31 thoughts on “BITCOIN $10,000 This Week? – XRP Golden Cross Bull Breakout – SBI VC Institutional – TaoTao launch”

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  2. Random: When do you think XRapid (and not just speculation) will begin to affect the price positively? A few years?

  3. I have a feeling the BTC bum boys won't allow the market to grow yet, so the whole market is going to dump again within the next couple of days. However, once XRP real life use case picks up momentum, that is when we will see XRP break away from speculation crap coins like BTC, and we will all sit and watch as the whole market is dumping at the same time XRP is going to the moon. It all depends on the use case getting more speed.

  4. yes, at $10k fomo will kick in, news coverage starts, and the rush comes in even those who cant buy a whole coin they buy part…….. which drives price higher, and higher, with more FOMO ….:)

  5. Bitcoin needs to hold $9k first. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves and get caught with a nice thick red candle, because it’s coming any moment.

  6. I'm just going to say it in case no one here saw my tweet and video about this upcoming golden cross. I had brought up the golden cross in April and people took it in the wrong direction lol. Don't expect much from it. It happened 4 times in the last 2015/2016 market. We are currently on the 2nd golden cross in 2019. We are just exiting the bear market and all of the sudden people are thinking of mooning on XRP. Guys, don't expect any mooning from a TA perspective and negate the previous market structure. I'm not here to be negative, I'm here to be grounded and subjective to the data we have in front of us. I'm completely bullish on XRP, but we will most likely need to wait another year to see "significant" price action. I expect some rallies along the way, but the mooning thing is not imminent, sorry. If you think otherwise provide the reasons why. The "I think, I feel we are gonna, someone said, I know this guy in Fintech, my neighbors dog" said we are gonna moon is ridiculous. I'm being sincere about this, but cmon guys… gonna have to wait a little more. If utility kicks in, great we made it, but until then Netflix and chill.

  7. Based on how hyped up xrp moonboys are cuz of the golden cross I think we will see a massive crash on xrp soon

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  9. how has this guy not changed his sheets to his bed or ever move the cup at his sink? is it just a faux background or some recording prop room that ripple gives him

  10. What makes so happy about this? All top 20 crypto passes golden cross a month or couple a month ago. Last year thousand of Hype for XRP but now it is the last for golden cross? XRP is the most stupid coin in top 20.

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