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hello everybody you welcome back for another video hope you're all doing well and that you're all having an incredible day to start things off although there are very few airlines flying to Venezuela the government is receiving airport taxes in Bitcoin this is according to the Spanish newspaper ABC Nicola Maduro and his government are evading sanctions imposed by the United States using a crypto payment app called jet man pay what a terrible name according to a recent report released by the Spanish newspaper ABC Venezuela is receiving Bitcoin for air point taxes air point airports taxes that airlines have to pay the decision to use Bitcoin rather than the US dollar is related to the fact that the United States blocked Venezuelan accounts in the United States when the funds gathered in Bitcoin the country is able to sell the funds in crypto currency exchange is located in Hong Kong Russia China and Hungary among other countries after it the funds are converted into u.s. dollars stored on Venezuelan accounts in these jurisdictions ABC said and I do quote according to the airport sources contacted by ABC authorities transferred the bitcoins to international exchanges located in Hong Kong Jeddah Sutter cetera cetera and transfer the u.s. dollars to accounts the Venezuelan government has in these countries in general the payment made by the airlines that want to operate in the country were made to were made to accounts located in the United States and are now being frozen for US government as reported by the ABC after receiving two percent of the funds gathered very weird this could I have my own opinions as to exactly what's happening with with things like this I feel like we are remember I stated before that I think that we're going to eventually start seeing I don't think it's gonna happen this year I mean we've had other countries talking about issuing things against Bitcoin but as far as countries openly talking about that they're going to be accumulating Bitcoin it feels like this may be the beginning part of it is very clear why they're using Bitcoin or crypto currencies in general as opposed to using the US dollars because of all this distinction and stuff behind them but it's I guess they're still converting it to US dollars because the US dollar is still the worldwide reserve currency for however much longer that may actually last but the fact that this is happening is also ties directly into another a story that we're going to be talking about as well I feel like there's something starting accumulating beginning with in the world where governments are trying to figure out ways to accumulate crypto currencies without openly coming out and saying so that they're doing it because if you kind of went onto the air and went into the news and went to a newspaper publication and said hey yeah we're we're trying to buy up as much Bitcoin as possible the price will go completely insane but if you do it with taxes if you do it with other ways there's also like I said the other story that we're going to be talking about it's quite fascinating anyway and this should have some really surprise no one it's just that normally we don't hear about the inner workings of what people are doing during their sanctioned period there are many countries around the world who are under sanctions from the United States and like I said we probably aren't going to be hearing an enormous amount from secretive countries like China and/or Russia and or maybe even Iran to a certain extent as to how they're also probably accumulating crypto currencies the same exact way that we heard yesterday or the day before that Iran had legalized cryptocurrency mining and one can only assume if you read between the lines heavily they're probably not just allowing average joe's to be able to do this they're probably having government-funded associations who are also going to be mining as well because if nothing if anything they may just be doing it to try and find a way to profit from it or they may see exactly where this thing is going and how big it's going to mean they want to make a house it no they want like a slice of the pie I usually don't I mean I I sometimes don't consider government's that smart but they do know how to make money so this is why I think they are more prone to activities like this here's the actual article right here those who were wondering what it looked like and what it says let's move on uh next up India may be moving faster to complete a crypto ban after a new inter-ministerial note surfaced suggesting a readiness to impose prison time penalties for anyone handling digital assets especially appointed inter-ministerial committee convened first in 2017 has come up with a report that is now presented to the Indian government for review along with the report and early a bill also circulated pointing to harsh penalties for handling digital assets the aim to ban crypto assets in India has worried the entire crypto community since the intentions of the proposed bill were repeated and new report to the government while there is no deadline to turn the bill into law there is talk that this could be possible until the end of the year I don't know India has boosted the acceptance of digital assets in the past years as a grassroots movement open to young creators but handling digital assets in India also has a darker side since the country became a hotbed of scams some of the leaders of bit connect were actually resided in India and used their influence to reach more backers affecting thousands of buyers are the now worthless BCC tokens the country has also seen arrests for similar ponzi schemes this is one of the main problems in the cryptocurrency space is that people will always gladly scam other people just to try and make an extra buck but what ends up happening is is that for something as new as cryptocurrency if something as new as a cryptocurrency space and blockchain and DLT and everything that is appointed a word a name in the cryptocurrency space it scares governments everybody have no idea what's going on they have no idea how to get this under control and when they hear that tons of people are being scammed are losing their money this is when they kind of step in and it makes a very good argument for them to be able to say no we have to ban this to be able to protect our people remember sometime during last year we had a number I forgot what exactly it was it was something where there were so many scams that were happening within the United States and I think the SEC the CFTC I think even the FBI was brought in on a number of cases where people of course I mean it's sad but people were buying into scams lost their money and the neighbor contacting government agency saying hey hey hey I want my money back and they're like well we don't deal with that and I go what am I supposed to do I got scammed and it's like well you probably shouldn't have been entering this anyway the point is people like to do things where they think that they can be sly on the side to make extra money but the moment they end up losing or fall in their face they are completely ready to run to the government who they were also just trying to scam a couple of months before to be able to ask for help so here's the actual thing from the inter-ministerial committee recommending the ban on crypto currencies and here's a tweet talking about it as well some guy actually made like a world map that shows the places where crypto is banned or going to be banned Green is allowing an orange for issues that have no banned in India is of course one of the ones that is currently in red I feel like this may be one of the biggest fake outz in the entire world the the finance ministers within India must know must have some type of an inkling or understanding have been in a meeting have been into contact with one have texted Samadhi Facebook them messenger app something had had FaceTime with someone who understands or has been talking about the movements of the cryptocurrency space at least within Europe and in North America if nothing else if nowhere else in the world and pretty much telling them hey this is going to be big going to be making a lot of money even more so you would assume hmmm that they would have had discussions me maybe somebody in India just happens to know the people from the New York Stock Exchange or Nasdaq and it like hey how can we also get in on this as well it seems it would be incredibly odd if an entire country been as big as India banned crypto currencies I've had people in the comment section before tell me that they live in India and India is incredibly corrupt so I do understand we have many other corrupt countries where's that map over here who have also banned crypto currencies or I think it is you're only allowed to do so if you are like extremely rich it's very it's very in between kind of something like that I'm still not expecting an outright ban from India I feel like if they were going to ban cryptocurrency they would have already done so they've been talking about doing this band since the end of 2017 we are currently in the middle of 2019 if they were really terrified of it they simply would have done so beforehand and I still feel like what they're going to do is that partial ban or more so like Russia where like you if you if you're if you're not rich you can only buy a certain amount per year which is the most is the shadiest thing you can think of like you're poor sorry you can't get any richer you can only have this much or only allow certain cryptocurrencies within the country I assume they're doing there I want to say due diligence like I said I'm not too keen on thinking that governments are actually doing what needs to be done however I feel like this is also part of that entire scare situation that we were having a couple days ago or even that we were having last week where I made the other video pointing out within the last two weeks be like 48 times that other governments and other institutions and other companies another congressional senatorial blah blah blah blah blah we're all coming forward to talk about just how evil crypto currencies were it's a little weird that these things would be leaked to us if you understand what I'm saying like these were typically be said in the shadows or rather amongst themselves to not actually have the community really understand where all of this is going this could also be just another attempt by another government to make sure that people are afraid don't touch it or that it remains in the minds of people even should it become legalized that they won't touch it as easily once again the name of the game is governments are here to make money to keep money to make more money and to make sure that they maintain their power and the way you do so is simply by scaring other people will see it says by the end of this year I have zero hope if there's a number lower than zero that's the amount of hope that I have for India giving any type of cryptocurrency regulation this year zero we were supposed to have had some three months ago two months ago sometime this month is not gonna happen anytime soon anyway let's move on from India here is the actual article again here's the tweet – one more time and let us move on there we go next up whoo Oh bees Thailand based subsidiary has sealed the country's fifth official license to operate a fully regulated digital asset exchange and official announcement on the 24th of July from who will be group shared with coin Telegraph the operator of the Singapore based flagship exchange exchange exchange who will be global revealed that who will be Thailand is expected to launch in quarter three of 2019 once again we are in quarter three offering both a regulated crypto to crypto training and a Fiat on Rams who will be Thailand will use hua be groups who will be cloud platform and they said the word who will be like nine times in that sentence a product launch in the summer of last year to facilitate the construction of digital asset exchanges on the basis of who Obie's existing platform their resource supports the group's global expansion strategy allowing for the development of trading venues with order matching asset management wallet and clearing systems established by who will be global and providing partners with access to its little liquidity and market data this feels like now that it's rushed once again it is expected or we have been told that bat is going to launch in quarter three this is about the fifth thing that we've had over the last two weeks who have announced that they have either gotten some type of a license to open a crypto currency exchange they plan on opening a crypto currency exchange or just something that has to do with trading crypto currencies or a futures market on e TP or e TN or an etf futures something along that line that has to do with crypto currencies and/or Bitcoin that is going to be launching in quarter three if I'm not mistaken the airline company Norwegian air that we were talking about yesterday I think they also plan on launching in quarter three why would they plan on launching in quarter three because back is planning on launching a quarter three and everybody wants to make sure that they have these same exact things launching at the exact same time because if you don't make sure to be in the news and tell everyone else that you're launching the exact same time that the people from the new york stock exchange you're going to launch you will be left in the dust can you imagine I mean not to say that who OB is a small company but there their name is probably not as well-known as Nasdaq or New York Stock Exchange so imagine the New York Stock Exchange launched something you like six months later yeah we're also gonna do the same people will go wow that's cool but they already did it so I assume they're launching at the exact same time to make sure that they promote it at the exact same time so that they get people on their platform at the exact same time kind of interesting I mean it's nice to have more cryptocurrency changes we were in a I mean especially now from the the the on ramps and off ramps and trading pairs do we have now 2017 looked like a desert compared to the things that we have been offered or afforded at this moment you really we I think everything was just pegged only exclusively to Bitcoin I think most exchanges didn't even have EOS listed there was no Tron there was no card oh no no there were no XRP pairs I think stellar had zero pairs there was there was nothing so the fact that they are we have more spaces for people to be able to get into the cryptocurrency sector it's quite nice anyway let's move on next up this one's actually quite interesting as well Bitcoin rewards shopping app known as lolly lol Li this is not a paid partnership has partnered with major American grocery chain Safeway they give customers 3.5% back in Bitcoin on all their purchases according to a blog post announcing the partnership on the 24th of July Safeway and Albert sons company subsidiary operates 894 locations across 17 American states the system will reward customers in Satoshi's the name given it to one 100 millionth of one Bitcoin too small that the smallest unit of Bitcoin in an interview with Yahoo Finance Lalli CEO and co-founder Alex Edelman said that teaming up with one of the most well recognized food retailers in the United States will give people the ability to get involved in holding an only Bitcoin perhaps for the first time end quote he added that whereas the initial thought during bitcoins early days had been that the cryptocurrency would first be used as a payments rail his view is that earning Bitcoin will be the first wave that gets people in the hands of the masses end quote without even going any further this is very true this is very smart I've mentioned that before there were a lot of studies that were being done at the end of 2017 and more so during 2018 as prices were going down where people figure that or figured out if you had any skin in the game as the phrase goes if you had bought fractions of Bitcoin fractions of something else and you saw that the prices were going up it usually led more people to start buying fractions again more fractions more fractions and they told their friends you should also buy a fraction even as prices went down is to remained in the minds of people so it's been relatively easy to get people to a certain extent to buy into the cryptocurrency space to buy more crypto currencies that you get interested in crypto currencies and understand the benefits of crypto currencies well you know how you increase that adoption tenfold is when you give people Bitcoin directly you can give them $50.00 worth over the course of a month and if the price does a 5/10 X over the course of a year just random numbers thrown out there people realize that they've made money off of something that you gave them they're going to want more of it so kind of it's very interesting I have never I won't even lie I've never been to a Safeway myself I think I've seen them around maybe I don't even know anyway if you happen to use one of these stores you can use the lolly app you get back Bitcoin I mean I've seen other things like this before not um not tearing them down in any way I've always thought like it's my opinion I don't feel like buying other things and then getting Bitcoin back for my purchase as opposed to just not buying things I shouldn't be buying it just simply buying crypto currencies if that kind of makes a lot of sense anyway I know that something else like this picked up very big a couple of years ago can't remember the name of the app for the life of me I'm sure other people will know exactly what I'm talking about there was an app about two years ago whenever you bought something any like leftover change got sent to like like it would buy like stocks for you or something like that so if you bought something that was 1780 for random number it would take the additional 16 cents rounding up to the next number and that would go into like a stock portfolio for you I had a couple of friends who were using it and they were really really interested in it I don't think they made an enormous amount of money but it's kind of the same similar thing but this is really interesting that the fact that they would have had to have accumulated an enormous amount of Bitcoin to be able to be able to give other people Bitcoin back after their purchase so fascinating at least to me I find it kind of cool to kind of finish things off remember I was talking about the government's accumulating cryptocurrencies and finding easier ways for them to do so this is kind of what it is the Croatian Post I assume that is the Croatian post office has partnered with electro coin to run a pilot program for a crypto to Fiat Exchange in the city of Zadar the pilot service will reportedly enable crypto holders to convert Bitcoin ether lumens x RP and eos into cash and one of the Croatian post local offices according to an announcement from the Postal Service on the 24th of July the exchange pilot is currently available at 3 post offices in sadar in order to gauge market interest in the service the Croatian post ultimately aims to spread the service to major cities and tourist centers throughout Croatia according to the report the crypto de cash service has been running since the 15th of July according to the announcements the Croatian Post Partners electro coin has been running its Bitcoin brokerage for five years / the firm's website electro coin services are available throughout the European Union's so what this is telling me for those of you who are looking at it backwards as you as well you should be we've had a lot of other services before where you could like the post offices and the Coinstar machines and the blah-blah-blah-blah-blah where you can put your fiat into it and get crypto back this one's the opposite and I think it's a little weird that this is being run as far as this is simply a way for them to be able to accumulate more crypto currencies but those who didn't get that you pretty much give them your crypto and you get back I want to say worthless Fiat but it's fiat that's not worth as much and will be worth less next year if you get my drift kind of fascinating the way that they're trying to also play it play it off because logically as a company one would assume that you would simply have a service that said hey you know you can either you can pay completely in crypto or you can even get your change back in crypto how cool is that but this is more like a oh you have some crypto a and you want these you want this paper money by all means come over we'll definitely give you the paper money for those of you you know exactly what this is you know exactly what this is you know exactly what this is you've seen it in newspapers before you've seen those ads in newspapers where they say give us your give us your gold and we'll give you cash you've seen the stores around everyone lives in a neighborhood that has one or everyone has walked by one in some other neighborhood where they they make sure to openly tell you and they have like beautiful people on these photos like smiling as they're holding dirty money in their hands where they tell you give us your old goal give it your old so and so and so and we'll give you cash this is exactly what it is this is this is I I broke the code III found out what it is there's no reason for a company to tell you like we already have cryptocurrency changes like there are other methods to be able to cash out of your crypto but to be able to give you paper money back so this is exactly what it is kudos to them for being smart enough to think of something like this I assume that we're gonna have many services like this over the next couple of years the only shame is is that if I F crypto currencies a Bitcoin continue to grow larger you're gonna be like why did I why did I get this cash when I could've just had my guess is exactly what it is it's exactly the same exact thing give us your gold we'll give you cash anyway I thought it was very fascinating I'm pretty sure there there are there probably tons of other things like this happening around the world I even wonder to what extent this is going to go to as far as if governments realize that they can get a piece of the pie rather if Bitcoin does eventually go up to the $100,000 mark I wonder how many other governments have backers that are also investors in crypto currency exchanges who make sure that they also get a huge cut from the amount of Bitcoin and crypto currencies that are actually being put into the system as a way to accumulate the crypto currencies without actually having to do so themselves because logically having the buy some would be very difficult or rather very costly creating a like a mining operation would also take a bit of time it would be effective but the another way to be able to do so is simply to kind of like regulate it or say that you have to pay your taxes in crypto because this is another way that B governments will be able to then accumulate the crypto currencies themselves it's very fast anything to think about like a lot of people think that don't really think this far or this deep into the entire situation but it's fairly clear that's somewhere behind the scenes governments and organizations and institutions Solutions and companies are trying to accumulate as much Bitcoin as possible other crypto currencies as well I say Bitcoin you get what I like you get the point that I'm trying to make and this is just another really weird way and I'm sure there are so many other things like this happening around the world where they make sure to tell you how much you know they'll definitely give you cash you can go out and buy things because you're not able to buy everything in crypto currencies right now I assume these services will ask for a four five six and a half years once we have streamline the actual usage of crypto currencies and we can make payments in crypto currencies a lot of the world is digitized people won't really want fiat currencies anymore but a very clever way for them to make sure that they can accumulate as much as possible at least while the prices are low ish and maybe the adoption rate isn't as high as it's going to be in a couple of years very smart of them as always a very special thank you to my patreon supporters professor Wally from gun bot 2 university strange radio central bank roll network master ventures in Thailand – for two – the world triple M&J my Quito kitchen asam ml zoo free adobo Krypton beer shipmate Brady Niels L Doug Jared Snider wise Nite Owl Krypto Joe Maha Moroni called Burton off singer/songwriter Mike savitribai Yasha Harari amy starr sheen jeffrey ramsey clarity snowden crypto artist called the 3d nicolas werner 'the one piece one love setsuna Nick Kanaya Richie Rich the third RF dusty Cody vlad the impaler cysts Tom sucks at basketball and Sam skips leg day Jeremy the photographer Jim Gardner minting coins Arthur yaku Nick man Giovanni Anthony Charles and me cat Nick thank you all an incredible amount for your support at the moment for those who are not looking at the screen the cryptocurrency market is all over the place every other other coin is in the green while every other other other coin is completely in the red Bitcoin is currently at nine thousand seven hundred and ninety four dollars at least at the time of me making his video no clear reason as to why the prices of the cryptocurrency mark could have gone down the last night if I am not mistaken I believe Bitcoin was over ten thousand I think it was 98 like nine thousand eight hundred eighty or something like that before I went to bed it was at ten thousand like sixty somewhere around there it's dipped no one knows why like I said there's no real indications as to why the cryptocurrency market has gone down or why anything is going up it could just be random I mean look at it this way at least uh everything's in the red but at least everything is not down by 15 to 20 percent that'd be catastrophic no not catastrophic it'd just be a little little annoying as we roll into the weekend I hope you all enjoyed hope you all are having a great day a great morning a great afternoon degrade evening wherever you are wherever you might be I do hope it's absolutely fantastic thank you all once again for watching I said washing washing and whore listening and I will definitely be talking to you all soon see you you

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