39 thoughts on “Bitcoin and Altcoin Update : BTC, ADA, XLM and More.. Crypto Technical Analysis”

  1. Tron is a true shitcoin shilled by liar and general untrustworthy Justin Tsun. Dumped all my Tron into vechain after hearing about his latest lies on social media and bogus partnerships.

  2. Hi man, can you so a vid where u xplain when to use log chart and when not ๐Ÿ™‚ would be nice, thx for your ta

  3. Only 21 million people could ever own a whole Bitcoin…..not even enough for every millionaire to have a whole one, these small 4 digit prices will be a complete joke in 5 years. O yeah, forgot to mention that almost 4 million bitcoins are lost forever, so really on 17 million Bitcoins ever!

  4. I like 5200-5600 range. If 6000-6200 wasn't resistance on the way up, would the move down find support at that level? IDK

  5. Killing it with the multi coin videos Mitch ?? you should do a 1min fact segment at the end eg… this is the bat xabcd and have a new fact every video

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