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from being classified as money transmitters the proposed legislation also looks to create a clear framework upon which future regulations could be built thus the bill asks for the creation of a 12-man blockchain pilot project evaluation task force that would oversee the study of the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology landscape according to the proposed bill the task force will examine the various ways in which the emerging technology could be of benefit to the state also the team will develop preliminary rules and regulations for consideration by appropriate committees in the state legislature if passed Utah will join the likes of Pennsylvania and New Hampshire in exempting cryptocurrency exchanges and token issuers from money transmission laws Wyoming also recently introduced and passed into law several cryptocurrency focused bills one such bill exempts cryptocurrency tokens from both Securities and money transmission laws money transmission laws and the emerging digital economy in the absence of federal cryptocurrency regulations different states in the u.s. continue to develop their virtual currency and blockchain technology laws thus businesses are forced to navigate a patchwork of state regulations as part of their operations the question of whether crypto currency trading constitutes money transmission is one that has no consensus agreement among state regulators in the u.s. part of the issue lies in determining whether crypto currencies like Bitcoin represent money or not thus while Pennsylvania New Hampshire Illinois and Texas do not classify crypto trading as money transmission others like New York North Carolina and Oregon have elected to do the exact opposite New York even has its legacy cryptocurrency business registration bit license which is required for operating in the state states like Wyoming believe that excluding cryptocurrency trading from money transmission laws creates a conducive environment for virtual currency businesses on the opposite side proponents say such exemptions open the door for money laundering and other illegal financial transactions thanks for watching the ohio bitcoin comm bitcoin news channel today we appreciate you spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer price articles and markets updates are intended for informational purposes only and should not to be considered as trading advice neither Ohio Bitcoin comm nor the author is responsible for any losses or gains has the ultimate decision to conduct a trade is made by the reader always remember that only those in possession of their own private keys are in control of their own money if you enjoy this type of content please smash the like and subscribe buttons below it helps us to get more views thanks again see you with more Bitcoin headline news and analysis soon cryptocurrency adoption is inevitable in the future says Chicago’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel at a recent FinTech meeting held in Chicago the city’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel took center stage and claimed that the adoption of cryptocurrencies on a larger scale was inevitable Emanuel who was President Obama’s chief of staff conceded that he did not present the requisite knowledge required to completely understand the cryptocurrency ecosystem he explained that nations facing financial instability like Iran and Venezuela could find respite in crypto assets which can act as a lifeline for economic recovery he stated one day somebody’s going to figure out whether that’s Argentina ten years from now five years from now how to use cryptocurrencies to stay alive when they’re facing a financial crisis and then you’re going to find out that this moment has arrived he added that he was encouraged and increasingly optimistic after observing blockchains trend lines claiming that the crypto industry’s future was positive he stated the trend lines are affirmative for its future I don’t know if that’s ten years and I don’t know if that’s 20 years but it’s affirmative I don’t know what it is I know it’s an alternative way to trade and therefore I got to learn about it and I got to be honest as mayor it’s not the top 100 things I would have to learn about Rahm Emanuel joined the likes of Jack Dorsey Elin must conduct risk winneth Paltrow in supporting the option of cryptocurrencies Emanuel statement at the FinTech event echoed the views presented by humans right advocate Alex Gladstein Steen had previous written op eds and tweeted about how Bitcoin mattered in terms of financial freedom and was an escape from economic control source twitter thanks for watching the ohio bitcoin comm bitcoin news channel today we appreciate you spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer price articles and markets updates are intended for informational purposes only and should not to be considered as trading advice neither ohio bitcoin dot-com nor the author is responsible for any losses or gains as the ultimate decision to conduct a trade is made by the reader always remember that only those in possession of their own private keys are in control of their own money if you enjoy this type of content please smash the like and subscribe buttons below it helps us to get more views thanks again see you with more bitcoin headline news and analysis soon opinion editorial with bitcoin anarchy is the point not the problem last week there was a panel at SXSW that was effectively a debate on the merits of permission blockchains versus permissionless systems like Bitcoin I listened to the entire audio of the panel discussion after programming Bitcoin author Jimmy song tweeted about the other day and I thought he did an awesome job of pointing out the key value proposition of Bitcoin and why it is not worth comparing to permission systems what was the innovation with Bitcoin as song covered in his remarks during the panel the key innovation with Bitcoin was the use of proof of work to enable anonymous actors to take care of the ordering of transactions in a digital financial system while other digital cash systems were tried in the past no one was able to come up with the perfect system that could solve issues related to centralization and civil attacks with Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto hit the sweet spot I recently wrote about this same topic in the context of alternative cryptocurrencies that really shouldn’t be referred to as cryptocurrencies specifically something like ripple XRP is not comparable to Bitcoin because the system does not use anonymous validators song hit on the same point while providing his definition of centralized versus decentralized systems here’s what I mean its centralized if there’s a single point of failure said song and I say that because that is exactly how governments control things bitcoins resistance to censorship shut down a regulation by governments is its key innovation this was nothing more than a sipping dream for decades but bitcoin turned it into a reality Silk Road isn’t the troubled pasture wild west Silk Road is the point numbered Bitcoin Kyle tour peak at Kyla Torpy October 7th 2014 IBM’s Christopher Faris who took the side of permission blockchains in the debate even asked song if he was arguing for Anarchy over a regulated financial system during the panel discussion yes that’s the whole point I keep my own keys I have my own Bitcoin that means real self sovereignty said song during one portion of the debate that means real decentralization I personally like self sovereignty and I like controlling my own keys controlling my own money being my own bank instead of somebody being able to say that’s not yours anymore because we don’t like you and we think you’re a political enemy it is the lack of centralization in Bitcoin that enables permissionless innovation on top of the base blockchain layer whether it’s dark net markets allowing for censorship resistant to commerce abroad building a permissionless banking standard crazy ideas like Bitcoin hive mind are simply enabling greater levels of financial privacy in a digital age these sorts of applications are simply not possible with the traditional banking system which includes the entire permission blockchain ecosystem this solution is not perfect but it’s the best we’ve got it should be noted that as Ferriss pointed out during the debate there are still plenty of issues with Bitcoin from a usability perspective many people simply aren’t comfortable with the risks associated with this new financial system issues like bitcoins price volatility the responsibility of taking care of one’s own private keys the higher costs that come with decentralization and the lack of user friendly wallets are some of the problems that are still being worked on 10 years after the network was originally launched however it should be noted that these issues aren’t as important to those who put self sovereignty over everything else this is what many Bitcoin skeptics do not seem to understand there are plenty of people who are willing to take on the additional risks of using Bitcoin simply because they wish to be in full control of their own finances and also want to support the ability for anyone else in the world to gain this level of extreme financial freedom new solutions to the various usability issues with Bitcoin are also coming online on a regular basis comparing Bitcoin to traditional banks or permission block chains doesn’t make any sense bitcoin is something completely different that was created for a specific purpose financial self sovereignty this is a guest post by Kyle Torpy views expressed are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of Ohio Bitcoin comm BTC incorporated or Bitcoin magazine thanks for watching the Ohio Bitcoin calm Bitcoin news channel today we appreciate you spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer price articles and markets updates are intended for informational purposes only and should not to be considered as trading advice neither ohio bitcoin calm nor the author is responsible for any losses or gains has the ultimate decision to conduct a trade is made by the reader always remember that only those in possession of their own private keys are in control of their own money if you enjoy this type of content please smash the like and subscribe buttons below it helps us to get more views thanks again see you with more bitcoin headline news and analysis soon BTC adoption grows with Fortune 500 2 million customers fortune 500 tech firm magnet is adopting crypto payments allowing consumers to pay in Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash for the businesses software solutions the company is catering to professionals in the tech industry according to the announcement today’s developers are looking for flexibility as they take their products to market and this announcement provides our customers with more convenient ways to complete their financial transactions Avnet is working with one of the industry leaders Vic Pei this platform processes more than 1 billion dollars on an annual basis when it comes to crypto currency payments to facilitate the new payment option when a customer elects to make a purchase with Bitcoin BTC or Bitcoin cash bch after it will work with bitpay to verify the funds process the order and complete the transaction after it and bitch pay we’ll also have the ability to manage and process cryptocurrency requests outside the US on a country-by-country basis the tech firm has a focus on the rise of Bitcoin which crossed 290,000 on chain transactions on Saturday after it says it’s preparing for changing the landscape and positioning ourselves and our clients to be ready for it after it is noted the advantages of crypto payments including real-time conversion rates shrunk down to a 15-minute window ease of the use of online platforms and a fixed 1% fee which won’t look anything when compared to traditional intermediaries currently Avnet is working with bitcoin comm to develop a new hardware wallet for more secure cryptocurrencies storage plus it says that it already processed several multimillion-dollar crypto transactions within the first month of accepting Bitcoin not only is paying with Bitcoin easier and faster than with credit cards and bank wires it is less expensive and acceptance of it is growing I predict Avnet will attract many new blockchain focused customers from around the world that want to take advantage of paying with Bitcoin the firm has more than 15,000 people working for them in 125 different places in Europe Asia and North America in addition there are more than 1,400 technology suppliers serving over two million customers across 140 countries Bitcoin will get massive exposure as well as the potential of mass adoption thanks for watching the Ohio Bitcoin calm Bitcoin news channel today we appreciate you spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer price articles and markets updates are intended for informational purposes only and should not to be considered as trading advice neither Ohio Bitcoin dot-com nor the author is responsible for any losses or gains as the ultimate decision to conduct a trade is made by the reader always remember that only those in possession of their own private keys are in control of their own money if you enjoy this type of content please smash the like and subscribe buttons below it helps us to get more views thanks again see you with more Bitcoin headline news and analysis soon CEO founders of Apple Tesla and Twitter all united by interest in Bitcoin but can this help adoption although Bitcoin has been caught in a persisting bear market for well over a year multiple major tech gurus and visionaries from some of the largest companies in the world including Apple Tesla and Twitter – have lauded the cryptocurrency in recent times signaling that Bitcoin and crypto in general may soon become the focus of more innovation from major tech corporations Steve Wozniak the co-founder of Apple has long been an advocate for Bitcoin but just recently doubled down on his praise for the cryptocurrency noting that he still believes in the digital currency and its underlying technology despite the massive sound of that has ensued over the past year Wozniak there has been massive value creation since Bitcoin price crash as reported earlier by news the co-founder of tech giant Apple recently shared his thoughts on Bitcoin noting that it has incurred significant value creation over the past year despite its less than impressive price action as of late we have seen massive value destruction but we’ve seen massive value creation I had a lot of Bitcoin but never as an investor I only had Bitcoin to experiment with and I still experiment with it on new Bitcoin devices Wozniak said in a recent interview with Bloomberg wasn’t lyac further added that he doesn’t want to be one of those people constantly checking the price and that he believes the persisting fair market is largely due to human psychology and is not a reflection of the technology’s value or of its fundamental growth could interest in Bitcoin from tech gurus help improve its adoption rates recently more and more notable figures within the tech industry have been expressing their interest in not only in blocked Shan technology but in BTC itself the question is will their interest in the crypto help aid its adoption rates in a recent episode of arc invests fee podcast Elon Musk the founder of Tesla and SpaceX shared some interesting thoughts on cryptocurrency noting that Bitcoin is quite brilliant I mean I think the Bitcoin structure was quite brilliant it seems like there’s some merit to ethereum as well and maybe some of the others he noted despite this positive sentiment it does not appear that musk is interested in guiding any of his companies towards adopting or investing in cryptocurrencies as he further explained that he is not sure if it would be a good use of Tesla resources to get into crypto although Musk’s interest in crypto may be limited the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey recently endorsed the launch of an in-browser Tipping extension that allows twitter users to send BTC tips via the Lightning Network this is excellent Dorsey said while referencing an article regarding the launch of the tip pin extension this is excellent F at Tipton underscore may inverted exclamation point HTTPS t KO / v – jack a jack February the 20th 2019 furthermore Dorsey lauded BTC in a recent tweet describing it as resilient and principled Bitcoin is resilient Bitcoin is principled Bitcoin is native to Internet ideals and it’s a great brand he said in response to a question regarding why bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency he owns bitcoin is resilient bitcoin is principled bitcoin is native to internet ideals and it’s a great brand – jack a jack February the fifth 2019 Dorsey’s other company payment processing giant square has also implemented several features that allow users to interact with cryptocurrencies on a deeper level and he was an early investor in lightning labs a Bitcoin Lightning Network development start-up as these tech gurus interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency continues to grow it is likely that their respective companies will be more prone to incorporating crypto friendly features like those already found in Square which will help eight widespread adoption regardless of the state of the markets thanks for watching the Ohio Bitcoin calm Bitcoin news channel today we appreciate you spending a bit of your very valuable time with us disclaimer price articles and markets updates are intended for informational purposes only and should not to be considered as trading advice neither a ohio bitcoin calm nor the author is responsible for any losses or gains as the ultimate decision to conduct a trade is made by the reader always remember that only those in possession of their own private keys are in control of their own money if you enjoyed this type of content please smash the like and subscribe buttons below it helps us to get more views thanks again see you with more bitcoin headline news and analysis soon if there am will be better if price goes up reveals villach Buuren death price indeed matters for the development of the ethereum says villach butyrin who also notes that if the price is zero then the network cannot be secure dada thorium price matters says Vitalik Buuren speaking to a full house at the Columbia Journalism school on Wednesday March 20th if there iam co-founder Vivek butyrin stated that the price of the ethereum tokens f00 must sustain its high level to ensure that the ethereum ecosystem continues to develop the 25 year old russian canadian program explain to host Laura Sheehan that many of his fellow developers previously didn’t pay much attention to ether price back then much of the ethereum team downplayed the market price of the earth token as the focus was largely on developing smart contract technology it was also a way for the ethereum team to distinguish itself from other crypto projects that were lam Boeing instead dot in retrospect however this position was incorrect he admitted I’m going to be really candid said Buuren some of the early rhetoric about the price not mattering at all in part came from signaling that ethereum was different from other projects that did pumping and Lambo iing way too much today if they’re him developers realize that projects will be better if prices go up according to butyrin it would be rather difficult to develop the ethereum ecosystem at a low price it’s always better when the price is higher if the price is equal to zero then the network cannot be sure he adds beuter and also weighed in on whether the 2014 if there am token offering may be in violation of securities law saying we definitely have our lawyers in our legal team we don’t have a reason to worry right now pumping gas today ëthe price is down roughly 90 percent from its all-time high of nearly 1400 dollars in December 2017 so it may come as no surprise that funding protocol development is becoming a concern amid a prolonged crypto winter in industry-wide layoffs earlier this month butor an proposed a new way to boost project development this involves increasing transaction fees referred to as gas from network users to fund promising projects on the ethereum platform I propose we consider supporting a community norm that client wallop devs can should charge a one-way gas fee for TXS sent through their wallet we don’t try to circumvent such fees and we support protocol changes to make such fees easier egg abstraction enabling multi sentence villag non giver of ether ats Vitalik butyrin March 8 2019 at the cost of only increasing average user gas costs by 7% it would raise up to two million dollars per year in sustainable non-institutional a biased market funding for client wallach developers he continued for reference that would cover all F grants to date to ETH to client devs not including parity which is not just ETH to with room to spare today Etha price continues to sustain levels above $130 United States dollars after recovering from yearly lows of under $85 in mid-december 2018 if their IAM is arguably the second most well known blockchain behind Bitcoin and is the second biggest cryptocurrency by a market capitalization of over 14 billion dollars at the same time some analysts are bullish on F a recent report from research firm Delfy digital notes that ether could even outperform Bitcoin if the market makes another bull run like in late 2017 it notes we are beginning to see upside volatility pick up fourth this is a trend we are monitoring closely as eff may be poised to outperform if BTC rallies what do you think of Villach beuter ins turnaround on the important of market price share your thoughts below you start up a bit [Music] who uses the valvetrain public blockchain for daffy verify car in automata v magazine which among other things reports on it trends in the automotive industry a very interesting article was published in the latest issue for all fans of blockchain technology and especially for the community of the cryptocurrency vat chain according to the report which is based on forecasts by Simon cutter and partners the market volume for the blockchain in the auto industry is expected to reach 104 billion euros by 2030 part of this will fall on the category of taps so-called distributed applications not only smart phones and computers collect data but also cars store more and more information and process its further but on the used car market there is a big problem manipulated mileage with the help of the VAT chain public blockchain and adapt verify car from BMW this problem should be solved vehicle owners can use the collaboration of BMW and Vette chain to transfer important information such as mileage or service and repair history verified and validated via the blockchain manipulated mileage should cause an annual damage of 6 billion euros mileage manipulation is an enormous problem according to an attack study every third used vehicle sold in Germany drives with a manipulated speedometer and the annual damage amounts to more than 6 billion euros says Sihon Alba head of the BMW Group at tech office in Singapore opposite autumn oddity in the long run this leads to a loss of customer confidence which is to be maintained using blockchain technology the verify card app would record not only the mileage but also all other activities of the vehicle and store it on the VAT chain public blockchain batching Thor in the future customers of the BMW Group should be able to assign an individual QR code for each car this is linked to the respective car and can be scanned to obtain necessary information such as the mileage even though everything has already been technically tested it is not yet clear when the application will be ready for production tell us what you think about BMW using the VAT chain public blockchain for DAP verify car and he come section below thanks for watching the Ohio Bitcoin calm Bitcoin news channel disclaimer price articles and markets updates are intended for informational purposes only and should not to be considered as trading advice neither Ohio Bitcoin comm nor the author is responsible for any losses or gains as the ultimate decision to conduct a trade is made by the reader always remember that only those in possession of their own private keys are in control of their own money if you enjoy this type of content please click the like and subscribe buttons below it helps us to get more views thanks again see you with more Bitcoin headline news and analysis soon ethereum earth heart fork goodbye Constantinople hello Istanbul ethereum f the cryptocurrencies second only to Bitcoin and a leading smart contract platform has always been one of the most talked-about projects in the crypto space since it was introduced by vitalik Putin over the past few years the project has marked several milestones both in terms of development and adoption the potential of the project was also recognized by several key players within the cryptocurrency space notably among them was Roche / founder of Bitcoin comm formerly nicknamed Bitcoin Jesus according to reports ver had stated that ethereum could overtake Bitcoin by the end of 2018 in the mean time however the bear market took control of the cryptocurrency market which led to the world’s second largest cryptocurrency closing the year with a loss of around 90% of its value nonetheless the project always stood out for its technical advancements especially with all the buzz surrounding the platform’s shift to proof of stake post consensus mechanism the upgrade was in the spotlight during the recent ethereum Devgan with photonic giving a brief introduction to ethereum 2.0 based on the roadmap to get to the final phase ethereum would have to first complete the first three phases frontier homestead and metropolis the first two phases were checked out by the ethereum foundation a long time ago metropolis unlike the first two phases of ethereum frontier and homestead metropolis was divided into two Byzantium hard fork and Constantinople hard fork according to the official blog post this phase is when we’re finally release a relatively full-featured user interface for non-technical uses of ethereum Byzantium Hart fork was one of the smoother upgrades and introduced a to thorium improvement protocols IPs all of these protocols went live in October 2017 on block number four million three hundred and seventy thousand the key feature of the upgrade was the delay of the difficulty bomb reducing the block reward from five ETH to 3f however Constantinople the second half of Metropolis faced several hurdles with the fork being pushed to a further date twice this upgrade was also one of the most awaited in the ethereum community the initial proposal for the upgrade consisted of five ethereum improvement protocols with the main spotlight again on the delay of the difficulty bomb and the third inning reduction of the block rewards further from three ETH to two F the first time the upgrade was delayed it was due to issues faced during the rope stone test NIT Constantinople Hart fork the second was when it was discovered that one of the proposed improvement protocols made way for a reenter on C attack this hard fork was pushed to February 2019 and shred yield to occur on block number seven million two hundred and eighty thousand in order to solve the vulnerability issue the team decided to have two hard Forks Constantinople and st. Petersburg both of which would occur on the same block this first upgrade would implement all five proposed protocols and the second upgrade would either disable the Ike paving way for the vulnerability or downgrade the update this was later declared successful by the members of the foundation with the hard fork taking place on February the 28th 2019 hello Istanbul the team is currently getting ready for the next hard fork which will take place in about eight months from according to reports this hard fork could also include the proposal made for Constantinople hard fork and the estimated deadline to submit all the proposals for Istanbul is slated to be May 20 19 however july 2019 will see the soft implementation of Istanbul compatibility on all ethereum clients and August 2019 is the estimated timeline for the test net upgrade finally the hard fork is expected to go live in the month of October twenty nineteen other upgrades in pipeline apart from Istanbul other upgrades that team is focusing on are ethereum 2.0 Alka serenity the final phase and proper implementation Prague Park a programmatic proof of work is the upgrade that is much awaited by the mining community of ethereum due to rising concerns over centralization this implementation will reportedly bring down the control of a sick miners and support the GPU mining part of the community serenity is the final phase of ethereum the main highlight of the upgrade is the shift from proof of work consensus algorithm to proof of stake consensus algorithm and the introduction of beacon and casper on ethereum this phase would also make way for the you azzam upgrade thanks for watching the ohio bitcoin comm bitcoin news channel today we appreciate you spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer price articles and markets updates are intended for informational purposes only and should not to be considered as trading advice neither a ohio bitcoin dot-com nor the author is responsible for any losses or gains as the ultimate decision to conduct a trade is made by the reader always remember that only those in possession of their own private keys are in control of their own money if you enjoyed this type of content please smash the like and subscribe buttons below it helps us to get more views thanks again see you with more bitcoin headline news and analysis soon pending crypto currency legislation list highlights high impact areas with the advent of blockchain and cryptocurrencies this our financial systems regulators are forced to investigate the utility of this technology and propose new rules to ensure that citizens are able to receive the maximum benefit from using decentralized digital assets while minimizing any of its potentially harmful effects crypto focus coin Center recently published a federal crypto currency bill tracker it lists the introduction and current status of all US federal legislation that mentions are relate to cryptocurrencies through each crypto bill proposed we are able to better understand how the US government views cryptocurrencies where they think it can provide benefits to citizens and where it could be most harmful here are some of the key takeaways from the list low income lending and investing opportunities a priority for black and community bank members of the government are starting to recognize the utility of cryptocurrencies for lending and making crowd investments On January 3rd 2019 bill HR 4114 swooz released its stated purpose is to provide regulatory relief for black and community banks to codify the minority bank deposit program and for other purposes the minority bank deposit program MB DP is a voluntary program that encourages credit unions as well as female and minority owned banks to become depositories and financial agents for low-income communities the initiative was created by the US Department of Treasury and is meant to make banking services more accessible to the most underserved communities although not stated explicitly codifying the MB DP program could imply the use of a blockchain ledger and smart contract system to record and deploy short-term loans based on a predefined set of rules written in code such a system would be a huge boost to communities that are under banked and often targeted by payday lending services payday lending is a 40 billion dollar industry that makes its money by preying on those desperate for short-term capital loan interest rates can start out at a modest 10 to 15 percent but can easily jump to 300 percent once borrowers become trapped in a debt cycle of continuous borrowing to keep up with bills and everyday expenses the Corps – Pew trusts research 12 million American currently used payday lending services 12% of whom are African Americans smart contract based lending would be a highly efficient and cost-effective alternative for both the borrowers and lenders within the same bill it mentions that the Controller General of the u.s. intends to conduct a study on blockchain technology and how it could be used to enable lower-income individuals to invest in startups and other crowd funded companies crowd investing has long been thought of as a way to give businesses who aren’t a right fit for bank loans or VC capital a chance to raise money while opening opportunities for regular people to grow their wealth through access to more investment opportunities blockchain technology would give investors the transparency they need to feel safe about where their money is going especially if rules were embedded into smart contracts to ensure that funds were only allocated when certain business milestones were achieved cryptocurrencies still viewed as nefarious tools the vast majority of bills proposed center around the topic of consumer protection and national security while the government sees some potential in using cryptocurrencies to provide financial opportunities to consumers the main concern outlined in at least 7 of the 10 bills proposed so far were focused on preventing cryptocurrencies being used to fund terrorism human trafficking drug trafficking and financial scams one bill HR 56 is called the financial technology Protection Act its stated purpose is to establish an independent financial technology task force to combat terrorism and illicit financing and to provide rewards for information leading to convictions related to terrorists use of digital currencies not surprisingly bill HR 56 and bill HR 502 defined trafficking act are so far the only two bills to have passed the House been received in the Senate and referred to the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs as well as the Committee on Banking Housing and Urban Affairs this indicates that preventing the potential dangers of cryptocurrencies takes precedence over promoting its many benefits the perception regulators have about the crypto space is still very much based on what was observed between 2010 and 2013 where Bitcoin was primarily used to pay for drugs and illegal weapons in marketplaces like Silk Road the FBI eventually shut down Silk Road in 2013 and the site’s founder is currently serving a double life sentence plus 40 years without the possibility of parole when we think about the pace in which the government conducts investigations it makes sense that there is still a perception that Bitcoin could be used for illegal activity after all the FBI is only just now conducting an investigation into but conduct a crypto Ponzi scheme platform that launched in 2016 and shut down in December 2017 this lag in time between crimes committed and investigations occurring creates the false perception that the current crypto space is not evolving and that consumers have not learned about how to protect themselves from being victims of cryptocurrency funded financial crimes crypto for fighting drug trafficking and terrorism funding with regard to the drug and terrorism issue a recent report by Bloomberg showed that $2 trillion worth of shady transactions still occur each year from non cryptocurrency sources primarily cash but also digital money transfers from colluding banks one of the most famous cases was the case of HSBC which failed to accurately monitor over six hundred seventy billion dollars in wire transfers from Mexico and nine point four billion dollars in purchases of US currency according to a 2012 deferred prosecution agreement with US authorities using an elaborate system of deposits and money transfers Mexican and Colombian drug cartels were able to launder their illicit proceeds through the bank without detection the bank was eventually fined one point nine billion dollars cases like this should make it clear to regulators that cryptocurrencies are far from their biggest problem when it comes to shady transactions in fact with a better understanding of blockchain technology regulators would know that the immutable and transparent nature of the technology actually makes it harder for shady transactions to go undetected and that the token economic structure that most cryptocurrency networks are established under it can be leveraged to create all kinds of incentive schemes to reward users for identifying and reporting shady transactions hence eliminating the need for centralized governing bodies to waste resources launching investigations especially ones that occur years after the crime has been committed conclusion ultimately there is something positive to be found in the efforts regulators are making to pass bills around the adoption of cryptocurrencies as many leaders in the crypto space have been urging Congress to do for months now however the kind of bills being proposed indicate that there is still work to be done to educate lawmakers about how cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology can not only provide financial opportunities to everyday people but also help solve many of the terrorism drug trafficking and financial fraud problems that some regulators are incorrectly claiming it enables thanks for watching the Ohio Bitcoin comm Bitcoin news channel today we appreciate you spending some of your valuable time with Samsung pay considers integrating cryptocurrencies for its users Samsung pays massive global user base can help in the mass adoption of digital currencies and can possibly offer an exponential growth to the payments platform South Korea based tech giant Samsung is taking bold measures in getting cryptocurrencies to the smartphone ecosystem recently the company launched its Galaxy S 10 handset featuring a built-in blockchain wallet also Samsung’s proprietary defense platform Samsung Knox houses the private key for the secure storage of digital assets furthermore Samsung has supposedly partnered with leading blockchain protocols engine for its blockchain wallet in another development Samsung is likely to integrate cryptocurrencies on its popular mobile payments platform Samsung pay currently the Samsung pay payments application has over 10 million active users globally Samsung pay cryptocurrency integration on Friday March 8th South Korea’s popular mainstream media outlet Donga reported that as part of Samsung’s plan to expand its user base globally Samsung pay is most likely to integrate cryptocurrencies Shin Dongwoo published another report titled crypto flying away with Samsung pay on its back showing how cryptic integration will help Samsung pay the publication notes that with this integration Samsung pay will strengthen its position as a FinTech platform it states that samsung pay is aggressively targeting the global financial services market also samsung pay has recently integrated a global payment processing service while extending the transaction period for overseas users it further adds that at this phase of development if a cryptocurrency wallet is added to Samsung pay the application will be strengthened as a complete FinTech platform currently the Samsung blockchain Wallet is said to be supporting ethereum but more cryptocurrencies are expected to be integrated in the near term the success recipe for samsung pays success in the last few years is the platform’s new product launches and acquisitions some smart decisions have helped Samsung pay to sail through this competitive mobile payments market Samsung pays 250 million dollar acquisition of looppay has given the platform an upper edge among its competitors with this acquisition Samsung pay users could process payments just by hovering the smartphone over the point-of-sale pose terminal this proved to be highly successful in terms of providing the users with a seamless and convenient payments experience the dongle report states that samsung pay has added a staggering 6.6 million users on its platform between 2017 to 2018 crypto integration a step towards mass adoption analysts predict that the addition of crypto payment services on samsung pay can put the platform on a higher growth trajectory furthermore considering its massive user base it will also lead to the mass adoption of digital currencies this stepped by Samsung pay is quite appealing to Millennials who resonate with the idea of crypto investments and crypto use integrating Bitcoin payments in 2017 has proved highly successful for the square cash post this integration Square has registered a massive 516 percent growth making it a leading platform for crypto payments analysts are hopeful that Samsung pays crypto integration will help the platform with a similar kind of growth rate big tech organizations are slowly warming up to the idea of integrating crypto payments to their platform social media giant Facebook also plans to bring its native cryptocurrency across the entire suite of messaging applications published at month 11 March 2019 10 21 and 49 seconds plus zero zero zero zero gibraltar stock exchange deploys digital exchange prototype on new blockchain the Gibraltar stock exchange gsx group announced today it has successfully deployed a gsx digital stock exchange prototype and a demo bond issuance on the securities trading asset classification settlement stacks networks global test net using distributed ledger technology DLT the stacks network is designed for capital markets it is a new generation scalable ledger network layer that seamlessly stacks on top of existing financial institutions and enables the tokenization of the financial services industry hash stacks which develop the stacks network is a joint venture between the GS X group Chong Tseng FinTech Holdings Limited and prima link technology Company Limited through this demonstration of the stacks global test net and GS X prototype hash stacks incorporated as embarked on its pilot deployment phase the GS X prototype has the capacity to launch the bond on stacks track selling reports in for selling and eligibility restrictions and distribute repayments using smart contracts the demo bond issuance bring GS X a step closer to its ambition of enabling the issuance trading and clearing of digital securities on the blockchain over the coming weeks more features and different classes of digital assets will be developed within the GS X prototype our vision of GS X has been to revolutionize the current capital markets model by enabling the listing and trading of digital securities this is the next significant step in a new paradigm for global finance opening up new liquidity pools and products the successful demo bond issuance on Stax brings us closer to achieving our goal as one of the first movers in this nasan technology the GS X will continue to push the boundaries and advocate for greater adoption so together we can direct the future of capital markets neck cone CEO of the gsx and founder of the gsx group the Stax network is built specifically to meet the unique requirements of financial institutions the distributed ledger technology supports both unspent transaction output luxo and the double-entry accounting method used in finance unique customizable consensus logic and innovative node design allow full customization according to each financial institutions requirements Stax natively supports KML requirements and the use of smart contracts on both JavaScript and solidity the network has achieved more than 10,000 transactions per second during testing we are extremely excited about the achievement today the successful deployment of the Stax global test net and gsx prototype on the Stax network is an important milestone in the finance industry’s journey toward a digital asset era we are proud to be spearheading this evolution with the Stax network alongside many top-tier forward-looking institutions we are excited to broaden our partnership base and encourage companies and institutions to use the global test net and join us on this journey JM Managing Director at hash Stax in November 2018 gsx group faced in their new utility token stacks it is to be used to pay sponsor fees listing fees and trading fees thanks for watching the Ohio Bitcoin calm Bitcoin news channel today we appreciate you spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer price articles and markets updates are intended for informational purposes only and should not to be considered as trading advice neither ohio bitcoin calm nor the author is responsible for any losses or gains has the ultimate decision to conduct a trade is made by the reader always remember that only those in possession of their own private keys are in control of their own money if you enjoy this type of content please smash the like and subscribe buttons below it helps us to get more views thanks again see you with more bitcoin headline news and analysis soon Lightning Labs unveils lightning loop alpha in a bid to make it easier for businesses and individuals to receive funds via the Lightning Network Lightning Labs has rolled out the alpha version of lightning loop according to a blog post on March 20th 2019 receiving bitcoins easier with lightning loop as stated in its blog post the lightning labs team says it has received numerous feedback from users of the Bitcoin Lightning Network asking it to create a solution that could make it easier for them to receive funds via lightning now the team has announced the launch of the first iteration of lightning loop a noncustodial service facilitates receipt of funds on the Lightning Network reportedly the lightning loop alpha version comes with the loop out functionality the primary objective of loop out is to allow users to easily transfer their funds from the Lightning Network to their cold wallets or crypto exchange accounts thereby freeing up space in the channel for more funds to enter for the uninitiated the Lightning Network is presently designed in a way that makes it impossible for funds to be received on a new channel until bitcoin has been spent via that particular channel in other words nothing can be received once a new channel is open since the RO needs to be first created for incoming funds by spending a payment channel can be thought of as a full bottle of water to pour something in one must first pour something out for lightning labs with the loop out feature new lightning users no longer need to rely on others to open channels with them before they can start receiving funds on the network since they can use lube out to get initial receiving capacity the future of lightning loop the team has made it clear that the next release of lightning loop will support the loop in functionality to enable users to reload their lightning channels with Bitcoin from their Unchained wallets or exchanges the team stated as our user makes payments via lightning his or her channel funds decree they can then use the loop in service to refill their funds on lightning from a regular on chain Bitcoin wallet or through an exchange account and continue to add funds as needed in the self and release loop out transactions are limited to 0.01 BTC and the team says the service is felis but on chain transactions attract a charge it’s worth noting that the Lightning network is fast gaining traction in the crypto space earlier in January 2019 and manager informed that bitch refill had launched its Thor lightning channel for superfast and cost-efficient Bitcoin payments caution and crypto custody convenient companions Noel Atchison is a veteran of company analysis and member of coin desks product team the following article originally appeared an institutional crypto by coin desk a newsletter for the institutional market with news and views on crypto infrastructure delivered every Tuesday sign up here not in the big stakes world of institutional custody it pays to be cautious in the fast growth world of crypto assets though this can be a barrier leaving late comers with underperforming returns as infrastructure providers scramble to catch up with those that were braver or at least so the legend goes in crypto however things are generally not as straightforward as they seem and with custody of crypto assets the scramble for volume is checked by the outsized risk to both reputation and client wealth last week fidelity digital assets president Tom Jessup gave an update on the platform’s planned rollout of services and hinted that it would not be offering custody support for ethereum at first due to uncertainty over its recent and planned hard Forks this caution highlights some of the intrinsic difficulties of the emerging world of crypto assets and goes a long way toward explaining why institutions are taking longer than the market expected to enter the sector crypto asset custody is riskier and more complicated than most of us realize what’s the problem first let’s review what at hard fork is a change to the underlying characteristics of a blockchain after which mind blocks will not be recognized on the old chain the old chain can continue to grow independently though with blocks produced by miners who have opted to stay with the unchanged technology hence the term fork as the blockchain splits into two versions now let’s separate fidelities concerns regarding ethereum from the potential problem that blockchain splits in general pose for custodians the ethereum blockchain recently underwent a hard fork to upgrade the technology and implement a few strategic changes no hands-on action was needed from custodians or ether holders and by all accounts the switch went smoothly hard Forks do bring additional risk however will the new version be as robust as the old one the latest ethereum fork was originally scheduled for january of this year but was delayed again at the last minute because developers discovered a potentially serious security bug imagine if they hadn’t found it in time another hard Fork upgrade is expected possibly towards the end of this year but as with this one no chain splits are expected Fidelity’s caution has been criticized as overzealous potentially leading to loss of business as institutional investors increasingly need reliable custody solutions for a range of assets not just Bitcoin but given the reputational risk in the institution’s traditional rhaegar when it comes to protecting client assets it can be interpreted a solid business sense is it safe contentious hard Forks when chain splits are led by developers unhappy with the original structure or a different type of problem this has happened often most recently with the recent split of the Bitcoin cash chain into two competing versions Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin sv Bitcoin cash itself was the result of a contentious hard fork split from Bitcoin in August 2017 generally the holdings on the old chain are replicated on the new one with the new characteristics embedded custodians don’t have to support the new chain though and therefore might not custody these new assets even if their clients are entitled to them why would they decline to offer this service when on the surface it looks like a sure route to extra revenue the main reason is technological complexity and concern over security risks when ethereum hard forked in 2016 a which had transactions on one chain also being reflected on the other even though no transaction had been originated there imagine trying to keep track of custody holdings in this scenario is it’s worth it another part of the reluctance comes down to straightforward business logic while it is relatively straightforward to add support for new digital assets that run on an existing blockchain such as our 20 tokens adding a new chain requires a significant amount of work will the resulting coins have enough volume and liquidity and will there be enough demand for custody going forward to justify the development expense this is one of the main factors differentiating crypto custody from that of traditional electronic securities with the latter the underlying technology is not a defining feature crypto custodian bit go for example is continually adding to their list of supported assets when it comes to hard Forks however their decision to support is based on a number of criteria including technical stability market capitalization and liquidity Kingdom trust boldly states that if there appears to be little or no value or no trading interest in the new fork Kingdom will not support the fork and institutional dealer and custodian Gemini directly does not support Forks Zappo one of the original bitcoin custodians does not commit to supporting anything other than the original Bitcoin blockchain is it mine another potential issue complicating crypto custody is that of settlement finality a legal construct that refers to the moment when sale and delivery of an asset is complete and ownership is transferred the specifics differ by jurisdiction and other details but the principle is of particular interest to custodians who need to know exactly what they are holding at all times with blockchain based assets settlement finality is fuzzy in a distributed network a transaction is final when the whole network agrees it is final in a decentralized system that relies on consensus its probabilistic in other words transactions involving assets on public block chains a rarely 100% final consensus can unwind them at least in the short term true as time goes by the possibility of that happening gets really close to zero many argue that blockchain makes the legal concept of settlement finality unnecessary and that final untraditional databases is at best subjective for example the regulators can wind back pretty much whatever they want to however institutions are comfortable with the current definitions and will require a similar concept in the blockchain world as the system evolves ways will be found to compensate for this but legal definitions generally take a long time to adjust even more so when regulators are still grappling with the new concept and struggling to keep up with the sector’s rapid evolution this uncertainty is unlikely to stop providers from offering services that institutional investors so clearly need but it does highlight the need for caution especially from systemic incumbents precisely the big institutions the market is so clearly waiting for they’re obviously interested and that’s encouraging but we shouldn’t expect them to pile on enthusiastically without examining all possible risks mitigating risk is after all a large part of their job caution sign image via Shutterstock published at Sat 16 March 20 1995 it coin bol Nova quitsies next move higher for crypto market the Bitcoin price is holding above $4,000 today’s fractional declines notwithstanding and the bullish price predictions are back Michel Nova grits of crypto merchant bank galaxy digital is the latest voice to come out of crypto hibernation and tell it as he sees it Nothe grits is calling the market bottom days after fund straights thomas lee issued his latest bullish outlook for the BTC price nova grits s remarks were in response to by NIMH CEO Qiang ping Zi Zi Xiao who posted a poll on Twitter asking followers whether we’re in a bowl or bear market out of nearly 15,000 votes so far the needle is cautiously leaning toward a bear market which has captured two-thirds of the vote Nothe grits disrupted the poll pointing to a sideways market that is found a base in boldly predicting next move higher join CC and for $9.99 per month and get an at free version of CC and including discounts for future events and services support our journalists today click here to sign up looks pretty sideways to me but basing next move higher Michael Nova grits at Nova grits March 18th 2019 Nothe grits falls short of saying when that will be however while fun strictly appears to be focused on the next five to six month period the experts have picked a good time to call a base with the BTC price managing to hold four thousand dollars on can market cap and posting gains of approximately five percent year-to-date the thing to note about the recent price increases trading volume which surpassed eleven billion dollars in recent days for the first time in nearly a year nonetheless last year’s Bitcoin price prediction misses are not too far in the rearview mirror while crypto investors might want to believe the bullish forecasts the sting of unmet expectations has created skepticism the former hedge fund traders call of the bottom was met with mixed reviews on Twitter with one follower saying he loved Novik Ritz’s optimism and another reminding him of his track record it wasn’t too long ago that nova grits was forecasting Bitcoin $40,000 in 2018 he soon revised those forecasts when it became clear that the bearers were more stubborn than originally thought Nothe grits is cited in CNBC as revising his forecast saying it would take the first half of 2019 for the Bitcoin price to revisit $10,000 he also previously called a market bottomed in September 2018 when the Bitcoin price was hovering in the $6,000 $7,000 range if only this is the BGC eye chart I think we put in a low yesterday retouched the highs of late last year in the point of acceleration that led to the massive rally bubble markets like to retrace to the breakout dot we retraced the hole of the bubble number Kalinga bottom pic east big decision Michel Nova grits at Nova grits September 13th 2018 kryptos institutional push Nothe grits is banking on institutional capital fuelling bitcoins move to the next level having previously suggested that they will catch the same FOMO fear of missing out that motivated retail investors in the last bowl run fidelity digital asset services is live and big investors are slowly but surely coming off the sidelines institutions aren’t in a rush because they are in crypto for the long haul instead of being spooked by prices they want to ensure that they don’t enter prematurely if they’re listening to nova grits now might be as good a time as any in the meantime whether or not is call for a bottom prude moves true crypto has found a friend in nova grits through and through best swag in crypto right now and a pretty cool project to be at make red eléctrica sharp pick gij g0 person michael nova grits at nova grits february 27th 2019 want real-time charts and analysis visit ohio bitcoin calm right now for a real-time bitcoin price chart IBM makes quiet entry into the crypto custody space the companies won’t be storing cryptocurrencies and tokens themselves but are offering tools for others to do so shuttles chief investment officer Brad Chun explained that their potential users include banks brokers custodians funds family offices and high net worth investors who want to do self custody as well as exchanges he said we have a list of selected clients that we are launching limited service with this month the service is not open to the public yet and there is a wait list to get into our beta much like other institutional players in this growing space shuttle has started small offering its solution to a hand-picked list of clients that it believes can handle the cryptocurrency stress unlike the cold storage solutions the new custody service from shuttle and IBM holds the private keys in a device that is separate from the network chung says that the use of these arrangements has been historically used to reduce the chance of an attack but it is technologically a little oxymoronic while enterprises want the connection with customers and want to offer a secure setting to make assets readily available this cold storage from shuttle has created a system that could potentially be more secure the solution is built on a hardware security module that is entirely tamper proof later Sean noted that there is always some kind of compromise between security and efficiency but this product is not like traditional cold storage options the keys remain encrypted in multiple layers storing backups with existing disaster recovery and backup processes in doing so the IBM cloud solution is more prepared for a future in digital assets once a particular critical layer is available then the custodian solution will be available for all businesses even in real estate and identity sectors custody a growing trend this underscores the industry trend of custody of digital assets per previous reports it has been officially confirmed that fidelity digital asset services FDA s the first fully fledged crypto platform backed by Wall Street has gone live just for reminder fidelity digital assets a company established by fidelity has launched cryptocurrency custody and trade execution services currently it is available now only for selected customers with the customer base expected to expand in the near future Tom Jessup a former Goldman Sachs executive turned head of FDA S explained that his brain child’s offerings are live for a select list of eligible clients Jessup added that at the moment the platform only supports Bitcoin and will be staving off its verdict on ethereum due to impending blockchain upgrades the director of IBM’s Z as a service cloud solution Rohit badlani also commented on this crypto custody solution he said for Dax the on premise pervasive encryption capabilities offered by IBM Linux and was a Ferengi ATAR in choosing IBM as the most core platform for their offering traditionally crypto custody was something that only wallet their crypto exchanges used however of late a number of tech firms have also begun to offer cryptocurrency custodial services what is perhaps lured them towards it is the idea that big-money players institutional investors are soon expected to make investment in the cryptocurrency technology and everyone wants to ensure that their product is out there before the bull run begins with this transition it looks like I’m sand markets as booted and available in various formats / quantities into a digital liquid and

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