Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Will Skyrocket In Value

index fund announcing that legendary Wall Street advisor Ric Edelman has joined as an investor and advisor well we've got the legend himself Ric Edelman with us now from San Francisco joined by Bob Pisani from the New York Stock Exchange Bob why don't you kick it off thanks very much Melissa hello Rick Adelman old friend very interested to hear about your Bitcoin urges we talked this morning you told me every financial advisors needs to educate themselves about the space and should consider an allocation for clients Rick why are you bullish on Bitcoin and are you advising people to buy it right now well I'm bullish on it because bitcoin is now 10 years old it's a two hundred billion dollar market in crypto total Bitcoin is about 40% of that clearly it's here to stay there's massive amount of investments going into the blockchain and crypto assets specifically and financial advisors on discovering really don't know much about it no more than their clients do which means advisers can't effectively give advice to their clients that the clients need should I buy Bitcoin or other crypto assets and this so how much how do I do it etc and so my goal is to help raise the bar of awareness education understanding and knowledge so that advisors can be of greater value and help to their clients do you think this is really a separate asset class what you know I actually learned how to do all this stuff like two years ago I learned how to buy it I learned how to use it I learned about all the other different coins I diversified in my portfolio I'm even running masternodes over here you can see I'm getting a bunch of autopilot payoffs because not only do I invest in the digital assets themselves but I invest in the technology that confirms the transactions on the decentralized network and that generates passive income on top of the profits that I can potentially make from trading and investing in the market so I've been doing this for like two years you know built into six-figure income very quickly relatively quickly you know compared to what a lot of people take when they enter a business but because of its volatility it allows for very very fast profits and we've seen that time and time again and if you've been following my channel you know you've seen what happened during the year of 2017 when we saw certain coins 10 X 20 X 50 X some of them even like 300 or 400 or 500 or 600 x2 in profit within about a one year's time frame which is absolutely phenomenal if you know if you're looking at it from an investor's standpoint but you know I've got all kinds of different digital assets I know how to use all the wallets I know how to send I know how to receive I know how to backup the wallets I can teach you how to do all this stuff I know how to use the hardware wallets I know the difference between the web wallets and the private key wallets and which one's the most safe to store the value in so if you're out there and you want to learn about this stuff send me a message you know my facebook link is actually in the description of this video you've also got my website link and my Instagram link and all my social media is in here in the description connect with me and I'll teach you how to do all this stuff my name is Sean Logan everyone have a wonderful day or night depending on where you are in the world see you later

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