10 thoughts on “BITCOIN $10,000 Coming!? 60 minutes, CNBC, Fidelity Launching – CRYPTO NEWS”

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  2. 10,000 mark will be great if reached. Some positive news like the latest from Bitfinex/Tether or Binance could start new bull run.

  3. Keep an eye on $ftm …the world first dag with smart contract and proof of staking…main net launching Q3..great team….Fantom is NANO 3.0 on steroids ?

  4. first time you talked about sparkpoint i went and had a look at it, i think you are right again tony, that token is gonna shoot up like a rocket, they gonna do gaming as well, you are always right about a coin getting into gaming kinda like abyss but with bit more utility right xxx

  5. Bitcoin (BTC) and Crypto Reach 12 Million People on 60 Minutes – Plus Ripple and XRP, Ethereum, Stellar, Litecoin, Tron, Enjin

    proof: https://taklimakan.network/news/19751

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