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[Music] [Applause] [Music] then BTC transaction volume nears all-time highs despite gloomy market conditions following an extended period of sideways trading the cryptocurrency markets dropped today as Bitcoin failed to hold above its recently established support level at $3,800 BTC dropped below this level has led many cryptocurrencies to plunge 5% or more signaling that greater volatility is likely to come as the week continues on despite the current state of the markets analysts are quick to point out that the number of transactions per block for Bitcoin are nearing their previously established all-time highs that were set during the height of the bull run in December of 2017 Bitcoin BTC transaction volume continues surging clearly at the moment price action is not at all linked to transaction volume as Bitcoin is presently trading down 2% at its current price of 3,770 dollars while its transaction volume continues to surge mahdi Greenspan the senior market analyst at Itoro recently spoke to Bloomberg about the growing number of transactions noting that it gives the Kryptos bulls a reason to be optimistic what I’ve been watching lately are the number of transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain and the total volumes across crypto exchanges both of which are holding at their highest levels in more than a year even though we’re still officially in a bear market there is plenty of cause for optimism he explained earlier today Greenspan doubled down on his comments regarding the importance of transaction volume explaining in an email that Bitcoin is now processing an average of 4.05 transactions per second which is up significantly from where that number was this time last year volumes have subsided somewhat from the late February excitement and volatility remains subdued transactions on the world’s favorite blockchain however have seen yet another significant uptick as Bitcoin now processes an average of 4.05 transactions per second he wrote while referencing the below chart will bitcoins price ultimately be affected by the surging transaction volume although BT sees price action has continued to be weak in recent times the surging transaction volume as greenspan noted may leave room for some excitement among embattled BTC investors moon overlord a popular cryptocurrency analyst on twitter recently spoke about the surging Bitcoin transaction volume and questioned when the price will reflect the surge in adoption number of transactions per block for number Bitcoin now nearing the high reached in December of 2017 dollar BTC usage near an all-time high when’s the price going to catch up number of transactions per block for number Bitcoin now nearing the high reached in December of 2017 dollar BTC usage near an all-time high when’s the price going to catch up pic FP TM moon overlord at moon overlord March 3rd 2019 historically there has been a loose correlation between price and transaction volumes but clearly in this situation correlation does not equal causation and BTC transactions may simply have risen during bull runs due to the influx of new investors using the cryptocurrency despite the current number of transactions not being reflected in BT sees price it does signal that the cryptocurrency is garnering greater adoption and used despite the gloomy market conditions and bulls are hopeful that this increased adoption will ultimately be reflected in the digital assets price of speculators exit the markets thanks for watching the Ohio Bitcoin calm Bitcoin news channel today we appreciate you spending some of your valuable time with us disclaimer price articles and markets updates are intended for informational purposes only and should not to be considered as trading advice neither ohio bitcoin calm nor the author is responsible for any losses or gains has the ultimate decision to conduct a trade is made by the reader always remember that only those in possession of their own private keys are in control of their own money if you enjoy this type of content please smash the like and subscribe buttons below it helps us to get more views thanks again with morbid corn headline news and analysis soon what’s the definition of a security what is it commodity and what is something else and we’ve all and we’ve long looked at sovereign currencies dollar yen euro as neither a security you know Nora commodity and currency those definitions are principles based definitions that have served as well and we can talk about it at length you cited testimony of mine and I and I made the statement in testimony and I made the statement generally that and I’ll reference it

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