Bitcoin ATH This Year?! $50 Million Liquidated! Tron TRX/Ripple XRP News! Cryptocurrency BTC Trading

what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new video today we got another video for you guys full of
information today we’re gonna be going over Bitcoin hitting a new all-time high
this year Roskam you talking about 50 million dollars liquid data as well as
some XRP and some TRX news that I know you guys don’t want to miss before we
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technical analysis I’m gonna move my head and then we’re gonna jump right
into this alright head has been moved I also want to say welcome to all our new
subscribers we had a huge influx of subscribers since we made the video
since I made the video with da Vinci on his channel and on my channel as well so
welcome to every one of you guys I hope you guys do enjoy the videos as we go on
now moving on to some technical analysis one thing we can highlight with Bitcoin
we talked about previously is this lower low that we had formed we even covered
this with da Vinci j15 where we talked about the pattern shift as Bitcoin is
all of a sudden made a lower low from here and then on to here now one thing
we wanted to watch out for is if we do come back down and make another lower
low that third one would confirm a very bearish trend that we could expect to
see Bigpoint continue to drop down for but we found some support and that
support found right around this range we can take the bottom roughly at around
nine thousand one hundred and eight or one nine thousand one hundred
$9.00 on the BitFenix chart we have found some support now it is crucial in
my opinion for Bitcoin to stay above this area if we do drop down I do if we
do break below this error if you do break below the support I expect and
looking at the Bitcoin cm II futures as well we talked about how there are gaps
in the chart and when there are gaps in the chart 99 percent of time maybe not
99 but a lot of the time we do see these gaps get filled an example the gap over
here we saw the gap get filled with this move we had a smaller gap over here
don’t worry it got filled with this move a gap over here it got filled with this
move now we’ve had this gap for some time that hasn’t been filled yet you’ll
notice this gap it took a little longer but eventually this gap got filled as
well with this move down so we lot of people myself included have been looking
at this gap and waiting to see if Bitcoin does actually come to close this
gap to fill this gap sooner rather than later now there is another gap on the
four-hour lee-char that we can see up here which also hasn’t been filled to
the upside but a break below the levels we talked about before the 9110 will
just say to round it off dollar range a break below that support I expect us to
see a Bitcoin drop all the way down to probably around the mid 8000 at least
just to cover up and to fill this gap but in reality we could even see the low
8000 if the bleeding does continue but I’m focusing on this level first now if
we do stay above this area if we do stay above where we are at the support that
we talked about the nine thousand and ten dollars and nine thousand one
hundred ten dollars now I already forget what the exact support was it’s go back
and take a look so we know exactly we’re talking about nine thousand one hundred
and ten dollars sorry there’s a lot of numbers all the time these are big
numbers but either way week if we do stay above that we could actually see
Bitcoin come up and maybe even just test our for hourly 200 EMA that we have open
for some time but mainly I’m looking at potentially filling this gap
now this is on the for hourly chart if we go to the daily chart we see less of
this gap we see still this gap over here which is the main one a lot of people
are focusing on however you’ll notice that this gap that was on the
our Lee has been filled on the daily so that’s something to watch out for as
well definitely this one still the bigger one that I think a lot of people
are looking at but that’s on the cime Future site in terms of Bitcoin like I
said in the short term I do think we could actually see another move up
coming up as long as we stay above the support or stay above 9100 stay above
9200 we could see a Bitcoin move all the way up maybe even two tests break above
this range to test above to the ten thousand eight hundred first obviously
we want to secure profits along the way we don’t want to rush we don’t want to
wait until the end to try and secure profits all the way at the top we’d like
to secure some profits along the way but it could even form a nice little in
Burton var Bart Simpson invert Bart Simpson pattern don’t know what words
just came out of my mouth but an inverse Bart Simpson pattern something we could
see at least in the short term to close this as well to come up and retest some
levels and potentially go even higher so that’s something we’re looking at right
now if we do see what other people are saying we have a lot of people agreeing
with us john mcafee he came out here and he said that big coin is under pressure
from the US and it’s price reflects it but the US has no real power in
controlling cryptocurrency just watch a week from today big point will continue
its meteoric rise now he went on Twitter shortly after he got released from
confinement obviously we talked about previously how he had a lot of
information that he would leak if he did not release or information with
different people that they would leak if he was not released kind of wanted to
know what that information was but he has been released and he did come out
with this statement we are also seeing Mike Novogratz who’s been in the news a
lot for being a Bitcoin bull he is saying that we could see a new all-time
high and he’s actually betting on us seeing a new Bitcoin all-time high this
year so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to ask you guys
right now while we are still in a consolidation range with Bitcoin where
it’s been trading relatively sideways for the last few days especially in the
bigger picture of smaller moves compared to what we had seen Bitcoin do the last
few months he’s been trading in a smaller range so I want to ask you guys
your thoughts what do you think of a new all-time high for Bitcoin this year do
you think that’s Paul well do you think that’s going to happen
and do you think we’re going to continue this bullish move up let me know that
right now in the comments down below I would love to go through and read every
single one of your thoughts now I found this video and I don’t want to play
because I don’t want to copy exactly what somebody else is doing this is from
Alessio host Ani a very very known trader both not only not only just
talked about Bitcoin but he talks about stocks he talks about the financial
markets as well almost at 200k subscribers maybe we can
help him get there but the focus is the most scary and important chart you need
to see right now I highly recommend watching the 12 minutes and 44 seconds
that he does talk about in this video but to give you guys a highlight he is
looking at some charts some indicators that we could be seeing a recession
coming soon this is one of the charts he talked about when we got to the highs
right that we would see H crash and this has happened back all the way back in
2008 this happened previously and every time this happened we saw a recession
come in and that’s where we’re at right now with the so that’s something he is
saying that we could actually be seeing a recession come in in the next few
months in the next 12 months within the next year he’s expecting that to be
something but again I’m gonna leave you guys to go here and see what he has to
say about it because I thought this was really really interesting one last thing
I wanted to talk about before we jump into the news and talk about Bitcoin
dominance in the market and all that stuff is they double kill’ 50 million
dollars worth of Long’s and shorts got liquidated on bit mechs in minutes now
it’s absolutely insane a lot of this comes down obviously a lot of people are
saying it’s bit Mex manipulation a lot of people are saying it’s just market
manipulation and honestly we don’t know for sure which one it is all I can say
is that probably a majority of these people unfortunately did not apply risk
management they might have been over leveraging they probably lost money they
weren’t willing to lose now I do have a link for bid mechs in the description if
you guys haven’t signed up but make sure if you do you are safe with your
investments you’re not jumping into 100x trade although we’ve had some crazy
crazy stories of people who have done some crazy things with a hundred x
leverage you know who you are if you’re watching this video yeah
most of the time it doesn’t work out you you get liquidated pretty fast that the
window is really small it’s really just not worth it so make sure you guys are
applying risk management if you are using big mechs but fifty million
dollars worth a big reality check that this market although it’s a lot of fun
although bit mechs can be a ton of fun and very profitable it’s it’s very risky
as well now moving on to open market cap we have a two hundred and fifty five
billion dollars in market cap on coin mark cap of sixty four point five
percent bitcoins ominous now we’ve seen the last few days all coins starting to
recover a little bit we had seen some nice moves from some of them but like I
said before like I said in the video with da Vinci I believe it was we broke
so much supports on the way down that the only way for me to be confident and
confident in saying that all coins are finally here and finally going to make
their move and consistently be in the green I need to see us break several
resistances or at least start to break some resistances to prove that they do
actually have the power that they do actually have the strength to move their
way up and not face the resistance and continue to fall back down now biggest
winner for the day the biggest gainer is lamda 26.3% cool coin shares a very
good one up thirteen point six six percent as well iOS T is up cardano’s up
and after that we see definitely looking like a little more red than green in the
market but overall it is pretty 5050 the biggest loser is down ten point seven
percent Aurora we got rent we got list we have clipper
coin – a lot of cryptocurrencies are on the rez well but it’s looking like a
pretty sideways day again looking at Bitcoin seven-day chart you can see what
I mean by the last few days trading relatively sideways compared to what it
had done previously bitcoins been in a very very small
trading range waiting to see that next move if it is a break to the upside or
if it is a break to the downside now since I’m from Brazil any moment we’re
in the bin the crypto news I’m gonna throw it in here so Brazilian City has
started accepting Bitcoin payments for plot for public transportation so pretty
good right there the city is called Fortaleza that is the capital of the
state but that’s not the important part the important part is
in the news again for crypto this is good stuff we also have news from XR p4
from ripple we have a currency bird of Chile they joined the ripple Network so
again more and more partners coming in more people joining the ripple network I
wanted to highlight that as well for you guys and last things before we dive into
some deeper things back is going to be launching its Bitcoin futures exchange
in q3 of 2019 so we talked about what just started to happen they started to
slowly come in the news again back something a lot of people been waiting
for for several several months now it’s officially starting to come in and
apparently as of this as of this article which obviously we’ve seen changes
before back is going to be launching its Bitcoin futures exchange in q3 of 2019
so that could be pretty good news we had good news from Brazil we had good news
from XRP obviously the more people that come on the ripple network the better
for them overall and long term I still believe it’s a good project and it’s
going to do well that doesn’t mean I’m telling you guys to invest in it I’ve
seen a lot of comments on that I’m not telling you guys to investing I’m
telling you guys what I’m doing that’s all I can say
I’ve got XRP bags that’s all it is I like them I think they’re gonna do well
so I bought into that and you guys don’t have to do that if you don’t like to but
I know a lot of viewers are actual XRP fans as well and that goes the same with
any altcoin that i buy now on a little bit of bearish news or on a little bit
of weird news now I don’t want to dive too deep into this because I want more
information to come out officially but I did want to say and I will say that I’m
going to be making a more in-depth video on this whole situation in the dirt
either Wednesday or Friday this week I do want to do a deeper dive into this
but for now let’s scratch the surface of what people are saying and this is from
Tron foundation so BitTorrent founder has actually accused Justin son of
failed payment in Iran foundations 140 million dollar acquisition now this came
from Bram Cohen if we do click on here we go directly to his Twitter and he has
said that does anybody know if Justin’s son is hard for cash he isn’t letting
the last payment for BitTorrent get out of X Crono that’s what was said right
here then this is directly from the BitTorrent founder so pretty interesting
that we’re seeing this happen right here again if you click on it you’ll go
directly to the actual tweet so you know it was really him that did tweet that so
that came out again not in the best not the best news for Justin son not the
best news for Tron and that’s just piling up with the news that’s happened
we’ve also seen Justin son you know we talked about him in the news holiday
‘post pone the lunch with Warren Buffett and now we’re seeing some of what he is
saying his darkest moment and he apologized for over marketing maybe he
realized that he did over mark and that he hide things a little too much and a
lot of people were upset about that he did apologize that to the Chinese
authorities and then he deleted his apology so again I want more information
to come out on this before we dive into anything so I want to preface this by
saying everything you’re hearing everything you’re reading could be
incorrect I just want to share with you guys what’s being said right now and
once we get more information I will update you on the situation you guys
know me I don’t like to jump to conclusions so I’m only giving you guys
what exactly is being said and when we forget more information I will share
that with you guys as well we will come to a conclusion together but drama
around Justin Suns lunch with Warren Buffett continues hours ago he published
a statement on Weibo apologizing to the Tron community and Chinese authorities
for vulgar hype and marketing behavior he deleted the message shortly after um
shortly afterward you can read the translation of the translated message
here he does apologize for over marketing you can see some of what he
said dear friends in the last in the past few weeks I had my darkest moment
with sickness and tiredness I suffered the biggest drama ever in my life from
people’s doubting and questioning I didn’t sleep at all last night
and deeply reflected on my memories and was introspective from my behavior and
words I felt ashamed for over marketing I want to deeply apologize to the public
media leaders and the Rae of the Related regulatory authorities who cared about
me so he goes on and talks a lot about stuff so I want to if I remember I will
leave this link in the description down below otherwise it’s pretty easy to come
by it so on crypto justice on darkest hour apologizes over marketing
Tron and this is pretty big news if it does maybe he is coming to real
does this mean that Tron is over intron is dead no that’s not exactly what it
means it means maybe that he might change his tactic if this is true and
this is what he said and what he believes maybe he will change his tactic
about how he goes about the marketing and we’ll get more update on the
BitTorrent situation everything as they come out for now just want to share with
you guys what’s being said let me know your thoughts if you have any in the
comments down below as always but let’s jump in to the giveaway I picked the
last video obviously absolutely insane six point three cave use 231 thumbs up
for wid the Vinci j15 so you know we’re gonna have him on the channel again
because you guys obviously like to hear what he says we’re gonna have him on the
channels again for short but I wanted to pick a winner for the one-on-one call
let’s see who win so the raffle has started the random winner is going to be
the tech geek you’ve won but you you want crypto before and now you’ve won a
free one-on-one call as well I sold a lot of ultra BTC a couple months ago did
pretty well now I should be getting more into also this obviously da Vinci and I
talked about all coins we talked about how they’re at some very low rate and I
talked about how if I were to trade all coins I would wait for resistances to
break in order to confirm an uptrend however if I’m looking at my long-term
portfolio and all I’m looking at is dollar cost averaging some all coins
then yeah now is the time where I’m looking at picking up some all coins
because they are very very low definitely worth dollar cost averaging
some of the levels we haven’t seen in a long long time down like 80 90 95
percent up to their BTC pairings obviously the USD pairings is different
this is in their BTC pairings so it’s absolutely insane
to me at long-term definitely I am dog cause averaging some alt and short-term
trading I am still being very cautious before I jump into anything with all
coins but congratulations on winning send me an email send me a message on
Instagram whatever it is that we can get in contact so we can se you up with your
free one-on-one calling guys as always make sure you leave tons of comments so
you can enter a chance to win future giveaways guys thank you so much for
watching I’ll see you guys on Wednesday for another video

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