29 thoughts on “Bitcoin and Litecoin going up BIG TIME!! But which will go up the most? Let me explain ???”

  1. Your stuttering has dissipated quite a bit since I 1st heard you on snippy's channel. Thanks for all of your effort

  2. Buy BTC… Why? Least riskiest investment in an incredibly risky space (crypto as a whole). It's the one all the institutions want. It's the one (on this run) that the big money will want because the world is very behind the curve on this. We are ahead of it. Choose the one the market will want… BTC.

  3. Hey Ben, I dont hear you ever mentioning BSV? I dont know why this is, but since it is the original bitcoin and about to prove so in the courts- I HIGHLY recommend putting that 100.00 into BSV instead of BTC. Lighting network is garbage. BSV is the original, and WILL get the name back as bitcoin. Youre welcome!

  4. Always enjoy watching your video, Bitcoin’s popularity for the past two years has created a hype among investors, traders, and consumers. Many people have become interested in making Bitcoin their primary mode of exchange due to low fees, value increases, and transaction speed. Even those who had previously no experience of trading are now taking interest in finance and trading Bitcoin. I got into the crypto space with no experience, I joined Nov, 2018 and i invested on bitcoin, Because of the good news i heard about it, so i bought 2.3BTC and was waiting for a bull run, which never ran. I went from having 2.3BTC to 1.8BTC under the space of 52days, I lost to the dip which made me make research for ways on how i could recover my lost, I joined so many trading group to see if i can get good information on how i could recover my lost. On a telegram group i followed i saw people showing appreciation to an expert trader name Pedro Alcanter for showing them how to use his strategy to earn 1btc weekly, I took a leap of faith and sent him a direct message and explained my problem to Mr Pedro, It has been 3weeks since i contacted Pedro i have been able to recover my lost and also made additional profit of 0.5btc. I'm so joyous and thankful to Pedro for his help, I am sharing this on here to help people like me to recover their lost investment or newbies on the crypto space to know the right way on how to earn profit. You can reach <*[email protected] . COM*> or WhatsApp +1 (7 8 5 ) 7 4 8 – 2 6 4 5* , Telegram: @pedroalcanter

  5. OH YOU DIDNT mention Bitconnect omg lmao! ugh that Bitconnect garbage why is the main guy not in jail right now he just tried to get bitconnect2.0 up and then shut it down I think …as Tone would say what a sssccccaaaammmm

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