34 thoughts on “Bitcoin About To SMASH 8k! Resistance Is Futile! 10k Next in Line!?”

  1. did bitcoin retrace 50% when it hit 1200 again? why does everyone think that it needs to retrace 50% lol..

  2. Great content as always man! If you ever need material for your intros feel free to use the crypto song I created ? Love you ?

  3. Chico… mate. seriously you think spamming mempool with transactions is a flaw? cmon seriously? you dont get how bitcoin works then i guess. f they pay the fee then any transaction is a valid transaction. who decides whats considered a spam transaction and valid transaction?

  4. yo i need some assistance im holding some bags of the Ethos wallet/token would you care to take a look if it is/was a solid project or just a suppoman chill. pretty please 🙂

  5. People in this thread commenting about their alts will be very sad to see that bitcoin has outperformed all of them as a use case coin with a solid store of value. Just becuase you guys are hodling large bags does not mean they will go up significantly. They are stable coins with billions in circulation disabling them from "mooning" as you all say. "Oh yeah! Holo rah! Fantom and icon wooo!" I dont understand it. These coins are shitcoins, the market has been trying to tell us this and world events are unfolding causing the bitcoin price surge. No litecoin will not meticulously follow bitcoin that much. No ethereum is not going to make you rich with its smart contracts (whatever the fuck that means) all other shitcoins are full of it. It's time for people to smarten up and abandon these toxic alts and buy bitcoin or you will be left behind.

  6. If you like making money by adding to global warming, and have no problem with choking Mother Earth to death, supporting BTC mining for dollars is one way to do it.

  7. That Moon chrome extension needs some homework. The creators won't state who is the middleman doing the exchange e.g. from the btc to dollars? Very worrying…and the big question is, what are their fees for doing the exchange. The $15.17 example shows 0.0028….cost, now ofcourse that depends upon what the price BTC is (if there is a live update) but as of writing this now, BTC is at $7907 and the BTC equivalent is 0.0019 BTC for that $15.17…yes these figures will change as BTC is volatile, but just saying, I want to know what the fees are and who the middleman is

  8. Hi, Chico, I love you work with exposing all the scammers and scam projects in the crypto world. Could you pls look into Christiaan

    van Steenbergen, the founder of Next.exchange? All his companies go bankrupt very fast and he is mentioned in several news articles doing very shady business. Pls warn the public!

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  10. will satoshis eventually be worth too much for small transactions?
    Is that where litecoin comes in? Will satoshis be subdivided?

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  12. Can you do a video on Veil coin? They claim no premine and “fair” distribution. Founder gets millions of coins for the first 5 years and there are “superblocks” created worth hundreds of thousands of dollars every few months to “fund” development of Veil coin. Just wondering what you thought of this coin and if it’s worth investing in because there are a lot of people on Veils discord channel that claim Founders rewards are excessive and superblocks aren’t being used for what they were supposed to be and there’s a great chance of abuse using superblocks coins which can’t be accounted for by the Veil team. They also wonder why Veil was created instead of continuing work on PIVX the other coin the Founder and Devs were working on before suddenly deciding to create a whole new coin. Is Veil a scam created by a greedy Founder and Devs? I don’t know but people on discord are claiming it’s a scam.

  13. Tyler make video explaining why when a specific blockchain is mined long enough to solve one block and how that chain becomes better or , not better , hmm. Does the solving of chains make the chain more secure or faster what are the specifics. How does solving the algorithm of a particular block chain say btc make it better than other block chains is it because btc is mined longer and more the chain block have been solved as opposed to other newer block chains or am i completely lost on the concept of mining (processisng crytpo) ??? it's more than just processing transactions, it's about solving something , what is that something?

  14. I would love to see an honest review and break down of Neverslash. Also, can Neverslash run a $link node?

  15. Maybe me slow down on the Bongs in the morning…

    Or increase them…….

    Whatever Gets the balance right?

  16. PS what do you think of Horizen? Rob Viglione and the guys over there have a lot going on. It doesn’t get spoken about very often.

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