Bitcoin up over a hundred percent since
we first started talking about it on the channel it’s up to fourteen thousand
four hundred dollars so stay tuned gonna talk about it in this video Bitcoin to fourteen thousand dollars
$14,400 the high right now the record high the all-time high this candle right
here it’s happening right there you can see Bitcoin kind of bounce around this
$1400 air this fourteen thousand dollar area right now this is the coin base
charts and you can see here looking at coinbase what’s going on it’s up there
to fourteen thousand five hundred dollars on this camera here fourteen
thousand four hundred twenty five you can see my first orders my first buys
there on Bitcoin back thirty days ago I was buying Bitcoin when it was seven
thousand dollars so it’s up a hundred percent since I first initially bought
in there obviously this is not all that I bought I’ve actually done some trades
and moves up around there a shape shift and had the Bitcoin cash thing happen so
you can see Bitcoin cash up over a hundred percent since I first started
talking about it a month ago a little bit over a month ago here on the channel
so if any of you guys for some reason thought I had a good idea and you
followed me into it congratulations Bitcoin there above fourteen thousand up
over a hundred percent since we first got in there
beautiful trade like I said when I first started talking about Bitcoin first are
talking about crypto currencies was the upside there was upside here there was
potential to play the volatility if you look at this daily chart there was a lot
of volatility here the last couple weeks so bitcoins been all over the place we
have some pretty nice dips there beginning of November some nice dips
there even at the end of November so you know Bitcoin dipped down there to the
eight thousand dollar area and then came back up here but look at this big candle
look at this daily candle here up to fourteen thousand we’re bouncing around
14,000 right now I’m thinking I might want to take some profit here take some
profit I don’t know oh my I might let it ride I might let it ride I told someone
today that I was finally sell my Bitcoin once it hits the point where I can go
and buy a Lamborghini with my Bitcoin like I said with all my videos like I
say with all my videos I am no professional investment advisor or
anything like that I think what it really comes down to it I’m just playing
this the idea that hey I’m gonna just invest invest
hold and hold and worse come to worse I lose a little bit of money and if I lose
ten twenty thousand dollars it’s not gonna ruin me but the idea that ten
years from now that ten or twenty thousand dollars might turn into a
million dollars I can live with that risk that’s a pretty good risk reward I
mean every day we’re trading every day we’re taking that risk reward and
looking at the overall stock market looking at the opportunities and you can
see here Bitcoin up there to fourteen thousand so I mean that’s amazing you
can see actually the beginning November in the middle of November
Bitcoin dipped down there to the 5490 one dollar areas that’s over a hundred
percent on this move right there alone so if you two got in there on this dip
right here if you two bought the dip you can see the support area back there
october holding that five thousand dollar area it held this is the whole
Bitcoin cash Bitcoin cash system thing that happened right there the whole pump
and dump that really took Bitcoin down took the overall cryptocurrencies down
in Bitcoin cash went crazy you can see right there on this daily just candle
there Oh Bitcoin making all-time new highs
they’re going crazy I mean that’s beautiful beautiful to say the least
I’ll say that beautiful to say the least I actually bought some more Bitcoin in a
little bit like a thousand dollars worth last week when it dipped down there
below ten thousand so right now I’m sitting pretty I’m sitting pretty I feel
good about it I got some pretty good entries if this thing really dips down
if it goes crazy next week with the CM e futures opening up and this thing starts
to get really crashed we got a 20 30 percent pullback I’ll be fine with that
cuz I’ll buy more because my price you know I got in at such a good price I
feel pretty good about getting in there at seven thousand dollar area obviously
I wish I would have I wish I wish I would have bought a lot more you know I
obviously but I did buy more inside of coin based not just on G Dax I bought
more Bitcoin inside of coin based winners around that seven thousand
dollar area I bought more at the $6,800 area and I actually bought a little bit
there at the $5,800 area on this dip with the whole Bitcoin cash
I was exchanging some of the Bitcoin cash for Bitcoin so I’m happy that I you
know I’m sticking into him sticking along gonna ride this train like I said
if I can risk twenty thousand dollars you know twenty to twenty thousand
dollars initial investment if I can risk that for the next ten years
as an investment this thing goes to a million dollars I’ll be happy with that
that’s a pretty good risk reward so like I didn’t like I’ve been telling you guys
I wanted you guys to check out Bitcoin check out the cryptocurrency world do
your research because there are a lot of opportunities here you can see it’s a
day alone this thing went over twelve thousand dollars up through to fourteen
thousand dollars you’re not gonna get this kind of action in the overall stock
market in the overall stock market unless you’re trading penny stocks stuff
like that I think you know with these crypto currencies kind of buying the dip
looking for the rip you can you know you do okay I think you’ll do okay as long
as this whole system keeps working which I do you know there’s obviously gonna be
there’s obviously gonna be major pull backs going into the future we’re gonna
get some crazy end of day type pull backs with news you know government’s
trying to fight Bitcoin but I think long-term down the road this price
$14,000 for Bitcoin is going to seem really really cheap I wish I had a lot
more money right now to buy more because you know ten years from now if Bitcoin
is over a hundred thousand dollars we’re gonna be sitting here thinking why did I
not buy more Bitcoin when it was fourteen thousand dollars

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  1. Is this a typical buy the rumor sell the news? Take profit!!!futures are gonna let you short against it. Eventually there will be no more buyers. I'm shocked it's got this high. Parabolic definitely.

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