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and having access to crypto derivatives like Bitcoin futures in addition to this the volume of Bitcoin transactions has increased due to the increasing popularity of the Lightning Network for those that are unaware the Ln is a two layer crypto payment solution that allows digital asset transfers to be processed in a quicker and more cost-effective fashion furthermore the adoption rate for Bitcoin has seen a very significant increase of 700 percent over the last six years crypto payments the crypto security company based in Moscow Kaspersky Labs recently shared the results of one of its surveys which revealed that more than 10% of global shoppers had used Bitcoin her another cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services bought online even though cryptocurrency was still the least popular option for online payments the business lead at the Russian firm said despite a fall in cryptocurrency prices there is still a strong desire for digital transactions amongst consumers our consumer research has found a significant number of consumers are using kryptos for payment which was surprising to see thanks for watching the ohio bitcoin comm bitcoin news channel today we appreciate you spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer price articles and markets updates are intended for informational purposes only and should not to be considered as trading advice neither ohio bitcoin calm nor the author is responsible for any losses or gains as the ultimate decision to conduct a trade is made by the reader always remember that only those in possession of their own private keys are in control of their own money if you enjoy this type of content please smash the like and subscribe buttons below it helps us to get more views thanks again see you with more Bitcoin headline news and analysis soon Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak lost respect for Mark Zuckerberg but not Bitcoin was in the act calls bitcoin is something which has provided massive value creation he admits holding a few bitcoins for experimenting with new devices and applications during his recent interview with Bloomberg on Wednesday February the 26th Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak Oh praised Bitcoin although not a trip to invest to himself he said that Bitcoin provides massive value creation Steve Wozniak has being a longtime supporter and proponent of Bitcoin BTC last year in June 2018 Wozniak stated that he believes that bitcoin will be the single native currency of the globe during the recent interview Bloomberg’s house if game or alt and asked if he continues with his stand after we’ve seen massive value destruction in Bitcoin responding to this Wozniak said I’m not sure like and by that we’ve seen massive value disruption I think we’ve seen massive value creation psychology will often drive market I never invested in Bitcoin as an investor I only had Bitcoin to experiment with and find out how to buy and sell things around the world and find restaurants that accept Bitcoin however Wozniak admits holding a few Bitcoin for experimenting with new devices and applications he also noted that once he had a lot of bitcoins which he sold during the 2017 bull run he said when it went up high I didn’t want to be one of those people obsessively watching the Bitcoin price so I sold out I don’t know where it is now but it’s way over what I bought it at lost respect for Mark Zuckerberg says was besides Bitcoin Wozniak spoke on a range of issues like artificial intelligence and combating data breach issues on the latter issue Wozniak said that he lost respect for Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg after last year’s Cambridge analytical scandal the epic data breach had compromised data from millions of Facebook user accounts will said I lost a lot of respect for Mark Zuckerberg watching him speak and answer questions and supposedly taking some steps that are nothing not one little or one penny of Facebook’s income I don’t trust that just like Facebook as a popular social media platforms like Twitter are also facing similar data security challenges but Wallace goes to praise Twitter’s chat Dorsey Freire firts to combat it he says that I think Jack see is doing a lot more than Mark Zuckerberg to correct it besides this Wozniak favored introducing a healthy regulation in the tech space he said regulation is good regulation says companies will not do bad things or governments will not do bad things the United States is way behind Europe on recognizing these data privacy issues last year Steve Wozniak joined a blocked shame powered venture capital fund called equi global as its co-founder Equis global is an aetherium based fund that is aimed at allowing investors to discover examine and invest in a wide range of new business opportunities the investments are to be made with a token called aquatic on what is more investors are also able to sell their equatorial external crypto exchanges at any time they wish to do it published at SU 28 February 20 1910-11 and seven seconds plus zero zero zero zero Bitcoin coders and international lightning payment over ham-radio in what appears to be a first-of-its-kind transaction two developers working in separate countries have successfully sent a Bitcoin lightning payment over radio waves organized over twitter this past weekend the transaction was sent by Rodolfo Novak co-founder of Bitcoin hardware startup coin kite 2 developer and bloomberg columnist Alain knew the completed payment effectively moved real Bitcoin from Toronto Canada to San Francisco California while radio technology is most commonly used for broadcasting music or talk radio it’s actually capable of much more than that as the two developers showcased radio can also be used to boost the resilience of the Bitcoin network bitcoin is making ham radio cool again who tweeted after sending the transaction to novak referencing ham radio the use of radio by hobbyists who fiddle with radio technology image via rodolfo novak on twitter but sending bitcoin over radio isn’t just fun some researchers argue it actually has a necessary use case in fact the idea itself is the brainchild of Nick Szabo inventor of the smart contract who and Sabo presented the idea in 2017 at the scaling Bitcoin conference in San Francisco arguing at the time that it could help Bitcoin build resistance to partition attacks researchers argue could potentially be used to attack the network the idea is that while the internet can potentially be censored it’s not the only form of technology that can be used to send data from one part of the world to another in case China decides to censor Bitcoin via the Great Firewall or places like North Korea where there is no internet at all as you put it in an email to coin desk technology infrastructure startup block stream licensed satellites that beam Bitcoin to users around the world for similar reasons still there are limits to the concept it was a fun demo but obviously unrealistic because we coordinated everything online before sending the radio signals who acknowledged she continued the equipment is currently the hard part you need a radio that supports these frequencies the cheapest ways with a software-defined radio which is about $200 for something that can transmit low-power signals or thousands for a high-power transmitter thanks for watching the Ohio Bitcoin calm Bitcoin news channel today we appreciate you spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer price articles and markets updates are intended for informational purposes only and should not to be considered as trading advice neither Ohio Bitcoin comm nor the author is responsible for any losses or gains has the ultimate decision to conduct a trade is made by the reader always remember that only those in possession of their own private keys are in control of their own money if you enjoy this type of content please smash the like and subscribe buttons below it helps us to get more views thanks again see you with more Bitcoin headline news and analysis soon blockchain to be integrated into facebook login Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reveals in an interview with Jonathan Zittrain a professor at Harvard that he’s willing to put the log in on the blockchain Zuckerberg revealed that the technology could give the social media users cell powers when using and giving information access to third-party apps in may 20 18 the media giant formed a blockchain team headed by David Marcus X vice-president of messenger the primary objective of the team was to explore the best techniques to leverage blockchain technology with social network dot like many other companies Facebook is exploring ways to leverage the power of blockchain technology a spokesman revealed dot Facebook to create its own cryptocurrency last year the meteor giant was also delving into the possibility of creating its own digital currency for payments but this is the first signal that the company could incorporate blockchain as part of its login and data sharing system dot an and I interview Zuckerberg revealed confirmation was her use of the technology that is greatly interested in even though he hasn’t discovered the best way for this to operate the suggested system would substitute Facebook Connect with distributed ledger technology dot the system will enable users to select which apps to give access to and also set the limit of data shared various third party services are already designing similar systems to safeguard individuals personal information but Facebook joining the bandwagon would be a substantial change in the field dot Zuckerberg further explained dot you basically take your information you store it on some decentralized system and you have the choice of whether to log in in different places and you’re not going through an intermediary there’s a lot of things that I think would be quite attractive about that dot in December Facebook began a struggle of hunting blockchain technology specialists to work on its new project as reported by Cohen atoll there has been much hype on the growing of startups and initial coin offerings established monthly and this triggers the meteor giant to join the trend if you enjoy this type of content please click the like and subscribe buttons below it helps us to get more views thanks again see you with more Bitcoin headline news and analysis [Applause] you [Applause] wolfsburg become the biggest name in crypto you could call Facebook a technological pioneer their model for the social network has truly changed the world the next step in Facebook’s progression will see the man to the blockchain industry with rumors suggesting that one day Facebook wants to use crypto based currencies to become the biggest central bank in the world Facebook have designed a platform that is used by millions of people on an hourly basis it’s so engrained in our lifestyles that Facebook exists across our devices our telephones or televisions our computers and what next our cryptocurrency wallets the big question for the majority of the crypto community is how will Facebook actually go on to integrate themselves as a part of the cryptocurrency community will they design a wallet to allow their users to store cryptocurrency will they design their own cryptocurrency will they adopt Bitcoin or will it be something else perhaps a Facebook LED remittance payments system if you haven’t got the idea yet the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to Facebook’s role within cryptocurrency because they have the technology and most importantly the financial backing to do whatever they want they can launch new crypto products in an instant realistically the really important thing to consider something that is bigger than Facebook’s financial strength it’s their adoption then use a basin the sheer number of people that use their platform during the last quarter of 2018 Facebook recorded over two point three two billion monthly active users yes that’s active users so this doesn’t include Facebook users that have accounts but don’t use the platform on a regular basis now imagine the scale of a cryptocurrency project that is used by 2.3 to billion users per month a Facebook Laird central bank according to a new blog post by Lance then Facebook could plan to become one of the biggest central banks in the world Facebook could do this through the introduction of a cryptocurrency service All Things Considered a Facebook led Central Bank does seem like a logical next step and it could mean very big things for cryptocurrencies Doctson between messenger whatsapp and Instagram which face spoke loans there are a collective 2.7 billion users if Facebook decides to back the value of its own digital with the basket of foreign currencies then it could potentially become the largest central bank in the world because that’s what central banks do print money backed by a basket of foreign currency reserves furthermore not only will this become monumental in world economic history it is also going to become a serious and rapid threat for the existing Giants of the finance industry if facebook issued its own digital currency and all its users had a Facebook mobile wallet with Facebook coins in it then the need for credit cards will diminish more and more you make a purchase online you pay for it with Facebook coins many apps have already integrated user sign in with Facebook accounts payment is just another step away this is a solid theory based off solid grounds Facebook may not intend to become a central bank but through the launch of their stab LaPoint for what’s happened messenger Facebook would essentially become a hub for huge amounts of money transfer in a range of different fiat currencies this in turn would make them a central bank in a symbolic sense at least we do know that a Facebook coin will launch though Facebook are yet to announce what the true nature of this coin will be many believe that it will facilitate some ecommerce payments online shopping will become a two-step process and Facebook apps I see I like I click buy I hit confirm Facebook coins move from my mobile wallet to the celery immediately there will be no exchange rate spreads and far lower transaction fees social networks instant messaging and e-commerce will become truly integrated you consumers will come to expect the convenience of to click transactions existing ecommerce platforms using traditional payment gateways will have to add to compete the true implication of this a faster and more efficient online shopping experience backed by a cryptocurrency that is easy to use easy to access and cheap to run the question this then poses will this eventually led to the adoption of Bitcoin if Facebook do design as tablet point for e-commerce purposes will it be tradable against Bitcoin probably not or not for the near future at least a lack of regulation for Bitcoin and traditional cryptocurrencies means that Facebook will always be uncertain about how they can adopt Bitcoin but still remain within the boundaries of the law moreover because Bitcoin is legal in some countries and illegal in others it would be impossible for Facebook to actually police who is trading Bitcoin with establish something that in turn could cause problems such as Facebook becoming a platform very illicit trade too much like Silk Road Facebook faces a real dilemma here it has gotten a lot of public backlash for selling user data in recent years but if it swings to the other extreme and guarantees absolute privacy like rivals telegram and signal then it could potentially become another Silk Road the internet black market that first popularized Bitcoin when users started using it to buy and sell drugs Facebook are set to become the biggest name in cryptocurrency though as it stands nobody really knows how they are going to tackle this the design of a facebook coin is under way though the true intentions for this coin are still unclear as we delve deeper into 2019 hopefully it’s just a case of waiting to find out thanks for watching the Ohio Bitcoin calm Bitcoin news channel today we appreciate you spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer price articles and markets updates are intended for informational purposes only and should not to be considered as trading advice neither Ohio Bitcoin calm nor the author is responsible for any losses or gains as the ultimate decision to conduct a trade is made by the reader always remember that only those in possession of their own private keys are in control of their own if you enjoy this type of content please smash the like and subscribe buttons below it helps us to get more views thanks again see you with more Bitcoin headline news and analysis soon [Applause] fidelities crypto custody service goes live for selected customers fidelity digital assets has launched cryptocurrency custody and trade execution services currently it is available now only for selected customers with the customer base expected to expand in the near future fidelity digital assets a new company that offers enterprise quality custody and trade execution services for cryptocurrencies to institutional investors has announced that its platform is live selected customers have got access to cryptocurrency custody and trade execution operations while others may have to wait until September we are live with a select group of eligible clients and will continue rolling out slowly our solutions are focused on the needs of hedge funds family offices pensions endowments other institutional investors more on our project HTTP colon slash slash t KO / EK j – p w j t – y numbered blockchain fidelity digital assets at digital assets March 7th 2019 fidelity digital assets is a company established by fidelity a multinational financial services corporation based in Boston Massachusetts and the fourth largest asset manager with two point four trillion dollars in assets under management as of December 2017 the giant spends 2.5 billion dollars per year on technologies like artificial intelligence and blockchain fidelity digital asset services was set up in October last year with the aim to provide cryptocurrency storage and trading services to institutional and enterprise clients the company targets institutional investors and works on cryptocurrency solutions for commercial space in January Abigail P Johnson chairman and CEO of fidelity investments revealed the company’s plans to launch Bitcoin custody service with ethereum next and said that the date of was set for March the promise has turned out to be true and the service is now live however not all customers are able to use it according to Tom Jessup fidelity digital assets head some customers were using the platform in January when it was in the final testing stage well for other customers it was March others may wait until September Jessup explained it’s really depends on the facts and circumstances of each client it is notable that the service was developed when the crypto market had quite hard times as Tom Jessup the last year collapsed did not have any impact on the launch he said if you started a crypto fund at the height of the market year probably hurting right now moreover Jessup believes that despite the bear market interest in cryptocurrencies from institutional investors continues to grow as they are looking for long-term investments but having a desire to add some form of cryptocurrency to their portfolios they do not want to take risk connected with the volatility of Kryptos which at the same time provides trading opportunities according to the research conducted by fidelity about 22% of institutions asked already own cryptocurrency and expect to double their crypto assets over five years Jessup said if anything they are as encouraged now as they were when prices were higher fidelity digital assets will provide a perfect solution for institutional investors who wait and see when it comes to investing in Kryptos earlier fidelity said our conversations with a variety of institutions have served to underscore their clear need for a trusted platform provider in order to engage with digital assets in a meaningful way we are committed to exceeding the requirements and standards of existing solutions with both our custody platform and trading venue providing a combination of security and a central point of market access disrupting the obfuscated nature of trading digital assets today the new company will conduct trades on multiple exchanges for these investors as well as handle custody and store digital assets fidelity digital assets is one of the first companies to provide similar services the team behind the company is currently working on improving various parts of the platform and planning to expand its customer base in the near future hey crypto maniacs John McAfee here inviting me to sample my lovely McAfee premium piping hot crypto coins made with 100% bullishness and without the foolishness well maybe just a little try them today at crypto Donald’s I’m people can call me anything they want as long as they don’t call me late how to keep Bitcoin top five types of Bitcoin wallets you can use right now choosing a Bitcoin wallet is no longer just a matter of choice in favor of security or simplicity using different wallets for different purposes is becoming common same as using of different bank accounts when working with currencies like a US dollar or euro a few years ago there were several major types of wallets and new developments in this sphere continued to appear nowadays the process of choosing a wallet has become more complicated than before here we will try to carry out a brief classification of wallets according to their purpose a bitcoin wallet is a pair of two large and complex numbers the first one is a public key it is your wallet or address to send or receive bitcoins the second one is private key it’s encrypted and not intended for public access a private key serves to confirm transactions on blockchain types of Bitcoin wallets you need to download and install a special application on your computer for using a wallet in this case you will have local storage for the key file and you will need to work with the security settings by yourself there are several types of Bitcoin wallets web wallets online wallets mobile installs on smart phones etc local installs on a PC or a laptop hardware has a separate device paper in addition to previous classification of wallets there is also a division into colder hot wallets you need to download full blockchain and constantly upload new blocks for using cold wallet this type of wallet has a number of drawbacks for the average user download takes a lot of time more than a day when first used the entire transaction read stree is loaded starting from the first day of Bitcoin existence the volume takes about 100 GB of space on your HDD device because it includes the entire bitcoins blockchain there is a risk of a complete and irretrievable loss of the wallet itself if the hard disk is damaged so you need to make a reserved copy for safety on another device you do not need to download the entire history of the transactions while using a hot wallet you can operate with all the necessary data on third-party services this method is convenient when using the wallet on a smartphone but security level is much worse than cold because you will need to entrust a part of the necessary data to third-party services web wallets online wallets online Bitcoin wallets has several advantages you do not need to download blockchain you can manage a wallet on a different devices you will be able to operate with translations to other users by using an email address or a phone number you can also send notifications on use address books but no matter how good it is you should not forget that using any online wallet means entrusting your funds to a third party service therefore the safety depends not only on yourself if this service would be hacked your coins can be stolen examples of the most popular online wallets can basa blockchain come crip topics app a bit pay there are some cases that the owner is not a very confident computer user and cannot properly configure the protection of his wallet or the computer is too weak to use the cold wallet and maybe a person just does not want to install programs on the computer since he does not operate with large amounts mobile wallets mobile wallet is installed on smartphones that runs on iOS or Android mutual settlements can be carried out using QR codes or NFC technology Android based wallets at the moment you can choose from a variety of different Android based wallets since Bitcoin wallets are sometimes blocked by Apple developers are much more focused on developing wallets for Android 1.15 wallet it works offline on Android you can quickly make a transfer by scanning the QR code or using NFC the integrated calculator can help you to convert BTC to any another currency it has a possibility to create an address book on the most frequently used addresses to dot mycelium it is considered one of the most popular Bitcoin wallets for Android it is very easy to use you can also easily create backup copies a very detailed guide is provided with the application three dot Breed wallet it is a great Bitcoin wallet for the iPhone which was recently introduced in the Android version wallet allows you to manage private keys with an easy to use user interface for dot edge wallet it is an easy to use Bitcoin wallet for iPhone and Android convenient authorization allows you to easily cope with the application the wallet automatically backups so you don’t have to worry about it five green bits it is a native Android version

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