Bitcoin Advertising Review – Old 'Bitcoin Trader' SCAM Returns (CAUTION)

good morning everyone it's par for prestige binary options and welcome to an important update where today we are exposing the Bitcoin advertising scheme this is a fraudulent trading software guys that we do not recommend anyone waste their money with and in this video we're gonna provide you with some important details that you need to understand as to why Bitcoin advertising is a skip now of course most importantly at the very end of this video we will also provide you with some say fur trading applications that beginners can use to make money at the comfort of their own home so stay tuned guys you don't want to mess up on that information now before we get started guys don't forget to like our videos and be sure to subscribe to our channel that way you get notifications on all of our future updates so guys this is the Bitcoin advertising website and basically this is an automated trading software which targets crypto currencies and according to these scammers they are literally guaranteeing traders that you can make thirteen thousand dollars every single day and become a millionaire within your first couple of months so down at the very bottom of their website they have their FAQ section again here they say what kind of results can you expect thirteen thousand dollars daily only doing 20 minutes of work a day and they also say here that some members earn their first million within 61 days so guys that is a lot of money that they are promising and to be honest it sounds very appealing especially for new coming traders I mean who doesn't want to make millions of dollars by only working 20 minutes 20 minutes a day right I mean it sounds incredible but be careful guys this is a huge huge scam now what I want traders to actually understand is that few months ago we actually exposed another scam called a Bitcoin trader and the reason why I'm bringing this up guys is because the Bitcoin trader and Bitcoin advertising are exactly the same skins and just to show you these similarities between Bitcoin trader and Bitcoin advertising this is the Bitcoin advertising website which were on right now this is the Bitcoin trader website so this is the old skin that we expose guys a long long time ago it was proven to be fraudulent many traders confirmed that this software was no good and just like the Bitcoin advertising Bitcoin trader it's poised the same exact message that you become a millionaire and the websites guys are exactly the same thing even if you go down to the bottom of Bitcoin trader they have the same FAQ section thirteen thousand dollars a day 20 minutes 20 minutes of work and become a millionaire within two months so it's been confirmed guys that bitcoin trader is not to be trusted and when we were exposing and investigating bitcoin trader we also confirmed that their reviews over here are completely fake for instance Jennifer a from Irvine California she's actually not a real member she is a stock photo who we found here on deposit photos comp so we have confirmed that these reviews here with a bitcoin trader are completely falsified and what's crazy guys is that what these skimmers did is basically copied and pasted the original bitcoin trader skim and placed it with Bitcoin advertising so I'm just like Bitcoin trader they use the same exact fake reviews so again guys you know this is it's very simple and very obvious that both of these software's a bitcoin trader and Bitcoin advertising are exactly the same if you decide to join with Bitcoin advertising you're going to see the exact same loss results as many people found within bitcoin trader so that is my main warning guys and below in the video description I've actually left a link to my review which goes into a lot more details exposing Bitcoin advertising for being the skin but most importantly guys I've also left a list of helpful and reliable training apps which you can use as a beginner so I highly recommend that you check them out and see which one best suits your needs these are great trading applications which you can use to profit through the financial markets and make money from the comfort of your own home if you have any questions please feel free to comment on my videos or email me directly at prestige binary at and don't forget guys to like our videos and be sure to subscribe to our Channel and I hope you enjoyed my Bitcoin advertising skin update so have a great day guys and I'll see you next time

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  1. I looked at your links. I'm in the US. Know any brokers that work with US citizens?? All the ones to your link aren't available to work with people in the US. Thanks.

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