22 thoughts on “Bitcoin & Altcoins ? NOW in MARCH?! Davincij15 | Crypto Zombie | FUD TV”

  1. CryptoZombie knows nothing about crypto and reads from coin telegraph. shills a lot of shitcoins is difficult to follow this video with him talking….

  2. At 29:00. Chris seems like, " exactly, exactly……("did you just cut me off?"…….wt#$%$$%$) lol

  3. Bitcoin will not go to the moon until it gets a lot of capital that is waiting for the level of entry and that’s $ 1800-2000

  4. This is my opinion in Binance coin. I don't know if the coin is legit or not, but recognize when something is too big to fail. I understand that in a sector this young, anything can happen but I don't see binance failing. Also keep in mind that you don't have to ever touch BNB on their platform, it's a personal choice.

  5. My favorite altcoin right now is Synchrotron coin. Its community driven and airdrop week 12 out of 30 weeks is happening right now. Join discord to get your STC! https://t.co/yp7waPI3Ca

  6. I've been shorting BTC since it broke 6k. better get right and stop with the hopium. Bitcoin is going lower so dont buy because once you buy people like myself will be on the otherside of the trade shorting BTC down. Happy liquidation children.

  7. Don't bring back that guy in the top left. Just talking to keep his voice in. You don't need him at all.

  8. Any tiny Youtubers require in the direction of ameliorate all other grow? Thanks meant for the support!

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