Bitcoin Access in the USA Making Money through Bitcoin.

oh hey what's up everybody this is Marc Anthony Bitcoin enthusiast I just woke up as you can see I'm laid back and I woke up to a couple of emails from people from the United States saying that they can't access the big Club Network well I'm gonna take you to this tutorial on how to use the Opera browser in order to access the big club networks you to start getting into mining and earning Bitcoin and being the new object Renault's millionaires of tomorrow we like to get your hands on this new cryptocurrency alright so this is what you do I got my screen up here now this is my screen this is the Opera browser screen or what you're gonna go to is the output preferences that's what you want to go to output preferences right and then you click on privacy and security Boise and then you go find a VPN you says enable VPN but before you do that I want to make sure that you click on clear browsing history this is the main thing that's preventing people from accessing the big club network of being in the United States click on clear browsing history clear browsing data and then click on enable VPN once you click on enable VPN and you're gonna see it pop up here in this little blue and white LED is up in here so you can go ahead and click on a new a new page here and then click on that VPN and then choose a different location of event the United States you know choose Canada to Germany excuse me the mansions Singapore but do not choose United States so choose Canada so now you want a Virtual Private Network for Canada so once you do that then you access the big club network that's tied into fitness helpmate and this is the this is the website here so those of you who's watching take the time to write it down press Paul's write it down write it down write it down press Paul's then click on it and then you should be able to access the big club network it would take time and then we'll say checking your browser before accessing to Clem network and boom there you go the big club network is up and running is right there party people so and then on here and show you everything you need to know about Bitcoin from here so click on each video one by one it teaches you about Bitcoin as a whole right here and then the teacher boat big co-op mining on how to make money how to get your social some big point you know for the future once the and what's the price of Bitcoin continue to rise and and then once you hit your millionaire status then you could be in the cash in and then it goes down here teach you some more opportunities about Bitcoin that you can get on you can get on the bandwagon and make there's new kind of money for the 2017 alright so once again this is Marc Anthony your Bitcoin enthusiast and thank you for watching this video I'll see you soon see you at the top baby one

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