what’s going on guys Patrick here bringing you a brand new video today we got another killer video for you guys full of information today we’re gonna be talking about Bitcoin being three hundred times cheaper than banks were also be looking at ripple aetherium and cardano’s seeing some massive gains and tons of other news that went on in the cryptocurrency space but guys before we get started with that if you want to enter a chance to win some free Bitcoin all I guys have to do is number one be subscribed to channel and have your notifications turn on number two give this video a thumbs up and number three leave a comment down below saying something related to the video also if you’re interested in making money trading cryptocurrencies even while the market is down make sure you check out the first link in the description or the first link in the comments for the cryptocurrency trade alert groups so far we’ve had tons of success with people making up to two Bitcoin in one single day and countless other people making an extra 100 200 300 400 500 1000 dollars in one day absolutely crazy results I’m super happy to see everyone’s success in there and I can’t wait for you guys to be a part of that as well I post every single one of the trades that I am in in there between all coin trades and leveraged trading so we have everything involved in like I said very high success rate so overall some of the ones we had yesterday actually just to share some of the examples every once in a while I’ll share what we did we actually Godzilla Co when it was down here and rode the nice wave up so that was some nice gains on an all coin and for some Bitcoin trading well we managed to capture this short right here which brought in a ton of profits as well so two successful trades one day tons of money made everyone’s happy now let’s get started with some news so like I said bitcoins proven to be 300 times cheaper then a wire transfer bank takes 83% profits so this was according to Bank of America’s data they charge $30 for outbound domestic wire transfers and $35 for outbound international sent in foreign currency which is 300 times more expensive than sending a transaction via the Bitcoin network guys keep that in mind the Bitcoin network right now is 300 times cheaper than sending things through a wire transfer and the crazy part about this is that people usually don’t notice that they’re paying the $30.00 they don’t notice they’re paying the 30 dogs it’s one of those things that have just been engraved in people’s mind for so long that they just go about it as if nothing changed and they don’t realize how much cheaper it is for them to use Bitcoin now $30.00 might be a lot to somebody might not be a lot to somebody else but it’s just the point of a Bitcoin being faster cheaper more efficient that really in my opinion is what’s going to make it stand out and when people start getting catching on to the fact that the bank’s taking 83% profit which is Wow right 83 percent a profit the Bank of America’s profiting twenty nine dollars and seventy five cents per transaction which is eighty three percent profit margin that is an insane profit margin and when people start catching on to the scams that are going on in the world we are going to see change and trust me guys they will catch on to this scams don’t go unseen forever eventually they light will be shed on them and that is where I think cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is going to succeed now this person thinks bitcoin is going to $28,000 by 2019 not gonna lie that’s a very very realistic argument 2019 is there’s a whole year you know there’s over a year between now in the end of 2019 for Bitcoin to get to $28,000 I believe that is a very very high understatement so $20,000 I don’t think either one of us are going to mind that bright here if you guys want to see Bitcoin at $28,000 make sure you do leave a like on the video because that’s gonna help get it there trust me I don’t I can’t explain how it’s gonna happen but if you do let’s go there but yeah so we’re seeing some conservative predictions here that you know twenty eight thousand dollars you might need to see that by the end of the year who knows now good news for ripple adoption news for Ripple PNC Bank has joined the one hundred plus financial institutions on ripple net it’s one of the first major US banks to use blockchain technology to streamline payments into and out of the country so ripple continuing to make some moves I guess the gains that we have seen recently are justified we’re gonna be talking about the gains from ripple in just a little bit as I know a lot of people made a lot of money trading Ripple in the last one to two days congratulations to everyone who did before we talk about that though I did have a question for you guys so pot stocks are actually beating the crypto market right now or at least they’re going pair ball if they’re having a run of their own this is you know stocks in the stock market so pot stocks are marijuana company’s marijuana stocks so I wanted to ask you guys what other investments do you have other than cryptocurrency or are you all-in with cryptocurrency it’s always good to diversify so if you are all in maybe consider looking to diversify a little bit I personally I have stocks I have cryptocurrency I have a ton of other things and of course I am looking to get into more and more I’m looking to get into real estate be able to make passive income with real estate as well so I want to know well what you guys are obviously if you don’t mind sharing don’t give me exact details of how much and where just or are you in stocks do you guys have stocks are you just in cryptocurrency do you have real estate what is your investment portfolio like are you diversifying I would love to know the answer to that now talking about the actual gain so XRP aetherium card ah no tons of gains especially in the market we’re seeing 25% growth for x RP and 3x volume increase cerium was up 20% in Cardno was up 15% there’s reasons behind all of this so x RP as you know they announced the X rapid might be coming out really really soon so it could be coming out within a month or up to a month to two months we’ll see exactly what’s coming now but these did say soon so people are excited people are speculating this could take the price to the moon so people are buying in it’s 25% growth and 3x volume increase showing that a lot of people were coming in and picking up some x RP etherium what we talked about yesterday look like there might have been a group of investors who are trying to keep the price afloat as it was continuing to fall we are going to talk about theorems just a little bit again but Cardona was up 15% now the reason for this it’s pretty interesting is because apparently Cardona hadn’t had a lot of news coming out obviously they are behind the scenes working at ton I really like the project I think these guys are act trying to make the best thing that they can obviously the downside to that like on the other hand is a lot of projects are continuing to make advancement so cardinal takes too long maybe they’ll end up being left behind they are ranked number nine I believe right now still I have faith in the project I think they are going to come out with the best project that they can and we’re gonna see how things play out from there but they hadn’t had a lot of news so when they did come out with a little bit people jumped on that baudin’s card on oh and card on Oh saw a nice price increase now let’s take a look at the overall market before we talk about some specific crypto currencies like I saw there was a big dip for a lot of crypto currencies not except for XRP apparently XRP is immune to of the dips when it’s having such your crazy run but a ton of opportunities if you are leveraged trading or even on exchanges selling Bitcoin to tether and then buy back in at the low opportunity that people in the group who aren’t doing the leverages people in the group could still make money off of the Bitcoin trade and the silica trade that we had in the last 24 hours some of the biggest winners are chain link up 9 percent dragon chain nice to see it doing some having some solid gains at 9 percent waxes up 7.6 percent and so on shortly after though because there is probably 75% of the market is red today we are seeing all the rain with the biggest loser being or rora down 21% I feel like it’s down a lot recently dogecoin finally taking a little bit of a dive after the last whatever was happening with that the last dose down seven point three 1% is well getting close to that 100 is going to leave the top 100 zone Nano unfortunately down as well but like I said most of the market is red today so not much we can say right now just under two hundred billion dollar market cap at 198 and a fifty five point three percent Bitcoin dominance now I haven’t talked about China while and I know a lot of you guys are very big Tron fans you want to hear more about it and well it now has a BnB trading pair on buying ads and if that’s not good news as well bit tricks has also added litecoin and tron into the US dollar market so you can now buy them USD so bitch chick has launched USD markets for two of the most popular crypto currencies in the world Tron and like point very true they are some of the most popular ones truant has an amazing and a large community and litecoin the same thing I was just at the light coin some and you can see how many believers they have and how great the community there is as well now ethereal cerium is interesting I wanted to show this article with you guys from from I’ll obviously keep in mind guys this is just an article but Weiss ratings predicted that bitcoin is gonna lose 50% of its market share to etherium right so that would cause aetherium to have a very very nice run and the fact that it’s so cheap right now it’s at just over two hundred dollars obviously we saw in it we saw it in the 180s not too long ago having a little bit of a pump up which we talked about maybe someone’s trying to hold the price up we’re not exactly sure but wise ratings they said bitcoin will lose 50% of its market share to aetherium within five years keep in mind a long term projection this is within five years this is due to it offering more uses and being backed by superior blockchain technology we completely agree unlike BTC which is one which is a one-trick pony the limit of aetherium application is sky itself I won’t know what your guys thoughts on on this so if you guys agree if you guys think bitcoin is going to lose 50% of its market share to aetherium let me know that in the comments down below if you don’t think it’s gonna happen also let me know that in the comments down below I do agree aetherium has a it has a plethora of application has a ton of applications that it can do it’s insane it obviously we saw it have a huge increase because of the ICO boom that happened in the end of 2017 if that were to happen again maybe we’ll see a theorem have another big run but there are tons of applications for it and I do think this is a possibility is it going to happen five years time that’s a very uh Safari it’s not that long by the same time it’s pretty long as it’s not that long in terms of what whatever investment five years is not long but just trying to imagine how such a new market that cryptocurrency is trying to imagine it five years from now I think most people won’t do justice what could happen in five years like the saying says I’ve mentioned this before in a couple of videos people underestimate what can happen in ten years and overestimate what can happen in one and I think we’re seeing exactly that happen in the cryptocurrency market right now next up Manero so I know a lot of people actually Manero has been holding its value pretty well compared to a lot of other crypto currencies definitely one that I am a believer in it is in the top ten right now at number ten with just under a two billion dollar market cap I like Manero I like Manero it can be picked up pretty much anywhere on Finance again would be where I went for it because that is my favorite exchange and I have a link to Finance in the description for those of you who don’t have an account you by the way you’re crazy if you don’t have an account there yet but this report says that according to monaro versus Z cash reporter says Z cash is much stronger than Manero now privacy coins are a big thing I think a lot of people expect them to do well personally I think both of them are pretty good however I’m gonna have to go with Manero right now simply because of the fact it is out ranking it we’re seeing yeah Manero is our rankings eec and I think that’s going to continue and I think Manero has room for some very solid gains but guys that’s gonna be it for this video hopefully you guys did enjoy if you did don’t forget to leave a thumbs up and leave a comment down below in order to enter a chance to win some free Bitcoin and of course be subscribe and have you notifications turned on so you can check back in to see if you did win so you can go ahead and claim it but anyways guys thank you so much for watching I’ll see you guys tomorrow for another video


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  2. Banks have been ripping customers for years, that’s why banks hate crypto because there is not that much money in it, recently they transferred 99mill in Litecoin, only cost 40 cents and took 5 min, that was a statement from Charlie Lee.

  3. Monero only has 16 mill coin supply which is lower than Bitcoin, where company’s have billions of coins Monero is down 80% on the high, it’s a great one to hold because they did predict 87k in 5 years or less.

  4. I think Bitcoin will go between 25 and 30k for the price of 1 BTC. I say this because we have a whole year! today September 19, 2018 to the end of 2019!

  5. Dogecoin is not done yet lol, I think they have potential to be one of the long term for the future.. Imagine us using Dogecoin with a dog logo on it😁 funny but it can be real serious and hurt banks with its technology being backed

  6. Moving forward the real use case and technology will determine the price of each crypto, those moon boy days are gone unless we get new money coming into the market

  7. Great video Patrick keep them coming! Great trades in the group. I also like cardano it's in a great buy range right now. Xrp is killing it at the moment. I fully believe bitcoin can lose a huge chunk to eth. Really any better token out there because bitcoin even though cheap for transfers overall is a mediocre token at best.

  8. Patrick . i listen and learn from you i know you dont like Dogecoin im not gonna ask why 🙂 dodge coin no limit supply same as ETH only difference Dodge is decentralized yes sir ETH is centralized application to create ICO, and ICO is hey heyhey bitconnect same as ETH connect. just ask the people that purchase E3 1800 dollars early this year thay make a dollar a day hahahhah next year worthless lol then Vitalik Unicorn comes up with new GPU specifically for ETC and ETH and it will make 20 buck a day wow right 🙂 guess how many people will buy and when they start running it that will add to the difficulty bomb Vitalik created plus the E3 miner have not ROI … buy ETH i will be following you 🙂 if vitalik and his devs find a solution if ever hahhaa , just like his fan said he speak moderate but his brains is working, its working alright coz he decentralized . people pocket on his HEY HEY HEY wusa wusa up EHT connect. let me win on your give aways at least thats true to hope hahahha add on Patrick i heard about XRPL it have something to do about you tube payment or something. can you explain about it on your next video thanx

  9. Banks have long been a scam. They take your money make 20 percent on it an give you 3 percent but eat up that 3 percent on service charges.

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