10 thoughts on “Bitcoin & Altcoin Trading Talk 36”

  1. And Brian's right about the bitchiness in the crypto 'community.' You'd find less hysterics and hair-pulling in an all-girls school.
    I would also just like to add that it would be nice if Mr. Kehl would wait until Brian has finished speaking before talking.

  2. I really don't see the need to use margin in this market where 50-100% gains are common place. Just seems like an unnecessary complication that will eat into your profits, or deprive you of them outright.

  3. this is how to gamble properly with BTC: https://plus.google.com/u/0/115577969653932337535/posts/ZV5uLb4aQPr

  4. best Brian of the night:

    "You can play these set-ups, but you just have to be extremely religious"

  5. Guys, great show… But PLEASE, be careful and check the video feed during the show, Brian's feed gets lost in the best parts of his analysis!

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