Bitcoin And Ethereum Big Day Update! Watch us Catch Fish at 9 minutes!

hey what's up everybody its Austin angler here and thanks for joining me on this livestream today so first I want to go over 3 or 4 things and then I'll answer some questions for you guys here coming up it looks like today we've kind of gone sideways we're holding that 2500 level that I was talking about on Bitcoin the theorems trading right in the 290 level and you know that's pretty important too to hold there for the future now let's talk about some of the news that came out and that's some of the things that are going on right now thanks everybody it looks like we're getting some people to join here how's it going everybody our Parvez that's what your name is how's it going Parvez so yeah let's go over what's happening today first before I answer any questions hey Zhang Cheng I believe is how you pronounce that so Bitcoin is actually a lot of people are going through what's up Dave a lot of people are talking about segments the Sega 2x the alpha testing was just completed for the last two weeks and they are doing the beta testing right now they just implemented it today so that's some pretty big news in you know crypto currencies and big Bitcoin because they need to work out the scalability issues yeah I'm out fishing bill we got about a 21-inch er right now I'm hoping to catch some more though it's actually probably the slowest day of the year so far for us to be fishing now so yeah let's go back and talk about the segment 2x like I said today is the first day that they're implementing the beta version so they'll go through all the bugs of this version like they did the alpha testing and hopefully the miners will start signing on I know 80% of them are in to go with segment 2 X for Bitcoin which will definitely probably postpone they coin from what's up fries will post the home Bitcoin from actually forking into two different coins so that's good news for everybody cuz everybody's kind of nervous about bitcoins potential fork so that's one good thing also I want to talk about aetherium as well a theorem has on the theorem Enterprise Alliance website they originally had the coin desk conference for May 22nd and some of their news on there and then they added this little blue box that says June the 30th who's exactly testing this I know the developers that made Segway to X I think the guy's name is Jeremy I forgot what his last name but bit Fury's involved in it I'll post a link after I'm done here of where I was reading that about all about it but that the beta testing is basically being started today so people all these all these miners can sign on to it all these exchanges can sign on to it as of now and which is how segments may bring in good change in in Bitcoin well it's gonna enable the scalability to be a lot better basically I think there's one megabyte transaction sizes right now well that'll allow 2 megabyte transaction sizes to go through so larger transactions can go through and not bog down the network like what we saw theory I'm going through so let's jump back to that II theory I'm new is real quick it he theorem Alliance ëthere iam Enterprise Alliance on their website they have a date which is today June the 30th and what that means is we're gonna probably have some sort of announcement now a lot of people are speculating that they're gonna solve their scalability issues possibly and or at least improve it that's what some of the speculations thinking that today's that's gonna be implemented on aetherium but also I want to also jump to the coin market cap here today which was looks like we're right around a hundred billion dollar still again it looks like a lot of things are down just like two percent some are down three percent like Ethier areum is right now but there was an article out about a billionaire investor fund manager litecoin I think like when is actually positive today but that billionaire fund manager investor he came out and said that he believes that cryptocurrency market cap will be five trillion dollars come 2022 so basically take all the crypto currencies if they were to stay at the same weighting of market cap and then multiply them all by 50 that's what you know this billionaire investor is saying that we're gonna happen so that would put Bitcoin over see over a hundred thousand a theory I'm over you know fifteen thousand and litecoin let's see that makes it over two hundred dollars or two thousand dollars sorry I I forgot that light coins been doing pretty well I do like light coin Chiang I know you just asked a question of how like one was doing you know it's such a bitcoins gonna need a little brother to help it out whether it's aetherium or whether it's light coin I believe it's gonna be light coins gonna help Bitcoin out and aetherium is kind of give and be on its own they're gonna be kind of like Google Apple and how Google has YouTube I think I think you know like one's gonna be basically it's the same for Bitcoin because you can't send if this become you know if these crypto currencies become a five trillion dollar market cap you're not going to be able to send a you know send all the transactions on one network no matter what that's why you know there's Visa Mastercard Amex all those other different you know companies that do credit cards alone and then there's cash you know it's uh it's not possible to have only you know one world crypto coin so that's that's the news that I wanted to talk about today mark apps need to go up a lot before we see higher prices yeah the market caps do need to continue to go up with market caps going up though you will see higher prices and in a lot of these coins especially the ones that they've already what's up Kenneth especially with these coins that have only like Bitcoin they only are gonna make 21 million of them or not make them but only 21 million of them are gonna be mined market cap doesn't have to go up it can't go up without price going up because we already know how many are gonna exist in the entire world cypherpunks you think cypherpunks is a creator of Bitcoin you know I have a couple different ideas on who might be the creators of Bitcoin hey Robert what's up yeah I'm out here fish and hopefully uh you guys bring me some luck there was actually so I think the creator's there was actually I was talking to one of my big tech tech friends and he told me there was actually a peer-to-peer exchange before Bitcoin was even created so they would verify these transactions through friends and friends his network so if I sent you guys a transaction they did verify through my friends yeah it's pretty nice out here I would verify it through my friends that I actually had those transactions and verify through their friends his network and it was basically what Bitcoin was but I think the government shut them down a long time ago that was back in I think the the early 90s that happen yeah Robert I'm just I'm talking about basically three things Bitcoin said with and I talked about what else that I talked about ëthere iam Enterprise Alliance how they have a June 30th date they're probably going to do some sort of upgrade whether it be today mid day I haven't seen anything posted yet but and then I also talked about that billionaire investor thinking that the cryptocurrency market cap was gonna go to five trillion dollars oh I got a fish hold on alright hold on guys I'll be right back with you if you want to watch us catch this fish when you're fishing in the weeds you got to keep your pulled up by the way let's see here yeah I'll be right back with you can so you guys get a little live fishing show this is why I'm called yeah you guys did bring me some luck we actually yeah we're gonna try beauty beauty right here you guys go live on YouTube on a 20 inch walleye this is the best-tasting fish that you guys will ever ever eat it's a walleye they have them we catch the out of them up here in Wyoming yeah so I'm catching these on by the way these these are really old school they're pumpkin color plastic worms with a spinner rig yeah Wyoming yeah you guys should come out sometime it's glenda Wyoming all right so yeah yeah it just turns into a fission but that's why they called me Austin angler you guys cuz I'm gonna you know yeah this is a terrible video obviously my lens is probably foggy as hell this is my this is my cell phone I actually had my GoPro on earlier I just got this GoPro 5 to do actually fishing videos yeah fishing will pump and don't catch some big fishes oh yeah I was talking about that that billionaire so he was the head fund manager for what was he for the a company called fortress I think you managed like somewhere around three to five billion dollars worth of assets where under his management something like that I don't remember exactly but he came out and said that he's predicting and a lot of his colleagues his hedge fund buddies are predicting that crypto currencies as a whole the market cap is going to be around five trillion dollars by 2022 so if we take right now we're at a hundred billion you know that's fifty times is basically what he's thinking that happens so we we if everything were to stay the same if it Bitcoin were to still be forty percent of you know all Kryptos then Bitcoin would be over a hundred thousand for one Bitcoin and you know e theorem would be fifteen thousand and and litecoin would be two thousand and you know just multiply all the all the crypto is basically by 50 and that's a you know that's that's what he was expecting and a lot of his big-money colleagues were expecting as well so hey guys thanks for the luck by the way catching the fish and that was that was awesome to catch a live fishing let me see if I can clean off the lens and see if that makes it any better maybe that made it better yeah I love bitcoins and fishing too hopefully that made that the lens a little bit clearer I don't know it's pretty scratched though like I said I need a new phone Oh what will Pascal times 50 everything in three years yeah he says 2022 so did it make it worse let me try it hold on no not fishing for subscribers well I mean I have a ton of fishing videos actually that I just haven't uploaded yet so hopefully you guys all like fishing and we'll check those out as well but I I definitely you know we took we were out here and we took fifth out of 98 boats about a month ago now but we typically catch you know I'd say 25 to 30 fish a day when we're out here today has been really slow we have a 21 inch or and a 20 inch oh we don't keep anything you know under 8 to 19 though cuz we want to you know we want to actually have some good meat and not kill the little guys let them grow up for next year so one other questions you guys got I know somebody just asked me about that billionaire fund manager talking about bitcoins and crypto currencies value or 2022 anybody anybody trading ëthere IAM right now blue crabs are amazing yes we went home with Australia and we would rake them in we would chase them around and rake them in we caught like I think 30 or 40 every time we did that yeah I mean I think you know I don't know where the price is I think the prices are kind of going sideways right now because there's a lot of concern and you're underwater on a theorem well it'll definitely go back up you know if you are underwater on ethereum then don't worry about it too much because if you look back on history the two biggest examples that I can you know talk about our both bitcoin and litecoin you know we saw like coin it went up to $50.00 three years ago and it reached $50 again just this last month so you know there's points in these crypto currencies know I'm in Wyoming by the way can you explain the litecoin announcements coming up are you talking about the MIT one but yeah so just be patient also Bitcoin um let's go back to Bitcoin Bitcoin rose because what was it two thousand thirteen or fourteen where Bitcoin was up at eleven hundred dollars and then it pulled all the way back to two hundred dollars so the big point I'll answer that MIT question a second the big point about that is look at Bitcoin now it's double so your money's doubled in three years if you put that anywhere in the bank in my team let me answer that MIT question here in a second but if you put any money in any bank or any investment the stock market even if you put it you know into pharmaceuticals which is risky as hell almost more risky than crypto currencies because if their drug fails they're out of business completely cryptocurrencies aren't gonna fail they're not just gonna go out of business because of you know one drug failing because of some government regulation says it doesn't work well enough so you if you held through though and you have to when you're in crypto currencies you have to be able to hold basically through something like in 70 percent correction even 80 or 90 percent correction like you did from eleven hundred dollars to two hundred dollars for Bitcoin now that was all because of mount GOx and if you guys don't know about mountain GOx definitely research it because you know it was a really big deal back then but the I'm sorry I can't read Arabic otherwise I'd help you answer the questions hey guys yeah thanks for what's up guys thanks for following me here I just got a hundred and eight people watching me live so yeah ease o2 Nuka I think I suppose said it right thanks for liking this I definitely um thank you all for liking this and join and I got 114 people on here now and great to see you guys all you got if you guys are just joining me you guys are bringing me luck – we literally just caught a finish live on on on our crypto world news so you guys are killing it with the look so thank you but let me go back to talking about Adolf Hitler I love your picture man let me go talk back to talking about the crashes if your whole inner if your underwater and any of this crypto currencies that's okay that's that's just unfortunate that you bought it that one time but it pulled back but more than likely in two years you're gonna have at least doubled if not triple your money history has shown us that and history has shown us that you'll at least make it back so you know don't worry if you do get you know more funds that you want to throw at it on some of these big pull backs then definitely do that because then you know say you bought you know $2,000 worth at $400 you know you bought yourself five coins on Bonnie theorem and it pulled back to $200 that's a chance for you to buy two or three or four or five more coins and get your average down to $300 so when it goes back up to $400 then you guys you know you're sitting there with with you know good games let me answer that MIT question first before I talk about the wallets here mit has been in the news a lot people are talking about it is it a fake website well it's really easy for someone that has gone to MIT to make a dot education website I don't know if GDX is down or not I haven't really checked yet but the MIT News you know so it could be fake it could not be I don't know what Charlie Lee is doing right now but I know that he went back to work on litecoin I do think that litecoin has a huge potential in the future like I've said that bitcoin needs help they're not going to be able to send all transactions especially if one of one bitcoin is worth a hundred thousand like there's you know the big guys are saying in the future so they're gonna need litecoin basically litecoin is already gone through segments it's already gone through lightning it's actually how I would transfer any of my money around to different exchanges to different wallets and in anything so iota I've heard good things about iota I'm not personally invested in I think that there's a lot of you know things that are coming out that are gonna be here for a while and there's some that aren't you know I would say probably probably seventy percent aren't but 30% of the cryptos that are created right now are going to come out we are active leave so G Dax is down again that does not surprise me at all they always have minor outages and it's like I was saying that's why I always put in tight stops because I want to get sold out before it crashes I want to I want to I want to have a 300 dollar loss before my emotions have to go through possibly losing you know eight to ten thousand dollars so you know if I get sold out at $300 loss then because of G Dax goes down then that's that's not really a big problem for me you know that's it shouldn't be a problem for anybody that's investing you know if you have ten you know ten dollars in there then keep your stop at you know seven dollars or whatever so you don't you lose all your ten dollars whatever it is what do I think about I cos I think that I cos are risky I'd I think I did a video and I might not have I did a post on it um I think on stock twits if you guys follow me on there about icos and especially that ye OS one I don't like it at all I do like them because the fact that they said in their disclosure agreement that they're tokens were deemed value lists and worthless so they were at least being upfront about their you know about their tokens that they were creating but the thing is that the majority these icos are just white papers that you know are have been created and they're all just raising money without even having a product or a service in place which is you know risky as hell that's obviously something that if you go and ask any financial advisor financial consultant and the in any of the actual stuff you know stock market world or financial asset world they would they would say you know that's that's crazy you need to have a product or service you know just like Facebook and steam it and and snapchat in Twitter they all had a product and a large following and a service before they you know raised money so you know that's that's why I'm so nervous about investing in some of these I cos another good example of why I SEOs can be at high risk is because the okay I'll take one example I'm sure some of you guys watch Joe I believe his name is Jace net four and he invested in veritasium yeah let me answer that August first stuff here in a little bit veritasium is a cryptocurrency that this guy created that's gonna solve all the the the marketing capital raising issues you know in the future blah blah blah well he's just has a few yeah Reggie Middleton is his name he just has a few YouTube videos talking about this and doesn't even have a full plan doesn't have even a product in place yet it's just a it's just a small plan his websites basic anybody can can go on there and thank you for the kiss and roses anybody can go into the web site and build a website and anybody can go and just create a white paper if I knew how to the blockchain work more I would create a white paper on a fund that basically piled all the Kryptos into one and just traded based on the market cap thanks guys thanks huh so what now Jason at four if anybody watches him he put I think five thousand into veritasium and then he made like ninety thousand so but he sold it right at the peak winning theory him was at its peak and he sold it right there where it was at the highest value and then it crashed more I think more than sixty sixty-five percent so those people that were trying to jump into it later on they just lost basically fifty if you put five grand into it after an IP owed then now you only have 2,500 a little windy out here so that's why I cos are there they basically are probably ten times more volatile than then aetherium is and yeah that's uh what was your guys's questions what is the eight one T theme volatility in oh that's the question August first yeah uh no I actually think that we're not gonna have anything come up on August first and everybody wants to know about that too because that's the potential fork hard fork soft fork in and there's never actually let me start with there's never actually going to be a soft board it's gonna be a hard fork by minors because the minors have all the power there's basically a battle between the developers and the minors out there with Bitcoin right now and those so the soft fork is basically users would would support a soft fork and then fifty percent of the users would switch over to the new coin and then the rest of the users would switch over in time to the new coin well hard fork is when all the miners basically use all their power computing power and switch over to the switch right over to the new coin now I think we're gonna be going through segments well we already are going if you watch the beginning of this video the halfa tell Reap agree since I got a lot of people as 146 in here now thanks for the likes to guys like that and I'm sure you're already subscribed but segments already being implemented segments gone through the first alpha testing they fixed all the bugs today they're implementing beta testing and they're leaving the software of segments and the blockchain open for others to join bitfury is the one that I remember right now but there's a lot of people that are on board with seg would already I believe it was the China Bitcoin roundtable that was talking about last week that they were going to basically go towards having segment activated to end the whole debate if if segment is gonna happen or not now if seg what does fully go through which I do believe it's going to go through then we don't have any issues with the August first date nobody's gonna go and have a have a split if we've implemented seg wit and there's just not enough support for it I think it's a scare tactic by bit main in Bitcoin unlimited which is also called China coin some places so you know that's just a scare tactic that's what they want to do because they want to have a bigger portion of the pie of Bitcoin and that's that's just not gonna happen there's too many miners and users out there that aren't supporting it so I think it'll get pushed back it'll continue to get pushed back and then it'll just never happen I think it's just all a bunch of talk right now because if you split Bitcoin there would be a huge issue and oh that's no that's my that's my pops he knows that I'm not ignoring him he's actually probably a better trader than I am you could say hi dad hey guys yeah he actually was reading the charts earlier and you know I said that this is basically a no trade zone because you know where we have low volume right now and we have you could either go up or down moving averages are right here and give going these guys Robert says hi Robert today hi tonight Robert Robert Luber give him a shout-out and yeah thanks for everybody Robert tartar should I keep buying are those artificial fishing hats yes this is my my fishing hat somebody called it a farmers hat somebody called the rice hat I don't know what to call it yet but it's pretty awesome am I looking for wait I think there was a question who asked that let me try – should I keep buying Bitcoin or heavy on litecoin I think litecoin is probably going to be the strongest one and but if we do have a breakdown I think that I think that we we might we might pull back we could pull back with these with a lot of people worrying about this August 1st news because a lot of people don't understand it I don't think a lot of people are still kind of scared about it and skeptical of it but it's it's kind of like one of those things it's almost like you know trying to have the government's debt solved like they always want to do it but it's never gonna actually happen so that's that's one of that's about the easiest way I can relate that swaziland Benson from Swaziland and saying hi to pops as well thanks thanks guys I know we need more fish here guys keep keep up the good luck let's get some more fish here so back to the back to the August 1st debate I don't think it's gonna happen honestly it's gonna be one of those things that I think that let me answer about ripple in a second I think that's just one of those things that's gonna kinda keep keep getting pushed back and back and back and back until Bitcoin goes through seg wit and it has lightning activated do I have any advice on advice for first-time investors yes start to jump in to some of these things especially if there's a pullback if there's a pullback you know what I do is I load up my account with my money and I use G Dax because they have pretty low fees so I load that up get the money in the account don't just jump in though and buy as soon as your money's in the account and don't use coinbase to buy because they can throw up an additional percent it says in their disclosure they can add an additional percent on your fees so yeah you even though it is crash tax what I do is I go I put it into G Dax and because they have the lowest spreads so they have the there's still the most active exchange and no it won't ever be to two to five million euros I'll explain I'll go back over that one second yeah point five basis points on but they add point five basis point on top or four point five basis points it says in their in their disclosure there are their fees that they can do that Polonia X is the most active but coinbase has the best best spreads for Bitcoin aetherium and litecoin okay so and then what do I what's causing the crashes is just the fact that it's so it's so large and if big investor just transfers all his wallet into G Dax and then sells it they can crash in I think coinbase and G Dax I think that they they have some issues to work out with their network and and yeah I do like polonius like I have Polonia acts to transfer my steam into dollars as well but I also use a nice transfer like coin to coin base and transfer it out so I used light coin to move all my funds around because it's the quickest it's most reliable and I think it's the strongest coin out of the group I know Bitcoin would probably be right there with like one you know and and butty theorems just so volatile by the time I transfer it it could be you know down 30 40 bucks or whatever so I don't like to transfer things around an e theorem especially after the bogged down after just a couple I cos e theorem has scalability issues that they have to fix I wish that their site that he theorem Enterprise Alliance the June thirtieth sign on there I wish that their issues are fixed because the scale are I wish that they were fixing scalability because of that right now yeah coinbase sucks I agree but I still use it and GD ax sucks but I still use it because there spreads are low on and you can trade for free if you use limit orders oh let me let me answer these let me answer these questions on ripple tubes I just got a lot of a lot of questions about ripple so ripple is there's so many ripple coins that have been created in the you know already that it's never gonna go up like you guys think that it's gonna go from 26 cents to 50 dollars like litecoin well there's like I think like 63 billion ripple coins already have been created and in the bank sir thanks here pretty much in on creating that I believe so there's it's never gonna have you have to look at everything in market cap you know so like when I look at my favorite coins talked about him or Bitcoin litecoin steam and game credits those are my four of top fifth I like Stratos to I just like the application that's trying to Stratos is pretty new for me but like game like game credits how do you value these things but you know they're you don't look at their current price you look at their market cap and what they could be and the so game credits for instance what is their competition in the real world like you know that the asset world obviously crypto currencies is the real world too but it's not respected amongst a lot of investors so I mean I like I like aetherium but it's got a lot of issues if there would probably be right there at six it's got a lot of you know followers but let me get back to how you value a currency cryptocurrency game credits for instance so that's I think at 200 million dollars right now well if I want to compare it to something I'm gonna compare it to game fly or game stop which are worth you know ten I think ten billion dollars each so that's the potential that's how you compare it where could possibly go and no I don't think India could ever beat China in a world war i think intellectual war i think they'd be pretty close they're both really smart places way smarter than the u.s. somebody asked me when do you think you will see five hundred dollars ether ether is going to go up I do like ëthere iam I think that they have to fix part of it though I think the fact that all these I cos came out backed by etherium puts a lot of pressure on it it's almost like with all the bank's manipulating silver they have written so many derivatives and selling so much of it that it's gonna suppress it for such a long time until these ICO is actually materialized and whenever these I CEOs need to actually raise funds to buy a half a building to buy computer network services to pay to pay their payroll of their software engineers they have to sell their in theory Amir not gonna you know be paying for all these things in in etherium because that's just not how world works just yet in the future it probably will you know be be be just fine and I think that it'll it'll continue to no we're not movin fishing somewhere up there but I think the etherium will be huge I think it'll be just fine I think it's like I said if we do get to the five trillion dollar market cap I believe that e theorem will be around probably probably fifteen thousand dollars a coin I mean I don't think it'll do a flipping in with Bitcoin I think aetherium classic is actually gaining a lot of ground right now on bonny theorem because of the fact that all the issues with the IC OS and and the network slowing down I do have a little battery as I don't know how much battery I have left but let's see love the Hat thanks guys yeah I mean I'm a hat guy so you know I love this hat what what other questions you guys have I'm glad that I got to stay on here for such a long time if you guys do have steam it you know definitely go follow me on there post your post your link in my comments and all follow you guys back I'm actually buying some more steam so my steam power is gonna be able to go you guys pretty soon I do love the steam there platform it's a lot of fun um I do like and shares because it comes out of China and let's see yeah the reason why I want to talk a little bit fish on fish on yeah fish fishing is awesome I love love you guys for for following me here today you guys all got to watch me literally we got to reel in a fish I didn't really didn't I've really reeled in last one that wasn't on camera but it's walleye um Wow let's go back to the five trillion dollar market cap and why it's possible so gold is that seven trillion dollars right now just gold alone we took 1% of all the assets out there commercial real estate derivatives gold silver real estate that would give us if we just took 1% of that that would give us about seven trillion dollars so when you think about it we could get to that level and we could get to there yeah you here am i I knew that I know that aetherium and sorry if my live feed is crashing when my stuff's getting blow but like I said we can get there we just have to know I got 5% I got plenty of time um we can get there absolutely if you go to I was just I was just driving around the other day and I decided to ask people all day hey do you guys know what bitcoin is oh there's this one guy that yeah I know we're literally fishing the weeds but we figured out how to fish in weeds my Steam it name is Austin Sanders CEO definitely catchin seaweeds back there you guys look there's we are we are fishing in weeds so well if you go out there and you ask oh no derivatives market that you don't have to even include that and we should still be at seven trillion dollars derivatives market alone could be anywhere between six hundred trillion and I think it's two quadrillion and that's on crap I forgot what the site that I have so the CIA comes out with their statistics every year and puts that together I'll find that for you guys but pokeman pokeman is probably gonna be good I've also heard of Wayne Coyne I've heard of and shares you know there's all these weird coins that there's over 700 coins were in Glendale Wyoming and is iota okay for first-time investment um iota it could be big I mean it's there's some talks about it being big but internet of all things I believe her things I just don't know about some of these little alt points litecoin I love a light coin like I said like when Bitcoin on my to top I would say top big coins I think your theorems gonna do just fine over if you have material you know it'll it'll definitely I think once we get through this August basically I think that all these all coins are gonna be a much higher will probably be at one hundred and fifty billion dollar market cap by by December if not two hundred billion that's just the way that we're gonna be growing ripple you know yeah it's gonna it's gonna go up if all those other things go up do I have a booger probably I mean I'm out here fishing so I'm not really worried about it but hola como estas do you remember them gate hub yet well yeah booger corn that'd be a good one everybody has boogers if you don't pick your boogers in the morning and you're not a human being if some sort of alien what was some of those questions retype them if you just typed me a question cuz they just fly by so quickly dogcoin dog coins been around for a while he theorem plastic timing I think theorem classic is gonna do very well recently it's just have been doing the stellar because all the problems with ether do you have any buy-and-hold recommendations yeah I do have I do have a buy-and-hold recommendation one of my favorites is litecoin I would say litecoin if you like to blog if you like to use Facebook if you use reddit I would say invest in steam it because you can basically pay yourself interest also if you're a big gamer I like game credits I think that that's gonna continue to go up as well do you think chrome is what coin do I think coin basis well let me add answer I'm in Glendale Wyoming by the way we're actually you can't even have a coin basic out here so hopefully they don't pick up my my IP address off these cell phone towers and close my account for some stupid reason that would be a coin based thing to do um but I don't know anything about Heat coin working you buy a GPU I just did a video on GPUs that are coming out they're pretty much sold out everywhere you know but the two new ones I think is Asus and Nvidia we're doing really well so with or they just made some GPUs that are specifically for mining coins I definitely try to get up one of those game credits yeah someone wanted me to elaborate on game credits basically it's a it's a crypto coin where you put your US dollars in and then you can use those game credits to go you know buy games so ever if you're a huge gamer you know and you if you put five hundred dollars into it or whatever and it turns into you know fifteen hundred dollars then you can basically buy three times the games that you would have had before hope everybody follows me on Steam and I'm probably gonna be doing a giveaway for some steam points here by the way if you aren't already on Steam it but make sure you write down your password or email it to yourself because you only get to see it once taxes uh well taxes let's see let's see lots of questions on taxes so I'm gonna answer that one let me just keeps going down what's up Scotland what's up Massachusetts Gollum I did like the idea of Gollum and what's that other one that you can basically it's made or something like that song with me but taxes so obviously here I'm gonna tell you all that you should follow the IRS as rules and pay your taxes if you have any capital gains because I don't want to get in trouble nobody you guys who relate back to this video and say this guy told me bah bah blah blah and and and and so that's what I have to say but you know what I really think and I think you know what I think if you can take it and it's you know these these block chains are made to be anonymous when you buy your coins just don't sell them on a place like coinbase physical base is gonna send you a 1099 are that they send you that well they're gonna send you a 1099 are but they're not gonna send it to the IRS and there's they say they say that you're supposed to report your sales and your capital gains just like if it were property you're even supposed to pay on that property property taxes oh isn't it not true on coinbase have you sold I mean yeah that's what I that's what I've been reading that there's that they they you're supposed to be doing that so that's what they're supposed to be doing because their us exchange bitch Rex I've been hearing good things about Beatrix so well that's good to know because I mean I would I have I've actually been sending my money to Polonius and I would cash out on that exchange or bitch Rex I've been hearing really good things about them but you are supposed to pay your taxes if you do make a lot of money now what I would do is I would just keep it in your crypto currencies you know transfer it to Bitcoin the stronger of the you know the the store of value coin and buy stuff with it you know you can go to Expedia and take a vacation and pay for pay for in Bitcoin you can you can you can use to go and buy stuff buy yourself some stuff with these games you know and and then leave the rest of it for a long term oh I'm I'm closing down guys

7 thoughts on “Bitcoin And Ethereum Big Day Update! Watch us Catch Fish at 9 minutes!”

  1. Austin man, you are so cool. Greetings from Greece. If you ever end up here, just pm me. Keep up the good work bro.

  2. Cool – no But the guys are over at Stradbroke Island Fishing this weekend (I'm a member of Beach Bums Fishing Team ??we're from Southeast Queensland )

  3. Love fishing (Down under in Oz) and enjoying all your videos Austin – good advice been coming through to keep us up to daily news – Thk u?

  4. Don't be afraid of the fork… hard fork won't happen once segwit gets implemented. Why would anyone wanna split bitcoin into two after the problems have been fixed with segwit? It just doesn't make sense. Instead the price is going to skyrocket to $10,000 minimum by end of this year and thats being conservative. If you look at the history of the charts every time there was a major peak in bitcoin price the price shot up 10x the previous correction price. Bitcoin price more than doubled this year but no where near 10x yet. Only thing thats been holding it back was the fud caused by the potential fork which won't happen.

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