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good morning everyone it's December 7th it's that time again for a daily Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news got a lot to talk about Bitcoin etf is delayed among other things and plus bitcoin is much lower than where it was yesterday we're right around 3,200 so we lost about another ten to fifteen percent so it's not looking good right now but today at least is Friday the weekend is coming so well we'll talk about what's going on today and what do you guys should do and and since today's Friday we'll just have a general EMA and see where it goes alright so thanks for tuning in I had to delay today's session by hour had some obligations I had to fulfill but thanks for tuning in make sure you smash up the life subscribe to channel and let's get started let's get started and for everyone that's in the chat right now I know I kind of screwed up a lot of people's time frame but apologize for that alright so let's get started what is going on today first piece of news is Bitcoin etf decision is delayed until February 27th and this is for two specifically the one from Van Eyck and CBOE and this decision was done on purpose basically to let things settle down and so the SEC you know is trying the SEC is really trying they could have just said you know what we're just good tonight but they decided to push it back because they know what's going on in the market right now and they want to see and this date is one month after back is coming out with the Bitcoin futures right and safely on NASDAQ they might be coming out in January so I think this also gives time for the SEC to make a sound decision they want to see what happens after Bitcoin futures based on Bitcoin gets released so I but this is it a lot of people are saying well I'll just go get delayed delayed delayed no that's just he actually put their foot down and said this is it if it gets you know it's not gonna be delayed anymore so if it gets it's either go get approved or denied but that doesn't mean you can't submit a gun there could be other things in the pipeline so things can be can be resubmitted over and over and over but this is this is their way to kind of let the market settle down and hopefully remove some of those craziness that we're experiencing right now but you know Van Eyck themselves say that we're cautiously optimistic right so they had to throw cautiously on there because they're not a hundred percent but they basically said they're they feel like they've met all the requirements right so to quote them the last day the ETF could be approved at the end of February we think we have met all required market structure obstacles and requirements and pricing custody evaluation safekeeping so we are cautiously optimistic but there is a lot more work to be done sort to get up to sort wait a lot of work to be done sort of to get the market going and some good announcements recently I know over-the-counter markets being transparent so basically they feel like they submitted and they have everything that she's looking for so they're optimistic so this could be a good news I mean this still can be good news especially since SCC didn't just come out and say oh we're just denying it they're actually giving time for a market to root to settle down so this could still be a good thing but unfortunately have to wait basically three months until the end of February before this comes out however back it's coming in January end of January and hopefully it goes through B's that one is being decided by CFTC and they are a lot more Pro Bitcoin and crypto in general all right so let's start with that none here's a piece of news not a lot of people are talking about but I guess this website that interview was one of the coin crypto minors or Bitcoin miners in China which basically this guy says that a lot of a lot of miners are panicking they can't continue to operate so Jin Xing I don't know who you know what come he represents many of my fellow short-selling Bitcoin to hedge against the unbearable market condition if I mine say 30 day 30 coins the next month but a price might continue to fall by another 10% I shall place a short order on exchange you sell them at the current price but deliver one month later so basically if you know if what he says is reliable basically the miners are really struggling right now especially since the difficulty didn't adjust and remember there's a two-week adjustment every time so according to him that all these miners are basically shorting a Bitcoin right now to kind of stay afloat because whatever they are whatever they are selling I mean whatever they're mining right now is not is not keeping them afloat so this could be the reason why or one of the factors why there is so much down pressure on the market right now why shorts for BTC is at all-time high so this could be why you know we are in this down real spiral with no end in sight right now alright so moving on what else is there I don't know what happens with coinbase there's always e30 inflatius and this is the first time I heard it but I guess today ether him actually flash crashed down to 13 dollars and people were able to buy that 13 dollars so of course this happened before last year when you tharam dropped from what is it three hundred twenty two dollars down to once one cent or ten cents this is not nearly as bad I mean in 30 M is still what 80 something dollars now which is just insanely low 83 dollars but still grabbing at $13 is would be very profitable so I don't know what happened I don't know what what goes on with coinbase why there's always ether name flash crash so those that that play some really really low buy orders if you got yours filled so congratulations but I don't know why this happens right and this doesn't help because all the people that bought you through him low probably are selling it so it cut it probably contributes to more downward pressure I mean 30 them all right so moving on Roger beers so there's a mining firm right I'm sure one that has been mining Bitcoin or Bitcoin cash I don't know which one but they are know us and they're filing a federal lawsuit against Roger verge of Wayne wool bit main and and Bitcoin calm basically you know basically showing the frustration what we're all been we all been feeling right like these guys are basically you know colluding and do it whatever it takes to win this hash war and they're doing a lot of shady things and it's just causing a lot of disruption in the market and of course we're this mining firm they probably lost a lot of money so they are going after them I don't know what's gonna happen because Roger I mean he he's in Japan and Jeff Wayne is in China so I don't know we're just go go but it's interesting that you know someone actually decided to take some legal action against them and and I'm still waiting to see if anyone takes action against Calvin and and Craig right so and that that is interesting because I'm bringing that up because Bitcoin sv has been pumping like crazy it was up to a point where it was actually under stellar and it surpassed Bitcoin cash now you have see that it came down slightly actually the price is a little bit higher but the overall market cap is a little bit lower so pick one sv is being being pumped up like crazy and who knows who knows maybe Calvin and and Craig Wright is selling all their bitcoins and buying Bitcoin sv to pump it to the moon to kind of show the world that hey you know we can make Bitcoin as vida true Bitcoin cash and maybe hey they're trying to make it a true Bitcoin I don't know what their agenda is at this point but I I I blame them I blame them for doing this stupid hash war and that kind of caused a snowball effect and led us to where we are today it's just really really really stupid alright so moving on from there exchanges still operating coinbase now going all-out climb base now wants to add 30 new crypto assets and this includes cardano's teller but also there's another report I closed it out should I closed it but coinbase is also consider adding ripple at this point so a lot of people spend a lot fans locks RP fans wants to see coinbase addicts RP and they are considering of adding them and it makes sense because X RP is already offered as a as a service word of custodian product coin basis custodian products so it makes sense to go at it but the other you know 30 that they're adding they're adding a lot of like weird coins but they're also they're adding a lot of good coins mostly ERC 20 tokens so you and and some of those has been decimated but still they're looking to add mostly ERC now I don't know if this is just adding the coin miss probe or coin base as well so I don't know about that if it's just quite Miss Pro I mean that's just you know exchange and it makes sense because they're all going all out with the RC 20 tokens but I don't know if they're gonna add all 32 coin base itself that would be pretty significant I actually don't know if dental coin is ERC 20 Tok it if it is they probably will add them alright so moving on Gemini Gemini is adding Bitcoin cash whoo-hoo like anyone cares at this point this is just really bad timing alright so moving on from there alright so we got a couple good news today so it's not all bad Creek is betting 1 million dollars that crypto can beat the S&P 500 in next 10 years and this is very similar to a bet that Warren Buffett made and I don't know who took it where in 2008 he said that sp500 would what I'll perform hedge funds in the next 10 years and he won because it's 2018 and hedge funds has been doing bad so he won so Morgan Creek digital is doing the same thing they're challenging anyone to take the bet that Kryptos will outperform SMP 500 and next 10 years which I agree with a hundred percent but they are using end us index fund that concerns Bitcoin tharam Bitcoin Cassio's litecoin monero z cash – and I know what I know those are solid projects other than Bitcoin cash so but next 10 years is a long time so who knows like Uther him I don't know if you thought I was gonna be around for 10 years a lot of these other products might might be dominating space then a Bitcoin cash hopefully just dies out so hopefully the next ones can be updated over the next two years but they are they are that positive this is this is one of the good things about what I've been saying long-term short-term I know a sock script a winter we're in a dead dead heat of it but a lot of investors a lot of financial institutions banks a lot of enterprise companies they are focused long-term and Morgan Creek investments good for them they are willing to put them there what what's that saying or what I forgot the same but they're putting this there there they're putting a reputation online let's just say that all right and this is very positive and it's not in a blue if this passes this would be great but you know I don't know a lot of big butt Maximus or or libertarians might not like this but there's two congressmen that came out and they want to get to axe to pass that would basically protect people from manipulation from crypto price manipulation the first one is called a virtual currency consumer protection after 2018 the second is us virtual currency market and regulatory competitiveness at the 2018 which is very interesting both of these are aimed to make sure that the CFTC and other financial regulators probably SCC come up with a plan a roadmap to better regulate crypto currencies and prevent fraud and manipulation so overall this is really good and also the second bill is to research out regulations and jurisdictions across the globe or recommend any legislate in this lettuce like late if changes to grow promote growth of adoption basically the second one is for a growth first one is to prevent crypto manipulation so this will be very positive of course I'm sure to CFTC is right thinking about that because exchanges in the US are regularly by the CFTC so I'm sure they're already looking into this but it shows that some of these congressmen like I said this is the reason why I think a lot of pressures have been put on eye CCS CFTC to get things approved because I'll bet you that a lot of these congressmen are also bag holders and they want a secret don't succeed as well so this is pretty positive bar don't go anywhere all right so lastly let's look at the rich list I did not look at these ahead of time so I don't know if these guys made any moves first guy nope second guy nope so since the fifth he has not ever he or she denied any more bitcoins so 6 & 7 nothing this person the 7 today actually made some big buys 43 3400 and he or she bought almost 300 so that unfortunately is in the red right now and let's go forward this person nothing since the 3rd this person nothing alright this person bought 24 at 3400 this person continued to buy today or you know today actually pretty decent 24 it's weird all these people people buy it at a certain point 3400 and this person sold massively 700 BTC at 3300 so definitely definitely starting to feel the panic and he he or she is selling a lot of bitcoins so that is interesting so to give you perspective of who these guys are they could be exchanges they could be hedge fund guys who knows but it does show that even even these rich rich whales are concerned they're either not adding any more or they're selling off there's only a few that continues that but overall I think everyone is fearful of what's to come alright that's that's pretty much it that's pretty much it where we at we're at thirty to forty six and since yesterday we had another what we yesterday around right here thirty seven thirty eight and then we dropped again out of the blue so this downward pressure you know we're right around three thousand there's two two kinds of PA people right now one is saying there's a support at three thousand and then there's ones that say well it's past that it's about fifteen to eighteen hundred so right now really no one knows people are throwing guesses out there you know sometimes you just can't you can't tell what's going on right because like this story shows the Chinese miners is starting to short sell Bitcoin to cover themselves is this go stop anytime soon or maybe CSV or or Calvin Harris are selling out bitcoins to promote to pump it coin sv so there's a lot of that kind of stuff that's going on in the background and we simply don't know so the only thing we can do is wait it out and the smart thing to do is to get as much cash as possible so that you can buy when we actually hit bottom although it's very very hard to predict bottom so I always say buying increments cost average down and then hold for long term and that's kind of reason why you know I you can't see an output a thumbnail I just chose something that Brian Kelly did from CNBC which interesting enough I don't see him on CNBC anymore so I don't know if he has anything good to say anymore but but yeah all right guys that's that's my spiel so let's turn it back to you guys today's Friday so happy Friday let's keep a loser whatever anything goes I don't I don't care at this point wet lab though probably next year or today year after that but it will come is you know quite gold is still good coin and nothing changed a lot of these all coins that have been decimated nothing has changed in terms of you know if it's a good project they are continued to be a good project they are still working at it it's just that the price doesn't reflect it so don't let price be indicator if the project is still good or not what's the number one pointing to by right after Bitcoin I would say Ripple super badass secret crying I don't know I mean I think Superman in my honest opinion I think Superman did a very good job when he first started he got a lot of people excited he did a lot of good research and then I think this is just my opinion that you know because the craziness and the power that he had that's where he kind of swayed off and started you know Schilling secretly or not disclosing sponsorships and stuff like that so so that's just my opinion once my conservative price had me chained for next three years it's hard to say in three years we're at like ten billion ten trillion dollars of market cap I don't know where it's gonna be but I maintain the fact that I really like V chain I think it will be a top ten coin eventually I thought I was gonna come this year because I thought we were gonna go higher obviously that didn't happen but I do believe in beating a lot you can't fake the partnerships that Vijay has I mean it's it's outstanding can ripple surpassed Bitcoin and big banks by up yes of big banks actually start buying sarpy to use Forex rapid it can temporarily but long-term we're time a long long term 10 20 50 years i think bitcoin is still go be number one because it's a store value x RP is not meant to be a store value but it could be i mean it could go up in value and people are hoarding and her banks are buying it but bitcoin is go become a store value so it's gonna be number one long term i don't know i didn't i didn't watch craig rights speech i could care less what he says at this point Scott yeah he always my Tivo me I don't really check those comments on my site because most of them are spam tip says so nastika saying back fidelity every deposit ETF I don't think so I actually no definitely not so one of the things you know especially my video yesterday about trip to winter you know I mentioned right now we are in winter because there's nothing but bad news coming out oh I forgot to mention consensus did confirm their goal layoff eighteen percent of the workforce which I kind of predicted from their first story but the event tools has not changed the model metals have got better butter butter in 2018 the price doesn't reflect it but is setting us up for a really bright future and you can't say that from past years well we had this crash in 2013 at 14 the fundamentals didn't get any better there was nothing nothing to look forward to which is why so many people got driven out in 2014 but now it's different so you can't tell me that these big companies that actually spent a lot of money and time and resources to dedicate to come out with these crypto products is they believe in a long term they know that if you map it out one year history yeah maybe it's the first time ever still be a loss but you map it out two years three years five years ten years kryptos have outperformed every other asset class in the world and nothing comes close to it so so fundamentals is getting better and we're not just dependent on this ETF this if it gets approved it'll be a big trigger it'll be a big big uproar a lot of excitement of course but crypto is not just gonna be saved by ETF this is just one trigger that kind of will probably bring more attention get people be a bit more hopeful but this is not the end-all be-all thing that everyone should be looking for Kurd says I think you're not confident ETF getting approved by February 27 I was very confident until what we've experienced recently because what we're what we experienced recently is wide back got pushed back and why this etf decision got put back I think actually it was probably go get approved until all the started happening with big quick cash hash war and we dropped from 6400 which seemed to be a stable point and we held there for months and then all of a sudden we are where we are now which is 50 percent down from there and this is within a month so of course you're not gonna have us regulators say okay we're just gonna prove this what things aren't in turmoil but I do think that delaying it it's very positive again delays actually for this decision is good because of course the nine other one's got icily you know tonight because they weren't even close to meeting the requirements so the fact that this is delayed what makes me think that SEC actually wants to prove this but they want to scope out what the Lancias go be what the next two months they're hoping this dies down and I think everyone's hoping this dies down and we finally find a true bottom and then we can recover from there so I am still very hopeful for this but whatever is going on right now within the last month is very volatile and is forced upon us unfortunately and we have to live through it well your thoughts on ripple and Uther being able to print crypto will no ripple is ready XRP has a set limit so that is that's never changed now III up does have inflation but it's very minimal I mean the 30mm can up to limit if they wanted to but at this point it would seem silly to mark that is correct so this is how you could tell if a project is good or not mark says most alter and solving no cash left this is why so many of them are selling off like crazy and even their own tokens like crazy because they have no operations once right but that's just why I like bring up like a company like nulls even though nulls has been decimated price-wise they continue to get capital for mention capitalist and investment firms like bit Maine and Ulysses capital and I believed in going after another one so that they don't have to do that they don't have to sell off their own tokens right so they could continue to operate and that's how you could tell a project is good or not right a lot of these projects are simply gonna disappear for years until the market is good again and then they're gonna come back up when everyone's excited again but right now the ones that that's in the trenches that's really working on building up the product and base they will be the ones thriving because they survived this descriptive winter in this bear market and they'll become they'll come out much stronger after that fraud is strong yeah Tron is strong but I feel justin is getting a little cocky she tweeted out recently like oh you know after consensus said that their goal be focusing on you 30 based projects only you know justice said hey anyone that wants to come to tribe you know I'll fund your project and so forth well you know what tribe might not be that rich right if we continue to have a bear market you know they're under a billion down 831 billion you know half of this at least is to two people that are holding you know the other half probably belongs a trial foundation but they're gonna be careful because if this continues I've been looking at kneel right kneels down to 300 so Justin has to be careful I think he's still showboating a little bit still thinking that you know this will come to an end soon and we could just dominate the market he should be cautious at this point you never know maybe you know trot is held by a lot of big Chinese investors that might want to dump it who knows I still believe in trot don't get me wrong but I don't like the way that he is he's still being pretty cocky and Twitter right now sorry I thought I'd muted that but that didn't move beer says I hold my coy but Charlie sold that this light paint Fiasco I believe yeah that was a fiasco I lost my confidence I only hold it to function as silver too cold but stupid talk I mean it's not stupid like why won't go up eventually you'll become a store value but right now like Charlie tweeted you should not be buying litecoin if you're not prepared for it to go down to $20 and look at where we are we're $23 so we're getting very close to Charlie's prediction yeah bin babe is definitely trouble so for those of you guys are you last those fans you know they have a big partnership and investment for bid made because of the birch mining so they need them you know bidding goes under which I don't think will happen but if they do that be extremely bad for you last dose because they need to get miners to use some merch body and then also I didn't know they would go partner with flyweight for a full neck it's don't be the case whatever is going on with their CFO is just like a stupid thing for trade wars not like they did anything illegal or anything but because there's some kind of sanctions she got arrested by Canadian authorities gonna be the port of the US which most likely will be released back to China because the US doesn't want to get into other other problems with China right now so I think that's that's gonna be that's gonna be over pretty soon but yeah I don't know how let's go affect elasto stove that's all good interview about some straight-up I didn't see it I liked the project I don't know I haven't been keeping up with them recently I liked what they're doing trying to do a decentralized Internet it is it is a it is what is it it's gonna be a difficult one to really take off ud requires a lot of people to run their software to kind of act like a dynamic DNS server right but if it goes through it's great but some of the things original claims they were saying like hey could bypass you know China you know Great Wall Great Firewall China stuff like that that's gonna be hard and people that are doing it are basically violating the rules within so I don't know you know I don't know how let's go get around those kind of things yes earth did spike down despite that even lower to $30 it now is ridiculous so I don't know how coinbase allows this to happen these flash crashes 40 30 oh this could not have come at a worse time because those people that had their orders filled you know what they're doing they're just dumping it right afterwards right so that probably doesn't help you throw him at this point I haven't heard anything about Ikon recently they kind of disappeared off the face of earth where are they down I can't must see a monitor oops that's not right yeah I kind of under a hundred million Wow they have fallen you know when they first came out a lot of buzz because they were you know largest uh held enlarges I see on the South Korea they were gonna make subtraction with the DES government that school system and so forth but since then they kind of died off you know the parent company had financial troubles and a lot of flood starts spreading and so forth so I don't know if they've made any traction since dead like in terms of getting schools and fire departments and police stations University signed up I don't think they're that far yet they released have made that but they stepped quiet that they released a yellow paper and I don't know if they're still working on other things so I don't know if it's completely ready for primetime you you the so how about mute sorry so Fusion is like ranching they're not like ripple and it's led by a great team great leader so they're coming out they're testing that I forgot the official name DSM or D DVM or something like that so you can start firing testing it but they have a unique way they're meant for financial systems they're kind of almost do any kind of trading between tokens because it kind of stores the private key on their main net so that you can do basic arbitrage of adding two tokens right so it's really gonna be useful for financial systems let's say so that's what they're working towards all right so YouTube you are out just so you know if you guys pissed me off and off I'm just gonna ban so you only get one chance all right so what else is there what is your guess of probability that 3k is bottom you know at this point I'd like to say it's greater than 50% but because of what's going on and everything it's unnatural at this point when I say unnatural meaning that because the hash war is still going on now we have miners that is starting to short Bitcoin and everyone in the retail space basically lost their confidence right even even holders are basically not cost averaging any more because people are scared right because all that I don't know I'm saying it's 5050 a 3k but all I know is what I will do is I have a lot of cash on hand that I'm storing and waiting to see where we hit right I've been buying salt a little bit over time cost averaging like I've been saying not a whole lot just a little bit but making sure I have cash on hand so if we if we do end up at like a thousand fifteen hundred eighteen hundred it'll be a gift that I'll be buying so that is what I'll be doing all right crypto Pinto one of the things I always tell people is if you start saying the same thing over and over and over and over then that's less likely I'm gonna bring it up I heard you about some straight-up of data – do not bring it up again please because then you just sound like a Shiller and that makes me not want to listen to what you're saying I'm not I'm you I'm not I'm you guys are you guys severely delayed I'm not heard of XRP classic yeah people are still now people are coming out of woodwork not ta guys just normal folks that want to be trolls or be funny and say well yeah even a thousand ego goes out a dollar ten dollars it's not gonna happen you don't have to believe me but if you're thinking that bitcoins go go down to a dollar ten dollars I think you're delusional that's just that's just me of course I could be wrong you could be right but I will say that's very in my pity that's very very very very unlikely and if it does happen that means that the world is probably in financial chaos and we're seeing another 2008 or 2009 and something like that coin based probiotics are P that is Rubert I don't think that's been confirmed so thanks for that super tap super Cheshire toshi appreciate it yeah I don't know if you guys knew this but you know coinbase is the biggest holder of e thorium but yeah if Bitcoin Falls to something drastic you bet your ass these exchanges would be loading up like crazy and same day with all these hedge funds and whales they'll be loading up and I will be too so if if something drastic happens be prepared for it be prepared do you think supply chains are in a future of Kryptos yes it is very suited for supply chain I big believer be chain I'm not so much on T foods I know a lot of people are hopeful for it and I think in South Southeast Asia they were starting to use it already but but yeah I think supply chain is a big part of cripple a chain yeah B it's perfectly suited for Louis Douglass is saying I was hearing so WOD say that crypto is crashing first that comes the Barket and that would crypto Baus Marco come down sorry I don't understand what you're trying to say ripoff you want to become a whale you got to set yourself up you guys set yourself up you know all these crypto whales right they they were they became whales because they seize the right opportunity right it could be luck it could be just good luck but they blocked Kryptos what is low and they held it for years right I'm sure Roger beer is extremely rich because you invested in big big quite companies you start picking that cob he held out a lot of bitcoins right tens of thousands maybe a hundred thousands of bitcoins what it was cheap so that's the thing like right now I don't think we'll ever see a thousand dollar bit quite again but if we do we're going back you know to the beginning of 2017 right so almost two years so that would be a gift if we actually go down below that let's say a hundred dollars which I don't think we'll ever see again ever in our lifetimes but if it does that's what you go all-in right at least I'll be you guys should go all it but I will go all it because that is where you get to go back it's like you got in a time machine you went back three years of five years right so you got you guys seize the opportunity what you can not saying to do anything stupid don't ever invest more than what you could forward to lose that's number one never buy cryptos on credit cards never buy cryptos on a loan or collateral and all that stuff that's how you get wrecked so I'll show you my story how I know that gets wrecked because I went through the same thing in 2000 2007 I got into the stock market right kind of like cryptos in 2017 2007 2006 2007 everything was going up like crazy like crazy and then what what happened 2008 happened the housing market bubble crash find it all these banks world financial system was gone to the Stone Age everything crashed al Jones crashed from 20,000 all the way down to 6,000 eventually but every day 800 point that was important drops 700 point drop or whatever right everyone was also playing that game say hey it can't fall down that much it's gonna come back up and I fell in that trap what did I do I started trading on margin so I started buying all these great companies I knew I knew had a great future but I decided to get greedy because I didn't had that much cash on hand I decided to buy him a margin and guess what I got a liquidator on everything had I just bought what I could have afforded and held till now which is ten years later they would be up tens of thousands of percents and because I didn't do that because I got greedy and bought a margin I liquidated and I lost all that so that's the same thing with Kryptos right now unfortunately it is down right but when you're trying to be greedy and you you borrow money and you try to buy Kryptos with it you're gonna end up getting liquidated and you can't hold it and you're gonna lose all those gains so hold on someone's at my door hold on one second I'm back some of some of you guys always theorized I don't wear pants I do but that is my story so that's why I always say don't if that's more what what more than what you can afford to lose and if you're trying to be greedy you're like oh you're thinking 3,000 bottom so I'm goal take out all these loans and buy a 3,000 that is how you get wrecked because you won't even be able to hold you'll end up just getting liquidated if you made the wrong move so don't ever do that it was not the SEC at the door it's not the IRS at the door it was just a family friend that came by I don't know what your what day Chinese New Year is because it changes every year so it's been I think it's in January somewhere all right guys I think that's about it I don't have a surprise guest unfortunately well hopefully you guys learned a little bit so you know I went through the same thing you know I've no expert I'm not a you know day trader or any kind of Wall Street guy but I've lived through it some of you guys have seen in comments that you know you guys said you know I learned by by holding and I lost a lot right but at least I learned it's the same thing when I was playing a stock market ten years ago I lost a fortune and no one predicted where bottom people couldn't predict it right no one saw something like that it was the worst crash since the Great Depression no one thought thou could crash from 20,000 down to 6,000 and to put things in perspective you know things like Apple was down to $60 this is before their split right so Apple something I owned Netflix a lot of Amazon I mean these companies were at nothing at that point right I got greedy I decided to buy on margin I got liquidated like I said had I kept them you know they're like tens of thousands percent higher than where they were ten years ago so it's the same thing with Kryptos a lot of these crypto these all coins right a lot of them are coins but a lot of them have a very bright future so you don't want again in a situation where you can't even hold so that's number one but also you got to realize that all these crypto whales crypto millionaires they became millionaires by doing a smart thing buying and holding and that's pretty much it but they're doing it on great projects such as Bitcoin right and if you believe in ether iam I don't know about them but you thorium definitely is gonna be around for years like coin same thing I'll be a store value a lot of these companies and the smaller companies such as like nulls or you last those even like Tron or yes even though they're not small these companies have a great chance to become something very big in the future so you want to have that opportunity to be able to buy one of the things are low right and hold for a long term and that's that's key but you never want to invest more than what you can afford to lose alright guys I think that's it so happy Friday if you know if you can consider as a happy Friday but big boys 3200 you know we'll see what this weekend brings let's see if there's some kind of bounce or we'll go hit 3000 from the buy order seems like there's a lot of orders stacked at 3,000 so if we do drop down to 3,000 we can see a pump up but if we see 3,000 if it doesn't hold and we go down then yeah maybe 1800 1500 is right around the corner right so we'll see how it goes this weekend lighter volume so we don't know all right guys thanks for tuning in so stay strong and make sure you smash up the licence subscribe to channel and I will see you on Monday all right take care guys bye bye

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  2. "The SEC is trying … the SEC is really trying." How in the world would you know? It's amazing how defensive of the SEC people have become … a variation on Stockholm Syndrome imho. "This is a way for them to let the markets settle down." Again, yes, that's one way of putting it. And who benefits from the markets settling DOWN? …

  3. Why bother with cost avg. Just buy when it seems right and use a tight stop loss. Buy $3000 @ $3k gets you 1btc
    Stop loss @ 2900
    Buy $2900 @ $2500 gets you 1.16btc
    Rinse, repeat.

  4. I pray we get down to 1k and hold it for 6 months or so. BTC at those prices for newer people to the crypto space would be a gift. At those prices the average person can accumulate multiple bitcoins which will lead to life changing wealth to the common man. Fingers crossed!

  5. BTC was created to serve as a currency and it has and will failed as such so now people attribute a store of value as it's next hot property, by definition an asset that is a store of value holds its value against other assets, BTC has failed again. Bitcoin is destined to be a highly volatile asset that will swing violently in price over time and allow Wallstreet to profit. It is clear a store of value in the long run will be stable coins, how this escapes people blows me.

  6. Thanks for the great content! Dump Bitcoin cash both crapy versions…this idiots should get no attention. Vechain is totally undervalued and so incredible cheap at the moment. I do believe in btc eth iota ada neo zil too this all are great projects who deserve more attention. Forget roger ver and craig wright…. people can hate me for that opinion but this guys slowing down and just showing negativity

  7. Hey George, is there any was to find out of these blockchain companies have cash on hand and might of sold there etherum when it was higher when they raised the funds, looking at some of the smaller caps like Nuls, wanchain, power ledger but concerned they might run out of money ?

  8. I think it’s funny that the SEC and U.S government are concerned about price manipulation and fraud and want to protect investors but they are the ones that are manipulating the market by not disclosing regulations and with this back and forth with the ETF all the time. The ETF would actually help with the price manipulation as it would stabilize the price more and clear cut regulations would let everybody no the rules. I think this is being done purposely thinking they can either kill or slow down this movement of crypto/blockchain.

  9. Hey George…here is something you may think it's funny. Say if we buy BTC at $10,000 (which I did, about 25% of my crypto purchases over the last 11 months) and it drops to $1000, we lose $9000 total and it is very bad. But if we buy now and it drops to $1000, we only lose $2000 and it is not too bad. And so I decided to 1 whole BTC. Anyway you got to take care that cool…you have it quite a long time and it might turn into Pneumonia. It happened to my son five year ago.

  10. Buy in increments, cost average, hold some cash for the big dips, HODL. Simple message, but so easily forgotten. Thanks for continuing to hammer it home.

  11. In The Netherlands “Going to the Moon” = “ naar de maan gaan” means You get wrecked seriously and that is indead what is going to happen to all those Hodlers 😉 when they stay in the game.

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