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[Applause] do you want 2225 crypto by signals a month Brad Hilton from the Hilton Institute of business Hilton Hotels and Mike Kelly from CCI have partnered together to bring you the crypto signal services Mike Kelley has created over 20 millionaires through his crypto signal services with legendary calls like ripple Ennio and litecoin for more information email info at Hilton Institute comm or click the link and fill out the form to get started today and let them know that currency 365 sent you alright welcome back to crunchy 365 it is September 9th 2019 hope you guys doing well let's get right into it hit the subscribe button if you new share the videos and like the video as well alright so bitcoin dominance is for the 5.7% we have 11 billion in 24 hours all you man we have 198 billion in market cap ok so we're under 200 billion on market cap that is very weak looks like the Bulls are trying to buy some of the coins now but you know as we you know when the Bulls are buying the ball game is very low when the Bears are selling the volume is very high and we need that to flip to see a bear a bull market us of 5.9% so good let's see what else is looking good here today on a Sunday ok as the East Coast gets ready for hurricane Florence right so we don't know where it's going to it looks like it's going to right now they're projecting it to hit anywhere between Georgia South Carolina North Carolina and Virginia that those are the areas right now that have declared a state of emergency those those states have declared state emerges right now and pretty sure more will just to be on the safe side as we get closer to hurricane Florence making landfall it is a category 1 hurricane right now it will speed up to a category 4 and then make landfall around a category probably 3 or 2 depending on the water now is one water that it was one water you know up north but the weather I'm thinking the temperatures have come down a little bit so the waters might be might not be as warm as they thought it was but still it's going to it's going to be right on land it's gonna be right at the outside of land and it has a category four right now and then it's going to make land either as a category three or two either way it's going to be devastating Katrina made landfall as a category three it was a category five out out out at sea at one point on a seat and then it made landfall as a category three remember Katrina for New Orleans but and then we've had many other hurricanes since then but we're gonna see which one this one where this one goes and then there's other ones behind it as well so it's gonna be crazy it's gonna be an interesting week Isis for that way it's gonna be interesting week okay gonna be a really really interesting week big boxes up ten percent white balls bites is up 12 percent okay let's continue to throw down bread is up 11% smartcash up 10% okay cosmo coin up 15% something else is a 30% wet wagga wagga coin or wager coin I'm not sure bizzle Wagner or wager I don't know people spell things people sound out things differently and spelled things differently so I'm not sure limbo is up 14% okay so let me say something real quick if you are if you're part of the the CCI Hilton Institute of business and crypto signal services and stuff and you want to do and you want to what do you call it if you want to do the be part of their affiliate program I'm gonna say just wait wait for me to give you the green light okay just wait for me something you guys want to do that something you guys want to promote the crypto signal services I would I would tell you if you're if you're gonna ask me or if you're gonna message me or on Twitter or whatever about and say how is it going for you I saw I will just say wait for me wait for me to give you the green light to do that okay don't want people to waste their time that's basically what I'm saying so I'll give you the green light when it's time Bitcoin BTC are USD okay we got our red green here and that's a good sign okay so we did get our red green we got our red green back here we actually had a beautiful day the next day look at that and then we continued higher right so here comes another red green and buy signal is an oversold buy signal so we gotta be careful about that this one right here was not an oversold bicycle this was a buy signal around 80 or under 80 and we got it in advance so and then we got the bytes that go on the green candle here so this is different this is over so so we know that over so can come up here and then come back and so we don't want to see that okay so we can get trapped here by coming up and then coming back and going lower so we just got to be careful here we will probably start going up because we do gather or a red green candle and that's usually means that we're going to at least come up for maybe a day or two or three maybe back trying to come back up to the 50-day moving average okay so bitcoin is trying to turn around a little bit here with some nice days up 195 points okay and here is LTC okay so LTC same thing got a red green and trying to get a buy signal now okay so and maybe you trying to head back up to the 50-day moving average we shall see it's holding 55 but you guys know if we if we can if the Bulls do not run this thing higher at some point the Bears will take control and they will drop it below 55 we all know that if you don't move the Bears will come in that's a friend that's been a pattern when you do not move the Bulls will come in okay if you don't break resistance the Bulls will show up as well we didn't break the resistance here the Bulls show up we go down okay so if you don't move the bush the Bears usually will show up okay so we're trying to hold 55 for their life but if we don't continue to rise the Bears are going to break that 50 for that $50 range okay here so all the coins look good look the same here okay so Bitcoin cash same thing red green and we're over so trying to get a buy signal come in we need some more follow through there on the Bulls the eternium a trash did the other day B just because it deserves to be trashed the other day so today is holding o case it's the weakest one at all and look how sweet this candle is but you know it is what it is let's see we're trying to get a buy signal we have neutral signs right now we are oversold on it there Ian and it's holding it didn't mean it didn't even drop the 150 right so we didn't even get 150 we got 187 so okay so we didn't get 150 yep so let's see what happened so we can come back up here we're gonna need to start doing higher lows and higher highs right higher lows higher highs and that will bring us back up in this area but if we do not do that we are going to be threatening this to see that one fifty to one hundred dollar range so we need to see higher highs and higher lows okay Bert coin here okay Bert coin green bar there and chin okay so Bert coin green bar and chillin today today's there's some neutral day lines are still going down but we are neutral on that as well so you see okay there in classic all right so there in classic in sidebar alert for day I'm glad we did get a cell signal we do have an inside bar alert today and I let's see we can break this upwards and continue higher here so we'll see how this plays a low high higher low lower high this is a lower lower low okay and now what we're gonna do here I don't know so gonna see we can just looks like that this is I you can throw your line straight down you can see that it needs to break this outwards so we'll see how this plays out if it doesn't it will break it downwards and we will come back down to this line here or a lower okay so we'll see how this plays out in sidebar alert for ether in class then hopefully it breaks it upwards bread breaking out today nice day on bread beer breaking through the 50-day moving average okay so bread we had our low high high or low higher high so we did for Manhattan no he didn't we didn't for Miami wow that's close let me see what this is this is a high of six thousand three four nine six thousand three ten okay barely so we still have we did not create the higher are today we barely missed it so basically a double top here so we basically got a double top here so if that you know if it stays that way then we got a double top and then most likely that might be a one day this might be a one day event like it was here then we will get a red bar and then we'll fall back and probably get a double bottom down here okay so double top is in for right now and there it is so we might get a double bottom here as well and soon well feel people will say that this is a double bottom right look how far this one went down it didn't go down to this wig but it did come back down with a red green you know red green here and we came back down here so double bottom here and then double top so some people might think that that's it maybe we'll get a triple bottom ok back down here and try to do it again so anyways bread is red did really well today was this part of the hem way there we just not getting any follow-through no just just no follow through on any of these coins volume is very low a de acts by signal is in Bulls in control the candle but the price is just not moving at all okay any Oh not prices moving at all as well just stay but we do have an inside bar alert on any o as well maybe tomorrow we'll find out if this bearish or bullish – has been looking pretty well lately so – continuing okay we need to break this top though like to go higher so we need to break this top here if you want to go higher neutral signs here no cell signal in yet so we need to break this top and once you break that top we can send your higher on on – so – has a lot of stuff going on I'm looking on YouTube you know people businesses are opening up with – coins and stuff like that so high I'm guessing that's why the ball you must started to come in so we shall see what happens – – if it can break that line or not in sidebar lurid Civic as well last time we were down this area down here we did have a nice explosion back up okay we got a gap here we close the gap okay so no really no really no no really gap here but we are back to this area down here so we either gonna break this area in Colo ur or we gonna come shoot back up again and make some people some money so it all depends what they want to do there ah we have a red green here for D cred and the both are in full control we to break this line here okay support line resistance line here this needs to break and then we continue higher to that 50-day moving average looking okay ethos here still looking still looking okay we haven't you know completely just fell off the cliff here for this coin so good we have our red green as well by signal candle but we don't have a buy signal Y on the MACD line so we're gonna need to continue tomorrow to get that crossing over on my buy signal to get back up so yeah with your low high higher low pattern is intact right there and now we want to see a higher high here okay we just have to death cross come in a few weeks back so you know I mean it's kind of shocking that we're even in this area but let's see what happens let's see if we can get a higher or you will come back and we actually test this low back here okay so moving on from Maryland dizzy by okay did you bite is just holding steady don't try to form a small kill a lie sweating long wick candle or a doji there so we'll see how that plays out going for we do have the Deaf cars coming in IO two bulls and full control the candle but we're just not moving anywhere might be lines are coming back down as well just going stable pay token still just going sideways nothing to see here let's continue just looking at the ones out of green ripple same thing just going sideways waiting for a break up or down which we were waiting for a break here we thought we were gonna break up but we broke down so here we are again we're gonna be waiting for we're gonna wait for a break another break up or down okay if we break down we're looking at twenty cents if we break up then we're looking back up to the 50-day moving average so it may be a little bit higher okay so it's that simple is that easy okay okay let's go to Z cash Z cash okay I'm not doing much as well small candle you know may be going back and forth between a doji and a candle so not a lot of volume on Z cash today let's look at Zheng Kai we are oversold or Z cash so maybe you might start to get some volume soon Zen cash neutral signs going down and we're just sitting there and we actually that didn't we do have an insight bar this bar is inside of this bar so we do have an inside bar on Zen Cash we're just going sideways looks like we have a triangle going on here as well you control your line straight down you can see so paying that the wicks are paying this line so we could have a nice little triangle here and we're either gonna break it upwards or downwards here in the coming days whenever the next 72 hours and it's sitting at 16 so you guys had a chance to get some that 15 so maybe if we do go lower we would go to yeah 13 to 12 12 13 bucks before you start maybe making a rise back up so we might see a dip and rise so we'll see or maybe we'll just see an explosion backup words I'm not sure how that's gonna play out because it's all about volume without without knowing the volume you just don't know um here is dnt district 0x okay so just sitting there the Bulls in control small candle and the lines are starting to come back into oversold okay we're taste him while we look in man Bulls in control the candle just not doing nothing and it's just look how long it's taken for us to even touch the 50-day moving average on bitter tasting okay the one you know this this is the one that was supposed to have wall now the web bar does say that ver tasting will start releasing Megan news at the end of the year November December they are going to start finally releasing that they were supposed to do in the summer they're going to finally start releasing Reggie's going to start funding and releasing massive partnership deals and news at the in the end of the year so I work – I can't wait this thing has been tumbling said 18 bucks I mean goodness gracious that's crazy so you can see here we were at 70 this was July he was at 77 bucks and he come on up here back here yours up just as June he was at a hundred bucks so we've gone from June now a hundred bucks – 18 bucks Wow that's terrible okay but watch when Reggie starts to make the deals we do we do we do we the 50 is in perfect condition for and to hundreds up here so Reggie starts me announcing big partnership deal what she's already said on YouTube on YouTube that he's already has these things done he's just waiting for the SEC approvals so the web boss says he's gonna be announcing all these big deals starting on in November so watch this did that happen you're gonna see this thing go like that back no I combat golden cross will come in as well and this thing's gonna go through the roof okay so we'll wait and see on that as well and also Jamaican Stock Exchange they're supposed to be getting on in Jamaican Stock Exchange as well so get ready for all that that's gonna be coming in their future in my opinion bite coin okay we've got an inside bar alert a bike when we do have a red green so I'm hoping that if this inside bar actually explodes upwards okay so my coin looking strong actually you know the last couple days look at look at this since back here has been looking strong so we've been looking good on this woman you know you get your low high high or low or high or low maybe a little bit of a double top here and that's why we came back and we actually but we did hold this we did hold this higher low okay but we did have a like a double top here so we um with the green and red here okay it looked like a little bit of a desperation as well on that wick so that's one of the reasons why we started going down but now we have our red green again and maybe we're ready to come back up again and continue the fun we will have to break this top here and at the continued iron okay so coming into a curl here so I would actually be watching by coin there so my coin looks really good here man it looks really strong so of course tomorrow it might break bearish and everything everybody that's what happens when I say stuff sometimes them you know that they will just break it they're just for me to look bad but I like that the chart looks really good holding really strong right now stellar lumens continuing to to just continue just to be under this 50-day moving average and right now it's looking kind of weak here but I think this is a descending triangle here and it might break it back up here and give us some life so let's see how that play that we are oversold now I think we were probably gonna come right back up to this $23.23 range area 22 23 centuries on this descent triangles let's see how that plays out okay what else I think that's it I'm not sure what else is green okay list is green okay this is not doing anything okay we have a doji in a small candle doji therefore less if it is a if it is a doji then it be a reversal candle a mystic and it was just a small candle then just a small candle nothing to really see there we did have a sell signal Kimmy yesterday but just going neutral in this oversold position qkc still looking very strong here okay we do have an insulin and I'm sure that's an inside a Sun Network that's outside of me okay so notnot inside bar but we do have a red-green situation here so we might get a buy signal tomorrow and as we can never become up so let's see how that plays out let's see we might but so far so good we've been looking good well that is rising and I see another rise here very similar we did have a red-green yesterday well we have this one looks a lot more similar than this in this too okay so that's that and this is the last one oh no these two are our let's see here okay Manero okay whenever we have an insight 2010 board okay so we have an inside bar alert on Manero as well so an Mineiro has been looking really good as well since back here we've been looking strong so hopefully we hold this line and supports there and hopefully we hold that and we can get a nice little bull break on this inside bar tomorrow so we'll see tomorrow on Monday so let's see what happens Monday usually when we get inside bars Monday is not the day to do it it's usually Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday is usually when the inside bars really do well mondays are usually they and the bull market mondays are really good but on the bear market mondays are really bad right for inside bar alerts so let's see the trend can continues or we break trend tomorrow with Monday's on inside bars and we have Bitcoin gold okay between gold how old did we go we didn't even go below as I wanted it to go 17 yeah I wanted to get back to 13 15 to 13 bucks is where I wanted to buy but we are at the point where I said I was gonna buy here so I will do it so I will buy here we do have a buy signal in for Bitcoin gold I will get some I probably gonna talk about 500 bucks into Bitcoin gold today right after this video I'm gonna bring up my private keys up and grab some Bitcoin I should have done it yesterday but whatever we're still in the same position no we're still around like 20 19 21 if it dropped if it did drop lower then I can just scale it some more so maybe I'll do maybe I'll do 250 and then if it does scale back to about 1650 I'll put another 250 you or maybe even top to 500 in there and just to excuse me just to uh just average make my average lot better okay so I'm gonna get some Bitcoin gold today just for fun and just because I see a golden cross coming in as well and got a buy signal here as well over so but it you know it still coming is still oversold who oversaw buy signal is in Golden Cross will be coming in by October looks like best gonna be a time frame October late October November time frame for the Golden Cross of course it will speed up if we actually made a movie and broke this 50-day moving average and Ashley went crazy this that we would get it we will get this Golden Cross a lot faster but anyways talk to you guys later like subscribe and share and I am out peace out bye [Applause] you

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  1. John, Reggie said in his last Q&A that the Jamaican Stock Exchange deal did not pan out, they went another route. I still believe in this platform and believe it’s going to be huge by the end of the year!! Love me some Veritaseum!!!!!

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