Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Trading For New Traders Road To Fast Profits With Crypto

this is the automated training program and one that we have been obsessed about for the past couple of months this software guys has everything that you need in order to make profits through the financial market so what's best of all guys is that Maximus crypt upon you know allows you to target various markets if you want to get involved in on my trading Forex crypto currencies indices and stocks this software has everything that you need Maximus quad has been recently upgraded guys so this program has added new features to allow you to have more control over the automated trading program so even though Maximus Printrbot is quite versatile where you can do many things with the software it's also very easy to use one of the cool things that I love in regards to their new additions is in regards to not only can you choose here is that you can choose here from the markets that you want to choose so I mean if you are a crypto-fascist you can choose to invest and simply crypto currency pairs like Bitcoin tether Red Bull I mean the list goes on and on on the amount of cryptocurrency pairs that you can invest with but you can also target stocks commodities crypto currencies and indices so even if you like the old-school type of trading you know like the Euro the US dollar the GBP the USD I mean everything is right here for you guys so it's right here at your fingertips all within the maximum security bot application another cool feature that we love here is the fact that you also get to target your specific expiration ranges so we have regular term long term and hyper trades as well hyper trades are short term trade scales that can last anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes long so a really cool feature that allows you to actually target trades and make profits very very quickly we've actually posted a couple of videos in regards to using hyper training so if you want to see hyper trading live in action guys I highly recommend that you watch any of these videos and of course 48 Ravine these guys I will leave the links down below in our video description hyper training really cool feature guys I mean it's just a cool it's just a great way to be able to use Maximus Printrbot especially if you don't really have a lot of time this would be a great way to see this entre live in action by watching our videos and see how it all works but in addition to hyper trading I mean I'm not really a big fan of long term why terms are usually trays that can last up to you know many hours or even a couple of days but I mean if I'm just like you guys you know when I'm using some Maxim's Krita blonde I like making money this very moment you know within a matter of like a half-hour or a couple of hours I don't want to wait a few days to make money I want to make money right now when I'm using Maximus credo boss so in addition to using the hyper trading I like to use regular term and regular term is the feature that I use a lot when I'm using mass in the script a bot so let me just show you guys some of my most recent results I mean keep in mind guys that today is Monday so I haven't done any trading just yet but last week I'm these were some of our results from last Friday or last Thursday I don't really remember but this is where we actually posted this video and we made a few hundred dollars in profits just within the matter of it was like an hour of use and master's crib and all we did was you know just use its auto trading function and we made some massive profits relatively quickly guys I mean and we keep in mind that the software a maximum spread about does a lot of the work for you which is why it is so easy to use so I mean if you want to see this video in particular guys I highly recommend it because you know one of the main things that traders are always wondering is you know how much money can you make using Maximus Krabat on a daily basis on a weekly basis on a monthly basis and this is what we actually do in this video is what we do is we kind of break it down so that way traders get a better understanding of what you can make in just a matter of a couple of hours or even a few hours you know use a maximum script or bot in one day I mean when we did the math guys I mean it's easily you can make anywhere between three thousand to five thousand dollars per week using Maximus credit line these are just my most recent results from this from this training session from one training session alone so again if you are interested in seeing these results and you know seeing the software live in action as we trade I highly recommend that you watch this video as well in that way you can see the software live in fashion and of course you can access this video anytime down below in our video description but you know as we make these results guys you know trading using Maximus critter bots can be very very exciting I mean looking at the results as you see here these were from last week where we have over you know too close to twenty thousand dollars in our accounts and you know I think this was yeah this was Thursday so you know a couple of days later we were still trading and we made a couple a thousand dollars even more but you know training is very exciting but it's also important that you're able to withdraw your money which is why we are here guys to discuss which ones you know because it's important and it's you know it's it's a critical fact part of online training is being able to take that money that you have earned when you're using you know great applications like Maximus critter bot so I mean going back to these results you guys you know you can see this this was my account just from Thursday I mean as you can see our accounts right now with Maximus could buy in connection with trader online we are now at only 11,000 now I say only 11,000 because I mean half of our account is missing and the reason why guys is because we submitted a withdrawal so what we are looking at here guys are some of my withdrawal histories from trader online the broker connected to my Maximus Printrbot account and you can see guys that we have actually submitted quite a number of other with Charles in the past you know ever since we started using Maximus Krita and these are all profits these were Charles that you see here these are all profits that we have earned just by using Maximus credible so as you can see from our most recent which was just from today just a couple of hours ago and I submitted it would travel a firm trader online for $10,000 so it really excited guys because this is my largest withdrawal that I've done it just with this account alone and keep in mind that I have another accounts with trader on of with Maximus printed by connection with a different broker account so you know and a couple of months guys you know making over you know thirty and forty thousand dollars in you know just a couple of months is really really exciting and again this is all just by using the Maximus Krabat application so this is really important because there are some facts that you need to understand when it comes to you know being prepared and being able to withdraw the money that you make and if you've seen any of my previous withdrawal videos you know we definitely go over the same information but you know this is a great update just in case of you joining us for the first time I mean you know knowledge of repetition is important especially when it comes to this factor of you know being able to withdraw the money and you know the first thing I always recommend traders to do guys is you know verify your broker accounts and this is the process that basically in you know it requires you to you know submit certain documents to basically just prove that you are who you are that you are the owner of that broker account that you have created and it's a very simple process guys and you know every broker can provide you the specific details and instructions in order to complete this process it's very simple it only takes a couple of minutes and it's important that you do this after you complete your withdraw after you complete your deposit the reason why and the reason why this is important guys is that you know just keep in mind that when the time comes to withdraw your money if you haven't verified your broker account you won't be able to withdraw your money so that's why I always just recommend traders you know after you complete you inter plus or the broker provided for you by maxima script upon you know make sure that you verify your broker accounts get that out of the way so that way when the time comes you know you're training you using the maximum scribble software and you want to make and you want to you know withdraw some money back that process is already done it's taken care of and you can easily access your withdrawals now there are a couple of things guys that you do need to avoid and these are very critical guys because you know these factors that I'm about to share with you can really complicate your withdrawal if you get entangled with them so there are three things that I cannot stand when it comes to online trading in general this doesn't really apply to just Maximus crypto bots this applies to all trading all together so three things that I can't stand guys that I recommend you avoid account managers account managers are those people that call you almost immediately when you create a new account they're basically annoying sales people guys I mean they try to offer you things that you do not need and these offers that they try to sell you can really complicate your accounts and really make it impossible for you to withdraw your money which leads me to the two other things that I can't stand you know first is account managers avoid speak with them if they call you guys you can ignore them I mean you don't need to speak with them because remember you are here to use Maximus credible you're not here to use the broker services because they suck so don't get involved with them and they'll just complicate your life even worse and so the following other is that you need to avoid our managed account offers and bonuses okay so these are the types of offers that most account managers will try to offer you a managed accounts is basically where they offer to trade for you so they say that oh yeah give us you know X amount of money and well double your investment in a few hours or in a couple of days which sounds really cool especially if you don't know what you're doing but be careful guys because these managed account offers and these account managers they trade aggressively they basically will invest your entire accounts in a couple of positions which yes it could yield a large profit but don't loose it just as fast when they do it again and again and again so it's very very risky the other offer that you should avoid our bonuses bonuses is basically where the broker says hey we're gonna give you some extra money so that way you can trade and make more trades it sounds great to guys but remember a broker is not gonna you know provide you these offers you know for free you know there are contingencies that are attached to these types of offers and these contingencies are actually what complicate your withdrawal so they're very impossible or nearly impossible I should say especially if you're a beginner in order to complete and if you don't complete them you can't withdraw your money which is you know the whole point when it comes to online trading so that's why I say you know to simplify your life guys you know avoid account managers and avoid managed account offers and avoid bonuses and don't forget to verify your broker accounts now keep in mind that there are some brokers that you don't want it when you want to withdraw your money some brokers might require you to do like a verbal confirmation that you do want to internal money if that is the case with a broker that you have then by all means yes do that only speak with a managed with with an account manager if you need to okay don't feel pressured because you know this is your account this is your money they can be very pushy but if you need to speak with them just be firm all right so that's basically you guys you know these were Charles guys are very very exciting and you know trade is a pretty decent broker that I've come to enjoy one other thing I do want to point out guys in regards to maxima script about you know Maxim's prett what is a trading software relatively available for most countries but not all of them so you know if you are interested in joining Maximus credible and all the information down below in our video description but

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  1. VERY IMPORTANT: If you are in the USA or other excluded countries, you will need a VPN account: before opening an account with Maximus Cryptobot. Most VPN services will give you a free trial. First open a free VPN account then set it to an approved country. When you sign up with Maximus Cryptobot you will be assigned a broker. Before investing in a VPN account, contact your assigned broker and ask them if they can pre-approve your account by telling them that you are working/living overseas but your family lives in the states and you pay your families bills in the states. Your KYC must be approved before any withdrawals can be made. However, this may not guarantee approval. Ultimate approval rests with the assigned broker. There may be a bad day where you will make several losing trades, that is why it is important to follow up with this strict rule of investment/money management:
    If you have $100 in your account, each open position should be $5 tops
    If you have $200 in your account, each open position should be $10 tops
    If you have $500 in your account, each open position should be $25 tops
    If you have $1,000 in your account, each open position should be $50 tops
    If you have $2,000 in your account, each open position should be $100 tops
    If you have $5,000 in your account, each open position should be $250 tops

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