20 thoughts on “Bitcoin Ben: Bitcoin hits $9K–It’s a great time to be in Cryptos! CoinLotto announcement!! ???”

  1. Wonder if these banks will let you take your BTC or will they just "hold" it for you and sell it 1000 times over to other investors lol

  2. Hey Ben…. Looks like you hv a lot of Xrp(X) on your calendar in the background… Is that the days you bought XRP(X) with the X's on each day???.. I'm just saying… And I'm pulling your leg

  3. You see , that will teach some ppl a lesson that proves this guy has no idea what bitcoin price is gonna do and yet he talks as if he came from the future , at first i thought he was just a clown entertaning ppl for money but then i realised ppl were basing their invesment on his predictions. And that reminded me jsnip last year with his imaginary friends all failing and subs very angry because they lost money over jsnip's suggestion and they abandoned him but the same ppl migrated to this channel and they are falling for the same " my guy and my friend told me" scam.
    So my conclusion is that these clowns and scammer will continue showing up because there is a necessity for the ppl to be told what to do regardless of the fact that the source is santa claus or the easter bonny ppl will believe anything as long as they get some hope to their miserable lives.

  4. Older people will use crypto cards just because it's easier tech they will understand. The rest will use regular wallets on phones, tablets, pc's, cards, and whatever else comes along. Grandson/daughter will load up grandma's/grandpa's cards for them. Hopefully they were raised right and don't rip off their gram or pap if left to the task. There was a comment on your previous show where someone asked in the chat that if we mess with crypto, does that mean we are accepting the mark of the beast. I, being a Christian, don't believe so. It says the mark will be a physical thing in the forehead or in the right hand. Granted, crypto can be used for such a purpose, but there are too many. They can't shut them down. They can try outlawing them, but free people will always want to be free and will die for it. In the mark of the beast scenario, everyone will have only one address or number to track. My 2 cents. 😉

  5. I would liken Ltc to the Liberian military:

    Total military personnel: 1,500
    Total aircraft strength: 0
    Fighter aircraft: 0
    Combat tanks: 0
    Total naval assets: 0

    XRP is more akin to the secret space fleet whose technology is beyond the grasp of most.

  6. Hi Ben, love the show 😉

    First question; Are you at all concerned with the lack of Litecoin development or that the creator himself has abandoned the project? There doesn't appear to be any recent commits in the Github Repository. Second question; The Litecoin Development Foundation has annual operating budget of $100K as quoted by Laura Shin. How are new initiatives going to be developed if they can't afford the developers? It seems to me that the project has run out of steam, but I could be wrong. What are your thoughts?

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