44 thoughts on “Bitcoin Ben: Cryptos are a new world, and the coins are the countries! You’ll wanna share this!”

  1. Ben, YOU are the average Jo and you don't understand Bitcoin at all.
    When you say this crap like "Cryptos are a new world and the coins are the countries" that shows you have missed the whole point of Bitcoin.
    Bitcoin is a system which will be the ONE system used by the whole world and this system is in BSV, not that crap LTC or BTC you are promoting.
    You are literally misleading people… and you are deluding yourself.

    Read this very carefully:
    Any crypto that is based on PoS principle is shit right off the start, it is centralised system. Avoid at all cost
    Any PoW based blockchain is only viable IF that blockchain actually SCALES for the whole world. It means that any PoW based blockchain will DIE if the temporary block subsidy is not replaced by on-chain usability, let me repeat… ON-CHAIN USABILITY, not off-chain. Any PoW based blockchain can only exist long term if miners have incentive to mine, so if miners don't scale the blockchain and developers don't create tools to have that blockchain USED, that blockchain will die GUARANTEED. And if anyone is thinking that developers can just keep giving miners new coins indefinitely, then you need to understand that this would be literally creating infinite inflation yet again, and also becomes centralised system as developers end up making rules.

    All of this has been pointed out to you people years ago during the scaling debate, but you people don't want to listen, and you fell for PoSM propaganda to dictate the terms, You are still stuck with that brainwashed narrative that miner's don't make decisions that developers do, you are still stuck with that crap that BTC is digital gold and just store of value… there is no such thing. You are stuck with that crap that Litecoin is digital silver, there is no such thing.

    Any PoW based blockchain that doesn't scale, will die… this applies to BTC, BCH, LTC and every other crap which doesn't scale. Pay attention to who does scale… BSV is… it is already best scaling blockchain, and it is the only one that has developers building tons of tools which will be used later to create on-chain usability of the BSV blockchain.

    BSV is also the ONLY blockchain that actually WORKS as Bitcoin system… that BTC is a Ponzi scheme, and so is LTC… now, you can still keep ignoring all this, that is YOUR PROBLEM.

    Does BTC scale? NO
    Does LTC scale? NO
    They are both SCAMS and you people fell for it… the later you wake up, the worse for you… have fun thinking about all this

  2. So I'm having issues with the LifeApp. I've been trying to get verified for 2 weeks. It always tells me it will take 48 hours to verify me after I enter in my Drivers License etc. I've waited a week and it tells me the same thing it needs me to verify so I did everything again. Guess what it's been 4 days after my 2nd verification and I want to order a pizza from Papa Johns so I go to my LifeApp and it's telling me again I'm not verified and to enter in all my information again, a 3rd time. The problem is their is no customer service for me to send them explaining I've entered in the same info 2 times and am still not verified. I'm so frustrated at this point, HELP!

  3. LTC owns part of a bank, HODLIT owns a bank he's a Hypocrite and going to make alot of people miss out on being rich with XRP by putting FUD out there. Dont let it pass you by people if you cant afford BTC or LTC get rich with XRP and dont let this guy tell you different.

  4. I feel you comments are inspired and that LTC will be a means of exchange and continue to rise, but the world isn't ready for freedom just yet because most don't even know what freedom is. Banks don't spend billions and partner with the biggest names that control us, just to fizzle out. I continue to hold LTC but I also need what still makes sense to me in the world we live in or to put it another way, I need some insurance by having some XRP ….lets not forget, we are still in crypto infancy. I am pretty much "all in" on crypto, but I don't want all my eggs in one basket.

  5. So much for Ben's guy never being wrong….although….wasn't his "guy" who said that we were going to $700 per LTC about a year ago? Me thinks his "guy" was only right once and has been WRONG ever since. The sooner people realize that NOBODY knows what the market is going to do the better off they'll be. Down with the scammers!

  6. I disagree xrp will be the winner btc and ltc costs alot of money to mine and can be hacked if you think banks will go Away you are living in a fantasy world
    i have btc and ltc but it will never happen a Nice dream but not realistic love you man i Enjoy your streams ????

  7. Xrp will survive regardless of RIPPLE! XRP is independent from the company! The blockchain will survive regardless! XRP 3 seconds vs btc 3 days !

  8. The american culture might have thought it was for freedom! But slaughtering and incarceration of the indigenous people didn't demonstrate that! Till this day they are treated as prisoners! Shame on them! Why do the people of America not fight for the rights of the native population? ?✌❣

  9. Im retired truckie – we live in BEST stay in OZ definitely the Bitcoin State and there is a couple of towns that promote BTC as a BTC friendly tourism place towns name is 1717-Agnes Waters- Brisbane International Airport also is a BTC friendly airport but not in all shops but it is promoted from time to time!

  10. bo plny is sending out information for two incomming lows in june for BTC … any opinions on that in this group? where to put the coins from exodus to, if not in Tether? better in USDcoin ore True USD? or just shifting for some weeks into BAT or BinanceCoin?

  11. cryptoben told me to subscribe, so i am here.

    greets from austria <3

    dont forget oxygen for the moon drive

  12. AT&T is not not taking Crypto…AT&T is allowing Bitpay to process crypto Payment for them. BitPay is accepting Crypto and AT&T is accepting cash. It is like saying AT&T is accepting cash via PayPal. This is only the 1st step I supposed. but when AT&T accept BTC/LTC etc. then they are accepting Cryptos. This is like Spedn and Starbucks.

  13. People saying Charlie sold his LTC so he couldn't be forced to do something have no common sense. He is still the developer and the Government can make him do anything thy want whether he owns the token or not.

  14. Wide use of corporate loyalty tokens will usher in mainstream adoption. The IMF has already said they will deal direct with large corporations (The data collectors) and not be limited to just commercial banks. Interesting times ahead for fin-tech.

  15. confidence is the #1 reason a currency has value. perhaps some day btc and others will offer that confidence also. i like cryptos and hope they succeed because they are more or less trust-less and look to be deflationary.

    the big HOWEVER is that I do not trust or have any confidence that if I put my whole USD bank account into cryptos that literally tomorrow it may be worth 15,25,45% less than today. same would apply for ones paycheck. who wants to risk getting paid in cryptos and receive 25% or even 10% less next week!? how many could make their mortgage payments that way?
    fiat sucks because it's a rigged game controlled by corrupt criminals and govt. however, the USD is far more 'stable' than cryptos. perhaps if cryptos develop and stabilize into a general appreciation of value, they will be able to compete with established fiat. bear in mind that if that were to happen, it may take some of the 'inflationary pressure' off fiat thus making them hold value.
    all this freedom and happy sunshine talk sounds great but it isn't what will make cryptos grow.

  16. I don't hear you talking much about LTC being swift 2.0 anymore!! Because you were wrong and it's going to be Xrp baby! Please do some research on Ripple cause you are very mis informed..

  17. For a smart truck driver you clearly miss the point of the Ripple master plan. As with the world of gorilla business as in gorilla warfare. The best way to crush an enemies will to continue ys to do it from within the system the enemy has created… At the meeting recently in Switzerland i didn't see anyone from any other crypto there… Oh wait, that's right. The CEO of Ripple was there! Now let's here those lane replies or just keep your BTC heads stuck in the sand.

  18. Are you faking the truck broadcast? Doesn’t look the same… just sayin. Luv ya brother. Keep on Truckin!

  19. Initially it was for indentured servant today and then somewhere along the lines it turned into slavery

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