm just gonna keep accumulating so that's what I'm doing personally disclaimer alright so let's take a look at this so we have a we have a lot of resistance up here right in this issue Mugu cloud pretty much I would say like around 4,000 4,200 on Bitcoin there's it's there's just massive amount of resistance there's also a moving average on the daily chart but this is a weekly chart anyways that we do have a moving average cross coming up possibly to the upside down here so you see this green line in this red line it's probably really hard to see but it doesn't matter right now looking at the heatwave map we're starting to get into overbought territory when you think about it in volume vers time perspective so you see all you see these bars down here this is volume there's been a lot of buying volume for the past 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 weeks we also have the TD indicator right and we have a 7 count so seven weeks of upside minute now since probably around 3000 3300 Bitcoin so we've had seven weeks of upside now there's possibly two more weeks of upside maybe but after that I expect another drop now the question is is that drop gonna go sub 3000 or is the 200 week moving average going to hold up the price so let me go to a bit Bitcoin chart real quick so we could see the price let's go to weekly or would the price be on the 200 week moving average so the 200 week moving average obviously it's still moving higher with time so around $3500 Bitcoin so the question is when we get the sell off the pullback the correction to this rally is it is 3500 gonna hold up the price again for a third time now my rule is if a moving average keeps getting touched or a support area keeps getting tested over and over again the more times that it's revisited and tested the weaker it becomes my trampoline analogy right so the first time you jump on it you poke a hole in it the second time it turns into a tear and then the third time you jump on that trampoline that terror is gonna break away and you're gonna fall right through the floor or through the trampoline to the floor so um we might so we're I'm pretty confident we're gonna revisit 3,500 the question is is it gonna hold up the price and rebound it and then put it in the bottom or is it gonna break and the price is gonna go sub 3,500 now if it goes sub 3,500 then you know it could easily revisit 3,100 and then easily go sub 3,000 but even if it does do that I don't think it's gonna stay sub 3,000 for very long it might just do it for a week and then we'll get that V bottom to put in the final bottom in the in the price and then we're just gonna go back up and that'll be the bottom for the bear market all right so to two scenarios that I'm thinking right now we'll get a correction 3,500 and I guess the bullish case scenario is 35 3,600 holds and then we make a higher high we break above 4200 4000 and then that'll be it then that might possibly be the end of the bear market and it could easily be that or we do that we we bounce but we make a we can't make a higher high here on the intra weekly chart and it falls back down and tests the 200 week moving average again but this time it breaks below it and then we go sub 3000 I know that looks horrible but you guys get the point right so let's go to a Bitcoin chart and do that now I wouldn't be surprised if any one of these situations happen now if the Bitcoin just keeps going higher and higher right then I'll be surprised and caught off guard and I'll be mad and I don't think this is gonna happen okay that the price is just gonna start slowly taking off and it goes back up into a bull market can it happen sure anything could happen but what I think will be more likely is we get that pullback and either our thirty six thirty five hundred holds and then we make a higher high right and then we're off to the races we're back going back into a bull market by summer of 2019 or what I think is more likely to happen one more washout right so we'll get a bounce and then finally break down from the from this giant pennant this bearish pennant in will breaks below the 200 week moving average and then fall to my blue line my equilibrium line which will take us to about 26 2500 Bitcoin and then we get a V bottom reversal and that'll be it I this we'll definitely be the bottom if we fall down there in my opinion well I'd be right hopefully cuz I'm gonna go all in at this point all right that's what I'm planning on doing when we get there we'll see we'll see what I think all right but you know that's what I'm thinking I think this scenario is actually more likely than this scenario but I give it a 50/50 what I give the least likely chance of happening is that the price pulls back a little bit and then it just keeps going higher and higher for the next weeks and months this spring can that happen yeah it could happen but when we get to that nine cow which is at the end of two weeks from now there's gonna be some sort of pull back either to 3,500 and then we go higher and higher or we go to 3,500 get a bounce and we can't break 4,000 again and then we just drop and we go sub 3,000 and then around 26 maybe even 28 somewhere down there in the 2000s we're gonna get a V bottom reversal it's not going to stay down there very long and then that'll be the bottom all right so let's go back to that weekly chart of the total crypto currency market cap here let's take a look at the oscillators also I wanted to point this out before I go to the oscillators you can see the 54 day moving average here it's gonna cross sometime after April maybe May somewhere around May our end of April so this 54 day this white line right here is gonna cross the 128 okay it's not the day it's okay so the 54 week moving average is gonna cross the 128 week moving average so in the next somewhere like I said around me now prior to the cross that's gonna be a death cross the price will dump right and two weeks from now we're gonna be looking at a a nine count and then a correction and that would be perfect timing what the moving averages now by the time these actually touch each other the price would have dumped prior to that and what could happen is when it does dump well it depends how fast that happens you might get that V bottom right and then the price will shoot back up and then the fifty four week moving average might actually not cross but like bounce off the hundred twenty eight week moving average we'll see when we get there towards the end of April beginning of May but that's another indicator that's bearish right so this is how trading works guys you'll have to line up your ducks in a row and if there's just more and more indications and patterns and indicators that are bearish then the probability becomes higher and higher that the price will fall that's what trading is all right so momentum indicator sort of like in nowhere land slightly I would say ready to roll over to the downside the RSI is definitely overextended and it should be crossing pretty soon to resetting itself back to the downside the MACD is neutral trending up now this is interesting because we have conflicting indicators the momentum indicator and the RSI is saying it's overbought why all the the squeeze momentum indicators the cmf squeeze momentum indicator is telling me that it's oversold but at the same time I mean that doesn't mean these are gonna cross to the upside they could be oversold and then just fail to break through and rally and then just go back to more oversoul let's go to a monthly see how those indicators look yeah so with the monthly I mean we could get another a few months of downside price action although on the monthly the RSI has been extremely oversold and so has the momentum indicator so it's interesting right the three-day and the weekly is bearish while the monthly is saying it's oversold let's go to the three-day timeframe good load yeah the three-day is extremely overextended overbought on all of the oscillators the MACD I mean this thing's got across to the downside and it's coming and sooner than later so and so right now I'm expecting at any given moment we're gonna start getting that big correction or I don't know it might trade slightly sideways slightly up for another week at the most – but I'm not risking yeah I'm not buying in right now I'm gonna wait for the correction and all coins I mean they've just been overextended forever now they're gonna have to come back down to earth so there you go the three day chart we're on a six count so I think this six count ends tomorrow so seven eight nine would give us nine more days of possible sideways to upside action price action so nine more days that would give us another week of possible sideways to up you know possibly another short-term rally next week but like I said I'm not risking it look at the heat map that's also starting to turn very red also let's take a look real quick at the daily chart of the shorts verse the lungs so you can see on the right here this is the lungs it's on a cell nine and look at that beautiful the lungs are getting squeezed or they're covering their positions and the shorts are gonna start piling up and this is obviously bearish for the price of Bitcoin and all coins I think are gonna follow the price of Bitcoin will they correct all the way back down and make okay so are the alt coins going to make all-time lows because they've been rallying like crazy for the past few weeks I think they will make all-time lows if we get this scenario if Bitcoin goes sub 3000 then yes I think the alt coins may sell off and make new lows if Bitcoin pulls back in the 200 week moving average holds it up at around 35 3,600 and then we never go below that ever again then the all coins no they will not make Time Low's again then the load then the all-time low is in for one of the old coins and I bought it and I bought it when I started loading up my 30% at around thirty one thirty two hundred big coin you know at that the big dip back here at around when was that December 18th yeah so I bought the whole time law so I sold it at all-time high well you know now give it around 19,000 and I bought in at the all-time low if Bitcoin never breaks below 3,500 and at that point I'm a genius and no one's gonna give me credit because I'm a small YouTube channel and nobody wants to have me on their channel because I don't know their pricks well I don't really ask people honestly I haven't like asked anyone to like interview me and but they won't have me on their channels because I'll price still a lot of their subscribers anyways yeah so if that happens I'm pretty pretty awesome but you know I I don't want I don't want that to happen I actually want bitcoins it could drop to twenty-five twenty-six hundred so I could load up the rest of my cash and back up the truck and buy more of these alts and Bitcoin right if it drops to twenty-five twenty-six hundred I actually want that to happen so I could buy even more right and prepare and you know accumulate a lot from the next bull market because that's how you make life-changing decisions will it be correct I don't know you know what if I do buy twenty five hundred and then laws come out globally to ban crypto currencies all around the world then bitcoins probably goes up one thousand then I lost all my money pretty much but I don't think that's gonna happen I'm just saying I'm just telling you guys what I'm doing will it be correct I don't know we'll see all right so um those are my thoughts I don't know you guys tell me what do you guys think you guys think you guys tell me to put in the comments section below this video smash that like button if you guys found this information informative if you guys want to support me please please share my channel it's the only way it's gonna grow and go to Wolfpack kryptos Dada yo for the altcoin research I also when I trade recently I haven't been trading crypto as much but when I do trade these all coins I share my trades with you guys so you guys could learn and that's for the private members and then I'm gonna obviously release the sto cryptocurrency ecosystem backbone investment strategy in the coming days for the private members so uh yeah I mean now's the time to get ready to possibly start buying and you're gonna want my research report now not when the price goes starts going back up like I said earlier alright guys and I'm gonna lower the monthly rate on the private membership to twenty-five bucks a month and I'm gonna raise the price of the portfolio and the research from eighty dollars to a hundred tío and ecosystem research report alright guys and I feel like I'm missing something I don't know smash it like I'll see you guys next time

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  1. I think you're wrong and it's heading up this time. For the record. I know you're super pro and everything…

  2. Look at 50 and 200. They come to a point in 2014 before we started true bull run.
    Same thing will happen in 2019.. we have a few more months to let the 50 drop and the 200 to rise to meet and create that “golden cross.”

    We probably won’t break the 200 and if we do, it’ll probably be a quick spike down. Anywhere below 3k really miners start shutting down.

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