Bitcoin addresses holding at least .1 BTC at all time high, Korea pump XRP again, what to watch for

you you hello hello hello you hello everyone we are back with the stream Bitcoin Bitcoin has continued to go higher well actually it's about a hundred points higher than where I was when I stream last night or early the morning day about 12 hours ago but it is it is a bit higher as if now than it was a little while ago up it and bit bank or not updated bit up it and bit Tom are pumping xrp again in Korea and you can tell because up it is suddenly gone from like fifth in rank to second in rank over the course of a couple of hours bit hob has bit up thumb has come up from like 17 to 7 in rank over the last few hours and as a result the XRP ratio has climbed back into the mid 48 hundreds from the lower 4700 s overall the USD in crease is can be attributed to Bitcoin bitcoins increase because Bitcoin has you know basically gained the majority of a thousand points over the last day or two Memorial Day I didn't really expect much to happen today but we have to remember that this is only a United States holiday it is not a holiday in Europe or anywhere else however the crime did happen about a day ago so it is suspicious as who's to actually who is actually pumping Bitcoin at this time however there is more demand for Bitcoin because Bitcoin does has set an all-time high in addresses that hold at least point 1 BTC I'm sure that there's a lot of people out for Memorial Day picnics because well today it kind of sucks in Wisconsin but I'm sure other while other places in the country have much better weather than Wisconsin right now I think Wisconsin is going to be good Friday I think that's it about the only time I can see Wisconsin being good in terms of Friday basically not any other time that is a pretty depressing but Friday awesome awesome awesome and not so awesome but still so yeah so it's up about 40-50 points since i streamed about 4 a.m. yesterday and everything is basically up the last couple of uh like over the last day or so I'm still waiting for some of the alts to pump a bit torrent is doing extremely well at 19 Satoshi but some of my other holdings are have basically been kind of even or they really haven't done all that much including a V chain that's a date which is that 86 SAS I'm still waiting for the announcements in June regarding the eet hoping up the price remember some of these Chinese coins are a bit of a risk because China doesn't have any exchanges so they can't really depend on much of a Chinese FOMO but they can depend on other for most of other coins so don't so that's why I wouldn't put any more than 40 percent in one specific coin in your own portfolio hey guys hey guys yeah hit that like and subscribe help me a lot get more people in the chat stuff like that hey Linney and Vietnam so there isn't I actually checked the XRP news today and there I don't think there was there's like the Golden Cross thing but the Golden Cross death cross whatever I don't really um like I don't really care about those things unless they're Bitcoin because the rest of the market tends to follow Bitcoin I mean X are like x RP and all the other coins only came up so much because Bitcoin came up the only coin that really isn't attached to Bitcoin is by Nance coin and that's because it's got by Nance the ECB stuff is like in two and a half years the european central bank stuff is like section for two and a half years out so i wouldn't really expect too much from that lately yeah but they usually be look at European Central Bank stuff is like two years out man it's like November of 2021 so I don't hey Claude 63 um I don't believe the European bad stuff will actually have an effect on price in the short term or even the mid term because that stuff is honestly that stuff is honestly like scheduled for November 22nd 2021 and that's it that's basically one official document that's basically one document saying that the ECB will integrate a lot of providers that's made of you saying the european central bank will integrate a lot of providers on that day and X and ripple net will be one of them so it'll be competing with the other providers and it may be used for some of the transactions now because Europe is such a big market some can still be a lot of transactions but there's no guarantee there no I don't think V chain will hit $3 on the next four run I can didn't get like I'm still thinking about like a quarter to forty cents on the next full run and that's still like you know 50 60 X which is kind of what I'm waiting for for ve T I could be wrong there is a danger to holding like the et though and that this applies for all like a lot of all coins that operate a lot in China so ve T the issue with ve T is that China doesn't have any exchanges itself exchanges are basically banned from the mainland so you can't actually depend on a Chinese FOMO you can't actually depend on a Chinese far more to bring the et up and after what went from for most from other areas of the world and the et is gonna have to have gets impressed beforehand I don't have any gold investments myself hey prodigal head protocol Denmark sounds pretty cool I actually want to visit like Denmark Norway Sweden and Finland sometime I'm really interested in fishing in Sweden gos how much is it up right now yo s is up twelve point four seven we are getting we are getting closer to the June stuff for AOS and there's supposed to be a pretty big announcement in June or gos so that's probably why yo s is going up right now the brexit stuff does make you think because well I don't know how much breads that actually affects it because Great Britain as far as I know never use the euro anyways like if you really think about Great Britain it never really followed the euro and he never used the hero anyway so even if it stayed in the EU EU it might actually have use for ripple net or ex trap it or something but but a lot of the rest that Europe does actually use the Euro now there are definitely other countries in Europe that don't use the Euro there's several of them right now ECB's tips program only does euro two euro but they might according to expand that in the future but remember the stuff's like two-and-a-half years down the line this stuff's two and a half years down also like four as for TR X and B TT as for TR x and b TT I do expect them to pump like at least until I June first because people are going to be speculating on what the announcement is there's a lot of rumors and they might be suddenly by buying the rumors if TR X goes up I believe B TT you almost has to go up because B TT is tied to TRX they were allowed to use t2 software directly when members of the EU now they might have to use Swift I know if Swift implements the GPI I think they'll be fine and I think all GPI implementations will be there by 2020 this is a mega pump I mean it seems to have stalled around 8800 honestly it actually pumped to about um it actually pumped to about 9,000 at its height but now it's kind of stalled and it's back up to 8800 there are people saying that it's like massively oversold and that it will retrace but there's also other news like Bitcoin has set an all-time high Bitcoin has set an all-time high holding at least 0.1 BTC why I didn't look swift isn't gonna die anytime soon all right search has such huge infrastructure and a lot of support especially from the major banking powers in the world it's not it's not going to be taken over within a year or two that's basically complete hope IAM that's not like swift isn't going to die anytime soon it's going to be there for years to come hey Carlson a Carlson I don't think it'll stop I don't think it'll reach 28 29 K anytime soon I actually do think um I I mean there's going to be some resistance around like the double-digit area is what I'm guessing that's what a lot of the other analysts are saying so in the recent weeks Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have begun to show life once again their bare market is in the near rearview mirror now that a bottom has been confirmed Bitcoin alone has nearly tripled in value in under six months and is flirting with prices that haven't been seen in well over a year due to investors fearing that they won't ever get a chance to buy a Bitcoin at price of this low or lower ever again where have we heard that before when formal and bullish sentiment back a crop with formal and bullish sentiment back across the crypto market talk of new all-time highest commonplace once again and while crypto investors and holders are busy speculating on what the next all-time high price of Bitcoin will be the crypto asset is already setting new all-time highs under our noses but that's not in terms of price um only 210 million point 1 BTC increments exist one of the biggest benefits Bitcoin has going for it is it's incredibly scarce supply the first ever crypto was designed to be deflationary and was hard capped at 21 million BTC I don't know if it's actually deflationary or it's just like they just depend on people to lose it basically no additional coins can ever be created millions are said to be lost on the blockchain due to forgotten keys or due to asset holders dying without transferring the keys to other owners which could be the case with Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto um such design causes the asset to repeatedly bubble and it's the main reason why it's one of the fastest rising financial assets ever created this game scarcity the same scarcity is exactly why crypto investors should be equally enthusiastic about a new all-time high Bitcoin has set that doesn't have anything to do with price itself according to coin metrics co-founder Nick Carter bet Bitcoin has reached a new all-time high in addresses holding at least point 1 BTC which is about $800 right now $900 so an address is holding at least about 878 dollars right now Bitcoin has hit an all-time high which means there's more active holders and users than before while you don't see in prime time news headlining reporting about this all-time high the same way that we would its Bitcoin broke 20k setting a new record for the asset the new is arguably more significant the new 88 shows that people are increasingly taking interest in Bitcoin and people are buying more and more of it and with an asset so scarce as these numbers increase the value of the asset could grow so what this is actually saying is that more people are interested in Bitcoin than before and there's a lot more people actually into the market holding a significant amount of Bitcoin and that's why Bitcoin could grow even further there's some common phrases in the crypto space that are used to show the magnitude behind the sea our city has there are millionaire there are more millionaires in the world and there are Bitcoin than a Bitcoin we kept became the global currency and if all Bitcoin was equally distributed each person would only have 0.3 BTC and more of that stuff that I mean well that's not really like anything to really go by I don't think everyone in the world's gonna want BTC or anything but in terms of like scarcity it's definitely there and if more people are holding BTC the less of the the less of there is to go around the stories aren't impossible but extend into exuberance over the assets potential however the potential impact scarcity could have on the long-term value of Bitcoin is difficult to ignore so Bitcoin is going up more people are holding more of it and that's why we may actually push the price much higher BTC are XRP I would say in the near term probably Bitcoin but in the long term probably XRP look a da if you're talking about a DA it needs to release their product first and needs to release Shelly and going on first I think Shelly's supposed to come in either June or July well the tests met at least and if that goes well we might see a price first but Charles and crew actually need to release things I don't think it's all just gonna be the top alt I think like a lot most of the alts will actually outperform BTC but you have to realize that a lot of the financial institutions when they do when they invest in funds they invest primarily in Bitcoin so it will take a while for the retail farm all to catch up with the rest of the cryptocurrency world and that's why Bitcoin might pump first before anything else I can't someone from YouTube actually reached out to me I can't actually do the free rolls because there's some idiotic policy with YouTube that has three roles looking like slot machines or some crap like that and they don't like that stuff I guess so I can't really do those anymore patience is key unless you want to try to get rich yeah I mean look if you're looking for crypto des as a get rich scheme remember like they had to wait like four or five years before the last pump so this way for like a year and a half two years is really nothing so didn't really miss much didn't really miss much yeah the YouTube censorships get increased stupid like they didn't actually they didn't do it like they didn't give me a warning or anything to my account or anything but one of the guys just reached out to me and said like I mean just for safety you should stop doing that so I'm not going to do that anymore my five BTC is a pretty good hole 0.5 BDC is a pretty good hold I mean there are still a lot of videos with the free bit stuff so I don't really know like I don't think they can really get rid of that but whatever I mean maybe I'll do some special streams on D live when I do that stuff but for right now for YouTube yeah LTC did pump a lot but LTC remember lt''s he's having a heading near that happening point so LTC I do believe it will pump more than Bitcoin at all times X our P's also done pretty well over the last 24 hours but if you if we look at X RP it's because it's really because big bit up bit and bit thumb are actually really coming up in volume if you look at it you know up it after the last pump actually went down to like number four number five in rank and now let's back up at number one in rank and actually switches between up bit and zbg but since zbg is basically pure transaction mining zvg doesn't actually count in my rankings so up it's like number one ranked in terms of volume and bit thumb that suddenly climb from like 16 to 7 so if you look at Bitcoin ratio if you actually look at Bitcoin ratio it's four eight one ten right now and it's up from the from the lower 4700 so it's getting about two percent in Bitcoin ratio in the last 24 hours and whenever that happens you can bet that up it and bit thumb are actually climbing up and ranking and those two korean exchanges are actually what's pumping XRP up of course when they lose interest XRP starts to lose ratio as well but right now if you have x RP you would probably don't want I don't think you would actually want to trade it in the next couple of days because they actually might have seen something up their sleeves and they might actually want to pump it again just like a couple of weeks ago so you might be seeing like a 10-15 percent rise in XR P price because of bid and bid them now this does coincide of the whole Golden Cross thing and maybe they're wanting to get people to FOMO in on this Golden Cross like this whole Golden Cross ta analysis but I believe if it does pump to like 50 cents it will probably drop back down to around at least 44 so once the FOMO actually finishes for me like the organic Golden Cross thing doesn't really work for anything besides Bitcoin because since all the other coins fall a Bitcoin anyways I don't care about golden crosses or death crosses or whatever the hell crosses for other coins a Bitcoin is basically the only ta I really look at I mean you can look at XR for me I look at XRP for fun but realistically in my heart I know that it basically just follows Bitcoin B & B is the only rule exception to coins actually following Bitcoin right now so I don't really see I can see I can foresee a pump actually coming in the next couple of days because of update and victim although updates already number one in terms of volume or XRP but it's definitely like the Korean exchange is kind of keeping this afloat and whatever XRP pumps it's it's always been Japan or Korea that's basically been having the highest volume when Exxon pumps and then when they stop pumping the price starts dropping again so that's the that's kind of like the XRP price analysis for right now because like a bit bit thumb and bit bank is another one you want to look at but that's Japanese you might see if SBI actually launches in July which is a big if you might see bit Bank come up in volume 2 obviously you're gonna see SBI I'm not really sure like how much volume SBI will have but if you listen to k'tau they should have a lot of volume hey man thanks for the donation had been I think yeah no I don't I don't really even see I don't I don't really even know like how much of a resistance is there is at 9k when I was reading a lot of the analysis they said Bitcoin didn't really have a resistance up until 10k look for b-and-b there are always be ups and downs but when a good time to buy B&B generally is whenever they announce another another launchpad project like when you ever you hear whiff of one that's probably a good time to buy a B&B because these launchpad projects always pomp B&B if you're talking about for a long term yeah B&B is a great buy because I do believe it'll pump into the hundreds in the in the next four on and it might even do that even without a bull run because the launchpad projects and everything just generate demand for B&B so be and be like kind of operates almost outside of bitcoin right now and it's really the only coin to do so that I can see Tron's doing very well for the last 24 hours iota is doing very well and so is chain link so I'm I'm looking for a BitTorrent to grow higher and higher I'm looking at for the past 25 Satoshi and that's where I'm gonna be looking for my sell price hopefully BitTorrent will get there within the next two or three days hollow is actually doing very well as well so and pun DX is well upon the X's upon DX I'm hoping it actually rises very much but right now unless the company actually announces something I don't really see it out getting Bitcoin over the long term yeah I have heard of queue time we've talked about queue time a couple times on the stream I mean it there protocol is being used in Amazon China Web Services but outside of that one of my thoughts on wabby I mean I mean why do you know the one of those supply chain coins but it doesn't quite get the press that iota or V chain does or a theory of Microsoft is here so I think it's got an uphill battle in terms of especially in terms of PR and in terms of getting notice yeah I think the et is a pretty good price at 85 Satoshi yeah I said I don't really I mean I'd rather like I would rather invest in either iota or V chain over YB at this point I mean short term wise you know short term it's anyone's guess which one of them is going to do the best but long term wise I feel like I feel like I owe to a DJ and have the partnerships yeah well eighty eight pumps soon and he's gonna pump whenever they have something out about Shelli or going water whenever Charles makes like a really big announcement about a da yeah that's that's been bothering me is what like one of these like the one thing that's actually hurting all these kind of like Chinese base coins is the fact that China doesn't have any exchanges itself so you can't depend on a pump from like the front from China but I do believe that like some time or other be chain is going to catch a formal I'm hoping it's actually going to be in June because it definitely had giant formal in April and May has been kind of knit 4v chain so I'm looking at June as kind of a resurgence for V chain that's why I think the price right now is pretty good look I mean I like that more than icx just because it's got more precedents got more partnerships does it like changing I believe like they already have Swift as a partner on their website so I don't know how much bigger you can get than that I'm not really sure when in June they just said in Judah it's supposed to be something with PricewaterhouseCoopers it's one of their it's what a PwC's partner that's coming on to be chain we know that Sean and BTT announcement is going to be June first because of Justin Suns tweet Justin son said there was something amazing coming to both Tron and BitTorrent and he'll share it after June 1st which is at the end of this week I'm gonna be I'm gonna guess it's gonna be next Monday when he's actually going to share it and hopefully Tron and BitTorrent will skyrocket up during that time hey thanks Mexican Charlie Lee 1 BTC 125 LTC 100k d gb i don't know if that'll make you a millionaire but that should make you pretty well-off and the thing is charlie that's actually very well diversified so if anything that bitcoin will rise a lot in price and the I'm sure the LTC by August will rise in price as well the other stuff I'm not sure but the bitcoin and litecoin I think are going to be like are definitely money pics yeah be chained right now is lighten this run it is lagging this run yeah it won't I mean xrp won't stay this cheap forever but how long it will stay cheap is anyone's guess and I think it's uh it's definitely debatable some people think it's going to go up in like the next two months some people tip I think it's going to take a couple of years if you're looking at the ECB thing it's going to take a couple of years but if you're looking at you know other stuff it might actually only take a couple of months you see the thing about not much longer is I don't really I I don't really see anything really developing unless you know unless yeah unless qatal and SBI is a real huge pump I don't really see anything developing that much for XR PE for like the next couple of months the USA versus China war look if the the thing is that the Chinese you inst keeps dropping in terms of value that might bring more people into the cryptocurrency market however China doesn't have any exchanges so it's a little bit harder for Chinese people to get hold of Bitcoin whatever their if their currency starts really devaluating some of them will buy some Bitcoin for insurance and that can be a big thing the end with the be chained in with the Chinese government stuff is basically um I mean they're already partnered with like they're already partnered with certain companies like bright foods that are owned by municipal governments I don't think the central government is gonna issue like you know a statement of endorsement or something cuz they generally don't do that but they've registered themselves with the Chinese government which means I don't think they're going to get kicked out so they're kind of like one of the block chains that's been you know uh allowed to operate in the country I suppose what do you think the price of XRP by will be by the end of 2019 you know I would say like 125 or something based on how Bitcoin is actually moving right now Hong Kong is right next to CN but there's a bunch of life there's a bunch of financial regulations that go on between Hong Kong and the mainland that makes things complicated for transferring one money from one jurisdiction to the other Hong Kong's like the special economic zone yeah the argentinean while unstable governments are going to lose value over their money yeah EGC is definitely not something eg C and B C I mean B CH will actually increase over the bull run but e TC is not something I would actually invest in B CH I'm actually staying away from right now I do believe other coins have more usage cases for the future no I have not gotten out of BTT yet I have my full stack remember I bought in BTT at 18 Satoshi and I don't want to sell out unless if we get to like 25 26 hopefully above 30 Satoshi I think there is a chance we could pump there and I'm just holding on for June in terms of BTT you look chart look the Chinese government is much more concerned with holding its own power than any kind of like cryptocurrency revolution I think the government really sees the potential blockchain but not so that crypto currencies they can't actually and mostly it's because they can't control the crypto currencies they can't control the crypto themselves that's why they cannot control the Kryptos themselves so they're generally against it why would you think I'm bald I've never been bald if you sell BTT and US dollars you yes if I do sell it in US dollars I would make a huge profit from where I actually invested in but I'm not looking at US dollars I'm looking at Bitcoin ratios I mean yeah China does have most of the Bitcoin like in storage hey thanks Daniel Mendez thanks for the donation man that helps a lot BTT is good for the moment do you do how high do you think you can go look a bgt like myself point like I said is 25 26 Satoshi I think like if it hits like 30 or above I'm probably dumping all of it and buying something else but if it doesn't hit 30 um I'll see like where in June I'm going to dump it before the end of June I that much I do know unless it like drops again and then I have to hold on for more than June i I can't CEOs or bch overtake XRP this year the reai i think the gap in terms of market cap between number three and number four is incredibly large and either one of them will actually have to more than double to take over XRP I think if anything I think if anything has a chance of taking over XRP it'll probably be something like B&B or something like that because B&B kind of moves without Bitcoin and if you have enough of those crappy launchpad projects it could possibly swap out number three it's a really really long shot though even for B&B vt being manipulated it might be I'm not really sure I personally just think BET's not on enough big exchanges to have the volume that other coins do at its height but it's like it might be T is not on ok X or coinbase or a lot of the other exchanges that a lot of the other bigger coins are on so that's I think that's why part of the reason why DVT struggles a lot because it doesn't quite have the out on ramps and doesn't have the volume this a lot of the other coins have and like I said China doesn't have any exchange so Chinese people can't actually buy the et uh if you transfer your cash to coinbase yes it usually takes about a week and it probably will take more than a week this time because there's a long holiday I don't know if the chain will make it to coinbase soon I like these Chinese coins I think they have definite I they definitely have problems with they might have some problems like us regulations especially in places like New York Canadian hit two dollars this year if they launch if they actually launched Shelley in going on yes it's possible if they do not large charlie and go and go on this year no it's not possible it depends on like do you think that do you think Charles Hodgkinson can actually launch shit when he actually says he's gonna launch it basically that's basically what it depends on 1 million V chain or 1 million hollow or 1 million I would definitely take 1 million B chain cuz it's just worth more right now like BG t and hallo have to flip a couple of times over just to be equal in value W chain um because 0.1 BTC is actually a significant amount of money right now that's why it's actually eight hundred and seventy something dollars yes that's not a big that's not a huge amount of money don't get me wrong like eight hundred something doll eight hundred and seventy something dollars is not a huge amount of money but you know it's for most people that's a couple of days salary right I I think most people don't make more than you know five hundred dollars a day at most jobs I'm sure some of you do but most people don't make more than five hundred dollars a day at their job so while it's not a huge amount of money it is a significant enough amount where people is are willing to plop a couple of days down a couple of days worth of salary into crypto so there's a lot more of those people now than there were before and that just basically means Bitcoin is getting more of an adoption so that's why I think it's actually significant it just shows that more people are actually buying in the cryptocurrency I think right now BTT might be a decent arm BTT right now actually might be a decent investment PTT right now might be a decent investment for the short term I don't have BTT for the long term but bgt for the short term like into June might be a pretty good investment right now when will mattock hit coinbase I don't know like since mattock is it's kind of like seated by coinbase I could see it hitting it pretty soon but it's anyone's guess when you before you get lists on coinbase there's a lot of like regulatory crap you have to go through well I mean most tokens will fail in the long term but I think hollow like that the risk reward trade-off right now for hollow is probably worth it it's hard for etherium or card ah no to cut to copy hollow because hollow works on a different principle than aetherium or card ah no if they're em cut like aetherium or card ah no there's still kind of blockchain centric which means everything works off the central blockchain whereas hollow chain is agent centric so there are completely two different things and that's why it's gonna be really hard for them to actually try to copy Hollow I don't really know if they can fork in dot something like Hollow I'm not sure but it's it's a pretty big gamble whether Hollow works or not it's really it's a really big gamble whether hollow works for not and that's the gamble you're taking when you're investing in something like hollow yeah I do think TRX will go up in the next month or so at least at the beginning of the month on exchanges and trading BOTS is it it is so easy for them to buy and sell and control things yeah but you also have to have a lot of money for those boss to work with to really do that um look I high-speed trading bots make up something like 90 percent of the volume in crypto currency trading today that's unavoidable if you go on to any exchange that's readily obvious that trading BOTS are the ones actually making all the moves yeah smash' likes everyone that'd be really helpful we we we're the TRX hole they're supposed to get a B TT no not up front not up front it's over the course of all the air drops it's going to be one to one over the course of all the air drops is going to be one to one well you're not going to be able to beat the trading bots on speed if that's what you're trying to do I mean I've tried to undercut trading bots in terms of speed that has never worked because once you put once you pull your price they'll pull it as well like you're not going to beat the trading bots in terms of speed if you're trying to like micro arbitrage out micro arbitrage trading BOTS you're going to fail don't even bother that's basically not going to work no I don't use any trading bots um remember I don't really date trade I just swim trade every once in a while I probably only make one or two trades like every like three or four weeks at this point I do make them more often when the markets more volatile going up and down and hitting my points but I'm willing to wait a long time to get by buy in prices and I think I have found out that's the best way to do this market any thoughts on harmony token it's just I personally it's to me it's just another buy dad's launch pad project harmony personally to me is just a buy enhance launchpad project well I'm just hanging onto the chain for right now and seeing what happens like and seeing what happens afterwards I have a decent I have somewhat of a bag so you know whatever I'm cool with it I think I mean if not anything else it will pump at some point or other and it gives me a pretty good sellout spot how can I change my Bitcoin to xrp in the coinbase you can just trade Bitcoin Forex RPI coinbase trading BOTS I mean first of all they cost money and they're not like in terms of making money they might not be all all that effective because your trading bot is just basically trading against a lot of other trading BOTS so they I mean they make money off of like micro arbitrage and that's definitely not a certain thing like one penny is deaf one penny is like the first barrier for ve T you think cz uses Twitter to shill and pomp B&B yeah probably he uses a lot of other instruments to to shill and pomp B&B and I think BM B zone price performance is actually leading to a lot of Schilling and pumping these days do you think harmony will pump like Matic it might I mean if you look at the if you look at all the BTT deployed I mean if you look at all the launchpad deployments what you notice is like right after they right after they launch there's like a lot of fluctuation in price and that's a lot of room for swing trading if you're good at it I personally don't really touch any of the I personally don't really touch any of the launchpad coins because I can't buy them at IC o—- because of I live in the States I can't live I can't buy them in terms of IC o—- and if you buy them off the IC after the IC o—- it's like a gam it's a huge gamble cuz some of them have gone down and some of them have gone up you probably have to look at the specifics of each of the tokens you probably do have to look at the specifics of each of the tokens are on the launch pad 50000 Det is a pretty decent bag I mean it's not a huge bag but it's a pretty decent bag is not vitor unlimited so so so Vitor they don't have a limit amount it just keeps generating but the thing is for each transaction on the V chain Vitor is actually burned so it retour just Vitor just keeps getting recycled if Vitor really depends look the price of the chain completely depends on how many clients will be on boarded and onto the blockchain and how many transactions per day it will have that's why I crap like bright foods is so important that's why I think that's why stuff like bright foods and stuff is so important because if people actually like scan the tags to look where their food comes from then if people actually do that then you know the number of transactions goes up you can actually look at me yesterday alone and you know like during the time when Deloitte was actually onboarding their clients about last month at this time twenty seven point five million Vito were burned on that day so on these type of days the overall supply of ether actually decreases there's more burned than generated but these are hump days where clients are actually onboarding I'm hoping that eventually we get a you know five six hundred K of Vito burned each day or at least I sell a couple of million and that hopefully will actually drive the scarcity of Vito so as more clients on board onto this blockchain and they have to do transactions you know with bright foods it's like customer scanning the barcode and looking to see where the milk comes from same thing with the winemakers and everything as that happens more and more that's gonna require more and more transactions and then I'll be more V though burned now one of the things that is they can adjust the amount of Vito that's actually needed for each transaction but if they do that they're going to bring up the price of each beat or or they can actually adjust the generation rate of Vito on BT and at that point BT Leith or might actually stay the same price but you will generate more of it per V chain so that's kind of like the long-term plan for ve T on their network and that's how they generate value for V DT the other thing about ve T is that they actually do need it to program smart contract tokens so that's more of a network-wide use for v ET itself I do not own any precious metals you you should I sell my 500k look I like in terms of investment besides my retirement account in terms of my investment besides my retirement account I'm basically only invested in kryptos right now if you had 20k would you go B&B ETH so if I had 20k I would probably go B&B e th b TC x RP v ET and iota at this point probably what can I tell you about Z cash what what can you tell me about Z cache um I don't really know about the thing about Z caches I like it better than one arrow it will have to jump my arrow first but Z cache is better than one arrow because it has a both a private and a public option I think it has pretty nice features I mean it is a it is a coin that like institutions could actually use because you can do public transactions so it won't piss off the government but if you have like a certain client that wants to do secret more secret transactions you can do so via Z cache I have Bitcoin and would like to buy xrp if you just transfer your Bitcoin day like coin based Pro and just just buy xrp with their Bitcoin there's an X R P Bitcoin trading pair on coin based pro so you just set a buy order and it will probably fill sooner or later you can also use one of those atomic swap things but I would just I would actually just buy and fill out an exchange is there any way to convert physical gold to Bitcoin um no besides telling your goal for Bitcoin no there's not yes he like loves ICI actually did go down a lot in the next bear market but if he can gain some traction some partnerships it can definitely hit its all-time high again you have yeah a hundred thousand TRX is enough if you have a hundred thousand TRX make sure you are voting first like a super representatives because you could actually get a lot of free Tron that way like the Tron rewards promoting are pretty good have us dad Larry mirrors like man you know like you know that's like supposed to have like a big announcement in June which no one really knows what it is is buying gold with Bitcoin a taxable event yes buying anything right now with Bitcoin as a taxable event the IRS is gonna have to change that policy sooner or later you can convert yeah you can convert BTC to xip on almost on any exchange almost my top three coins are still b and b e th and b ET right now look should I trade my ve T for XRP both VT and XRP are fine holds are good holds for the long term so trading one for the other is just kind of like your discretion where do I vote as a truant I think you have to vote on Tron scan and then you have to vote on trance can you see TRX hitting a dollar no I don't see TRX hitting a dollar end of a year you the V chain announcement in June has to do with PricewaterhouseCoopers it has to do with PwC well the thing for tron is you have to hold a lot of tron to actually gain tron um you you don't just get tron for you don't you just don't you don't get just you don't just get TRX for free you actually have to hold Tron and vote on their network and take part in the ecosystem to actually get more Tron I don't know like look BT has clients in Italy as well so I'm not really it's not I mean I think a lot of its clients are in Asia just because that's where it's based but it has clients outside of Asia as well right now the et just needs to get on more exchanges to get more broad exposure you should I sell my 50k 500 KBT to get BTC look if you're talking about long-term investments if look if you're talking about long-term investments just hold what you have all right if you're talking about long-term just hold what you have like if you're talking about swing or day trading then yeah BTC may be better than ve T but that's really you have to to do swing your day trading you have to at least have some basis for reading charts and deciding what's gonna go up and what's going to go down you're always gonna miss from time to time but if you're going for long term investments just hold what you have and don't freak out when other coins start to make money in yours as your stay still you your time will eventually come yes VT right now is not only on by Nansen Whovian that's one of its major problems I think there are a couple of coins that are probably going to pump in June XRP might pump in July because of SBI if it actually launches XRP broke its golden cross that's nice that's nice I mean I know xrp has been close to its Goldman cross for quite a while now do I think polymethyl yeah probably I mean most coins won't pump in the next bull run Det will be on more exchanges at some point yes but we don't really know when that point is so if you're look that is one of the things you have to take into consideration though when you're actually buying bt against other things you yeah I mean it is stagnating right now but it did it did pump to like 150 160 SATs in like June I mean I in not in June in April so I'm not really sure like how the mechanics for ve T price like how it actually works it seems like everyone got excited about the summit and then the summit actually delivered on everything I was promised and the price still went down I mean it's yes there could be some manipulation but I guess like all the air from the summit just kind of went out of it and now it's just kind of like now it's just trying to like recover I guess you look-look XRP may not follow the same pattern this time I mean we've already been on this high BTC level for like two or three weeks now and XRP really hasn't gone there yet the thing is I mean there was a lot of hype and FOMO um for the last time and people just might be more careful this time really people just might be a lot more careful this time China likes both Els and TRX for some reason I'm not exactly sure why was there a rumor that by Nance were hoarding the et that could be interesting to understand that theory if it was true I'm not really sure I mean there could be by Nance manipulation that's always out there I'm not I mean I I really have I can't verify that well everyone wants ve T to $5 what's going to be I mean I'll coin boron it could be something like Bitcoin at like twenty ten thousand or something look people have to gain enough confidence into the market to actually be able to diversify into Alcorn's Bitcoin has a look Bitcoin has a huge advantage on all coins in that all that like all the investment funds and all like the institutional money I would say like ninety percent of that it's in Bitcoin and the other 10% split among the elements if you look at grayscale you look at like how their investments are teared out there Bitcoin and trust fund is roughly like ninety nine percent of their investments and the other ten the other one percent split between like the other all coins so the major financial institutions they say they're investing in other coins but they're mainly investing in Bitcoin right now do I think gos can hit $100 not unless we have a really big boar on No a B&B is definitely somewhat manipulated I mean that's undeniable I don't think it's too I don't I don't think you can deny that BMB somewhat manipulated but there's also a lot of demand for B&B there's also a ton of demand for B&B do you think a bank can use both I don't know I mean the bank can use whatever it wants but I don't know why I would use a DA look all exchanges have faked while you've all exchanges have faked volume that's that's not surprising it's not only by an ants Chiron at the end of the year I mean if I can hit like tens look aside from like a huge Bitcoin run if Tron can hit like ten cents or something I would be pretty happy I think for trying to hit ten cents no Bitcoin does have to rise significantly you but all these coins are somewhat manipulated by the whales all these coins are somewhat manipulated by the whales I like making these coins a lot of times shoot up for no reason and then they come down for no reason it kind of like bottles the mind well what did you sell your Tron for because you soldier trying for another coin then it probably went up as well beat the dex is the BMV dex has been released for a while now see I don't I personally don't see I mean II OS has more transactions per second than EE th but outside of that but I think ETH is going to catch up sooner or later what do you think the retracement level will go down out of this uh maybe like seven thousand or so maybe seven thousand or so I would say like if you're gonna bet on the dip probably 7 K or so every time us pumps I'm a little see I'm not really surprised by EOS pumps because they they have some developments coming I'm not I'm personally not a huge fan of the EOS but I can see why they're pumping look if you're looking for returns within the next couple of weeks it's basically anyone's guess which coin you want a home but if you're looking for the long term for two or three years you got to look for the coins with partnerships once Tron but Rome got a way to go before it breaks five cents and you still need Bitcoin to at least come up to 10k for trying to break five cents yes eth does at this first mover advantage it also has the big clients on board that's the main advantage of eth do you think they will launch the new crypto pia scam exchange yes but I hope no one uses it there look there are scams on every platform right like yes eth did have a lot of ICO scams but like you know that Tron Casino thing was a scam as well so look all these all these ICO platforms are going to have scans there's no way you can avoid that there's busy there's basically no no way you can avoid all these scams weekly chart is super bullish a thing about chain-link it's like sometimes the maenette actually starts to retrace rather than a huge pump for a lot of coins because people like people like buy the rumor and sell the news and that's just something that you have to get used to in crypto I don't know when the Det announcement is going to be in June and they didn't tell me look I think most coins are somewhat pump they're out by their own developers man I think most coins have somewhat been pumped by their own developers I do think the launch pad stuff is kind of like a coordination of B&B pumps honestly but but I mean it's hard for me to verify any of that information because obviously they're never going to admit it and it's hard for anyone to check I got link at 1:23 well then if you got a link at 1:23 you don't think it's going to go much higher then you got to just find a sell point above 1:23 I'm not really sure how much XRP is Turin is manipulated in terms of price it XRP could just be at that prices that's how much is worth I mean a lot of people a lot of people had the theory that was it was being held in a channel from like 28 to 34 cents but that just broke a while ago and it's just basically moving with Bitcoin right now we do know that like up bit and bit thumb tend to pump XRP every once in a while we do know that a bit and bit thumb tend to pump xrp everyone so well but it usually just goes down right afterwards and when up it and bit thumb like go down in terms of ranking on the exchanges like the ratio of XRP to Bitcoin tends to drop so like the Korean formal is still very very strong and applicable to XRP make no doubt but how much and how much is being manipulated and how it's being manipulated it's still anyone's guess you know like there's just a strong argument for XRP being are being manipulated upwards as it is downwards like some people have been saying that someone's been bullying it up other people been someone's been pushing it down so I mean without any solid proof it's hard to say which one's right best long-term crypto I would still think like I would still think it's like if you're in b & b RV et me like if give me 'm look your theory MB and bv t XRP those are the four that if you're looking for a long term that i would think are really good I think by box is a pretty good token right now I think it's undervalued I think about bi X is still undervalued for how big the exchange is I mean it's it's extremely arguable both ways you don't I look you can argue both like some people have this theory that banks want to buy it at a lower price so they keep xrp price suppressed but you can easily just say that ripple wants a higher price because they actually sell XRP so they keep the price up so you can argue either way stos will kill aetherium i don't know if sto they'll kill with you I feel like most SD o–'s are going to be scams so I'm not really sure you can say X s TOS will kill a theorem in any way now there's a lot of people interested in xrp and a lot of all coins like most of us in here are bit Bitcoin maximalist we don't think only Bitcoin is relevant we're not liked on days or like the other BTC maximalists they're like although look all the coins are going to have their own use at some time or other iota is at 44 cents and that's the highest IO has been in a while you know iota honestly should really start recovering in terms of price because in terms of Bitcoin ratio it's basically gone straight down more harder than any other coin you think harmony will start another B&B Launchpad overall home oh maybe maybe I mean look bitch and seller really didn't so they they only pump it every once in a while I don't know how they calculate these things like some people will still debate with me that will always debate with me that it's not coordinated via by dance I personally believe that its most likely coordinated through by Nance yeah there's gonna be a lot of regulatory stuff with stos I think it will be really big in the next full run but only outside the United States yeah but there's a lot of people in the blockchain collaborative consortium so I don't think I don't see that that's something special specific to Pontiacs I hope it does well for Pontiacs but I'm not gonna I'm not going to say oh it's going to make Pontiacs moon look if you have a lot of holdings in BTC that's probably fairly smart right now honestly because BTC seems to be pumping before all the altcoins but after BTC reaches like you know a certain price I would divest some of it into ball all coins nah didn't like B&B is completely detached from BTC now almost and look BTC on a technical perspective is actually inferior to most of the all coins that have come up you really can't use BTC for fast transfers because it takes forever now seg wit and lightning may eventually help that but just because the block times are really long you're never going to be as fast as some of the other all coins some people say that there's a resistance at 9k for Bitcoin but I don't see a huge barrier going up to 10k but if it goes up to 10k I think it's going to hit a resistance in DUMBO well then I hope Bundy gets regulatory licensing in Japan 7:00 a.m. in China I haven't seen any like really promising new coins but then again I don't really keep track of like all the new coins that come out I'm actually intrigued by mim bol Wimble which is grin because they have a part they partnered with light coin and they're going to try to solve like coin scaling problems so I'm actually sort of intrigued by this and there's only 11 million of them so far but the problem I have with this is I don't know what the total supply is they only list the circulating supply and I would like to know how much supply there is overall eventually for a member Wimble you all a person can do now is know everything yeah that's true that's true Paulo chain is the most promising new Komine it's not really new it's we've been talking about hollow for quite a while look none of the banks and I don't think any of the banks actually hold XRP right now it's the exchanges that are holding XRP for liquidity you can actually look at well if you look at the xrp Rich List it's full of exchange holdings it's not really full of bank holdings yeah beam is partners with LTC a bit true I don't know if I honestly don't know if any of these new exchange coins are gonna be as successful as B&B bien bees got the first mover advantage and they're not letting it go ATF no I don't think a DA's gonna be 40 to 70 dollars in the next boron I mean first of all like a DA doesn't have a product that people can build on quite yet it still needs a release its settlement layer what it does that it might go for a pretty big boron I think if grin only has about a hundred million I mean if it stops around 100 million that I can see each coin being worth a lot but if they if it goes over like if the supply goes over a billion really quickly then I probably just wouldn't buy it right now you see the thing about the stock market is it actually has you the thing about the thing about the stocks is like if you really look at the stock market I mean it's it's really not down that much it's had yes it's definitely had its bumps like there are days where it drops a lot but then it just kind of recovers as well so it I mean we haven't had the stock fall out that a lot of people we haven't had the stock market fall out that a lot of people were predicting yeah but what's the inflation rate for a grin though like how do what does it decrease decrease – I know a theory impose an infamous apply as well but the problem with the theory emisn finis apply is like the the inflation rate gets lower and lower as time goes on and it might as well be zero after a certain amount of time do you what do you think about seller and t fuel t fuel is interesting because i think it's the fuel for theta seller i know like bt t joined the seller network so they both have like a lot of the finance launchpad programs they kind of have like partnerships with each other there's a good chance that tron will partners partners itself with t fuel at some time along the line so our BG t will partner itself with t fuel sometime along the line so i can see a lot of them working together as a whole though i really do think the price is manipulated right now didn't Dow dropped to its lowest since World War two no your Dow was like under a thousand points and drew out right during World War two but Dow Jones Industrial Average is what is it right now he's like 25,000 something right yeah its twenty five thousand eight hundred and eighty twenty five thousand five hundred eighty five so I mean the DJIA really hasn't tumbled all that much yeah I mean look a lot of the stock indexes the companies that are dying they just replace him with new ones I don't look I don't think anything's really going to be the next B&B or whatever there's a lot of exchange coins out there but to do the stuff that buy Nance has done takes a lot of work and also by dance is kind of like internally pumping I believe so there's always that you know steam going to blow past $10 soon yeah unless they get D tube actually fixed I don't think so mana so decentralized the central land is mana it's an interesting coin I mean I understand the whole virtual world thing I don't know if it's gonna grow really that fast and you I have to believe it's going to be it's competing with a lot of like our GP our RPG type games right because it's basically you buying virtual stuff I mean there's a market for it obviously but how popular is the decentralized decentraland platform actually going to be what's better coin based pearl or by Nance look if I could actually buy every corner I wanted on coinbase bra I'd probably just use coin based pro because then I don't have to deal with FinCEN and Finbar and all that crap but finances finance I have pretty good confidence in as well like I actually wouldn't be all that against and holding a lot of assets on coin based Pro because they have a lot of insurance for their clients on coinbase Pro and I think they're going to be getting more and Plus coinbase Pro adheres to all the u.s. regulations a Trump spent a lot of this time like bitching about how there was an unequal trade between USA and Japan I don't really pay attention to much of the presidential speeches anymore I look I don't think the XRP goal in the cross is really going to affect much unless Bitcoin keeps going up or like there's okay there's two scenarios where I can see xrp really exploding one is that up it and bit thumb continue to pump it a lot and two is that Bitcoin keeps going up I don't think the Golden Cross by itself really means all that much but what I am in a mint arresting in in terms of a in terms of Bitcoin ratio for XRP is not so much the gold in the cross but it's actually like up it a bit and bit thumbs volume because they've actually come up from the abyss slave in the last day or so and they are reclaiming their their kind of and whatever they come up in rank in terms of XRP volume the price of XRP tends to go up explosively at least for a while not not forever but for a while so as you can see like it's gained about almost like 120 Satoshi since yesterday in terms of Bitcoin price so the Korean exchanges definitely pump XRP um and whatever there it's whenever their volume comes up that's like happy times for XRP so we might see another pump in the next day or two based on that well look I pay attention to bitcoins like golden crosses and stuff because all the other coins follow Bitcoin anyways but other coins including XRP they're golden crosses death crosses whatever the hell I don't really pay that much attention to it icx looks ready for a pump why why do you say that vici milk leachate needs to go above point eight cents man that's the that's what I'm looking at it it seems to have like really hard time the chain seems to have an extremely hard time sir rule seven eight five three that's pretty good eighty-nine satoshi it is a bit of a pump so that's some positive news but it needs to go to 0.8 0.0 0.0 oh and stay above 0.008 then we can talk about hitting a penny later but it has gone for a little pump lately that's I mean look Excel lemon xrp moved together that's been established for quite a while look I'm probably going to hold around 200 a one to two hundred thousand ve T in the end I'm probably not going to be one of those guys that has like 5 million hey thanks for the donation prodigal what do I think of Indian coin ng coin I like ng coin but a lot of its price action depends on Samsung announcements and unity announcements I am still holding on to my BTT but I bought my B TT at 18 Satoshi so that's why I'm not selling it right now if I had bought my B TT at let's say you know 10 Satoshi I probably be cashing out a good chunk at this point um I'm hoping it actually moves to about 25 before I cash out possibly 30 but I'm waiting for what Justin Sun will actually announce in June and I think there's a lot of speculation leading up to that you I do believe that bitcoin will go to about 12 K this year maybe even more hey K for liberty if you bought at 12 Satoshi then yes cashing out around 20 is not a bad idea at least cashing out about half at 20 is not a bad idea because that locks in a lot of profits and then like you think no then with a rest the other half see if it goes up to like 25 or something then if it goes up to 25 sell the rest of it because doubling your Bitcoin position is never a bad thing now Justin Sun does not remind me of csw CSW is always threatening other projects just in the Sun is like cheerleading for every single project out there even like with like metallic when he when he has a beef with metallic he's like semi cheering for aetherium as well so like so it's not like so basically like CSW is kind of like a vengeful loser where adjustments on is just basically like a cheerleader for everything ve T is a chip for shoes yeah I mean yes it does have that Game of Thrones shoes thing for ve T can any coin with a total supply of 20 to 50 million get to 1k per coin yeah if you have a supply of 20 to 50 million it can get to okay for a coin but it also had like that coin also has to get press that coin also has to get some press and it also has to like actually do something anyone can create an empty coin but that doesn't mean you hold a lot of value well bgg hit a penny by the end of the year it's definitely possible that BTT will hit a penny at sometime during the course of this year I mean Justin Suns definitely not Steve Jobs nah dude like nah I'm gonna buy I might buy some bitcoins and I'm definitely not gonna return all my money to Bitcoin it's not gonna be the only winner in the market I think like I think like I mean people like tone days are like really really over the top best buy best place to buy bgt probably buy dance or you can buy it on any of the tron decentralized exchanges I think but I still buy all my BTT on Finance look I haven't looked at sy a coin lately but I mean I know that I kind of like their shirt at hard drive storage type of thing I wouldn't use it myself but there's definitely a demand for the saya coin stuff their services I think I saw one other coin trying to do the same thing though um I mean there's definitely there's definitely like use for that stuff I'm just not really sure like how they actually plan to pull off the security and all that stuff behind it I actually don't know that much about nem at all I've tried to find out more about it but I'm still kind of confused on any a little bit confused on nem LTC having in August would you still rather hold B&B / LTC you know up until August I'm not sure LTC is definitely a hot pick up until August but after August I would probably switch back to B&B yeah I know that any MXC em with exponential the last time around yes I'll tease he's been performing extremely well because people are getting ready for the decrease in supply I don't really see I don't know if I'm following tone days long enough to realize to really understand why he's actually famous in the crypto world but he seems to have some notoriety as a trader or something like that the problem look the problem with in cash is India's crypto regulations like India's crypto regulations are legit strangling their cryptocurrency industry if you bought BTT at 19 sat unless you just want to get out of it I would just hold on to it I bought at 18 myself and I'm looking to sell in the mid 20s like I said if JP like if you're like JP and bought at 11 it's like a great investment right now I mean he could sell right now and make like 80 percent and that's a really good return on investment over the well 80% on Bitcoin not 80 percent on cash we can all Saul right now and basically double our cash money but we're looking at Bitcoin ratio so China hasn't looked China actually hasn't banned crypto currencies all right China just doesn't allow you to use kryptos or any instrument to transfer money out of the country and that's why they closed every single crypto exchange in China so pouring bitcoins or owning kryptos is not actually illegal in China you just can't trade them on an exchange because none of the like exchanges don't exist in China and they firewalled off all the foreign exchanges if you are in China and you want to use foreign exchanges you legit have to get like one of those things that goes over the firewall and it's kind of slow I've actually used the firewall to trade while I was in China and um it's it's really slow like it's is freaking slow I think I managed like one trade the entire time I was there yes um supply chain generally is a lot less regulated than finances that's just the way the market actually works three BTC or one BTC I would say 1 BTC with alts I would say 1 BTC with all it's definitely over the long term yeah i mean i used i look i used a VPN to get over the firewall if you don't use a VPN you're blocked by the firewall and all exchanges they don't allow you to access it in the mainland but when I went over to Hong Kong like the firewall it went away obviously wait how did you buy your ex-wife at 100k I don't that's coming I know hollandaise is like a low tone Vaes is overall bullish on Bitcoin but he he just thinks is bearish right now but tone days is basically a BTC maximalist that is trying to like spread random stuff about other alt coins you all to hold to be DZ and one BTC worth of alts that's not I suppose I suppose as tone basil as tone like kind of like retraced that statement or does he still think we're going to 1k his coinbase won't a good storage yeah probably det it's going up well that's good that's good that's good I want to CVT definitely cross point eight point eight cents but seven eight three three it looks like it's stuck upon seven eight again but it definitely does need to go up seven eight six three ninety Satoshi I actually bought me chain at 91 Satoshi so if it goes over ninety one I make money I'm like positive in terms of Bitcoin our ratio I'm looking I may be looking for xrp to pump again sometime in an hour or two because that's when Asia wakes up and up bit and bit thumb are really really high right now in terms of volume I mean there is the whole Golden Cross thing but I don't really pay much attention to golden crosses and stuff for all coins it took tone ten hours to move five dollars and he was happy about it Piper wait isn't is hyper way of that like five what Elliot wave theory thing not I'm not really completely sure about all these waves if easy being were to use X it depends on how what scale ECB uses x RP they'll probably use it for their non euro transfers and probably only for a part of it and we're looking out into 2021 but the ECB using it would definitely be a big boost I think I mean by 2021 we have to be over like a 150 or something at least I personally don't believe the XRP Golden Cross that much but it could coincide with like a Bitcoin boron which would actually pull the rest of the market up anyway so people can end up saying the Golden Cross is right or whatever but I actually think like I actually think the price increases either going to come from like a Bitcoin boron or like pumping from the Korean exchanges and the Korean exchanges pump then it's going to go up anyways Tron is doing great yes Tron is doing very great over the last 24 thoughts on XY oh so I mean I've been saying that same thing about XY Oh for a couple of months now it's uh there's a lot of hope in the partnership or hopefully a big partnership with FedEx I think the geolocation tracking is definitely a really neat feature and it could really help delivery times I think one of the biggest uses is actually being able to track your product and seeing if like other people have stolen your stuff from your front porch so I think there's definitely a use case a big use case there I don't really know what happened to that trial FedEx project know if they actually get on board with FedEx um like in a big way it can definitely go up a lot however it is kind of spiraling downward right now so I wouldn't buy a lot of it at this point you you how did people know it was going up today well I mean Justin if you're talking about Tron Justin son like announced that about two days ago Justin Sun announced that Tron and Bitcoin BitTorrent was gonna have something amazing happen on June 1st so people are probably following into that if anything by Justin's look if you listen carefully you don't even have to listen that carefully actually if you listen carefully just in the Sun makes announcements about when he's actually going to make announcements so everything that Tron and bgt does majorly is heralded by trumpets so everyone actually knows I don't see see the thing is I don't see how Bitcoin can crash to a thousand within a week unless like I mean unless we get like an EMP shockwave or something and everything just dies uh we don't have too much stuff we're talking about Bitcoin an all-time high um how Korea might be pumping xrp again soon because bit because a bit and bit thumb are so high in volume right now compared to the rest of everything else and like other things to actually watch for Bitcoin has also set a new all-time high in terms of number of wallet addresses that hold at least a point one Bitcoin there's still a lot of analysts that say we're in for a major correction and if we are I do believe we can go back down to like 7000 but then I think we'll bounce back fairly quickly Tron will dub hard after the failed announcement on June 1st but in what if it's not a failed announcement what if he like says all holders of Tron who have no a thousand Tron by July first will get a new Lambo I mean that's not gonna happen but that would definitely pump the price check Justin Suns Twitter it's like it's always full of random stuff yeah I'm having a pretty good weekend having a pretty good week the weather was really really nice yesterday it's kind of shitty today honestly I think my thumb did get rated by Korean feds last year I think they're doing okay now though Justin son should not do any more car giveaways why not I want a new car and the thing is like the two car giveaways he did he actually gave one guy a car and the other guy and the other guy twenty eight thousand dollars so if I were you none of those guys I'd be pretty happy det almost point-eight man BT needs to cross and maintain point eight just because how high it is all right seven nine to a baby yeah back up to ninety one for V B chain that's what I bought in at and that's what I want to see you that's what I want to see you man hit those legs guys hit those likes on the video really helped me out a lot tether is well the thing about tether is no one's really sure about tether situation no one's really that clear on tether situation that's the problem we know that it's like we know that it's at most 74% backed we don't know how much money that BitFenix is actually bled and a lot of like just kind of investing based on that I'm almost I'm pretty sure tethers not a total fraud but how much of its totally back is totally up in the air you know like I can't really say it's 74% back to 34% back it's very very hard to tell what price did you buy B et um I actually bought the ETS 91 satoshis and that's exactly and that's exactly where it is right now 91 Satoshi's so I'm actually even on in terms of my Bitcoin ratio in terms of money ratio I'm sure I'm making money yeah I'm actually sure I'm making money in terms of like where I bought into B et can I bought in a couple of weeks ago for the et and I think bitcoins gone up about 10 percent so I'm probably 10 percent up on B et in terms of USD value all right it is me chain is now officially above 0.8 0.8 USD hopefully it keeps going up hopefully it keeps going up I mean it should shoot up much further than this honestly yes we also do we also do know that tether did use some of its reserves to invest in BTC and because of that if they did they definitely made money on those investments on those reserves in Bitcoin so tether should be even more back to now if they invested in Bitcoin with some of those reserves be chained 200 Satoshi yeah I would love the chain to be at 200 Satoshi but I would be I would kind of pipe down my expectations for right now I hope it I don't I hope it does not dump by tonight um right now what it's really doing what be chains really doing right now is just it's catching up to Bitcoin it hasn't really like done anything amazing card da no see you like card ah no might be pretty good for like at least a shorter midterm pump it depends when Hodgkinson actually announces a lot of stuff for Cardinal Cardinal has a dedicated and fanatical community that is extremely supportive of whatever Charles Hoskinson does I don't understand that and like they seem to be all in on the academic approach which I'm really not miss the stream last night I mean last night we just talked about Bitcoin getting to like getting past the lower eight thousands mark and going marching up to 9,000 we did actually hit 9,000 yesterday night but then it retraced a little bit what's going to happen when Bitcoin hits 20,000 I actually think this time when BTC hits 20,000 there will be a sell-off but there will also be a pretty big FOMO when Bitcoin hits about when Bitcoin actually hits 20,000 I actually believe there will be a pretty big FOMO because Nadeau will actually have surpassed the all-time high and the news will pick up saying that we're finally in a bull market even though we've been in a bull market for quite a while when our Bitcoin hits 20k so I actually I think at 20,000 there might be a sudden follow which pushes up to like 30 or 40,000 maybe even 50,000 and then we'll start retracing again like we always do in every single market there is for cryptocurrencies I you know what I like I do expect like a giant pump followed by like a ninety percent retraced this time around – I don't think it's going to be that much different than last time at least that's my opinion I mean there it is a very real possibility that we hit like 70 K and then we 75 K or something and then we were traced back to like 7.5 K that is extremely extremely possible and I would not be surprised by that type of movement yeah the transactions in terms of like how much Vito is being burned per day it's really not that much right now um hopefully it picks up soon in the future if they need to onboard more clients though and we'll see what the PwC thing is maybe when was the last time xrp hit a golden cross it was was it in December 2014 because I mean 2017 because if there was then like all the other coins went up at the same time I would I wouldn't I I do agree with Brendan Brooks that I would sell a portion when Bitcoin hits 50k I don't know if I would sell all of it but I would definitely sell a portion when Bitcoin hits 50k because that's at least playing it safe and I believe that's playing it smart as well it's Korea pumping XRP yeah I don't know if they're pumping but there's definitely I don't know if Korea is like rightfully pumping XRP but they're definitely setting the tone for a puppy because you can see updates back up to number two and bit thumb is at number seven again so they were like at number six and number seventeen so they're kind of like setting the stage I don't know when they're gonna I don't know if they're going to pump it and how much they're going to pump it but they're definitely setting the stage for a somewhat of a pump XRP at a golden cross in December 2017 before going parabolic yeah but I mean December 2017 that doesn't really mean too much for me because all coins went parabolic in December 2017 like like all the altcoins with parabolic you look at Tron card on oh yeah well I don't know about EOS haven't looked at us but Tron card on oh I oh de and a bunch of those all coins they all went super parabolic at the same time so that was definitely a generally a general overall market effect and not like specific to XRP itself um yeah there are definitely buildings in China dedicated to mining Bitcoin they're not in any of the major cities though they're in the outer regions so I haven't seen them no actually Jay Manuel's if you just concentrate on December and January XRP was not the coin that gained the most when they're talking about X our piece parabolic move they're counting the April movement as well if you just count them if you just count the December movement um tron card ah no iota they all out gain x RP in terms of percentage in in December in January like x RP basically went from about 30 cents to about 380 which is about 12 or 13 X Tron went from 2/10 of a cent to 20 cents that is a hundred X so when they're actually count when they're counting X our piece parabolic movement they're counting they're counting me they're counting the April pump as well as the December pump and you can't really count the April pump when you're comparing XRP with like Tron or card ah know because Tron Accardo didn't exist in April so for the coins that if you just count the December pump a lot of the smaller all coins that are really famous right now like Tron Cardinal Iona they all out gain XRP during December it's just that they didn't actually it's just that they didn't actually exist in April to actually catch that first wave over the pump yeah a da was like 70 X and TRX was like a hundred X grx was like 100x oh dude eet definitely pumped on hype as well remember like leading up to the leading up to the summit me ET pump like crazy it went up like 50% leading up to the summit dammit now it's back down well the hell it needs to sustain above 0.8 okay now I mean it's gonna be hopefully it just stays around there it goes up a little further 700 kV ETA 400 K hot TRX 47 K iota 11 k XR p 10 k yeah that's actually that's a very very well diversified portfolio I probably would index a little bit harder into Bitcoin maybe keep like two bitcoins instead of just one maybe just keep like take a little bit off the others and keep two bitcoins instead of one look look some of these smaller exchanges adding XRP is not going to move the price like when I hear like Tron getting added to exchanges I don't really get excited cuz I know that's not really going to move the price for Tron yes the DNV GL and bright code the milk thing is actually in production right now in Shanghai but you have to remember that um Cupid milk is only a very small part of bright foods so it probably won't lead to that many transactions include of just Cupid me milk if Cupid if this goes well I think right foods will actually adopt be chain technology and a lot of their other products as well and bright foods is like a multi-billion dollar company so I'm looking forward to big things from that yes Cupid milk deployed last week Cupid milk deployed last week I'm excited for that but they need more food products on there yes ve T does need to be on bigger exchanges the only it's only really on who be and finance it needs to be on okay X and several others those high fees could crash BTC again well that is while that is true BT sees fees even though the transaction numbers right now are greater than what they were at the high dollar last boron BT C's transaction fees are actually down like I said 40% of Bitcoin transactions are going through seg wit 40% of Bitcoin transactions are actually going be a Segway and that's the reason why and that's actually the reason why it's not it's not nearly clogging up the server as much as last time you holding well you might be holding your de tu for a while but I hopes it work I hope the VT stuff works out for all of us Ripple's did create xrp i don't know if they really control the price or not but they did create it that much is under that you can't lead abate that part it is still getting sort of clogged with Segway I mean we can just take a look at it right now you so it's about 20 or 16,000 unconfirmed transactions but you know at the height of the last boron when we had less transactions than we do now it was at 200,000 so seg would actually has gone a long way to solving Bitcoin scaling problems you but most pre mine coins are like that all the coins are treated at the same time some of them are put in escrow and they're going to be air dropped over time hoping $1 VDT can happen over three years I'm hoping that – will it happen that's anyone's guess will it happen is really anyone's guess well V chain seems to be pumping decently right now 91 SATs which is exactly where I bought it a couple of weeks ago hopefully you can punch hopefully it can pump to a dollar or more you vt is not even by box yeah that's I mean eet isn't on a lot of exchanges that's part of the et's problem right now and it does need to get on more exchanges it needs to get out a lot more you OS is probably gonna have some kind of a pump in June because the announcement personally I don't have any Els and I don't really plan to invest in it but it is pumping pretty nicely right now that much I can't deny there is like michael york is right in the aspect that you could actually see a soft exit by i ohk sometime along the line it could actually be as early as next year cuz Charles has already signed up for another project so I'm not really sure if he's going to how long he's gonna stick with card Otto and how how well car Don's gonna function without him I feel like whenever we get to like the actual decide of stuff like Charles kind of wants to walk out on stuff a bit true gave you free XRP oh that's nice that's nice I might look at it I might look at it bitch who's free XRP any I need look a lot of things need to happen with Vee T for it to get to a dollar it needs to onboard a lot more clients there's needs to be a lot more transactions and it needs to get listed on more exchanges by Cornell I don't I I'm not a huge fan of by coin I'm not I'm not a few chatter by coin at all it got it actually got delisted off of by Nance last year coins that get to get delisted from large exchanges I'm not a massive fan of dah no equals Charles yeah I would say that's probably a fair assessment 50 Cent's of eet would do it for ya 50 cents B et would be very nice for me it would it definitely would so how much are they giving on bit true if it's like a hundred XRP I'll take it but if it's like five I'm not going to bother oh you're talking about the interest then yeah I'm not going to bother with that 88 the forever research Quine well they might be able to prove us wrong this year if they just if they actually deliver something but right now they are kind of like the forever research coin I can't deny that they are the forever research coin for now you info Matic gave me one point flash for logging in a hundred four by 100 for buying four hundred bucks man I don't really want to spend any money on bit true LLC you see it at three hundred by the end of August I would more say ltc1 fifty by the end of August unless there's actually like a big I mean look if Bitcoin continues to move at the rate of its moving right now then yes LTC will probably get to like to three hundred by the end of August but if it doesn't if it's tough if it like actually kind of pauses at around 10k I would more say like 150 170 Elte you see happening is August it's an August that's why we actually are focusing a lot of our LTC discussions around August yeah I mean if you look at 80 days a lot of 80s partnerships are with like research firms so business I mean well business use what you sighs I mean they're really making they are making partnerships but the partnerships aren't using a public card Dada will blockchain they're actually using like the private permission blockchain well that's why 80 xrp put so much of their coin in escrow you you well I'm not gonna share like the dollar value by portfolio I've I've already shared like what I hold in my portfolio I already shared what I hold my portfolio I'm going to share the dollar amount Charles will released Shelley as promised I certainly hope so because he's deleted enough times already it needs to be released by the end of this year on the main net as promised otherwise like people are seriously going to start losing faith in it and he's going to have to eat his shoe which would be kind of funny the free withdrawal is definitely awesome from up it because I do get XRP from brave content creators yeah a bit and not actually having to pay the fee is pretty big well look I'm I'm hoping he does release Shelley by the end of by the end of 2019 I can't be a hundred percent sure certain though that's a tough one like a hundred kvt or $100 100 K or 18k I mean I probably split but I would I mean if I had to choose I'd probably take the Det for right now I mean look if you have like accounts on like 50 exchanges it is quite a headache B&B BMD goes up whenever they do like another buy Nance Launchpad thing harmony is the next one and that's coming pretty soon but if they announce another launch pad project after harmony I'm betting B&B will go up further having a small bag of ADH could be a decent idea you know like because if if the Shelly pump comes then it'll probably be fairly large if you have to really high perspective coins and you have an X amount of money you just mean split your money between the two coins instead of like going all in on one coin 8:07 three is it 92 sets now heck yeah it's 92 SATs now which means I'm in the green I'm in the green in terms of satoshi value 8225 so the korean pump hasn't well there was a korean pump on xrp last night because it was like at forty six ninety at the lowest I don't think card danau will put BTC in the shadow though I mean it's it's for a different purpose like card ah no has to compete with ETH more than anything else card on oh really is a computing with BTC it's competing with ETH I would say like you know like these niche look the niche industry coins they're eventually going to they're going to have a lot of usage in their prospective industry it's not all going to be about Bitcoin I don't know what he some people think that the launchpad I mean no I don't recommend you buy the coins coming out of launchpad no but the launchpad actually is a reason to actually buy at home B&B BTT dumped I mean what I mean what's the price right now I BitTorrent didn't dump it's still at the same price man 1624 I'm waiting it look I'm I'm basically waiting for BG to gain another twenty thirty percent or so it's still at 19 right now I mean it can probably swim between 19 and 18 at this point basically it's all being treated of by Nance not be ttusd tea so updates also look you know like this does concern me as well because it seems like Korea might actually be pumping this shit as well Korea might be pumping BTT as well as actually yeah it's between 18 and 19 right now there's it it is leaning hep more heavier towards 18 I think so the selling pressure right now if you look at it is actually greater than the buying pressure but if they decide to pump it even more it can go much higher based on Justin signs tweets but it doesn't have as much support as I would like you I think all the coins do look all the coins right now rely on BTC except for B&B at this point BnB is kind of like the attach itself no I don't think Facebook global corn will be shun I actually think Facebook coin will actually get quite a bit of use just by people who use Facebook people are going to use it as a very convenient and easy way to transfer money I bet global corn will actually see a decent amount of volume now the stream isn't frozen it still works fine for me look I I don't I personally think like if these social networks will release their own coins all of them are going to be used it's not like you know Facebook users are not going to use global corn I feel like your Facebook if two Facebook friends in different countries want to send each other money they're going to eventually use global coin cuz just convenient now the thing about most people is when they send money they don't care if it takes like two minutes or two hours for it to get there that's really not that important for most users or even a day like I've sent money a lot of times it takes like a day first and usually for my payments from my bank it takes Swift like a day a day and a half to get to wherever they are beside if I'm not sending money to China if it I'm sending money to China it takes forever but if I'm sending money to like even Hongkong or Russia or something like it takes like a day to get there and most people don't really care about waiting for a day it's fine for them you you Oh look bitcoin has a lot look look ma'am bitcoin has a lot of limitations the scaling limitations of Bitcoin are going to prevent it from being used in a lot of areas the trend the off chain yes the off chain solutions are helping it but bitcoin really can't scale on chain you the Russian thing I actually used to buy a lot of like flash games and like I used to pay a lot of like game developers a lot of them happen to be in Russia and China China always took forever but Russia was actually pretty fast in terms of like sending money back and forth I don't think anyone ever complained I mean it's for business too but no one really ever complained about the speed they did complain a little bit about the fees because we usually split the fees so they sometimes complain about the fees but they never complained about like the speed I mean yes if you are one of the cases if you are one of the people that has like basically just-in-time delivery then yeah sure you might complain about it but most casual senders like but people on Facebook are basically to be casual senders of money and I'm gonna guess global coins gonna work a lot like PayPal so it's gonna be pretty instant anyways so I don't think it's really going to matter you you you I mean there are there are going to be people that actually care about like like basically a couple of seconds worth the payment but most I would say most people probably aren't going to care all that much in terms of like smaller amount of remittances average fee is three dollars it depends how much Bitcoin you're actually sending if you're sending like three thousand dollars if a three dollar fee isn't really going to hurt Faye's anyone if you're only sending thirty bucks in a three dollar fee is pretty huge there's a Vitor calculator on the V chain website you can use that there's a certain percentage that you get for Vitor and it depends on if you're just holding it or if you actually have a node so there's a there's a calculator on the V chain website that you can actually use to calculate your V to our earnings but you know for the vitor stuff I would actually wait until everything flashes out like I would I mean before you make a decision on that stuff like let's see like how many clients they can actually on board in the next know a year or so and how much if the demand goes up for Vitor because you'll really look at it right now from the B Forge there's not that many transactions right now I mean if you look at yesterday there's only 8.3 well 11.5 K clauses or 11.5 K transactions and the amount of Vitor burns only four hundred thirty five point nine K so the usage isn't really that good yet hopefully it will start to go up in a while but right now the usage honestly isn't that good yet yeah you can sell your b2r on L beg you if you generate a lot of beat or you can just sell it on L bank and buy other coins as an effect on market by productions of too many coins everyday um I would say I mean that the the amount of Vitor that's generating that is definitely increasing day by day right now because there's not enough burn but whenever but when the larger companies come on board there's going to be a period of time where they burn more than they generate at least that's like what your project what we're hoping for projections right now like look right now is a good accumulation time for all the smaller all coins because they will come up after like a certain amount of time you yeah BTC is mainly for like large transactions that don't mind being a little bit slow it isn't really made for smaller transactions that need to be really fast like if you were at Target buying groceries you would not use Bitcoin for those things like bitch foo and stuff you're basically selling your preloaded Bitcoin for cash that's not like that's not target or that come or that a grocery chain really accepting crypto in any capacity that's basically you converting crypto into cash and then then taking the cash well I think all well Brendan I think all of us here are speculating on their utility I don't think I think most of us aren't actually going to use their utility in any extent I guess if you're one of the few that need money fast then you will use the extra P utility but most of us don't really need that utility we're just speculating on making money off of the utility did I miss something big no not really I mean there was some news today but not a huge a lot of news I think a lot of people are interested in this whole Golden Cross thing for XRP I'm not like I don't really know if I'm a firm believer in this Golden Cross stuff especially for altcoins especially for all coins I'm not sure if I'm a firm believer in this going across stuff vos has been pumping for a couple of days now Els has been pumping for a couple of days now you there is such there are actually luxury goods platforms that actually accept Bitcoin I mean I know in China there's one and I think some dude bought like a house in Florida with bitcoins you that's actually no but sublime that's actually not quite true you can't quite compare settlements with emails because it's free to send emails you can send as many as you want you can't send as many settlements as you want so you have to have the money in the first place see like you actually have to have money to actually send money you don't have to have money to actually send an email it's not quite the same thing just because your settlements are arriving like in a day instead of you know two hours doesn't mean you can actually send more payments because you're limited by the amount of money you have as long as you have a computer you can send as many emails as you want now golden like in terms of technical analysis Golden Cross is actually a term I just particularly don't believe in it not much myself I don't really believe in a lot of this golden cross crap myself because it's I found out that like it doesn't like all the coins don't really follow any other rule they just follow Bitcoin now Joe look we knew about Justin sons like announcement before the EOS announcement he just announced it again to remind all of us Golden Cross is when the 50 ma of a technical analysis terms is 150 250 ma crosses the 200 ma the Bitcoin Bowl stop spamming the same message over and over again you're acting like a bot that just spams the same message every like two minutes well I mean there's there's two terms like right the opposite of the Golden Cross is called the death cross which means things should be like going down big time but I don't I don't really believe in that either you yeah the goal I don't really believe in the Golden Cross death cross thing I think that's like so much of it just depends on Bitcoin that the rest of its just kind of like trapped for right now you oh yeah I mean like look all maximalists are a bunch like maximalists of any coin or a bunch of morons but because they don't they only see the feature for their coin they don't see the future for anything else you yeah all coins that all coins actually have announcements when they actually have something big it's just like iota had an announcement of their partnership with jagwire or even like when add helium has a big partnership with like the corium thing with JPMorgan they actually announced it as well but every coin has an announcement when they make partnerships with with stuff like ripple announces partnerships all the time it's not like it's not like legit platforms don't make announcements I mean garlic house announced that there was going to be dozens of banks using XRP in 2019 every platform uses announcements that that argument is completely moved yeah I know he Andrew yang actually tweeted that the surge is actually coming but I don't think Andrew Yang's gonna win the presidency so I don't know how much that is um I mean a lot of Ripple's partners actually do announce the stuff for them as well and like with the a k bank thing like there was a press release about a k bank and all that stuff every coin still makes announcements every once in a while you looks like BTC I still don't know if BTC will hit 20k by the end of the year um I'm hoping it does but if BTC hits like 20k xrp can be like 3 bucks at the end of the year right now that ratios just really aren't adding out for much of anything the thing is I don't think yang would actually make it out of primaries I mean hopefully he does but I don't know if he's gonna get the Democratic nomination he's got a really big hill to climb and the thing is like Americans are Americans aren't afraid of corporate power like you know Trump is all about his Corp like the corporate buddies and stuff like that like his entire cabinets like billionaire like moguls Americans are afraid of socialism regardless of what type of socialism it is so I think like that will hurt Andrew yang no Bitcoin doesn't follow goal in the daily chart it's it's hard to predict for yang I hope he does well but I wouldn't put too much I don't put too much hope in it and plus I don't really know if his plan will actually work or not I have no idea if Andrew Yang's like plan will actually work or not for a for the country yeah the co fours are actually kind of annoying I mean the cult followers really don't have much information on anything they just only think that yeah but the thing about Andrew yang is he actually did get into the first democratic debate if he does well there I think he can see an up swelling of support because he actually managed to turn a couple of the Fox News viewers around and that's actually pretty impressive coin base does need to list more coins I mean look BT was be eg can hit about idle I think I'm looking for VG and a golf to like at least 10 15 cents if Bitcoin stays at 20k yo I mean we've been talking about how BET's been going up for a little while now but it hasn't seen like a sky shot or anything it's still in range where I can buy a good chunk of it it's a round point eight cents and it's been around point eight cents for some time now if XR pees validators are completely decentralized ripple themselves only own about 7% of the validators but bitcoin can be hijacked just as easily if you get 50% of the hash power you can hijack any proof-of-work coin you I've already said the predictions for deg buddy by the end of the year look proof-of-work coins are some of the easiest ones to attack we saw it with Bitcoin cash if they have enough hash power they can actually do it with Bitcoin too and since the Chinese then since like over 50% of the hash power is gathered in China the Chinese government can take take over a Bitcoin it wouldn't be that hard for them to do that they can just send the shock troops into the mining facilities point their guns at the owners and say like do this or we'll shoot you and then they'll take over a Bitcoin you yeah I mean the whole like the whole position right now is like welfare isn't welfare it's not acceptable for poor people but welfare is totally acceptable for corporations that's kind of been like both parties stances for a long time now and especially the GOP stance at this point well Bitcoin doesn't have any departments because it doesn't really have a foundation or a company I say like if you don't like welfare cut out the corporate welfare as well no more no more corporate tax cuts no more bit and corporate bailouts or any of that stuff but like I don't think Donald Trump or any of his group would actually like Steve minuchin I don't think they would agree to that either because if not for corporate welfare like Trump would be bankrupt by now he's gotten he sued the government and gotten bailed out multiple times in his career because he was like he basically had negative money for a long time yeah but you know like without the farm subsidies he wouldn't be able to fight this trade war like the trade war is the only farm subsidies is only the only thing keeping the farmers afloat especially in this trade war so he would like he would if he didn't have subsidies there was there's no way he could carry out most of his policies which actually might be a good thing but Abra cultural subsidies have been agricultural subsidies have been what's keeping farmers afloat for a long time you no no you don't understand corporations don't give a shit about their workers they're just there to basically make maximum profit they've shown that over and over again if they've shown that over and over again corporations don't do what's best for society they're just there to make profit come on now yeah I will stream again later today well the whole like be the thing about xrp being at that car or Brad golly house being at that conference I don't think it actually is such a big deal especially in the near term for the price of XRP I don't really think that will have any effect on the price in the near term I think a lot of us just hope you there was no need to do this 20 years ago because we didn't really have a huge trade imbalance then look the thing is America was never going to keep the position in the world forever the reason that America rose to a problem prominence right after World War two is because um all the other countries basically got bombed to hell during World War Two and America basically besides Pearl Harbor wasn't really touched during World War two and that's why America came out so much better than Europe or Asia but once you know all the other places Scott's once the other country started rebuilding the damage from World War two we were never going to be able to hold that advantageous position forever that wasn't a possibility and people just don't realize that point apparently Els will underline all BTC payments and make them faster I have not heard anything about that I have not heard anything about that look we've lost a lot more jobs to automation than to China or like any other foreign country yes America helped the other countries rebuild but once they're rebuilt we would never like where we weren't going to keep that economic dominance you like yeah you're always gonna have look you're always going to have like you're always going to have a huge advantage if your country is standing upright and everyone else got bombed to hell once they start rebuilding you're not going to have that dominance that's that should be common sense I have not heard that rumor and I have I have no confirmed sources right now on that yeah but if you make shitty cars then your car companies are gonna go under that's also pretty obvious I mean Ford and Chrysler they just made crappy cars compared to the competition yes someone someone has to build and maintain the robots but it doesn't take nearly as many people to build and maintain the robots as to work in the factories you might have like ten people building and maintaining robots and that just replaced like a factory of 500 like that just replaced a factory of like 500 workers look the coal workers actually talked about this when they got interviewed you know like yeah they can mine coal again but the jobs aren't coming back because you can basically basically I do like mountaintop mining you can mine an entire mountain with like four people where it took like a hundred before you also also you know the real reason we have a trade imbalance is because Americans just consume more than they produce I mean our lifestyle if you compare our lifestyle with with like the developing countries each American consumes so much more than the people over there that you're always going to have a trade imbalance that's inevitable you could actually I mean yeah you can't actually say that but automation has taken away a lot more jobs than add automation has taken a lot more jobs than outsourcing just the scale of jobs being replaced by automation is a lot greater our lifestyles so much more lavish than the other people that we're going to have a negative trade balance regardless think about it I mean we even like we eat more expensive foods we wear more expensive clothes we have more cars per capita than like most than any developing country we're going to have a negative trade imbalance man yeah they do get special they do get they do get special breaks but even if they didn't even if China didn't though like we would still have a trade in balance we have a trade imbalance with other countries that don't get special breaks it would be better I mean yes if the trade imbalance would be better but we still have an imbalance that's I mean that's true somewhat but it's also the way our policies are actually designed Americans are pretty wasteful compared to like other even even compared to other first world countries Americans are pretty wasteful overall Americans are also a much fatter overall than other first world country people she talk to it like I psycho a lot and I actually read into this like 70 year old 70 year old cyclist that just biked in from Chicago the day before and he's just like I come to America why are you all so fat you guys never do anything just watch TV all day I was like the switch I was like man this Swedish dude has a point I can't really contest him on that it was like two years ago I'm just like yep especially in the South Americans are kind of fat I can't really deny that after being around America for a long time it's not only fast-food though if you have ever been in the South you know it's not fast food like in the South when I was in the South I ate like steak and extra breakfast a hamburger for a lunch and like some kind of meaty chicken for dinner like they so much barbecue and so much fatty foods it's amazing you all right guys um I'm actually going to I'm actually going to step out for right now I'm gonna go figure out what I'm gonna eat work on some other stuff but I will be back with you guys later today um later tonight so I'll be having a late night stream today too so I will see you guys all later man

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