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line news and analysis soon craic and CEO Jesse Powell accuses the block of reporting factually inaccurate news jesse powell Krakens chief executive officer had a heated conversation on twitter with mike dudas the founder of the block with the former accusing the publication of presenting factually inaccurate statements in an article that attacked kraken for reporting false trading volume the article in question published on march 13th cited an anonymous trader who allegedly revealed how an institutional account executed a stop order well below the set price reported you today the report also stated that 10k worth of ethereum meth was adequate for the assets price to dip by 4% which could be an indication of craic and not reporting it’s true trading volumes in response to these accusations powell claimed that the assumptions and conclusions reported in the article were factually incorrect the CEO said that the anonymous trader behind the tip-off did not have any basic understanding of the market powell also called out the article for misleading information citing the 10k ethereum comment as one that would make inexperienced readers believe that $10,000 could affect the price of the second-largest cryptocurrency the CEO demanded an apology and said I’m defending myself you hit first and you hit without provocation you turned a one-off tip into a hit piece without so much as taking a comment from us now we’re getting to euphemisms I see your media piece is an attack I’ll accept an apology Powell also listed the false comments made in the article in a tweet source Twitter previously Powell had accused Judas of being an epic nutrino apologist for trying to hush the number to let a coinbase conspiracy despite the block writer Larry Sir Mark claiming the coin base had

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